• Polycarbonate Roll

Polycarbonate Roll

WeProFab is a polycarbonate roll premier distributor in China. WeProFab can handle lots of processes in manufacturing polycarbonate rolls. We can thermoform, laser-cut, and many other processes that suited to the special requirements. Message us now!

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Roll to Delight Your Customers

As a polycarbonate roll professional supplier and manufacturer in China, WeProFab is organizing customer’s demand from designs and time needs. We can delight every customer by our negotiable polycarbonate rolls.

Clear Polycarbonate Roll

WeProFab clear polycarbonate rolls have many features to choose based on your application needs. It is affordable but great quality polycarbonate rolls.

Glossy Polycarbonate Roll

WeProFab glossy polycarbonate rolls are sturdy for any applications like patio cover and many others. It is perfect to add as building materials.

Injection Molding Polycarbonate Roll

WeProFab can do injection molding for polycarbonate roll. We are supplying the best rates for your orders. Polycarbonate rolls are affordable.

Polycarbonate Roll Manufacturer

Finding a reliable manufacturer is not easy if you’re a first-timer. WeProFab will guide and help an easier and successful process.

Silkscreen Polycarbonate Roll

WeProFab can silkscreen polycarbonate rolls. Aside from that, we can also do other types of processes to design polycarbonate rolls.

UV Resistant Polycarbonate Roll

We created this suitable for outdoor applications that fight from any heat temperature. It offered with WeproFab at an affordable cost.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Roll Manufacturer

As a professional and joint-venture company of WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer, WeProFab preferred quality solutions. We are responsible to satisfy every customer through our excellent and different services.

As a certified supplier with ISO 9001, WeProFab fabricated polycarbonate roll featuring high-class raw materials. Also, WeProFab can capable to follow standards of like RoHS, REACH, and also UL. Through this, we can give full support for your needs when managing a business.

You trust us. We are 20 years as an experienced supplier and manufacturer who always handle a secured operation especially in supplying a quality product with no returns. Get it now!

Custom Polycarbonate Roll to Expand Your Brand

Colored Polycarbonate Roll

WeProFab has unique and different colors for polycarbonate rolls. You can always free to choose what you desired.

Frosted Polycarbonate Roll

We have affordable frosted polycarbonate rolls available that can save your budget. We will help your project needs be fulfilled perfectly.

Illusion Polycarbonate Roll

WeProFab has different excellent finishes for polycarbonate rolls. It is perfect to add for building materials since it is applicable in plenty of applications.

Matte Polycarbonate Roll

We have matte polycarbonate rolls suitable in many applications. This is a negotiable finish since matte is a unique and elegant type.

Transparent Polycarbonate Roll

This is perfect for any applications especially for a patio cover, skylights, dome, and many more. There are different characteristics you could choose from.

2mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate Roll

2mm twin wall polycarbonate roll is a transparent sheet that is made of 100% virgin raw material. Coated with a high density of UV absorbing agent. Possesses unbeatable strength and durability.

Blue Tinted Polycarbonate Roll

Blue-tinted polycarbonate roll is lightweight and flexible. Designed with an added feature of bendability and is lightweight. Features flexibility in installation and flexibility in dimensions. Available with a blue tint.

Clear Polycarbonate Roll

Clear polycarbonate roll offers an edgy and angled pattern designed to match the specific applications. Capable to withstand even extreme heat. Tough enough to withstand adverse or the most extreme weather conditions.

Color Coated Polycarbonate Roll

Color-coated polycarbonate roll is suitable for general roofing and side glazing applications. Offers designers and architects numerous opportunities for stylish and functional roof and sidewall glazing designs.

Corrugated Polycarbonate Roll

Corrugated polycarbonate roll offers superior protection against the deteriorating effect of UV radiation. Frequently used as covers for public swimming pools, sports stadiums, and greenhouses. Does not discolor easily.

Frosted Polycarbonate Roll

Frosted polycarbonate roll is built with admirable strength, elasticity, and affordability in mind. Produced in a variety of forms that are designed to fulfill specific needs. Bound by their shared durability and efficacy.

Greenhouse Polycarbonate Roll

Greenhouse polycarbonate roll is specifically designed to fulfill both broad and narrow applications. An immensely popular choice for skylights, covered walkways, and sign faces. Possesses excellent impact resistance.

Plain Polycarbonate Roll

Plain polycarbonate roll is often applied in instances where transparency is desired. Exhibits exceptional temperature resistance and tensile strength. Warrantied against yellowing, hazing, and breakage.

Polycarbonate Compact Roll

Polycarbonate compact roll features excellent light transmitting capabilities. Widely favored for its consistent clarity and durability. Constructed using strong and shatter-proof polycarbonate material.

Polycarbonate Embossed Roll

Polycarbonate embossed roll is capable to withstand harsh weather conditions and delivered with a smooth surface. Built with superior strength and maximum light transmission. Won’t scratch, tear or turn yellow with age.

Polycarbonate Mirror Roll

Polycarbonate mirror roll provides the optimal amount of light and is extremely strong. Flexible enough to wrap around corners. Sustainable even in the harshest of environments. Super easy to install.

Polycarbonate Ribbed Roll

Polycarbonate ribbed roll is a very popular choice for a wide range of applications in industrial and residential uses. Available in various sizes and colors. Often used for retail and government buildings.

Polycarbonate Textured Rolls

Polycarbonate textured rolls offer advanced UV resistance technology that promotes long lasting outdoor weathering performance. Commonly used for semiconductor machinery components and skylights.

Sheet Roofing Polycarbonate Roll

Sheet roofing polycarbonate roll is designed with UV resistance and outstanding impact strength. Guarantees high-temperature resistance, high clarity, and excellent dimensional stability.

UV Resistant Polycarbonate Roll

UV-resistant polycarbonate roll is a lightweight and thermoform-able material. Easy to fabricate and decorate. Primarily utilized for architectural glazing, machine guards, sight glasses, and medical facilities.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Roll

WeProFab polycarbonate rolls are ideal for many applications which are more advantageous than any materials since it is lightweight and stronger ability. Polycarbonate rolls are applicable and ideally add in many building materials.

The optical clarity is the polycarbonate can offer in the production. It is easy to form a type of material that is extremely durable and versatile unlike glass and many other materials for applications.

WeProFab is a trusted provider worldwide of polycarbonate roll. Since it has plenty of different purposes, we created different resistants like waterproof, heat resistant, impact-resistant, and many more to select.

Polycarbonate Roll

WeProFab polycarbonate rolls are the best to apply for roofing like a patio, skylight, dome, carports, and more. It is also applicable for cover applications or installation which easy to form and mold.

At WeProFab, you can always provide polycarbonate rolls you need in the business. There are suitable sizes of rolls you may select that may need on your project.

In many years of experience like fabricating polycarbonate rolls or any product made of plastic, WeProFab in an expert trusted and reliable in handling the best operation and safety shipping.

Customers from around the world love to choose WeProFab polycarbonate rolls.

For home or building applications, polycarbonate rolls also perfect for skylights. It provides enough light or reflection from the outside. It can save electricity since you don’t need to use lights.

Polycarbonate Roll

We have a suitable thickness for your applications since we created many sizes. It has a suitable thickness, width, length, etc, with a unique different color.

At WeProFab, operations and processes are not to be a worry. We have staff from any services that ensure to support every step.

If WeProFab is your top choice in purchasing polycarbonate rolls, this is the right choice you made since we will handle the whole of your polycarbonate roll process. Send your inquiries at WeProFab and expect a smooth and effective process.

Polycarbonate Roll: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for high quality and reliable polycarbonate roll.

That’s why this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about polycarbonate roll.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Polycarbonate Roll?

Polycarbonate roll is a thin film of polycarbonate sheets that have not been cut into smaller sizes.

Polycarbonate roll come in different colors, sizes, thicknesses, and widths.

Polycarbonate roll has numerous features which make it suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage.

 polycarbonate roll

Polycarbonate roll

Is Polycarbonate Roll Durable?

Yes, polycarbonate roll is durable. Polycarbonate roll comes with features like;

  • Waterproof
  • Sunproof
  • UV resistance
  • Less rigidity means you can easily bend the polycarbonate roll without breaking.

All these features make the polycarbonate role durable, meaning it will serve you for a quiet period of time.

How Does Polycarbonate Roll Compare To Polycarbonate Sheet?

Polycarbonate roll has clear similarities with polycarbonate sheet as well as distinctive features.

Both polycarbonate roll and polycarbonate sheet are made of polymer materials which is the main material.

polycarbonate roll

Polycarbonate roll

Both polycarbonate sheet and polycarbonate roll have outstanding impact strength which prevents them from breakage or damages.

Both the polycarbonate sheet and polycarbonate roll have UV resistance features.

This prevents penetration of high-intensity lights which may result in degradation.

Both polycarbonate roll and polycarbonate sheet have a wide range of versatility.

This means you can easily apply so many designs using them.

Both polycarbonate roll and sheet are transparent thus increasing clarity.

They are also waterproof, which means no water can penetrate through resulting in minimal damages.

With polycarbonate sheets, their prices are relatively low while for polycarbonate roll the prices comparably high.

Polycarbonate sheets are capable of blocking sounds where there is a need for privacy while the polycarbonate roll cannot.

polycarbonate sheets

Polycarbonate sheet

Polycarbonate sheets in pieces form while for polycarbonate roll, they are normally rolls.

Where Can You Use Polycarbonate Roll?

Polycarbonate roll is normally vital on devices with high light emission sensitivity. You can apply the polycarbonate roll on;

  • Construction materials
  • Outdoor signs
  • Windshields especially in automotive such as boats.
  • Diffusers and light pipes for LEDs
  • Greenhouses
  • Safety and vandal-resistant windows.
  • Machinery guard.

Is There Standard Thickness For Polycarbonate Roll?

No, polycarbonate roll comes with different thicknesses depending on where you intend to use it.

We have both a thin film polycarbonate roll which is approximately 0.125 mm to 1mm.

Whether you choose a thin film or a thicker polycarbonate roll, the features are still the same.

They prevent penetration of light, chemicals, and scratches the same.

The only evident difference is the weight. Thicker polycarbonate roll tends to be heavier than the thin polycarbonate roll.

In What Colors Can I Get Polycarbonate Roll?

To obtain that vibrant look on the polycarbonate roll, we use different colors on them.

The choice of color depends on what you want your polycarbonate roll to look like.

The following are some of the colors we have;

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • White
  • Yellow

Why Use Polycarbonate Roll?

Polycarbonate roll comes with quite a number of benefits. They include;

  • High abrasion resistance – The polycarbonate roll cannot be easily scratched off since they usually have an anti-scratch coating.

They are no damages that will be visible as a result of objects landing on it at a high impact.

  • Polycarbonate role is enhanced with new technologies of UV resistance which prevents penetration of high-intensity lights.

This effect reduces the discoloring of the polycarbonate roll as a result of light.

  • Polycarbonate roll works best for both indoor and outdoor performance.
  • While making the polycarbonate rolls into rolls, you do not require any heat to bend them.
  • Polycarbonate roll is less rigid which means you can easily fold or bend them without breaking.
  • The polycarbonate roll does not easily crack which is a guarantee of high durability.

They can last for a long period of time.

  • It’s easy to get a polycarbonate role with all protective coating consolidated on it, which saves you on time and cost.

Are There Limitations Of Polycarbonate Roll?

Yes, polycarbonate roll has its own limitations too.

A normal polycarbonate role is prone to scratches especially if there is no protective layer that has been applied on the surface.

To minimize this problem ensure you the polycarbonate roll is well coated with an anti-scratch coating.

Polycarbonate roll with no UV coating easily allows the light transmission to pass through it which may result in a yellowing effect.

This effect causes degradation of the polycarbonate roll which may result in breakage.

You can not just use any cutting devices to cut polycarbonate roll size.

How thick the polycarbonate roll is determining which kind of tool you require. More so, it also reflects on the shape you get after cutting it.

The polycarbonate roll cost is relatively high which can be a problem if you want to purchase one.

How Much Does Polycarbonate Roll Cost?

The biggest difference between a polycarbonate roll and an acrylic roll is the cost.

Furthemore, cost of polycarbonate roll is relatively high even with common materials been used to make them. The cost of polycarbonate roll depends on the following factors;

  • Quantity of polycarbonate roll you want.
  • Thickness of polycarbonate roll
  • Type of protective coating you want on the polycarbonate roll.
  • Cost of polycarbonate roll also differs with the size you want.

Can You Cut Polycarbonate Roll To Size?

Yes, you can easily cut the polycarbonate roll to size.

However, this fully depends on the thickness of the polycarbonate roll you have.

Polycarbonate roll with a thickness of less than 0.125 mm, you can easily use a cutting shear to obtain the size you want.

If you have a thicker polycarbonate roll, you can use the circular or a mechanical saw to cut through the polycarbonate roll.

Which Coating Can You Apply on Polycarbonate Roll?

Below are some of the coatings you can apply on the polycarbonate roll to ensure effectiveness and also increase the durability of the polycarbonate roll.

They include;

Anti-scratch Coating

Anti-scratch coating normally comprises hard deposits substances that form a thin layer on the polycarbonate role.

You can apply this layer by flow coating or just dipping the polycarbonate role.

The best thing about this coating is it does not interfere with the properties of the polycarbonate roll.

It rather it establishes a permanent bond.

This anti-scratch coating protects the polycarbonate roll surface from external surroundings which contain abrasive elements.

Below are the benefits of coating the polycarbonate roll with anti-scratch coating;

  • Increases high resistance to scratches on the polycarbonate roll surface.
  • It still works best even with technologies such as UV resistance and anti-graffiti in place.
  • You can easily customize it to get the appearance you want.
  • Its easier to clean the surface of the polycarbonate roll since the effect of the coating is very smooth.

Anti-scratch coating has different classifications depending on its performance. They include;

  • Optical anti-scratch coating
  • Thermoformable anti-scratch coating
  • Superior (8 to 9H) Is also considered superior for coating.
  • Upgrade (>3H), this is an upgrade of the >1H coating.
  • General use(>1H)

The main usage of the anti-scratch coating is to harden the polycarbonate roll which makes it usable for indoor and outdoor performance.

Anti-fog Coating

Anti-fog coating provides a layer that ensures the polycarbonate roll is fog-free at all times. There are two types of anti-fog coating hydrophilic fog coating and hydrophobic for coating.

For hydrophobic coating, it repels the water droplets away from the polycarbonate roll surface.

Hydrophilic, on the other hand, absorbs the water and spreads to form a thin film.

The theory behind the hydrophilic coating is the cohesive and adhesive forces.

The hydrophilic coating consists of substrates containing a high affinity for water.

Note for anti-fog coating, you cannot consolidate it with any technology or coating both have to be separate sides.

Anti-Reflective Coating

The anti-reflective coating prevents excess light from passing through the polycarbonate roll. This coating minimizes the reflections of lights.

It may cause harm to your Isanti-reflective coating is best especially if you want images with high resolution.

You can easily consolidate anti-glare coating with anti-scratch coating. They work best together.

Anti-static Coating

The anti-static coating helps reduce/minimize the formation of static charges which attracts dirt on the polycarbonate role.

Using this coating you have a guarantee that the polycarbonate roll will always be clean with no dirt particles.

This means you get to save that time you could be used to clean up the polycarbonate roll.

Anti-Fingerprint Coating

This coating limits the visibility of fingerprints when you touch the polycarbonate roll with just bare hands.

Photochromic Coating

Photochromic coating minimizes the intensity of light reaching on the polycarbonate roll.

The photochromic coating on polycarbonate roll normally is clear when you are indoors but as you move out it darkens.

You can consolidate /use the photochromic coating alongside anti-static coating, anti-fingerprint, anti-fog coating, and anti-scratch coating.

Is Polycarbonate Roll UV Resistant?

Yes, polycarbonate roll is UV resistant.

We use more advanced technology on our UV resistance which allows long-lasting protection even when used for outdoor performance.

The fact that polycarbonate roll is used in shielding devices with light sensitivity, making the polycarbonate roll UV resistant is important.

The UV resistance on the polycarbonate roll provide it with features like;

  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Enhance high clarity of the polycarbonate role.
  • Provides resistance to extremely high temperatures.
  • It also provides an outstanding impact strength on the polycarbonate roll which prevents any breakages.
  • The UV resistance effect also increases the durability of the polycarbonate roll.

To make the polycarbonate roll UV resistant Resistance materials will be added to the polymer.

Polymer is the material that makes the polycarbonate roll.

These UV resistance materials include UV absorbers quenchers or hindered amine light stabilizers.

These materials normally stabilize the effects of high external temperature thus preventing discoloration or cracking of the polycarbonate roll.

With UV resistance features on the polycarbonate roll, there is a guarantee of continuous performance and durability of the polycarbonate roll.

How Does Polycarbonate Roll Compare To Acrylic Roll?

Both the polycarbonate roll and acrylic roll have distinguishing features as well as common similarities you will find in both of them.

When it comes to appearance the of polycarbonate and acrylic roll, they look similar. You can hardly distinguish which is which.

Both the polycarbonate roll and acrylic roll are transparent meaning you can be able to see through the roll.

 acrylic roll

acrylic roll

Both acrylic roll and polycarbonate roles are made of polymer material.

Polycarbonate roll and acrylic roll are very light if you compare them with glass.

Also, it’s very easy to clean them as they do not require any special skills.

When it comes to price the acrylic roll is relatively cheaper in comparison to the price of polycarbonate roll.

Polycarbonate roll has a higher impact resistance when you compare it to acrylic roll. Polycarbonate roll is 30 times stronger than acrylic roll.

Acrylic roll allows better light transmission than the polycarbonate roll.

With an acrylic roll, you require heat to heat up the acrylic roll for it to bend while for polycarbonate roll you can easily bend it without heating.

Acrylic roll is more durable and less susceptible to scratches and dents while polycarbonate roll is less susceptible to cracks and chips

What Are The Benefits Of UV Protected Coating On Polycarbonate Roll?

The following are the benefits you get by applying a UV coating on the polycarbonate roll. They include;

  • It helps absorb harmful radiations that could result in discoloring of the polycarbonate roll over a period of time.

Any discoloring results in damages and breakage of the polycarbonate roll which reduces its lifespan.

  • UV coating provides high abrasion on the polycarbonate roll.

This effect reduces the effect of scratches or marks on the polycarbonate roll hence maintaining the original quality of the polycarbonate roll.

  • The UV coating is highly resistant to chemicals exposure.

This means the chemicals will not come into contact with the polycarbonate roll.

  • The UV coating acts as a protective layer on the polycarbonate roll from scratches as a result of high impacts forces.
  • The UV coating on polycarbonate roll provides high clarity.

If you are to print on the polycarbonate roll with UV coating the details or images come out more clearly.

  • The use of UV coating on polycarbonate roll does not cause any environmental hazard since the UV coating is free of solvents.
  • Application of a UV coating on the polycarbonate roll also brings a gloss appearance.

This makes the polycarbonate to be more outstanding. For instance, if you apply it to a blue polycarbonate roll, the final product is exemplary.

Is Polycarbonate Roll Same As Polycarbonate Film?

Polycarbonate film and polycarbonate roll are the same just usage of different words but it’s the same product.

You can either refer it to as a polycarbonate film or roll.

 polycarbonate film

Polycarbonate film

Polycarbonate roll is transparent with extreme high features that makes it suitable for outdoor purpose. Polycarbonate film comes with high-performance features such as;

  • High-temperature resistance
  • It’s highly resistant to ultra-violet rays which makes it more suitable for outdoor performance.
  • Having high excellent ink adhesion, it’s also easy to die cut polycarbonate roll and emboss it.
  • Polycarbonate roll has high dimensional stability.
  • It also has an outstanding impact strength.
  • You can also decorate and fabricate polycarbonate roll as it’s lighter in terms of weight.
  • Polycarbonate film is more durable due to its outstanding features and high resistance from extreme environmental factors.

Can You Print On Polycarbonate Roll?

Yes, it’s possible to print on a polycarbonate roll.

To accomplish the printing, we use a technique known as screen printing to print on our polycarbonate roll.

Unlike digital printing, with screen printing, you can use a wide range of inks which also includes special inks.

To screen print on the polycarbonate roll you will need;

  • Ink
  • Screen
  • Squeegee

Additionally using screen printing on your polycarbonate roll comes with immense benefits. These benefits include;

  • Versatility: screen printing allows you to use various inks to print your polycarbonate roll.

Also, screen printing does not have limits on which materials you can print on, unlike digital printing.

You can print on your polycarbonate roll as well as polycarbonate sheets.

  • Durability: Screen printing increases the durability of the polycarbonate rolls by providing a thick layer.

This is as a result of think ink coverage on the polycarbonate roll.

It’s also possible to introduce things like additives and coating to the ink you are using to screen print on polycarbonate roll.

This not only increases resistances but also reduces the possibility of fading and wearing out, the effect of UV lights as well as scratches.

With these features, you can be able to use them for outdoor purposes.

  • Quality: It’s easier to guarantee quality while using screen printing compared to digital printing. Screen printing gives you a thicker effect that leaves you with incredible colors.

You can also introduce custom colors while using the screen printing on your polycarbonate roll.

  • Profitability: For volume printing of the polycarbonate roll, screen printing is the best option.

It is stable and more reliable unlike using digital printing.

It’s more economical than digital printing since its consistent when it comes to printing the polycarbonate roll.

For all your polycarbonate roll needs, contact WeProFab now.

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