• Lockable Acrylic Box

Lockable Acrylic Box

Weprofab is a powerful manufacturer that customized different lockable acrylic boxes. Custom dimensions, colors, and sizes are obtainable for affordable yet competitive rates. We are professionals ready to support the development of your business.


Get WeProFab Lockable Acrylic Box to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab continues offering wide-range production of lockable acrylic box. In able to delight your own customers, great selections are provided for you.

Counter Clear Lockable Acrylic Box

Weprofab has high confidence in manufacturing your required designs of custom clear lockable acrylic box. Glossy finishes are offer.

Lockable Business Card Acrylic Box

Searching an appropriate lockable acrylic box for business cards? In Weprofab you can genuinely find sorts of boxes.

Lockable Suggestion Acrylic Box

Scroll all the way here to find a lockable suggestion acrylic box? Well, you`re in luck because you bump into the place. Weprofab is the perfect supplier of your lockable suggestion acrylic box needs.

Medium Lockable Acrylic Box

You can avail custom sizes of the secured lockable acrylic boxes just like this medium size. Suitable for various fitting applications.

Wall Mounting Lockable Acrylic Box

You can find out the high-quality wall-mounting lockable acrylic box here at the Weprofab factory. Finishes are finely priced.

X-Large Lockable Acrylic Box

Weprofab is the only manufacturer you can put your trust in fabricating your ideal lockable acrylic box. X-large sizes are provided for your deliberated applications.

WeProFab: Your Leading Lockable Acrylic Box Manufacturer

Weprofab offers lockable acrylic box polishing, machining, and laser cutting services. From the start of the fabrication process until the finish, your wishes about your required lockable acrylic box will be granted

We already conduct fabrications with over 20 years now. We gain wide-knowledge about this industry.

So when it is your turn, we`ll continually work harder to fulfill your expectations. Contact us now!

Custom Lockable Acrylic Box to Skyrocket Your Brand

Transparent Lockable Acrylic Box

Weprofab creates a transparent lockable acrylic box from high-quality plastic sheets. They can be formed from polycarbonates, acrylics, or plexiglass sheeting materials.

Custom Size Lockable Acrylic Box

Avail of our customize lockable acrylic boxes. They were offered competitively yet economically at the same time.

Showcase Lockable Acrylic Box

All of our showcase lockable acrylic boxes have excellent designs. Highly protected from thieves incidents and made to last.

Clear Acrylic Lockable Box

The clear acrylic lockable box is an ideal use for holding lab and medical supplies. Comes with pre-drilled holes which allow it to be mounted to the underside of cabinets or shelves. Included mounting hardware and two keys.

Lockable Acrylic Card Box

A lockable acrylic card box is extremely useful in a retail situation. Provide secure and attractive presentations for high-value items such as jewelry, accessories, gadgets, clothing, etc. Available in a variety of sizes.

Lockable Acrylic Donation Box

Made of high-quality, durable construction for long-term use (year after year). Lightweight yet extremely sturdy. A strong lock keeps the things inside safe. The adaptable piece can be mounted to the wall or simply placed on a desk.

Small Lockable Acrylic Box

Each small lockable acrylic box comes with a deposit slot or a bin door. It can be used as a mailbox or dropbox for keys, payments, and envelopes in several businesses. These boxes come in a variety of bright colors.

Large Lockable Acrylic Ballot Box

Large lockable acrylic ballot boxes have a crystal transparent finish. It has a diamond-polished edge for secure handling. To keep the contents safe, there is a locking system with two keys.

20cm Lockable Acrylic Box

For maximum aesthetic effect, this 20ccm lockable acrylic box is made of crystal transparent acrylic with polished edges. This sturdy freestanding box features a hinged top with a CAM lock for security.

Lockable Clear Acrylic Jewelry Gift Box

A lockable clear acrylic jewelry gift box is appropriate for a wide range of applications including window displays, exhibitions, product displays, etc. Available in a range of sizes and colors.

Clear Acrylic Coin Donation Box with Lockable Base

A clear acrylic coin donation box with a lockable base can be used for a variety of purposes. It includes a hinged top with a hasp and staple closure that can be locked with a padlock.

40cm Lockable Clear Acrylic Display Box

Weprofab 40cm lockable clear acrylic display box is commonly used in various settings. Ideal for product displays, in-store promotions, galleries, visual merchandising, and so on.

30x25cm Lockable Acrylic Box

This 30x25cm lockable acrylic box is ideal for use in retail settings. It will be up to the task and will do so in a stylish manner. Available in many sizes. Each box makes excellent dump bins, exhibition boxes, or simply high-visibility storage containers.

3-Tier Large Lockable Acrylic Box

Made from clear acrylic. This 3-tier large lockable acrylic box comes with a monster lockable cam-lock with two keys. For added versatility, the cabinet can be installed with removable shelves.

50cm Lockable Clear Acrylic Box with Shelf

Weprofab 50cm lockable clear acrylic box with shelf are the ideal container for displaying jewelry, pastries, medicine, and other products. Comes with two keys and a locking cam-lock. On the bottom, there are buttons.

Lockable Acrylic Raffle Box with Opening Slot

A lockable acrylic raffle box with the opening slot is made of eco-friendly acrylic, plexiglass, or PMMA. Fully certificated with SGS, RoHS, ISO standards. Size, color, and design can be customized.

Square Lockable Acrylic Donation Box

Weprofab square lockable acrylic donation box is made with high-quality components that have been thoroughly tested. The cost varies depending on the dimensions, sheet thickness, and other factors.

Lockable Acrylic Mobile Phone Storage Box

A lockable acrylic mobile phone storage box is made of thick clear acrylic. There is one separate cam lock with two keys. Ideal for factory floors, schools, medical buildings, government, fitness centers, etc. Hardware and mounting brackets are included in the package.

Clear Acrylic Lockable Rotating Chain Display Case with Light

Clear acrylic lockable rotating chain display case with light revolves smoothly for a nonstop, 360° view of its contents. Light function and the spinning feature can be used both at the same time.

Lockable Clear Acrylic Suggestion Box

Weprofab lockable clear acrylic suggestion box and built using thick acrylic. Mainly used for suggestions, but can also be applied for votes or donations. The lock keeps money and personal information secure.

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Why WeProFab Lockable Acrylic Box

WeProFab Lockable Acrylic Box provides security from thief incidents. The product inside the box will be protected when it is locked. Acrylic sheets and quality acrylic with polished edges are used to design a durable lockable acrylic box. Weprofab has over years in using quality acrylics due to its durability than any of the glasses. Because of their durability, they can last longer.

The WeProFab lockable acrylic box is split up into different types, features, functions, and advantages. Here in WeProFab, you will find various types that come from quality acrylics for longer-terms applications.

Lockable Acrylic Box

If your wholesaler, retailer, or local distributor, adding weprofab lockable acrylic box to your business will make a great development. It works great in retail stores for an eye-catching display. Many of business controllers prefer weprofab team to provide lockable acrylic box production.

All lockable acrylic boxes from our market are lightweight, suitable to display in business areas like retail stores. In retail environments, they are used to display your products while being protected. They also perform as larger sized trash bins. Whatever your intentions, weprofab lockable acrylic box is the best to include so far.

Lockable Acrylic Box

Weprofab Lockable acrylic box is additionally featured with glossy and strong resistance finish. Compared to any glasses, this lockable acrylic box has high transparency and stringent impact protection.

Your customers surely attracted by your lockable acrylic box and can catch their attention. All in all, this is the best marketing box to add to your business!

Lockable Acrylic Box

Regarding the lockable acrylic box applications, they can be applied to retail stores as exhibition boxes, offices to keep files, and useful as trash bins. Whatever the applications, our series of the lockable acrylic box is up to the task. They also work with wondrous aspects in mind.

WeProFab has been there for almost 20years and continuing to give satisfying services for our clients. We are recognized as a world-class providers of any plastic fabrications.

Now, allow us to be part of your developing business, we can lend you a hand! Don`t hesitate on contacting us.

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Lockable Acrylic Box

If you need a highly secure box to protect your valuables, then you need a lockable acrylic box made of quality acrylic sheets.

Lockable Acrylic Box

Lockable Acrylic Box

You can decide on the functions, features and advantages you need for your lockable acrylic box including higher transparency and better impact protection.

Use these lockable acrylic boxes in retain environments as eye-catching displays or use large-size boxes as suggestion boxes, trash bins, or secure bins to store files.

Read on for our ultimate FAQ guide to find out everything you need to know about lockable acrylic box.

How Is The Lockable Acrylic Box Made?

Lockable Acrylic Box Assembly

Lockable Acrylic Box Assembly

The lockable acrylic box is an effective and lightweight storage box solution that can fit into compact spaces to secure your valuables and display items.

The professional acrylic box maker adds aesthetic value to your lockable acrylic box by using high-tech forming, fabrication, laser cutting and etching processes.

However, you can easily make your own acrylic box at home using carpenter tools and acrylic glue.

Here is a simple DIY process to make your first lockable acrylic box.

· Cutting The Acrylic Sheet To Size

After you written down the dimensions of your box, you can begin to cut the sheet to size.

You will need four side panels, the bottom piece, and the top piece.

Use a metal-cutting saw for the purpose.

A square box is more stable and stronger than a rectangular box, so side panels of equal size have a distinct advantage over irregular-sized panels and are also easier to cut.

The height of these side panels determines the height of your lockable acrylic box.

Depending on whether you need hinges on a movable door (optional) or an acrylic lock on any one panel that can be opened, procure the required hardware from your local hardware store.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to fix the hinge and lock to the lockable acrylic box.

· Lockable Acrylic Box Assembly

Keep all the panels you cut close to your flat work table.

Also, you will need the hinge (optional), lock, acrylic glue, duct tape, brush or syringe to apply the glue, and carpentry tools.

Place the bottom panel on your work table.

Make sure you fix the hinged or lockable panel after you have the other panels in place.

Start the bonding process with the first side panel.

Place it over the bottom panel. Make sure it is at right angles to the bottom plate.

It’s a good idea to test the alignment of all the side panels over the bottom panel.

A perfect square is formed when all the side panels are aligned properly over the bottom panel.

After applying acrylic glue to both surfaces, hold the edges of the panels in place with duct tape.

You now have three side panels bonded over the bottom panel.

· Securing The Lockable Acrylic Box

Lockable Acrylic Box Lock

 Lockable Acrylic Box Lock

It’s time to fix your acrylic hinge and a lock on the door on your lockable acrylic box.

Test the acrylic hinge for easy movement over both the panels it rests on.

Place the flat surface of the hinge on the fixed panel.

With the door in line with the fixed panel, rotate the hinge until the other flat surface rests on the door.

With both the hinges in place, the door must open and close smoothly.

Use acrylic glue to bond the hinges with the panels.

Once the hinges are firmly bonded with the panels, it’s time to fix the lock.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to fix the lock.

You may need to make holes on the lockable surface to get the lock into position on both sides of the panel.

Your lockable acrylic box is ready.

What Are The Advantages Of The Lockable Acrylic Box?

Lockable Acrylic Box Advantages

Lockable Acrylic Box Advantages

The lockable acrylic box offers all the advantages of a standard acrylic box and more.

Since acrylic is transparent by nature, the lockable acrylic box turns into a highly-transparent showcase that also offers security to the displayed items.

This box can be designed into different shapes that fit into spaces on your countertop.

You can align this box with other display items or use a wall-mounting design.

Extremely lightweight, the lockable acrylic box can be easily transported from one location to another without much effort.

It is made of highly durable material that lasts for a considerably longer period than the acrylic box made of standard acrylic material.

The lockable acrylic box is extremely safe to handle and is strong enough to hold sufficient weight without warping or losing shape.

Available designs allow you to use this box as an organizing POS, ballot box, POS display stand, suggestion and customer information box, gift and souvenir box, or food storage box.

What Are The Different Types Of Lockable Acrylic Boxes?

· Counter Clear Lockable Acrylic Box

Counter Clear Lockable Acrylic Box

Counter Clear Lockable Acrylic Box

Designed to fit into small spaces, the counter clear lockable acrylic box turns into a safe display case to showcase your valuable items.

This box is made of crystal-clear 100% acrylic material that allows 360-degree views from all angles.

Available in custom shapes and sizes, the elegant counter clear lockable acrylic box is ideal for showcasing a wide variety of items that add value to your business.

You can display jewelry, collectibles, medicines, vapes, CBD and essential oils, memorabilia, collectibles and figurines.

You can order a custom acrylic box with two or more lockable compartments or one with several shelves that meet your storage and display requirements.

The front hinged door with lock provides you easy access to the box.

· Business Card Lockable Acrylic Box

Lockable Business Card Acrylic Box

Lockable Business Card Acrylic Box

If you are searching for a secure card holder, then the business card lockable acrylic box is a practical storage solution that accommodates different kinds of business cards.

Custom slot sizes allow you to use the same box as a suggestion box to collect comments and suggestions from your chosen audience.

Superior-grade acrylic material is used to build this long-lasting acrylic box that will not break or crack on impact, if it falls from the counter.

Each lockable business card acrylic box has its own high-quality lock with two keys.

It provides the perfect secure container to collect business cards in your office, restaurant, or any other customer-contact area.

Business card lockable acrylic box sizes will vary as per your application demands.

· Suggestion Lockable Acrylic Box

Lockable Suggestion Acrylic Box

Lockable Suggestion Acrylic Box

Created specifically as large-sized boxes, the suggestion lockable acrylic box can be customized to accommodate suggestion slips of various sizes.

The top panel insertion slot allows A4-sized paper and even larger sheets if required.

The suggestion box has a convenient square design that can be set up on any flat surface.

Custom sizes and shapes are fabricated to meet your specific business demands.

This transparent suggestion lockable acrylic box comes with a front lock that makes it easier to open and close the box even if it is kept at a height.

Use it as a tip box at a restaurant or collect suggestions from a large audience in a public place.

· Medium Lockable Acrylic Box

Medium Lockable Acrylic Box

Medium Lockable Acrylic Box

Suitable to display small and medium-sized items, the medium lockable acrylic box is customized to meet bulk box size requirements.

You can get this box in custom sizes with different kinds of locks and hinges.

The compact and hygienic medium lockable acrylic box can be used to store and display medicines, food, and home safety items.

Its 100% clear acrylic construction makes it easy to identify stored items without much difficulty.

The medium lockable acrylic box comes fully assembled with a secure three-digit combination code lock or any other custom lock.

Slightly bigger than a shoe box, this medium-sized acrylic box is easily transportable, easy to use, and has a practical stackable design.

Its highly-visible panels offer clear views from a distance.

Use it as a standalone lockable acrylic box near your bedside cabinet or stack several boxes on a shelf to display or store items.

· Wall Mounting Lockable Acrylic Box

Wall Mounting Lockable Acrylic Box

Wall Mounting Lockable Acrylic Box

Constructed as a wall-mounting collection box for suggestions, ballots, comments, etcetera, the wall-mounting lockable acrylic box comes in clear or opaque acrylic material.

There’s a transparent front pocket to hold pamphlets, business cards, notepads, and other literature.

The frontal tapered design makes it easy to drop suggestions and other leaflets through the 9-inch or custom-sized insertion slot.

The wall mounting lockable acrylic box has a versatile design that allows you to use it as a table-top display box as well.

This lockable acrylic box is offered with two keys that operate a secure lock mounted on the movable panel.

· X-Large Lockable Acrylic Box

X-Large Lockable Acrylic Box

 X-Large Lockable Acrylic Box

Custom-made to meet the unique storage requirements, the x-large lockable acrylic box is a high-quality durable box made of 100% acrylic material.

The sturdy lock ensures that contents stored in the box are safe and secure.

You are provided two keys that are strong enough for repeated use over long periods of time.

Several color options are available to complement other elements used in the same office or store.

The professional acrylic box maker can laser etch and screen print custom messages on the back panel, as per your requirements.

Use the x-large lockable acrylic box as a donation box during collection drives, church events, or as a ballot box.

· Transparent Lockable Acrylic Box

Transparent Lockable Acrylic Box

Transparent Lockable Acrylic Box

Largely used as a secure display box, the transparent lockable acrylic box is essentially made of high-quality plastic materials including acrylic and plexiglass.

Compact and portable, this transparent acrylic box is constructed to hold large volumes of memorabilia and other display items.

You can stack these transparent lockable acrylic boxes one over the other.

Custom sizes are offered to accommodate tight spaces.

Precision engineered to meet stringent international standards, this lockable acrylic box is adaptable and scalable to meet complex storage requirements.

· Custom Size Lockable Acrylic Box

Custom Size Lockable Acrylic Box

Custom Size Lockable Acrylic Box

Competitively priced, the custom size lockable acrylic box is an economic storage solution that meets international standards set for bulk OEM/ODM orders.

You can have any number of custom messages screen printed on the panels to display personal and business messages.

Go in for a pocket-sized lockable opening on the back panel or add an additional top sheet to cover the custom-sized insertion slot.

Additional enhancements like custom colored shelves, anti-scratch coating, wall or table mounting options can be included in your custom size lockable acrylic box design.

· Showcase Lockable Acrylic Box

showcase lockable acrylic box

Showcase lockable acrylic box

Adapted to some of the best contemporary designs, the showcase lockable acrylic box is meant to last longer than other standard acrylic boxes of similar dimensions.

Choose a rotating acrylic display box with removable shelves or use it as a marketing holder to display valuables and jewelry.

Its dustproof construction allows you to display action figurines and toys without distorting the view.

Share a contemporary design, and the professional acrylic box maker will come with a showcase lockable acrylic box prototype that meets all your application requirements.

Include LED lights to create attractive display items.

Select a black or colored base to create specific aesthetics at your chosen display location.

Does The Lockable Acrylic Box Have Disadvantages?

The lockable acrylic box does have an anti-scratch coating over it, but acrylic inherently does tend to develop scratches over time.

Avoid making direct contact with the acrylic box with sharp objects.

Is it Possible To Remove Scratches From The Lockable Acrylic Box?

Yes, you can remove scratches that may appear on your lockable acrylic box.

Rub a wet 600-grit sandpaper lightly over the affected area in a circular motion.

Then use a dry 600-grit sandpaper over the same area.

After a couple of minutes, check to see if the scratch is still visible.

If the scratch remains, continue the sanding process this time with a 800-grit sandpaper.

The scratches over your lockable acrylic box will disappear.

You can watch this video to find out how to remove scratches from your lockable acrylic box.

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