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  • Anti-Gravity Threadmill

Anti-Gravity Threadmill

WeProFab is a professional manufacturer of anti-gravity treadmills. It is infused with advanced technology for more optimized and modern features. We manufacture a wide range of high-quality anti-gravity treadmills. WeProFab is committed to delivering the best quality anti-gravity treadmill with the most reliable performance and functionality. Enquire now for your orders!

Get WeProFab Anti-Gravity Treadmill to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab supplies the highest quality anti-gravity treadmill to customers around the world. As a professional manufacturer, we can custom-made your anti-gravity treadmill orders.

Automatic Runs Machine Anti Gravity Treadmill

We manufacture automatic runs machine anti-gravity treadmill with LED keyboard panel and LED touch panel for simple and convenient operation.

Anti Gravity Manual Incline Curved Treadmill

Our Anti Gravity Manual Incline Curved Treadmill is compact and non-motorized. It comes with customizable colors and design.

Vacuum Treadmill Zero Gravity Weight Loss Equipment

WeProFab manufactures vacuum treadmill with zero gravity for weight loss. It features ozone therapy, aroma therapy, and more.

Anti-gravity Medical Elderly Treadmills

We manufacture Anti-gravity Medical Elderly Treadmills with LED display for viewing time, running distance, and speed. It also features three stage slope adjustment and hand heart rate.

Antigravity Shock Running Machine Treadmill

This treadmill features up to 90kg weight capacity. It has low noise, professional running board, sport modes, and slim design.

100kg Antigravity Confidence Power Plus Treadmill

It features LCD display for time, distance, speed, fat measure, pulse, and calorie. It comes with 140kg maximum user weight capacity.

WeProFab: Your Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Anti-Gravity Treadmill in China

WeProFab is a top manufacturer of anti-gravity treadmills in China. We can provide you all types of anti-gravity treadmills that will perfectly fit your business and applications. WeProFab is your best choice when it comes to your anti-gravity treadmill needs.

A full range of anti-gravity treadmills is available in WeProFab. All sizes and designs of anti-gravity treadmill is also available at WeProFab. You can choose from our standard products or choose to customize your orders. We offer the best OEM services to meet your requirements.

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Custom Anti-Gravity Treadmill to Promote Your Brand

Anti-gravity Automatic Incline Motorized Treadmill

We manufacture anti-gravity automatic incline motorized treadmill with efficient performance, reliable quality, and safety guarantee.

Heavy Duty Anti Gravity Outdoor Incline Treadmill

This is a full loading treadmill that features foldable design, thus, helps in saving space. It comes with comfortable cardio, tracking, and excellent stability.

Foldable Curved Anti Gravity Treadmill

Our foldable curved anti-gravity treadmill features LED Display, burn calories, time, speed, and distance.

Anti-gravity Treadmill Curve Lifesport

WeProFab Anti-gravity Treadmill Curve Lifesport features voice speed control, 8-speed, dynamic streamlined body, and more.

Anti Gravity Outdoor Incline Treadmill

This anti-gravity outdoor incline treadmill is fully motorized with a space-saving and full-folding design. It can provide ultimate stability, track your training, comfortable cardio, and effective movement.

Antigravity Shock Running Treadmill

WeProFab antigravity shock running treadmill features 3 sport modes, walking with one button, noise reduction, professional running board. This is a result of WeProFab continuous innovation.

Anti Gravity Nordic Track Treadmill

We manufacture an anti-gravity Nordic track treadmill that features an LED display, stable frame, and foldable design. It can track time, speed, and running distance.

Motorised Anti Gravity Decks Treadmill

Our Motorised Anti Gravity Decks Treadmill is designed with flexible, rigid, and high-performance design. It is a stand-alone antigravity treadmill that has a foldable design.

Non Electric Anti Gravity Magnetic Treadmill

We manufacture an innovative Non-Electric Anti Gravity Magnetic Treadmill that is best for gyms or homes. It can also be customized based on your requirements.

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WeProFab Anti-Gravity Treadmill


Foldable Curved Anti Gravity Treadmill

Are you looking for a functional and high-performance anti-gravity treadmill? WeProFab is the best manufacturer for you. We can provide a full range of anti-gravity treadmills for your business and applications.

We are the leading anti-gravity treadmill manufacturer in China. We are committed to offering high-quality anti-gravity treadmills at a reasonable price. Here in WeProFab, our main goal is to promote your brand and skyrocket your business.

WeProFab anti-gravity treadmill is a unique and high-tech device that offers both cardio and skincare advantages. It is integrated with the lymphatic system benefits. It works through infrared heating therapy and deep under pressure vacuum massage. Thus, the WeProFab anti-gravity treadmill can help in cellulite and weight reduction.

100kg Antigravity Confidence Power Plus Treadmill

Aside from that, the WeProFab anti-gravity treadmill is infused with more optimized features. It has a collagen lamp, color therapy, and LED. It is also integrated with ozone therapy and aromatherapy. This product can be used by both advanced and beginner users.

Through our advanced engineering, advanced technology, and constant innovation, we are able to create outstanding quality anti-gravity treadmill. It offers more advantages and benefits than the traditional fitness treadmill.

Anti Gravity Manual Incline Curved Treadmill

Our anti-gravity treadmill uses proven and tested technology to ensure functionality and high performance. You can guarantee that your anti-gravity treadmills are durable and long-lasting. We offer a full range of anti-gravity treadmill with various sizes, colors, and designs. It is also customizable based on your requirements to promote your brand.

WeProFab manufactures reliable quality products to meet your demands. Whether you are a retailer, distributor, or importer, choose WeProFab as your no.1 anti-gravity treadmill supplier and manufacturer.

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