• Polycarbonate Profiles

Polycarbonate Profiles

Weprofab can custom cuts and molding your ideal Polycarbonate Profiles. We have wealth experiences in all manufacturing fields. To produce numerous polycarbonate profiles, we used our high-technology machines. Send now your ideal polycarbonate profiles drawings. Let the Weprofab team produce them!

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Profiles to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab polycarbonate profiles introduce different types that may be the right one for your sheeting intentions. Choose from the selections given below.

Cut-to-size Polycarbonate Profiles

Weprofab has been operating in their specific area in China. For over 20 years in service, they become known and preferred by several companies. They can help boom your business!

H-channel Polycarbonate Profiles

If you`re in need of an H-channel polycarbonate sheet, you can find a lot in Weprofab. We provide wide-ranging types for your specific applications. All of them were quality-ensured.

PC Sheet Polycarbonate Profiles

Is the PC sheet polycarbonate profile convenient for your next sheeting applications? Then you run into the right provider. We are based on China yet served worldwide-based customers.

Polycarbonate Profiles Manufacturer

Do you need a truly trusted manufacturer of your polycarbonate profiles? Then, no worries! We can produce polycarbonate profiles in depends on the entire clients’ specifications.

Structural Polycarbonate Profiles

For your greenhouse applications, the structural type of polycarbonate profiles is the most appropriate to use. Weprofab can offer you a high-quality, UV-stabilized polycarbonate profile in the structural version.

U-channel Polycarbonate Profiles

If you want to add U-channel polycarbonate profiles for your business, Weprofab can supply. We have complete manufacturing lines that make faster fabrications.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Profiles Manufacturer

Weprofab has been dedicated and fully engaged with all plastic-molded sheeting fabrications. We are able to supply retailers, domestic distributors, and small companies with our durable polycarbonate profiles.

If you have any projects needing durable polycarbonate profiles, don`t hesitate on contacting us. We will able to serve you wholeheartedly.

Do you have questions, message us and we`ll provide precise answers.

Custom Polycarbonate Profiles to Skyrocket Your Brand

Durable Polycarbonate Profiles

Boom your business with Weprofab durable polycarbonate profiles! We specialize in creating durable and long-lasting polycarbonate profiles.

Impact-resistant Polycarbonate Profiles

Impact-resistant polycarbonate profiles are considered the best material to use for various applications. Weprofab can help you get the most right material for you!

Uv-proof Polycarbonate Profiles

Thinking of Uv-proof polycarbonate profiles for business? That`ll be great! Weprofab can be your source, we can provide high-quality UV-proofed polycarbonate profiles for you.

Clear Polycarbonate Profile

A clear polycarbonate profile is mainly used as a connector between multiwall sheets. Resistant to heat, very lightweight, and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. Effective material for many applications.

Polycarbonate U-Profile

Polycarbonate U-profile is designed for the installation of polycarbonate structures. Highly durable in structure and available in different colors. Convenient to handle and prevent the sheet from moving.

Tear Resistant Polycarbonate Profile

Tear-resistant polycarbonate profile is an ideal material for a wide range of applications. Surprisingly durable and provides ample protection from harmful exterior elements. Made with very strong and resilient material.

Customized Polycarbonate Profile

Customized polycarbonate profile typically consists of distinctive cross-sectional shapes. Widely used as long channel and is highly customized. available in a wide range of dimensions and designs.

Polycarbonate Profile for Solid Sheet

Polycarbonate profile for a solid sheet is commonly used for conservatories, walkways, and swimming pools. Available in various cut to size options that are stronger and more rigid than any other materials.

Multiwall Polycarbonate Profile

The multiwall polycarbonate profile is environment friendly and quality checked. Designed with high strength and requires no maintenance. Comes with a multiwall structure that is widely used for several applications.

Corrugated Polycarbonate Profile

The corrugated polycarbonate profile is made of strong, durable, and lightweight material. Provided with high impact resistance with distinctive interior structure. Perfect for unique architectural designs and applications.

Roofing Polycarbonate Profile

The roofing polycarbonate profile is popular for its self-supporting structure and saves installation cost significantly. Widely used in various twin-wall or corrugated sheets. Offers optimum impact strength and durability.

Partition Polycarbonate Profile

Partition polycarbonate profile is widely used in a broad range of tough and hard-wearing roofing applications. Arrives in a variety of colors, dimensions, and thicknesses. Provides amazing qualities.

90 Degree Polycarbonate Profile

90-degree polycarbonate profile is produced from UV-resistant grade materials. Guarantees admirable impact resistance and ease of fabrication. Perfect for protecting walls and any other areas.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Profiles

Do you currently look for great-structured Polycarbonate Profiles?

Weprofab offers a basket of manufacturing services. We can help you achieve your desired roofing designs and boom your business as well!

Weprofab knows a lot in fabrication fields, so we can present high-quality sheeting materials with amazing prices.

So, if you need a lot of polycarbonate profiles stocks for business, you already know where to go!

Polycarbonate Profles

Weprofab Polycarbonate profiles are divided into different purposes, characteristics, and features. We will let you inform one by one.

Our quality polycarbonate profiles can be used and installed in different methods.

They were easy to install and the methods given were also easy to follow. Weprofab has a high capability to manufacture polycarbonate profiles with high flexibility and finely cut-to-sizes.

So, if you need a manufacturer to your polycarbonate profiles, Weprofab is the most recommended, endorsed by several companies!

Polycarbonate Profles

Weprofab produces a polycarbonate profile with maximum quality and elegance.

Because of that, we finally produce common types such as R-channel Polycarbonate profile, H-channel Polycarbonate profile and U-channel Polycarbonate profile.

You can purchase them with different stock numbers, all depend on you! Only Weprofab can do is to help you fulfill your projects with the profile quality provided.

In addition to that, our range of polycarbonate profiles is used for various industrial applications.

So, we provide broad selections for you to choose from!

Polycarbonate Profles

Weporfab polycarbonate sheet is an ideal tool for covering patios, works as pools skylights, and any outdoor privacy uses.

Weprofab team won`t let you disappoint in the whole fabrication process. We are expert you can rely upon!

Weprofab is your trusted source of polycarbonate profiles in China. Shop our Polycarbonate Profiles now, and get the latest products. Send your inquiries today!

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Polycarbonate Profiles

Categorized into different groups to serve specific purposes, polycarbonate profiles are reinforced with many characteristics and features for various industrial applications.

- Polycarbonate Profile

Polycarbonate Profiles

Successfully complete your project with easy-to-install polycarbonate profiles that are cut-to-size and created to sustain high-performance levels with damage-resistant polycarbonate.

You can get access to custom profiles for your roofing and interior design applications.

Read on for our ultimate FAQ guide to find out everything you need to know about polycarbonate profiles.

How Are Polycarbonate Profiles Made?

Constant technological updates have made it possible to extrude high-quality polycarbonate profiles customized to your exact requirements.

Polycarbonate Profile Extrusion

Figure 2 – Polycarbonate Profile Extrusion

  1. The polycarbonate profile extrusion process begins by feeding high-quality polycarbonate raw material into the dosing unit. Either the volumetric or gravimetric system is employed depending on the polycarbonate profile that needs to be drawn.
  2. 2. This feed enters the extruder that has a barrel with a wear-resistant coat. Vents are provided where required.
  3. Continuous flow filter or oleo-dynamic filter changers are synchronized with a special-purpose pump during the extrusion process.
  4. The co-extrusion process takes care of adding additional coats like the UV-protection layer.
  5. Self-adjusting dies are constantly updated to ensure variable output capabilities and profile dimensional stability throughout the extrusion process.
  6. Special systems constantly calibrate the polycarbonate profile to optimize thickness, surface, and structure quality.
  7. These profiles are outputted into a special conditioning unit that removes internal tensions still present in the extruded polycarbonate profiles.
  8. Finished profiles are trimmed, masked with PE protection films, cross cut with high precision, and neatly stacked for packing.

You can watch this video to find out more about polycarbonate extrusion.


How Do You Install Polycarbonate Profiles For Roofing Applications?

- Polycarbonate Profile Installation

Polycarbonate Profile Installation

Follow these basic guidelines before you install polycarbonate profiles for any roofing application.

  1. Use a rubber mallet on your polycarbonate profiles for cap-into-base profile engagement to avoid burrs and scratches.
  2. Install the profile with its UV-protection coat facing upwards. This is printed on the profile cover.
  3. Establish 10% inclination when you install polycarbonate profiles on flat structures.
  4. Make allowance for thermal expansion and leave appropriate gaps between the profile and sheet.
  5. Procure cut-to-size polycarbonate profiles to simplify the installation process.

Here is how you can use polycarbonate profiles in a lightweight roofing application.

· Installing H-Shaped Polycarbonate Profiles

- Installing H Shaped Polycarbonate Profile

Installing H Shaped Polycarbonate Profile

Applied to the longer side, the H shaped polycarbonate profile connects two polycarbonate sheets side by side.

· Installing C-Shaped Polycarbonate Profiles

 Installing C Shaped Polycarbonate Profile

Installing C Shaped Polycarbonate Profile

Applied to the narrow side, the C shaped polycarbonate profile protects the connected polycarbonate sheet from dust, insects, and water intrusions into the hollow space.

· Installing F-Shaped Polycarbonate Profiles

Installing F Shaped Polycarbonate Profile

Figure 6 – Installing F Shaped Polycarbonate Profile

The F shaped polycarbonate profile connects the external rafter to the edge of the polycarbonate sheet.

Here are the detailed polycarbonate profile installation instructions.

  1. Place the polycarbonate sheet on a flat surface and remove around 25 mm of the protective film from the edges at the top and bottom sides.
  2. Remove any signs of dirt or other impurities from the flutes using a soft brush, air pressure or vacuum.
  3. Apply breather tape at the bottom of the sheet and run it over the edge to seal the polycarbonate flute. This will direct moisture flow in the chosen direction and will prevent debris and dirt from entering the hollow area at the edges.
  4. Follow the same procedure at the top end but with an aluminum sealing tape or as suggested by the manufacturer.
  5. Run flashing tape over the wall at the location where it holds the sheet creating a L shaped 90-degree fold.
  6. Secure the F shaped polycarbonate profile upside down with its tail screwed into the wall.
  7. Connect the first polycarbonate sheet into this F shaped polycarbonate profile and connect it with additional sheets using H shaped polycarbonate profiles.
  8. The wooden roof frame will support the polycarbonate sheets as you assemble them.
  9. Continue building the roof until you reach the other side. If you reach a wall, follow the same sealing procedure you performed at the first wall.
  10. Secure the polycarbonate sheets on to the wooden room frame with wood screws.
  11. Apply the C shaped polycarbonate profiles to the edges at both the top and bottom of each connected polycarbonate sheet.
  12. You can also cover C shaped polycarbonate profiles over H shaped polycarbonate profiles to create one-piece edges during the installation process.
  13.  Cover the screw heads with silicone sealer to prevent exposure to moisture.
  14. Remove the protective films from over the polycarbonate sheets completely to finish the installation.

You can watch this video to find out how to install polycarbonate profiles.


What Are The Different Types Of Polycarbonate Profiles?

· Cut-To-Size Polycarbonate Profiles

 H-Channel Polycarbonate Profile

Cut-To-Size Polycarbonate Profile

Designed to snap fit on to custom-sized polycarbonate sheets, these cut-to-size polycarbonate profiles allow hassle-free installations.

Polycarbonate profiles are cut to size from high-quality polycarbonate materials and remain dimensionally stable across the full length of the polycarbonate sheet.

Lightweight and easy to install, cut-to-size polycarbonate profiles are backed by 10-year guarantees and are completely waterproof.

Use readily available cut-to-size polycarbonate profiles in different shapes, colors, and sizes for applications like greenhouses, patio deck roofs, carports, and sunrooms.

These durable polycarbonate profiles do not need additional fittings to secure them on to polycarbonate sheets.

· H-channel Polycarbonate Profiles

H-Channel Polycarbonate Profile

H-Channel Polycarbonate Profile

Designed to transmit over 82% of the light, H-channel polycarbonate profiles are clear high-quality polycarbonate accessories with nearly 80 times the impact resistance of glass.

This H-channel polycarbonate profile comes in different sizes and shapes to connect polycarbonate multiwall sheets in different applications.

You can get these H-channel polycarbonate profiles in bronze, ice, and other custom shades.

Available in 12 feet, 24 feet, and custom lengths, these H-channel PC profiles work very well with 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm twin-wall PC sheets.

Polycarbonate sheets easily snap fit into these H-channel polycarbonate profiles, and you can use additional C-shaped profiles to cover the open edges of these H-channel profiles.

· PC Sheet Polycarbonate Profiles

PC Sheet Polycarbonate Profiles

PC Sheet Polycarbonate Profiles

Manufactured specifically to serve polycarbonate sheeting applications, PC sheet polycarbonate profiles are the most efficient and least expensive profiles for greenhouse applications.

These PC sheet polycarbonate profiles are co-extruded with the same raw materials used to make polycarbonate sheets, so they attach and secure them firmly.

Two-piece H channels are great time savers and allow discerning builders to complete entire roofing installations in double-quick time.

Get entire PC sheet polycarbonate profiles for greenhouses, patio and spa enclosures, and custom sunrooms.

These polycarbonate profiles are 1/12th the weight of glass with the same thickness and can be cold bent or thermally shaped at installation sites.

· Structural Polycarbonate Profiles

 Structural Polycarbonate Profile

Structural Polycarbonate Profile

Offering the advantages of multi-wall designs, structural polycarbonate profiles are attractive, strong, and lightweight accessories for residential and commercial use.

These structural polycarbonate profiles offer outstanding resistance to damaging UV radiation and harsh weather conditions.

Made of non-combustible materials, polycarbonate profiles have excellent thermal insulation properties and are easy to install and handle.

Structural polycarbonate profiles are available in various degrees of transparency and colors.

· U-Channel Polycarbonate Profiles

U-Channel Polycarbonate Profiles

 U-Channel Polycarbonate Profile

Flexible and easily cut to size with a saw, U-channel polycarbonate profiles are used to cover structural connections in large areas.

These U-channels are designed in a way that it does not obstruct the light even in semi-transparent roofing polycarbonate panels.

U-channel polycarbonate profiles offer excellent sealing properties in walls and roofs where inclinations more than 10% of the horizontal occur.

Available in clear, opal, bronze and other shades, these polycarbonate profiles are inexpensive and easy to install.

· Durable Polycarbonate Profiles

 Durable Polycarbonate Profiles

Durable Polycarbonate Profiles

Ideal for commercial roofing projects, durable polycarbonate profiles come with 10-year warranties and are available in varying thicknesses to meet specific application demands.

Unlike PVC profiles, these durable polycarbonate profiles are coated with UV-protection layers that can withstand the direct rays of the sun without warping.

Hale storms, environmental hazards and falling trees do not cause cracks or chips in these durable profiles.

Durable polycarbonate profiles demonstrate great energy-efficient and thermal insulation properties.

Use similar polycarbonate sheets to establish moderate heat and cold conditions within the enclosure.

· Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate Profiles

 Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate Profiles

Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate Profiles

Capable of managing toughness at -20 °C to 140 °C, impact-resistant polycarbonate profiles provide comfort and safety in applications that demand high performance and reliability levels.

With clear coating that protects these profiles from abrasion and harsh cleansers, these impact-resistant polycarbonate profiles are often used to assemble quick transit shelters.

Impact-resistant profiles are also resistant to oxidizing and reducing agents, different kinds of organic acids, and mineral acids.

Impact-resistant polycarbonate profiles are also coated with scratch-resistant layers to protect the top surfaces.

Along with UV-protected polycarbonate sheets, these polycarbonate profiles offer protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

· UV-Proof Polycarbonate Profiles

 UV-Proof Polycarbonate Profiles

UV-Proof Polycarbonate Profiles

Capable of blocking 100% of the sun’s harmful rays, UV-proof polycarbonate profiles come with enhanced UV-protection layers.

Long-wave UV rays easily pass through polycarbonate, but the professional polycarbonate sheet maker is able to treat the base material with special UV-protection coats to block these harmful UV rays completely.

Even though these UV-proof polycarbonate profiles are as clear and transparent as acrylic profiles, they are much tougher and can tolerate extreme temperature variations.

You can get UV-resistant polycarbonate profiles cut to size to match your polycarbonate sheet lengths.

They are the preferred profiles for large roofing and glazing applications.

· Press-Fit Polycarbonate Profiles

Press-Fit Polycarbonate Profiles

 Press-Fit Polycarbonate Profiles

Suitable for 10mm, 16mm, and other custom polycarbonate sheets, press-fit polycarbonate profiles are stocked in 2.5- to 4-meter lengths.

The immaculate design makes it extremely easy to install these press-fit polycarbonate profiles with polycarbonate sheets of different dimensions.

Custom delivered in individual packs, they are designed to align properly with wooden frames in roofing applications.

These press-fit polycarbonate profiles come with end plates that can be screwed on to the wooden frame making it easy to fit and remove polycarbonate sheets.

Press-fit profiles are extensively used in rafter assembly roofing, car port, canopies, and conservatory applications.

What Are The Advantages Of Polycarbonate Profiles?

Polycarbonate profiles have several advantages over acrylic and metal profiles.

  1. You can install polycarbonate profiles without screwing them on to the support panel. They remain firmly connected to the polycarbonate sheet edges.
  2. It’s possible to get polycarbonate profiles that are virtually unbreakable and have excellent impact resistance.
  3. They are extremely light in weight and can be easily transported from one location to another.
  4. They are highly durable and reinforced to resist sunlight, heat, rain, and snow.
  5. Clear polycarbonate profiles are ideally used in sunrooms, as they allow the maximum amount of light to pass through while blocking harmful UV rays of the sun.
  6. These polycarbonate profiles can be used with foam-backed as well as clear polycarbonate sheets in warehouses and other large industrial buildings.
  7. Different kinds of standard profiles are readily available for solid, corrugated, and multiwall polycarbonate sheets.

How Strong Are Polycarbonate Profiles?

These polycarbonate profiles are around 250 times stronger than glass and 30 times stronger than standard acrylic.

Do Polycarbonate Profiles Melt?

Yes, if they are exposed to temperatures in excess of 155 °C, they will melt.

Below its melting point, polycarbonate profiles can be cooled and then reheated without losing its inherent properties or experiencing significant degradation.

Do Polycarbonate Profiles Turn Yellow?

Polycarbonate profiles are coated with microscopic layers of UV polycarbonate inhibitors that block the UV rays of the sun before it reaches the outer layer.

Professional polycarbonate profile manufacturers, therefore, offer 10-year or more warranties against polycarbonate profiles turning yellow.

These polycarbonate profiles meet international ASTM yellowing index standards in most cases.

How Do You Clean Polycarbonate Profiles?

Use a soft piece of cotton cloth dipped in a mild and warm soap-water solution to clean polycarbonate profiles.

Use isopropyl alcohol to remove paint and other impurities gathered on the surface during the installation process.

Remove any traces of the alcohol by rubbing the affected polycarbonate profiles with a soft cotton cloth dipped in mild and warm soap-water solution.

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