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Frosted Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab is a professional frosted acrylic sheet manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of frosted acrylic sheets to fulfill the demands of your business. Send us an inquiry!

Get WeProFab Frosted Acrylic Sheet to Delight Your Customers

As a reliable manufacturer, Weprofab can provide the best products frosted acrylic sheet made from outstanding quality materials.

Extruded Frosted Acrylic Sheets

Weprofab is a professional extruded frosted acrylic sheets supplier. We manufacture wide variety of products to increase your marketability.

16 mm Frosted Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab is proud to offer cut-to-size frosted acrylic sheets Whatever size or diameter it is we will deliver it to you.

Frosted Acrylic Sheet 10mm

Weprofab can manufacture frosted acrylic sheet 10mm with the most advanced customization. We can provide your ideal 10 mm frosted acrylic sheet in all possible ways.

Frosted Acrylic Sheet 30mm

If you are looking for high-quality frosted acrylic sheet 30mm, be happy to check Weprofab. We have all frosted acrylic sheet that you like for your business.

Square Frosted Acrylic Sheet

Here in Weprofab, we produce square frosted acrylic sheets which gives a great impact on your business.

Double-sided Frosted Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab has a double-sided frosted acrylic sheet that has been carefully created and tested by our professional engineers.

WeProFab: Your Premier Frosted Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and metal fabrication.

If you are looking for a frosted acrylic sheet, Weprofab is an abundance of ideal acrylic sheets. Weprofab is eminent manufacture of all sorts of frosted acrylic sheets in China. You can get our frosted acrylic sheet in different sizes, shapes, and designs.

As a leading manufacturer of frosted acrylic sheets, Weprofab offers a frosted acrylic sheet that surely meets your standards. We will be glad to help you with all your acrylic sheet needs to boost your business in the market.

Send us an inquiry to get an instant quote!

Custom Frosted Acrylic Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Colored Frosted Acrylic Sheet

WeProprofab colored frosted acrylic sheet will surely showcase your brand to the next level. Choose Weprofab as your supplier.

Clear Frosted Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab designs high-quality clear frosted acrylic sheets through advanced manufacturing technology and equipment. We can custom-design products to give your brand a great identity.

Frosted Plexiglass Acrylic Sheet

In Weprofab, we have a lot of great options for frosted acrylic sheet that can be used for different applications.

Rose-gold Frosted Acrylic Sheet

If you are searching for an excellent quality of the custom rose-gold frosted acrylic sheet, Weprofab has many perfect offer for you

Door Panel Frosted Acrylic Sheet

We have numerous stock, ready for the distribution process of door panel frosted acrylic sheet. Weprofabb surely gives you the services that you deserved.

Frosted Glass Green Cast Acrylic Sheets

The frosted glass green cast acrylic sheets are semi-transparent and have a glass-like appearance. They have a non-glare surface finish, fingerprint resistance, scratch resistance, and high impact strength. They also have a soft light diffusion so they are widely used for LED lighting, backlit, and other lighting applications.

Cut-To-Size Frosted Acrylic Sheets

The cut-to-size frosted acrylic sheets are available in many different colors such as clear, blue, green, red, transparent colors, and many more. They can be used for furniture, glazing, displays, signage, decoration, etc. Moreover, they can be cut into different shapes and sizes depending on your requests.

One Side Frosted Acrylic Sheets

These types of frosted acrylic sheets only have a frosted or cool surface finish on one side. Their other side has a smooth surface. The one side frosted acrylic sheets are ideal to use for custom computer cases, displays, displays, and lighting applications. They have good light diffusion and great impact strength.

Frosted Cast Acrylic Sheets

The frosted cast acrylic sheets are perfect to use for room partition, home decoration, outdoor decoration, signage, exhibition displays, and many more. They are 2 times lighter than glass and about 17 times more durable than glass. They have excellent UV resistance, light diffusion, and durability.

2mm Frosted Acrylic Sheets

The 2mm frosted acrylic sheets have excellent weather resistance, greater impact strength than glass, and excellent chemical resistance. They are suitable to use for office desk partition, home decoration, outdoor decoration, DIY projects, arts & designs, and more. They are available in clear or tinted colors.

3mm Frosted Acrylic Sheets

The 3mm frosted acrylic sheets are made from premium, eco-friendly, and 100% virgin raw materials. They can be used in a wide range of applications such as shop fittings, signage, lightings, display cases, and so on. They are can be easily thermoformed, silkscreened, painted, drilled, and laser cut.

Frosted Milky White Opal Acrylic Sheets

The frosted milky white opal acrylic sheets are widely used for hobby display cases, lighting covers, LED lighting, furniture, home décor, and many more. They have excellent mechanical properties, good light transmittance, light diffusion, and enhanced durability. They can spread the light softly and evenly.

Sweet Pastels Frosted Acrylic Sheets

These types of frosted acrylic sheets come in various pastel colors such as light red, light purple, amber, pink, light blue, and so on. They are opaque, durable, and very lightweight. They are widely used in the retail industry for making POS displays, signage, display stands, and much more.

8mm Frosted Acrylic Sheets

The 8mm frosted acrylic sheets have an anti-glare surface, fingerprint resistance, tear resistance, optimal light transmission, and great light diffusion. They can be used for privacy partitions, lighting, paneling, signage, and so on. They can be fabricated easily without losing their frosted surface texture.

Frosted Cast Round Acrylic Sheet

The frosted cast round acrylic sheets have smooth edges, soft light diffusion, great impact strength, and fingerprint resistance. These sheets can be used for lighting applications, tokens, cake bases, game accessories, interior decoration, and outdoor decoration.

4mm Frosted Acrylic Sheets

The 4mm frosted acrylic sheets can be used for a wide range of applications such as retail displays, glass replacements, signage, partitions, and lighting applications. They have exceptional UV stability, excellent impact resistance, chemical stability, and good light transmission.

Baby Pink Opaque Frosted Acrylic Sheets

The baby pink opaque frosted acrylic sheets have a lot of features such as excellent shatter resistance, exceptional weather resistance, and great resistance to aging. They are suitable to use for wall partitions, retail displays, furniture, interior design, and many more.

Purple Opaque Frosted Acrylic Sheets

The purple opaque frosted acrylic sheets are 100% recyclable, eco-friendly, rigid, and extremely durable. They have an easy clean surface, excellent UV light resistance, and corrosion resistance. They are great to use for creating display stands, furniture, shelves, indoor signs, outdoor signage, and interior decoration.

Frosted Linear Textured Acrylic Sheet

The frosted linear textured acrylic sheets are designed with linear ribs which makes them have better light diffusion performance, energy-saving features, and remove harsh spikes of light. They are perfect to use for LED panel lamps, fluorescent lighting, lighting fixtures, downlights, and other lighting applications.

White Translucent Frosted Acrylic Sheets

The white translucent frosted acrylic sheets are the perfect material to use for lightboxes, LED light panels, office partitions, room dividers, signage, cupboard doors, POP displays, shower doors, and more. They are featuring great impact strength, good light diffusion, high hardness surface, and elegant look.

Black Opaque Frosted Acrylic Sheets

The black opaque frosted acrylic sheets have excellent impact strength, scratch resistance, and excellent UV and weather resistance. They can be used for advertising signage, display box, display stands, decoration, furniture, table protectors, and so on.

Frosted Cracked Ice Textured Acrylic Sheets

The frosted cracked ice textured acrylic sheets have ice crystal patterns on their surface. They are great to use for luminous ceilings, shower doors, glazing, lighting fixtures, privacy screens, and other applications. They have blurring effects, excellent light diffusion, good light transmission, and a beautiful appearance.

Frosted Rain Textured Acrylic Sheets

The frosted rain textured acrylic sheets are ideal to use for exterior windows, bathroom doors, shower walls, room partition, outdoor decoration, privacy doors, and interior decoration. They are highly resistant to impact, weathering, yellowing, scratches, and fingerprints.

Blue Frosted Acrylic Sheets

The blue frosted acrylic sheets have a lot of features such as enough light transmission, soft light diffusion, cool surface finish, great UV stability, good thermal insulation, and more. They can be a great substitute for sandblasted glass. Their wide range of applications includes signage, backlighting, room partitions, DIY projects, etc.

Orange Translucent Frosted Acrylic Sheets

The orange translucent frosted acrylic sheets are perfect to use for fluorescent lighting, LED lighting, light boxes, furniture, decoration, backlit applications, and much more. They have the ability to diffuse the light brightly, softly, and evenly.

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Why WeProFab Frosted Acrylic Sheets

Weprofab is the premier manufacturer of frosted acrylic sheet.

If you are looking for a versatile frosted acrylic sheet, Weprofab has a lot to offer.

We have plenty of acrylic sheet that you can choose from for your business.

Our frosted acrylic sheet has great impact strength, and has consistent performance.

Weprofab frosted acrylic sheets can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.

Frosted Acrylic Sheet

As a premier acrylic sheet manufacturer in China, Weprofab has the capacity to fabricate frosted acrylic sheets in different colors and thicknesses, sizes and diameters.

It can be used for signage, displays, skylights, furniture and other various application.

Whatever you like in our lists we are proud to offer it to you.

WeProFab frosted acrylic sheets comes with sturdy and tough materials.

You can guarantee 100% high quality finish products.

Weprofab frosted acrylic sheets are well-known because of its cool, frosted, and smooth surface.

You will surely like our acrylic sheet in terms of quality, textures, and the surface of the acrylic sheet that we offered.

Frosted Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab frosted acrylic sheet is flexible, it can easily deform and cut. Since we have passed by SGS, ISO 9001, and CE, you can ensure our frosted acrylic sheet quality.

WeProFab frosted acrylic sheets can withstand long-term exposure even in outdoor use.

As professional frosted acrylic sheet manufacturers, Weprofab offers a full fabrication service.

We offer our great services and support to our clients with the mold idea of size production.

Frosted Acrylic Sheet

Aside from frosted acrylic sheets, WeProFab can also manufacture frosted acrylic panels, striped acrylic sheet, transparent colored acrylic, frosted acrylic strips, acrylic signs, and many more.

We make you sure that you can receive nice products and one of a kind services that you will never regret.

Choose Weprofab as you supplier, we will give our full effort to make you satisfy,

If you have questions regarding our products, please contact us!

Frosted Acrylic Sheet: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about frosted acrylic sheet.

It will help you choose high quality and durable frosted acrylic sheet.

So, if you want to learn more about these acrylic sheets, read this guide.

What is a Frosted Acrylic Sheet?

 Frosted acrylic sheet

 Frosted acrylic sheet

It is a type of acrylic material featuring a cool blurry surface on one side and a relatively smooth surface on the other side.

In essence, frosted acrylic sheet is not necessarily wholly see-through but allows a certain level of translucency.

It uses a unique overlay, which allows it to diffuse light across the entire material surface.

Technically, a frosted acrylic sheet looks more or less like foggy window glass.

However, the frosted effect on this material offers an added dimension when placed in front of a light source.

What Types of Frosted Acrylic Sheet are Available?

They are available in a wide variety, which is vital since it gives you the flexibility when choosing your most preferred type.

The common types you are likely to come across in the market include the following;

  • Colored frosted acrylic sheet
  • Laserable frosted acrylic sheet
  • Custom frosted acrylic sheet
  • Tinted frosted acrylic sheet
  • Light-diffusing frosted acrylic sheet
  • Cut-to-size frosted acrylic sheet

Where Can You Use Frosted Acrylic Sheet?

There are numerous applications of a typical frosted acrylic sheet in commercial, industrial, and commercial settings.

Some of the common uses of this thermoplastic material include the following;

Frosted acrylic sign

Frosted acrylic sign

  • POS Displays – Often used for making different point of sale displays for a variety of wholesale and retail business stores.

The material is visually attractive, making it an ideal choice for this component in a business setting.

  • Signage – Frosted acrylic sheets offer suitable signage solutions for various businesses, institutions, and other establishments.

You can create frosted acrylic signage of different sizes, designs and get quality results.

  • Display rooms – Many showroom spaces often use this material since it offers the ideal visual attractiveness.
  • Roofing – In many modern buildings, contractors and homeowners incorporate frosted acrylic sheets as part of the roofing solution.

It creates a unique roofing element making it comparatively attractive and serene.

  • Building interior finishes – Frosted acrylic sheet is also used in making different elements of a typical modern house interior finishing.

Elements such as door panels, window panels, shower panels, closets, furniture, etc., are among the ones which often use this sheet.

  • Gym studios – Frosted acrylic sheets are common in different gymnasium spaces, particularly on the wall surfaces.

Why should You Invest in Frosted Acrylic Sheet?

Ideally, a frosted acrylic sheet exhibits several advantages making it a worthwhile investment for your particular project.

Some of these advantageous reasons include the following;

  1. Lightweight – It is 50% less the weight of a similar glass material, making it easy and convenient when handling, transporting, or installing it on your project.
  1. Flexible – The surface material is soft and pliable, which is vital since you can always mold it into different shapes and designs for your application.
  1. Easy to clean and maintain – Frosted acrylic sheet rarely requires special attention when cleaning and maintaining it.

Most important is ensuring you use non-abrasive chemicals when cleaning the surface.

  1. Durable – It can withstand different environmental, weather, and mechanical elements without wearing out easily.
  1. Cost-effective – Frosted acrylic sheet offers exceptional resistance to many harsh conditions, thus have a better service lifespan.

Of course, this is advantageous since it implies you’ll save a significant amount of money for repair and replacing.

  1. Safety – The material is hardy and thus hardly breaks even when subjected to intensive mechanical pressure.

This enhances its safety, making it child-friendly even in high human traffic areas like shopping malls.

What is the Difference between Clear and Frosted Acrylic Sheets?

They vary on different grounds, such as the following;

Clear acrylic sheet

Clear acrylic sheet

 Frosted acrylic sheet

Frosted acrylic sheet


Clear acrylic sheet seemingly has higher optical clarity than the frosted acrylic option.

Technically, the former allows more light to pass through it than the latter making it more transparent than frosted acrylic sheet.

Frosted acrylic material, on the other hand, is relatively translucent since it only allows a certain amount of light to pass through its surface.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Typically, a clear acrylic sheet would require more intensive routine cleaning and maintenance than frosted acrylic option.

The matte-finish on frosted acrylic sheet allows it to resist dirt and maintain its stylish appearance at all times.

On the contrary, a clear acrylic sheet has a glossy finish, which is somewhat susceptible to dirt and scratches.

Thus, it requires careful routine cleaning and maintenance to stay in good shape all the time.

Scratch Resistance

Clear acrylic sheet is more sensitive to scratchy and abrasive objects than frosted acrylic material.

Ideally, the latter exhibits a matte finish making it difficult to detect scratches on its surface unless they are deep abrasions.

However, scratches on clear acrylic material are always apparent, whether light or deep, since it has a relatively glossy finish.

Is there Standard Size for Frosted Acrylic Sheet?

Different colors of acrylic sheet

Different colors of acrylic sheets.

The ideal size for frosted acrylic material is generally dependent on the specific dimensions of your project.

Essentially, different applications require varied sizes of this material.

As such, you’ll need to get the fitting size for the project.

Moreover, frosted acrylic sheet is usually easy to cut to size or weld.

Therefore, you can always create one with a size, which suits your application requirements.

What are the Features of a Suitable Frosted Acrylic Sheet?

A typical frosted acrylic sheet exhibits a wide range of features making it a suitable choice in many applications.

However, the main features of this material include the following;

Impact-resistant – Can withstand high impact and mechanical pressure without breaking or cracking since it has a sturdy molecular structure.

Lightweight – In comparison to a glass of similar dimensions, frosted acrylic sheet is exceptionally lightweight, making it convenient to transport, handle and install.

Highly thermoformable – You can heat the material to a pliable forming temperature; thus, you can easily mold, trim or shape it to a usable product.

Low moisture absorption – It is suitable for outdoor applications since it portrays excellent resistance to moisture.

Excellent UV and static resistance – It resists ultraviolet radiation from penetrating, attacking, and weakening the surface material.

It also provides better resistance to electrical current, thus preventing unnecessary electric shock when used as an electrical component.

Outstanding dimensional stability – Frosted acrylic sheet hardly deforms or alters its shape when exposed to extreme temperature levels.

Which is better between Engraved Acrylic Sheet and Frosted Acrylic Sheet?

 Engraving acrylic

Engraved acrylic sheet.

Ordinarily, both engraved acrylic, and frosted acrylic sheets offer unique characteristics in different projects where they are used.

Therefore, a better option between these two components is dependent on the user preference and user application.

Also, the target market influences the better option between these two types of acrylic sheets.

Essentially, there are particular markets, which prefer frosted acrylic sheet over engraved acrylic sheet and vice versa.

Nevertheless, frosted acrylic materials are more popular since it also offers what you can find in engraved acrylic option.

Moreover, the former is seemingly more cost-effective and perceived to be more attractive than the latter.

Frosted acrylic sheet is also an ideal option in projects where privacy is a concern.

And this, in most instances, you can rarely find in a typical engraved acrylic sheet.

In a nutshell, both frosted and engraved acrylic sheets are ideal in their specific ways, but the former is preferred in most applications.

Can You Drill Frosted Acrylic Sheet?


If your project involves installing the sheet on different static surfaces drilling, the surface material is regarded as the better alternative.

However, you need to be meticulous when drilling and ensure you use a sharp drill bit at a recommended speed.

Faster acrylic drilling speeds may cause a lot of friction, leading to heat generation, which can ultimately melt the surface material.

Additionally, slower speeds may also lead to rough and uneven edges on the drilled holes.

As such, you need to use moderate speeds to attain best results out of drilling a frosted acrylic sheet.

Can Frosted Acrylic Sheet Break Easily?


Acrylic, which is the base material for making this sheet, has incredible tensile strength, often greater than 10,000lbs per square inch.

The elements used for making the material are also derived from natural compounds.

As such, they form strong molecular bonds making the sheet quite solid and thus unbreakable.

A typical frosted acrylic sheet has a high impact resistance of up to 20 times more than an ordinary fiberglass material of similar dimensions.

Thus, under ordinary conditions, this material will never break easily, even when subjected to immense mechanical pressure.

And even if it breaks under unusual circumstances such as extreme deliberate attempts, it will never shatter.

Instead, it breaks into relatively large and dull pieces.

How DO You Clean Frosted Acrylic Sheet?

Cleaning frosted acrylic sheet is a sure way of maintaining it to its best shape irrespective of the application.

Notably, it is pretty easy to clean and doesn’t necessarily require special substrates or chemicals.

The primary steps involved in cleaning the surface material of this component include the following;

  1. Remove all dust particles or stuck debris from the surface material using a lint-free micro-fiber cloth.
  2. Wipe down the surface material gently and evenly using a mild detergent or the micro-fiber cloth damped cloth.
  • Get another piece of the micro-fiber cloth and use it to rinse the surface material of frosted acrylic.
  1. Allow it to air dry.

When cleaning this material, never use abrasive solutions since they often react with the surface leading to its damage.

What is the Ideal Thickness for Frosted Acrylic Sheet?

A suitable thickness of this material is primarily dependent on the particular project you are handling.

Essentially, different applications require varied frosted acrylic sheet thickness.

Often, this is based on the pressure, load, or impact it is projected to handle or tolerate.

For instance, a typical frosted acrylic sheet designed for a roofing project tends to be thicker than one made for POS displays.

As such, there is a definite thickness for this material.

Even so, the recommended minimum frosted acrylic sheet thickness should be at least 3mm.

But you can always find varied thicknesses, whether standard or customized options.

Is there Color Limitation for Frosted Acrylic Sheet?


In natural form, a typical frosted acrylic sheet appears relatively clear but somewhat translucent.

However, you can always paint it to attain the desired color, which suits your application.

Mostly, this material is available in a wide range of color hues.

You can find it in as many as 50 color options to pick from.

Additionally, if you prefer rainbow colors, you can find other variants, which come in multicolor options.

Essentially, these are frosted acrylic sheets with more than one color on their material surface.

Nevertheless, this is important since it allows you to find an ideal selection for your project as far as color shade is concerned.

Can You Bend Frosted Acrylic Sheet without Breaking?

Colored frosted acrylic

Colored frosted acrylic


Frosted acrylic material is naturally pliable.

You can bend it to certain levels without cracking or breaking.

Moreover, you can continually heat it to a pliable temperature if you need to bend it to the extreme ends without breaking.

Essentially, this is important since it allows you to mold or shape it to a particular design, which suits your application.

What is the Cost of Frosted Acrylic Sheet?

Several factors determine the actual price of an ordinary frosted acrylic sheet, such as the following;

Thickness – Technically, a frosted acrylic material with a thicker surface is more expensive than an option with a relatively thin surface.

Quality – Acrylic often comes in various grades, which define the overall quality.

A higher grade is somewhat more expensive than a lower grade since the former offers better quality than the latter.

Size – The bigger the frosted acrylic sheet, the more expensive it is and vice versa.

Brand – Manufacturer you are purchasing the material from also influences the actual cost.

Some companies, especially relatively popular ones, tend to be costlier than less-known manufacturers.

Design – You can always find this material either in standard or customized designs.

Ordinarily, standard designs are often more affordable than customized units since the former rarely involves extra design features, unlike the former.

Order quantity – In most instances, manufacturers often provide better discounts when purchasing more pieces than buying few sheets.

Essentially, there is no definite price for purchasing frosted acrylic sheet.

It depends on the factors mentioned above among many more.

Can You Polish Frosted Acrylic Sheet?


However, you have to be specific on the acrylic polishing technique you use on this material since the surface has a somewhat matte finish.

The ideal methods you can always use include the following;

Flame polishing – Entails using a reasonably hot flame to flow the surface frosted acrylic sheet.

Vapor polishing – Involves the use of chemical vapor, which attaches to the surface material of this thermoplastic sheet.

Mechanical polishing – It is the most straightforward polishing technique, which removes debris and restores the surface material of this component as it were.

What is the Service Lifespan for Frosted Acrylic Sheet?

Generally, a typical frosted acrylic sheet can last for as many as 30 years or more.

It is a sturdy material, which exhibits excellent resistant features to withstand harsh environmental and weather elements.

However, the actual service lifespan of this component is primarily based on many factors such as the following;

  • Routine maintenance – A well-maintained frosted acrylic material will last for many years as projected.

Proper maintenance of this machine entails regular cleaning using recommended mild detergents.

It also involves regular polishing and removal of scratches, if there are any.

  • Quality of material used – Naturally, a higher-grade acrylic material can withstand different harsh conditions longer than a lower-grade sheet.
  • Quality of craft – Ideally, the workmanship integrated when producing this material also determines its longevity.

A poorly manufactured frosted acrylic sheet seems to wear out faster than its meticulously produced quality.

  • Type of application – Some applications tend to wear out the frosted acrylic sheet faster than others.

For instance, roofing or glazing frosted acrylic sheets often wear out faster than those used in indoor applications.

  • Conditions it is subjected to – A frosted acrylic sheet exposed to harsh environmental conditions is more likely to wear out faster than one in gentle conditions.

What is an Ideal Substitute Material for Frosted Acrylic Sheet?

Frosted Polycarbonate sheet.

Ideally, acrylic and polycarbonate tend to share many features, making the latter a suitable substitute.

Albeit marginally, polycarbonate is stronger, flexible, and softer than acrylic.

You can also get it in as many color options as acrylic hence increasing your choice alternatives for your particular project.

Can Frosted Acrylic Sheet Turn Yellow in the Sun?

It depends on a host of variables.

Technically, a frosted acrylic sheet has a relatively matte finish making it difficult to yellow in the sun.

Moreover, a quality grade of this material also incorporates different UV additives preventing ultraviolet rays from penetrating the surface.

Also, the specific application influences whether this sheet can turn yellow in the sun.

For instance, a frosted acrylic sheet used as a roofing or glazing panel is likely to yellow, unlike one used for an interior door panel.

In essence, the former is exposed to extended direct sunlight, which gradually weakens its molecular structure, unlike the latter.

Therefore, whether this sheet yellows in the sun or not depends on many factors such as the few mentioned ones.

What is the Best Surface Treatment to Apply on Frosted Acrylic Sheet?

Ideally, they are pretty several, but the most suitable one to use depends on the specific application of this acrylic material.

Of course, different projects will require different surface treatments to enhance the performance and efficiency of the sheet.

But the commonly used ones include the following;

  • Anti-scratch surface treatment
  • Anti-static surface treatment
  • Anti-fog surface treatment
  • UV stabilizer
  • Anti-reflective surface treatment
  • Anti-fingerprint surface treatment

Do Frosted Acrylic Sheet Scratch?

Not easily.

This material has a matte-finish surface material, which makes it somewhat difficult for it to scratch.

Unless it is a deep scratch, it is somehow difficult to see the scratches.

In many instances, the production process of this material entails integration of anti-scratch additives into the raw materials.

This prevents it from scratching even when exposed to abrasive or scratchy elements.

Therefore, it is quite difficult for the surface of this material to scratch easily.

How Does Frosted Acrylic Sheet Compare With Frosted Fiberglass Sheet?

Acrylic and fiberglass are the commonly used materials for making frosted sheets for different applications.

However, they tend to vary on various technical aspects, which set them aside such as the follows;

  • Frosted acrylic sheet is stronger than an ordinary frosted fiberglass sheet.

Mostly, the former is about 17-20 times stronger than the latter making it more durable and resistant to impact.

  • In terms of weight, frosted acrylic is more lightweight than frosted fiberglass sheets.

Typical frosted acrylic material is about half the weight of frosted fiberglass sheet.

And this is essential since it makes the former relatively convenient to transport and install than the former.

  • Regarding color variation, both frosted acrylic and fiberglass sheets are available in up to about 50 hues.

You can also find them in multicolor options depending on your needs.

  • When it comes to thickness variance, frosted acrylic sheets are available in different variations and can tolerate different pressures.

On the other hand, frosted fiberglass is only available up to a certain thickness variation, which can only withstand a particular pressure or load.

  • Frosted acrylic sheet has better dimensional stability than its fiberglass option.

The former can withstand extreme temperatures, whether high or low, without deforming or altering the shape or edges, unlike the latter.

In general, frosted acrylic sheet stands out as a superior option to frosted fiberglass sheet all-round.

Therefore, you can always consider the former in most of your applications.

How Do You Determine A Quality Frosted Acrylic Sheet?

Mostly, frosted acrylic sheets are often subjected to numerous tests to establish whether they meet the required quality standards.

These tests vary based on the particular project of the sheet, and they include the following;

  • Impact tolerance test
  • Freon compatibility test
  • Temperature resistance test
  • Pressure resistance test

Additionally, there are several quality standard agencies tasked with testing and approving the quality of frosted acrylic sheet.

And this is significant since such agencies make it easy to determine the particular products safe for health and environment.

Some of the popular quality standard agencies with an international outlook include the following;

  • ISO
  • RoHS
  • ASTM
  • ANSI

Frosted acrylic sheets with any of these or other recognized quality standard certifications meet the necessary requirements.

You can thus consider them for your different applications.

Can You Repair Frosted Acrylic Sheet?

Repairing acrylic sheet

Repairing acrylic sheet


However, it depends on the nature and extent of damage that needs repair.

For instance, it is a crack; you can only repair it to certain levels if the crack is not necessarily deep or extended on a better surface of the material.

But for scratches, you can permanently repair whether light or deep.

You only need to have the correct tools and use the proper procedure.

In other words, you can always repair frosted acrylic sheets, but it is dependent on the gravity of the damage.

What is the Turnaround for Manufacturing Frosted Acrylic Sheet?

Numerous variables influence the actual turnaround time for making frosted acrylic sheet, and they include the following;

Order quantity – When you place a large order, quantity is likely to take more time to produce it, unlike ordering for relatively few pieces of this sheet.

Level of customization – Ideally, customized frosted acrylic sheets tend to take more time to manufacture.

Such designs involve integrating numerous elements such as color, patterns, and shapes to match your requirements.

Company’s policy – Certain frosted acrylic sheet manufacturers adhere to strict turnaround times for processing these materials.

Pending orders – In most instances, manufacturers often fulfill orders on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Therefore, the more pending orders, the longer the turnaround time and vice versa.

Is there MOQ when Purchasing Frosted Acrylic Sheet?

It varies from one manufacturer to another.

Different companies have varied guiding principles regarding MOQ for frosted acrylic sheets.

And this is usually based on the overall production unit cost.

For instance, customized sheets tend to be expensive and time-consuming; thus, most manufacturers often peg some MOQ on them.

Nevertheless, you can always negotiate with the manufacturer and agree on a specific MOQ based on various prevailing factors.

When it comes to frosted acrylic sheets, you can always count on WeProFab.

Contact us today for competitive prices on frosted acrylic sheets.

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