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WeProFab is a premier polycarbonate lightbox manufacturer in China. We are dedicated in terms of satisfying your demands in running a business.

We can guarantee a durable and effective polycarbonate light box for your final application. Save your budget with us while giving your business a chance to grow faster. Send your polycarbonate light box needs.

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Light Box to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab polycarbonate lightbox can surely delight your customer’s attention. It surely gives you an answer to your financial problem. We can supply ahead of time needed polycarbonate light box.

We, WeProFab can offer perfect features, styles, uses, and applications for your polycarbonate light box orders. We can offer effective and durable in any final application you needed. We can be your professional partner that will ensure your business success.

Artwork Polycarbonate Light Box

The polycarbonate light box at WeProFab is accessible which suitable for artworks. We can guarantee affordable artwork polycarbonate light box.

Polycarbonate Light Box Display

WeProFab manufactured a polycarbonate light boxes for display purposes. We have many styles, shapes, and lighting available which you can choose from.

Polycarbonate Light Box Home Decor

WeProFab can meet your needs in terms of choosing a polycarbonate light box perfect for home decors. We have a different selections to offer and colors as well.

Polycarbonate Light Box Photography

A polycarbonate light box is also available at WeProFan perfect for photography. It is accessible in different sizes that are capable to provide quality product images.

Polycarbonate Light Box Signboard

WeProFab professionally manufactured polycarbonate light box for signboards. It has also sized accessible. You can send ideal sizes and styles your need.

Printing Polycarbonate Light Box

WeProFab support printing project through our excellent polycarbonate lightbox that provides elegance to the application. You can get perfect offers.

WeProFab: Your Trusted Polycarbonate Light Box Manufacturer

We, WeProFab is a premier polycarbonate light box manufacturer and supplier. We manufactured a polycarbonate light box that also based on your drawings. Send your ideal polycarbonate light box applications and we can suggest the best selections.

We can professionally build a relationship with you to make all easier. In our 20 years of experience, you can fully trust to get polycarbonate light box quality and certified.

Custom Polycarbonate Light Box to Grow Your Business

Customized Polycarbonate Light Box

WeProFab can custom your polycarbonate light box orders and follow your drawing. You can demand features and other specifications.

Illuminated Signs Polycarbonate Light Box

You can choose illuminated signs polycarbonate light box at WeProFab. We can guarantee effective and durable products to receive.

Light Diffusion Polycarbonate for Light Box

WeProFab can supply your ideal polycarbonate lightbox the light diffusion. It is perfect for artworks and other uses. We can secure packaging

Polycarbonate Light Box Cost

WeProFab always ensures the prices affordable, especially for your polycarbonate light box orders. It helps all types of businesses save more cash.

Polycarbonate Light Box Raw Material

WeProFab ensures the certified raw materials used for manufacturing polycarbonate light box in very friendly rates. We can supply the best materials for polycarbonate light box.

Clear Polycarbonate Light Box

Clear polycarbonate lightbox is offered in a range of sizes, forms, and shapes. This can mimic the form, layout, and style of your logo. Capable to be lighted on both sides if so desired. Suspended from a wall or ceiling.

Custom Logo Polycarbonate Light Box

Custom logo polycarbonate light box is typically made from a variety of materials. Polycarbonate is frequently used to create the frame. Most of the time, the lightbox will be available for bespoke forms and sizes.

Custom Shape Polycarbonate Light Box

Custom shape polycarbonate light box is constructed of durable materials and has printed artwork on it. Delivered with the lighted panel made from twin-wall polycarbonate. Has a variety of sizes.

Engraved Polycarbonate Light Box

An engraved polycarbonate light box is a flat, translucent plastic box that is equally lighted from the back. Frequently used to display photographs, art, or advertising. Certainly, allows for dramatic displays.

Hanging Polycarbonate Light Box

Hanging polycarbonate light box is commonly employed in scientific studies and other disciplines where clear visibility and great contrast are essential. Provide UV filtering capabilities while removing glares and hot spots.

Promotional Engraved Text Polycarbonate Light Box

The promotional engraved text polycarbonate light box is inexpensive and simple to install. One of the most economical methods of brand or company promotion. In close proximity to entertainment or bus stops.

Solid Custom Print Polycarbonate Light Box

Solid custom print polycarbonate light box provides greater freedom and adaptability than other advertisements. Often used for advertising since they offer a higher return on investment and come with a pre-drilled frame.

Solid Front CustomPolycarbonate Light Box

A solid front custom polycarbonate light box is frequently used at malls to advertise specials and special offers. Give onlookers useful information while allowing you to modify the wording and pictures.

Thin Polycarbonate Light Box

A thin polycarbonate light box is supplied in a well-designed package. One of the distinctive methods used to advertise takeaways, cafes, bars, salons, and restaurants. Made using premium components.

Translucent Polycarbonate Light Box

Translucent polycarbonate light box is frequently utilized in retail stores, exhibits, and pharmacies. They come in any shape and have a number of features that make them perfect for your business.

Ceiling Polycarbonate Light Box

The ceiling polycarbonate lightbox is reliable for offering a high level of translucency and optimal light transmission. It is lightweight, flexible, and advantageous for efficient, simple, and easy installation. 

Framed Mirror Polycarbonate Light Box

 Framed Mirror Polycarbonate Light Box is made to make the thing inside look outstanding and secure. Its frame is designed to secure edges. Measurements of your needs are available.  

LED Polycarbonate Thin Light Box

LED Polycarbonate Thin Light Box has an adjustable light feature. It is made with good quality material to ensure firmness.

Picture Polycarbonate Light Box

The picture polycarbonate light box is made with durability to assure that the picture inside is secure. We form a lightbox like this that would surely meet your expectation.

Polycarbonate Figures Custom Light Box

 This type of lightbox is suitable for figure displays such as plastic human toys and animals. We can provide the size of the lightbox that you desire.

Polycarbonate Jewelry Light Box

For storing jewelry, the ideal choice is a polycarbonate jewelry light box. Strong polycarbonate is used in its construction to ensure stability. We adapt the styles and measurements you need. 

Polycarbonate Sign Wall Light Box

 It can be used for indoor or outdoor signage. This type of light box is made with excellent strength and can last for a long period of time. The design, size, and shape that you require are available.

Souviner Polycarbonate Light Box

 If you are looking for a transparent gift box, a souvenir polycarbonate light box is the best option. We offer a variety of sizes that you require. 

Wall Mounted Polycarbonate Light Box

Wall-Mounted Polycarbonate Light Box –   A wall-mounted polycarbonate lightbox is a perfect option to display art or advertisement products. Its LED light on the background makes it look attractive. Sizes according to needs are available.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Light Box

If you are supporting different projects, supporting factories, retail businesses, wholesale businesses, and other types of businesses, WeProFab is perfect to rely on.

WeProFab polycarbonate light box is perfect for decorating. It is accessible for different uses like for artworks, photography, signage, and more.

WeProFab can support artwork projects through our polycarbonate light boxes. We have plenty of stocks of polycarbonate light box with many sizes and shapes like cubes, round, squared, and more shapes like hearts. It is available in many sizes from very small to large sizes that able to support artworks. Polycarbonate can provide great lighting because of the material.

We manufactured a polycarbonate light box also perfect for photography. It has plenty of uses that we designed to delight customers. WeProFab polycarbonate light box is able to make images clearer and attractive.

Signages need an amazing polycarbonate light box. Polycarbonate light box is perfect to install with led light. It provides bright lighting. The signage text will be clearer and attractive. It has many sizes, shapes like rectangular, square, round signage, and large signage for outdoor applications. It has perfect waterproof features which also available for artwork applications and photography.

WeProFab is a leading polycarbonate light box manufacturer that able to create a lot of designs especially having high technologies. You can request your ideal dimensions of the polycarbonate light box you need to order. You can design or draw your ideal polycarbonate light box and lighting installation, colors, and shapes. You can always decide for your business but we can also provide perfect options and suggestions for your business.

Polycarbonate Light Box Article 2

WeProFab is an expert polycarbonate light box producer in China all over the world. We have 20 years of producer polycarbonate light box expertise.

We have the capability to maintain an amazing relationship between the company and customers. Our outstanding services make up popular and well trusted by many people in the business.

Send your inquiries and ensure to get complete information and a satisfying welcome with us.

Message us now!

Polycarbonate Light Box Article 3

What is a Polycarbonate Lightbox?

Polycarbonate Lightbox

The polycarbonate lightbox is a flat box used to showcase art and advertise brands. 

It displays your brands with crystal clarity and style.

Where can We Use the Polycarbonate Lightbox?

Polycarbonate Lightbox

Polycarbonate lightboxes are helpful in every place where high contrast and visibility are needed. 

The polycarbonate lightboxes are applicable in:

Movie theaters

Commercial businesses

Outdoor venues 




Windows and doors


What are the Properties of Polycarbonate Lightbox?

The polycarbonate lightboxes are:

  • High impact resistance
  • Lesser weight
  • Available in various shapes and  sizes
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Consumes low power efficiency
  • UV- resistant
  • Easy to machine
  • Light diffuser
  • Protective film covered
Are the Polycarbonate Lightbox Certified Approved?

Yes, it is. The polycarbonate lightboxes are ISO and SGS  approved.

What are the Polycarbonate Sheet Colors Used for Lightboxes?

Various polycarbonate sheets are utilized for lightboxes, such as Red, Clear, Blue, Brown, Green, Yellow, and Opal color sheets.

How Long Does the Polycarbonate Lightbox Last?

The polycarbonate-made lightboxes guarantee about ten years of lifespan. 

Does the Polycarbonate Lightbox Easily Scratch?

The polycarbonate light boxes are easy to scratch due to their polycarbonate composition. 

They are also easily dented compared to glass.

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