Acrylic Screen Protector

Acrylic Screen Protector

Acrylic screen protectors are also referred to as acrylic screen guards. These protectors are used to protect the screen of televisions, desktop computers, monitors, LCD screens, and other types of screens. They also protect the eyes of viewers from UV radiation and blue light.

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Acrylic Hanging Anti-Spy Screen Protector

The acrylic hanging anti-spy screen protectors have privacy technology. They darken when someone view the screen from the side.

Clear Acrylic Hanging Screen Protector

The clear acrylic hanging screen protectors feature high clarity and easy installation. They can be used at home or in workplaces.

Acrylic Anti-Scratch Screen Protector

The acrylic anti-scratch screen protectors have an anti-scratch coating to protect the screens from the scratches of pets and kids.

Acrylic Anti-Glare Screen Protector

The acrylic anti-glare screen protectors are perfect for high-glare settings. They have no mirror-like reflections. So you can see the screen.

Acrylic Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector

The acrylic anti-fingerprint screen protectors can protect the screens from fingerprints. They have a sleek appearance.

Acrylic Desktop Monitor Screen Protector

The acrylic desktop monitor screen protectors are widely used in workplaces, internet cafes, etc. They feature anti-UV protection.

Acrylic Anti-Shock Screen Protector

The acrylic anti-shock screen protectors are designed with silicon bumpers. So they will absorb the impact or shock when hit accidentally.

Acrylic TV Screen Protector

The acrylic TV screen protectors are commonly used at homes. They feature anti-blue light and anti-UV radiation.

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Main Features

  • Stylish & Modern Design: Our acrylic screen protectors have a stylish design. Therefore, they will not ruin the look of monitors, TV screens, etc.
  • Enhanced Ventilation: The acrylic screen protectors have improved ventilation to allow airflow. That will prevent the screens from overheating.
  • Excellent Clarity: WeProfab manufactures acrylic screen protectors from optical-grade and crystal-clear acrylic material. Therefore, the screen protectors have high clarity and light transmittance of up to 98%. They will not reduce the screen’s brightness and quality. The HD vision, vibrant colors, and vivid pictures on the screen will remain the same.
Main Features

Functions of Acrylic Screen Protector

Screen Protection

The acrylic screen protectors will protect screens from damage due to accidental hitting or throwing things. They have high hardness and impact absorption. Therefore, they won’t break easily when hit accidentally.

Moreover, acrylic screen protectors also protect the screen from scratches, dust, dirt, water splashes, and fingerprints.

Eye Protection

The acrylic screen protectors will filter the harmful UV radiation and blue light. Due to that, the viewers will not have fatigue or eye strain.

Privacy Protection

WeProFab manufactures acrylic screen protectors that have privacy filters. These acrylic screen protectors will make the screen dark or not visible when you are viewing from the side. They darken at angles 30° or greater than that. However, when you view the screen directly or in front, you can brightly see the data on the screen.

Acrylic screen protectors with privacy filters are perfect for people who want to protect confidential information, passwords, contents, etc. They are ideal for high-traffic or public areas.

Easy Installation

The acrylic screen protectors are easy to install. They can also be detached easily for cleaning.

ChooseWeProFabAcrylic Screen Protector to Grow Your Business

Are you looking for acrylic screen protectors that can fit small and large screens? Well, you are in the right place! At WeProFab, we offer a wide selection of high-quality acrylic screen protectors for you to choose from. We have acrylic protectors that are suitable for various TV brands, models, and sizes from 24”, 32”, 43”, 55”, or even bigger sizes depending on your desires. They also have customizable sizes, designs, features, and other customizable options to suit your specific business needs.

To ensure you get the best quality acrylic screen protectors, we implement strict quality control. Before shipment, the screen protectors have been tested and inspected rigorously. They are all manufactured according to the highest quality standards and have passed TUV, CE, and other certifications.

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