• IR Filter Lens

IR Filter Lens

Weprofab is your premier IR filter lens manufacturer and supplier in China. We are the most trusted source that can fully provide your needed filter lenses. This type of lens can reflect or cut off nearby IR wavelengths during the visible light is passing. A lot of photographers prefer to have this valuable, high-capacity filter lens for their cameras. It can help you detect or capture even the most visible lights. Weprofab is your all-out assistance and guide to achieve your desired effects using our IR filter lenses.

Get WeProFab IR Filter Lens to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab owns the most affordable yet high-quality IR filter lenses that you deserve.  It helps customers and sales on your business heighten. We have available colors, sizes, thicknesses in different applications. Purchasing different types of lenses from Weprofab can surely gratify and fulfill the desires of your customers. You can select your choice from our lists below. 

77mm IR Filter Lens

This 77mm IR filter lens can take photos with high definition and low reflections. We make sure that we design it with durable materials for its long-time service.

Customize IR Filter Lens

This type of filter lens is a high transmission lens. It has a customized lens available, perfect for your camera to capture images with the best quality.

Infrared IR Pass Filter Lens

We manufacture this type of filter lens with tinted or colored glass materials. It is waterproof, protects from scratches, low in reflection.

IR Cut Filter Thermal Lens

Weprofab provides your desire size and capacity for this thermal lens. We are experts in forming the best optical window component filter lens for you.

IR Window CaF2 Filter Lens

Weprofab grants your demand coating for this type of lens. It has a flat shape of the surface. We also allow your request size for your camera applications.

Optical Glass IR Filter Lens

We offer this type of glass Filter lens with about 3-5mm of thickness and 1-300mm in diameter. We can help you look for the ideal one for you.

WeProFab: Your Excellent IR Filter Lens Manufacturer

Weprofab maintains excellent services supplying our clients with high-quality and worthy lens products. We have professional manufacturers and designers to fully provide the best features and specifications of the said IR lens. We manufacture various designs with different effects on your camera or glasses. 

Thus, if you are looking for the most compatible and lasting effectiveness of the IR lenses, Weprofab is the right place. We have been in manufacturing service for a long time. We have enough knowledge on forming the latest and upgraded version of the said IR filter. Trust Weprofab now!

Custom IR Filter Lens to Skyrocket Your Brand

Soft Focus IR Filter Lens

We have various available sizes for you. We make sure we use the high-standard quality of materials when manufacturing such filter lenses. 

IR Interference Filter Lens

We design this high-quality interference filter lens with about 1078nm of wavelength. We offer you this product with glass, color glass, or even your preferred substrates.

IR Filter Screw Mount Lens

This type of IR filter lens is universal and compatible with all brand cameras. Just let us know your required sizes, and we will provide them for you.

Germanium IR Filter Lens

This type of filter lens is applicable in optical usage. It has about a 1-400mm size range. It can also be applying for infrared imaging.

IR Coating Filter Lens

Weprofab manufactures this coating filter lens with about 90% clear aperture. We can supply your needed quantity for your optical lenses business.

Absorbing Glass IR Filter Lens

You can select the shape you like for your specific applications. Weprofab has immense production of such lenses that assure your constant supplies.

850nm IR Filter Lens

We customize the sizes of our offered 850nm IR filter lens that fits your applications. We commonly see it on forehead thermometers, CCTV Lens, Camera Lens, etc.

IR Long Pass filter Lens

This long-pass type of IR lens is an optical glass material. It has about 20/10 to 80/50 surface quality. Weprofab can help you look for it.

UV Optical IR Filter Lens

We can produce the requested dimension of such a filter lens. It is usually valuable for projectors, infrared sensors, optical touch devices, and many others. 

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Why WeProFab IR Filter Lens

Weprofab is your exceptional supplier that can continuously provide stocks for your business.  We are your complete guide to achieve a productive lens business. We are not only outstanding on quality products but also with our connections to our customers.

As your partner, supplier, we are responsible for handling and managing your orders professionally. We assign expert employees to do the procedure of processing your orders. Weprofab is your legit manufacturer and supplier who cares about your benefits from our offered products. 

We also have a wide selection of IR filter lenses that indeed fit your applications. You can tell us your choice, and we will give you more information about it. Below are some features and advantages of our offered specific lens. 

IR Filter Lens Features and Advantages

  • 1.1mm of glass for high transmission of image
  • Induces fewer color cast
  • It has a 5mm frame design
  • It has a light aluminum frame
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to clean
  • Both sides multiple coated
  • Coatings for scratch-resistant
  • Easy to install

Weprofab IR filter lens is the best way to modernize your shots without spending more money buying expensive cameras. Installing this type of filter lens to your camera can give additional effects to your captured images. 

Our offered products are continually undergoing high-quality tests with the experts before introducing them to our customers. We are willing to share with you the ideas om successful marketing such valuable products. 

IR Filter Lens Applications:

  • Thermal imaging and thermography
  • Automotive
  • Firefighting
  • Security and surveillance
  • Marine
  • Medical Imaging
  • Intelligent sensing and a lot

Weprofab can be your reliable supplier of all types of filter lenses. It is more in-demand now in these modern days. You will surely enjoy your photography passion using our high-quality but cost-effective filter lens.

On the other hand, you can trust our great assistance and services. We are always open for your anytime calls and orders. We are willing to answer your questions with satisfying information. You can surely experience no-hassle processing of orders in Weprofab.  

You can indeed receive brand new and unopened products from our company. Weprofab always makes sure safe packaging and quick delivery of your orders. Just let us know your choice, and we will conduct direct processing of your orders. 

Please don’t hesitate to communicate with us right here!

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