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POM sheets are extruded by an extruder at high temperature, and then extruded through corresponding dies to obtain sheets of different thicknesses.POM is a high performance engineering thermoplastic material that is ideally suited for machining on automated lathes, especially in the manufacture of precision components. POM sheet is commonly used in a variety of industrial applications that require these properties, including the electrical, automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing industries. They are often utilized for applications such as machine parts, bearings, gears, wear strips, electrical insulators, and food processing components. Our POM sheets can be easily machined, fabricated, and formed into different shapes to meet specific requirements without bubbles or cracks.

Detailed Specifications

MaterialPOM, short from polyoxymethylene or acetal
Size610×1220, 600x1200mm, 1000mmx1000mm, 1000mmx2000mm, 3000x1000mm or other cutting size
Colorcream color, white, black, blue, red, green, purple, yellow or any other color customized

Essential Features of POM Sheets for Industrial Applications

POM sheets exhibit a multitude of exceptional features, making them indispensable across various industries. They have high stiffness, mechanical strength and hardness for consistent performance. Their excellent elasticity and durability, coupled with high impact strength even at low temperatures, guarantee resilience under challenging conditions. Due to its excellent dimensional stability, POM sheet maintains its precise shape and dimensions during processing. Furthermore, they offer exceptional sliding and abrasion resistance, minimizing wear and ensuring longevity. Their good creep resistance, even at low temperatures, underscores their reliability over time. With low moisture absorption and physiological inertness, they are suitable for contact with food and exhibit minimal water absorption. Additionally, their good electrical properties and self-lubricating nature further enhance their versatility and performance. POM sheets provide continuous use within a wide temperature range of -50ºC to +110ºC, making them an ideal choice for diverse engineering applications.

Essential Features of POM Sheets for Industrial Applications
Essential Features of POM Sheets for Industrial Applications

Maintenance for POM Sheets

Maintain POM sheets by regularly cleaning them with mild soap and water, avoiding extreme temperatures and chemical exposure, preventing scratches, inspecting for damage, storing them properly, and following manufacturer guidelines.

POM Sheets in Construction and Infrastructure Projects

POM Sheets in Construction and Infrastructure Projects
POM Sheets in Construction and Infrastructure Projects

POM sheets find extensive applications across various industries, serving as essential components in engineering, transportation, packaging, and precision mechanical systems. In engineering and transport technology, they excel as bearings, rollers, and conveyor chains, ensuring smooth operation and reliability. Precision mechanical components such as gears, cams, and couplers benefit from the durability and dimensional stability of POM sheets, while waterproof components like impellers and gaskets rely on their resistance to moisture and corrosion. In the automotive industry, POM sheets are used for gears, bearings and pump housings, while in electrical engineering they provide insulation and support for electrical components. From household appliances to medical equipment, POM sheets offer versatile solutions due to their low friction coefficient, precision machining capabilities, and suitability for snap fit assemblies. With applications ranging from food processing machinery to toys and water tanks, POM sheets continue to drive innovation and efficiency across diverse sectors of manufacturing and engineering.

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