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Countertop Display Cases

Weprofab as your expert producer and maker of unique countertop display cases are continuously supplying our clients and you. We are making sure that by the exceptional quality of our manufactured countertop display cases, you will be content. We have large and small sizes of different styles of countertop display cases available. We are also willing to manufacture your own style you think is perfect for your applications.

Get WeProFab Countertop Display Cases to Delight Your Customers

Countertop display cases from Weprofab is the best solution to improve more of your business related to pleasant display cases. Our incomparable quality and designed countertop display cases are efficient to any collectibles at home, and can handle jewelries and many other applicable items at large stores. We also made it more economical. Weprofab has a wide understanding and being applied when fabricating or creating your requested countertop display cases.

Spinning Base Counter Top Display Case

This modernized spinning base countertop display case is secured with a lock . It is one of the in demand types of countertop display cases in every store and supermarkets.

Countertop Lighter Stand Display Case

This countertop lighter stand display case is high-durable material that protects your small selling items especially lighters for your store. 

Countertop Display Case for Toys

Weprofab countertop display cases for toys are suitable on stores, bars, and supermarket counters. We made it recyclable and economical.

Countertop Cell Phone Accessory Display Case

This countertop cell phone accessory display case is mostly used for retail stores and any supermarket that usually sells cell phones.

Countertop Carton Display Case

This Weprofab countertop carton display case can be customized according to your desired color and sizes. It could be glossy and matt lamination.

Wallet Countertop Display Case

Weprofab securely manufactures this wallet countertop display case with assembled structure. We offer it with a competitive cost.

WeProFab: Your Great Countertop Display Cases Manufacturer

Weprofab becomes your great manufacturer of all types and designs of countertop display cases on China since 1997. We have a great experience and background in every successful supplying service all throughout the world. Since we manufacture a lot of countertop display cases, we have kept our excellent work of sourcing it to all our clients for almost 20 years and counting.

See for yourself the contentment and productivity of your running business by including our offered countertop display cases. We guarantee you increase sales and customers when you deal with our great quality and reliable countertop display cases. Send us your requirement details and we will give you quick feedback.

Custom Countertop Display Cases to Heighten Your Brand

Lockable Clear Countertop Display Case

This lockable clear countertop display case regularly has thickness and sizes according to your request. We also offer printed logos you wanted.

Countertop Stand Earphone Display Case

This countertop stand earphone display case is effectively used for an easy way of the customers selection of products by just spinning it around.

Countertop Pedestal Display Case

This countertop pedestal display case manufactured by Weprofab customized details and usually measures height and width of about 11.5″ x 3.5″ x 11.5″.

Stand Rack Countertop Display Case with Hook

Weprofab made this stand rack countertop display case with a hook and recyclable materials. We also made it with a waterproof feature for secured items.

Countertop Display Case for Bakery

This countertop display case for the bakery is mostly in a transparent or clear color to actually show the selling bread or cupcakes. It is more secured from dirts.

Countertop Display Case for Sunglasses

Weprofab made this countertop display case for sunglasses with enough durability and reliability. We provide you with this at an economical cost.

Stainless Steel Countertop Stand Case

Weprofab manufacture this stainless steel countertop stand case according to your orders. It is a type of countertop display case that is used for digital products selling.

Countertop Cake Display Cake

This countertop cake displays cake usually seen at bakeries. It helps your cakes be secured from dirt and refrigerated. Weprofab offers you this with a reasonable cost.

Countertop Display Rug Rack Case

This countertop display rug rack case can be customized to the color you desired. Weprofab offers this in a high-quality with a reasonable cost.

Rotating Acrylic Lockable Countertop Display Case

Including our offered rotating acrylic lockable countertop display case in your store helps your small items organized, secured and easy to see by the customers.

Countertop Display Case for Lipsticks

An acrylic made countertop display case that attracts more of your selling lipsticks. Organized and can also be used for some cosmetic products for a long time.

Drawer Countertop Display Case

A multi functional display case with storage boxes and bins. Weprofab provides you this with a secure packaging and delivery.

Impact Resistant Countertop Display Cases

Impact-resistant countertop display cases are made of premium quality and clear acrylic material. Offers admirable impact resistance and is commonly placed on top of the counters or tables.

Countertop Bakery Display Cases

Countertop bakery display cases are made with the highest-grade materials. Capable to display cookies, cupcakes, and doughnuts. Keep airborne germs out and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Lockable Countertop Display Cases

Lockable countertop display cases are equipped with locks on access doors. Widely applicable for retail merchandising displays and trade shows. Comes with a tempered glass construction with full visibility.

Sliding Door Countertop Display Cases

Sliding door countertop display cases are easy to access and arrange displayed items. Accessible in several configurations with keylocks. Constructed using museum-quality material with security screws.

Hinged Cover Countertop Display Cases

Hinged cover countertop display cases are offered with a cam lock for easy access and added security. Arrives with a hinged cover and maximizes the use of spaces. Capable to withstand scratches and high impacts.

Tiered Countertop Display Cases

Tiered countertop display cases beautifully display numerous baked goods. Ensures great product visibility and allows for easy access. Equipped with tires making it a perfect solution for countertop displays.

Countertop Cosmetic Display Cases

Countertop cosmetic display cases are easily accessible and reduce clutter. Made with waterproof and dustproof material. Easy to clean and durable. Arrives with a smooth surface and polished corners.

Acrylic Countertop Display Cases

Acrylic countertop display cases feature an attractive natural finish and shatterproof tops. Applicable as small tower displays and a countertop display case. Designed to enhance the appearance of any setting.

Polycarbonate Rotating Display Case

The polycarbonate rotating display case features removable shelves that can display numerous products like jewelry, any pastry, etc. Maintain its surface gloss over a long period of time.

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Why WeProFab Countertop Display Cases

Weprofab manufactures an immense quantity of countertop display cases according to your applications and purposes. It is valuable to use in holding autographed sports commodities like baseballs, basketballs, jerseys and many others.

Countertop Display Case

This Weprofab countertop display cases are also useful in securing memorable trophies. It is also suitable even in retail stores as a protective display case of cupcakes, donuts and to other extent food products. 

In Weprofab you can have your desired countertop display cases that are perfect for your stores and at home. These countertop display cases are the bright and inexpensive alternative of any customized glass made display case.

This countertop display case by Weprofab is very well secured when shipping to decrease the possibility of damage due to handling accidents. Weprofab have complete specific machines that are being used to cut and fabricate perfectly and equally.

Countertop Display Case

We are using high-quality materials in manufacturing countertop display cases which makes it safer, and less of an account  when it’s broken. By using our countertop display cases, allows the clients to view the complete angle of displays and items.

Weprofab have well trained workers and responsible staff that unitely work out for the best and satisfaction of our customers. Providing fulfilling quality and features of countertop display cases and other related products to our customers are always our intention.

Our countertop display cases have wide applications, including securing action figures, model cars, merchandise, antiques, and pastries. Check on Weprofab countertop display cases selections and we will immediately handle your orders.

Countertop Display Case

Weprofab always gives prior to the demand and choice of our customers. Keeping our finest work and services is what we are doing and will have to do. So if you really love to have countertop display cases that meet your standards, be with Weprofab company. We operate 24/7 welcoming your orders and inquiries with approachable sales staff.

Don’t hesitate to send us the details of your orders and customized countertop display cases right here, right now!

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