Translucent Polycarbonate Panels

WeProFab is a professional factory of all types of translucent polycarbonate panels. We produce the finest-quality translucent polycarbonate panel design for your project. It is well-suited for business or branding purposes. WeProFab translucent polycarbonate panels will surely showcase your brand in all marketplace.

Get WeProFab Translucent Polycarbonate Panels to Delight Your Customers

We are proud to offer you the largest selection of durable yet cost-effective translucent polycarbonate panels. You can OEM the perfect translucent polycarbonate panels with your own brand.

Corrugated Polycarbonate Panel

Get the best deal of Weprofab corrugated polycarbonate panel with us. We guarantee fast delivery for your corrugated polycarbonate panel order.

Honeycomb Polycarbonate Panel

Weprofab Honeycomb Polycarbonate Panel finds major applications in a commercial refrigerator, wind tunnels, sterilized rooms, and climatic.

Polycarbonate Roof Panel

Stay protected against the harsh weather with our polycarbonate roof panel. Weprofab Polycarbonate Roof Panel is odorless and non-toxic.

Insulated Polycarbonate Panel

Find your Insulated Polycarbonate Panel from the leading brands on Weprofab, your one-stop solution for polycarbonate sheets.

Cellular Polycarbonate Panel

Weprofab provides cellular polycarbonate panels for the retail and wholesale market. You can purchase our Cellular Polycarbonate Panel at the highest quality yet affordable prices.

Building Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab offers a polycarbonate sheet for building. Polycarbonate sheet is widely used for buildings from skylights and windows to wall panels.

WeProFab: Your Leading Translucent Polycarbonate Panels Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local plastic fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication.

WeProFab translucent polycarbonate panels are perfectly designeded in our high-tech equipment and advanced technology. It offers a durable and reliable structure. We could offer a comprehensive range of translucent polycarbonate panels in various designs, styles, and sizes options.

When it comes to the highest quality translucent polycarbonate panels, WeProFab is your trustworthy manufacturer and supplier who offers you a complete solution.

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Custom Translucent Polycarbonate Panels to Skyrocket Your Brand

Translucent Polycarbonate Roof Panel

WeProFab Translucent Polycarbonate Roof Panel design can be configured to meet your brand need.

Facade Cladding Polycarbonate Sheet

All Weprofab Facade Cladding Polycarbonate Sheet product is manufactured in our advanced machines.

Flat Polycarbonate Panel

We accept wholesale orders of Flat Polycarbonate Panel.

Embossed Translucent Polycarbonate Panels

The polycarbonate panels with the embossed surface have excellent sound insulation, impact resistance, and fire retardant features. They are applicable for doors, awnings, carports, windows, and more. Their sizes can be cut, depending on orders.

Translucent Light Diffuser Polycarbonate Panels

The light diffuser polycarbonate panels with translucent effects usually have milky or opal colors. They are ideal for various utilizations, such as public signages, room lighting, and advertising. Their shapes, sizes, and thicknesses are provided to suit every application.

Unbreakable Translucent Polycarbonate Panels

Translucent polycarbonate panels with unbreakable strength are perfect for apartment walls and roofings. They are available in various colors, like bronze, orange, lake blue, clear, green, or customized. These panels are also helpful as shields and bulletproof material.

Solid Translucent Polycarbonate Panels

The solid translucent polycarbonate panels feature versatility, machinability, and formability. They have UV and weather resistance capacity. These panels are practical for building glazing, acoustic barriers, fabricated items, signboards, illuminated signatures, and more.

Twin Wall Translucent Polycarbonate Panels

Twin wall translucent polycarbonate panels are effectively designed for greenhouses, hotels, roofings, etc. An immense selection of thicknesses, colors, and lengths are available. They can withstand temperature changes and extreme impacts.

Hollow Translucent Polycarbonate Panels

The hollow translucent polycarbonate panels are suitable material for hospitals and skylight roofings. They come in various structures, including twinwall, triple walls, x-structure, honeycomb, and more. These lightweight panels are easy to install and maintain.

Modern Translucent Polycarbonate Panels

Modern translucent polycarbonate panels feature rigidity and lasting quality. They are ideal for sidewalk and public roofing applications. These panels are eco-friendly with flame, weather, and impact resistance. They inhibit condensation and provide high transparency rates.

Corrugated Tile Translucent Polycarbonate Panels

The corrugated tile translucent polycarbonate panels scatter the light, block harmful UV rays, insulate heat, and are easy to clean. They come in multiple lengths, hues, and wave distance options. These panels are preferred for ceilings access, soundproof walls, and more.

Translucent Synthetic Polycarbonate Panels

Translucent synthetic polycarbonate panels are suitable for farmhouses, greenhouses, and factory roofings. They have outstanding anti-UV performance. These sheer polycarbonate panels have smooth surfaces with excellent corrosion resistance.

Translucent Polycarbonate Diamond Roof Panels

The translucent polycarbonate panels with diamond patterns are available in different thicknesses and colors. These sheets provide about 50% to 80% light transmittance. They feature waterproof, lasting pigments, excellent carrying capacity, and sound insulation.

Thermal Insulation Translucent Polycarbonate Panels

Thermal insulation translucent polycarbonate panels have a UV-coated layer with a contemporary design. They are ideal for various usages, including office buildings, awnings, and more. These panels are available in about 8mm to 20mm thicknesses. However, they are customizable.

Skylight Translucent Polycarbonate Panels

The translucent polycarbonate panels for skylights have suitable transparency and high impact strength. These polycarbonate panels with translucent hue are easy to bend and install. They have strong flame-retardant and non-fading colors.

Honeycomb Translucent Polycarbonate Panels

Honeycomb translucent polycarbonate panels have various inner resin layers. They could have natural petals, roots, leaves, grass, and other suitable elements. These panels are unique materials for walls, partitions, dividers, and roofing utilization.

Translucent Roofing Polycarbonate Panels

The translucent roofing polycarbonate panels are customizable in different thicknesses and colors to suit specific applications. They have high strength, lighter weight, and impact resistance, perfect for roofing. These translucent PC panels can endure even on changes in temperatures.

Tinted Translucent Polycarbonate Panels

Tinted translucent polycarbonate panels are preferred sheets for decoration and construction applications. They have about 4mm to 40mm thicknesses yet are customizable as customers request. These panels are unbreakable, more safe and secure than glass. 

Frosted Sliding Translucent Polycarbonate Panels

Frosted sliding translucent polycarbonate panels are commonly used in hospitals, hotels, offices, buildings, malls, etc. They have anti-fog properties that make them provide proper transparency. Frosted sliding PC panels with translucent colors have significant light effects.

High-Quality Translucent Polycarbonate Panels

High-quality translucent polycarbonate panels are for warehouses, carports, awnings, and roofing applications. Multiple levels of thicknesses and lengths are customizable. They are available with various structures to fit customers’ desires and utilization.

Smoked Translucent Polycarbonate Panels

The smoked translucent polycarbonate panel reaches ISO 9001 standards. There are multiple hues available, such as blue, yellow, green, bronze, orange, opal, etc. These panels have modern designs, perfect for roofing, hospitals, and shed applications.

Machine Guard Translucent Polycarbonate Panels

Machine guard translucent polycarbonate panels have anti-UV and lightweight features. They have high light transmittance, depending on chosen colors. Their translucent color provides desirable, natural light and blocks harmful sun rays.

Compact Translucent Polycarbonate Panels

The compact translucent polycarbonate panels have customizable thicknesses and surface coatings. These panels are an excellent glass replacement. They have lighter, unbreakable, and durable characteristics.

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Why Weprofab translucent Polycarbonate Panel

Weprofab translucent polycarbonate panel is lighter than steel and tougher than glass. There is some advantage in our Weprofab translucent polycarbonate panels such as durability, lightness, and durability of the materials.

Weprofab translucent polycarbonate is widely used for façade applications for refurbishment and new-build projects. Whether commercial, retail, industrial, healthcare, education, sports and leisure sectors you are, Weprofab translucent polycarbonate panel is perfect for you.


You can use our Weprofab translucent polycarbonate panels for canopies, roofing, roof lights, and interior design elements. These panels can be used to provide a wide range of curtain walling or rainscreens.

We can also manufacture and distribute ambient lighting system polycarbonate panels. It definitely brings a wow factor to your building.

Weprofab translucent polycarbonate panels have been tested for water and air permeability. It is certified and tested with regard to fire resistance. Weprofab translucent polycarbonate panel is widely known for its weather-resistant and durable. It has a standard 10-year or 20-year guarantee.

Weprofab translucent polycarbonate panels are manufactured with UV protection on both internal and external face for open screens or double-sided screens.

Most of your customers are looking for a translucent polycarbonate panel that is quick and easy to install. If you rely on Weprofab, your brand will surely be recognized because all of our translucent polycarbonate panels are easy and quick to install.

Further, Weprofab translucent polycarbonate panels are manufactured from up to 30% recycled materials. Weprofab could offer high-quality translucent polycarbonate panels available in a wide range of standard and bespoke colors.

Weprofab can provide you a complete solution in regards to translucent polycarbonate panels. Weprofab translucent polycarbonate panels for roofing, translucent polycarbonate panels for canopies, and translucent polycarbonate panels for rooflights are all available in our factory ready to ship.

For your large orders, Weprofab will provide a free sample for your translucent polycarbonate panels to check the quality. We will provide detailed pictures and videos for your orders.

In China, Weprofab is one of the most popular manufacturers of translucent polycarbonate panels. Besides, we have obtained international certifications such as SGS, ISO 9001, CE, and much more. In short, Weprofab is an expert when it comes to translucent polycarbonate panel manufacturing.

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Translucent Polycarbonate Panels:The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will learn how to choose high grade translucent polycarbonate panels.

It will show you the properties, benefits, uses, installation process, and features, among other aspects.

So, if you want to be an expert in polycarbonate sheet industry, this is the right guide for you.

What is Translucent Polycarbonate Panel?

Clear vs Translucent polycarbonate panel

Clear vs translucent polycarbonate sheet

It refers to a thermoplastic light glazing panel, which allows light to pass through it without appreciable scattering.

It is composed of polycarbonate microcells, which enable it to form a soft and naturally diffused light a wide variety of colors, brightness and opacities.

Besides, it is commonly used in a wide range of exterior structural surfaces and gas ideal mechanical and chemical features to protect it from damage and distortion.

How does Translucent Polycarbonate Panel Work?

Essentially, this component consists of extruded translucent sheets and vertical seams at each end of the panel.

So these panels are interlocked on the structural surface using a Snap-on connector and stainless steel retention clips, which are concealed.

When fully assembled, each of this component can expand or contract at its own rate since the system allows it to float freely.

Consequently, waves and deflections are eliminated due to free expansion and contraction of this component. However, the structural features of this unit remain intact.

What are the main Applications of Translucent Polycarbonate Panel?

You can use translucent polycarbonate panels in a wide variety of applications, especially those, which require natural lighting most of the time.

Some of the core applications or uses of this component include the following;

Wall made from translucent polycarbonate sheet

Wall made from translucent polycarbonate sheet

Building and construction – It is common nowadays in most installations be it industrial, commercial and residential.

It is incorporated mostly, as window panels, wall units and roofing to enhancing natural lighting of the particular space.

Pool enclosures – You can as well use this component in construction a cover for your swimming pool.

Besides, it is essential in this application since it protects the pool from dust and other loose particles, which may litter the water.

Mall roofing – It is also common in a variety of shopping malls, especially on the roof surfaces.

Of course, it is ideal in such an application because it provides enough light, which is critical for this particular type of building.

Walkways – Translucent polycarbonate sheet is also used for constructing walkways in different areas such as airports, railway stations and other public places.

Stadia stands – It is also used in creating stands in different types of stadia to protect spectators from scorching sun, rainfall or any other unfavorable weather condition.

Why should you Install Translucent Polycarbonate Panels on your Structure?

Ideally, translucent polycarbonate panels bring quite a number of benefits to your structure.

Some of the reasons for making this component a worthy investment includes the following;

  • It offers maximum transparency – Of course, this is an essential aspect, which makes installing this unit on your structure an ideal thought.

It allows maximum natural light to pass through it hence making the entire space well-illuminated.

  • It is dynamic – In this sense, it implies when assembled and installed aptly, this component may offer soft and even illumination.

That is, during the day and lantern effect at night.

It can easily be transformed and programmed to suit various elements such as advertisements among others.

  • It is water and air-tight – This component provides an optimal balance of solar and thermal dynamics.

This is vital in protecting the structure from climatic damage, leakages and dampness, among others.

  • It is extremely durable – Translucent polycarbonate sheets are natural strong and resistant to a wide range of physical, environmental and chemical elements.

It can withstand the extreme harsh punishment for as many years as possible without degrading or distorting.

  • It is easy to maintain – Since this component is significantly resilient, it shows it does not require high intensive maintenance to stay in shape.

And this is important since you’ll not spend most of your time taking care of this component.

  • It enhances the aesthetic value – It is quite obvious this material is naturally beautiful. So when incorporated on a structure, it tends to improve the visual appeal making it quite attractive hence creating a serene setting.

What is the Best Color for a Translucent Polycarbonate Panel?

This component comes in several color and multicolor shades.

So it makes it a bit challenging to determine the most suitable color since the preferences of customers often vary.

Primarily, the best color shade to choose is dependent on the specific application other than user preference.

Therefore, there is no a particular color shade of this type of polycarbonate panel you’d say is superior of most suitable.

You need to assess various factors to determine the best one according to your needs and application.

Are Translucent Polycarbonate Panels Unbreakable?

Most certainly!

In ordinary circumstances, translucent polycarbonate sheets can never break irrespective of the pressure or impact subjected to it.

The material is sturdy and can contain any form of element, which might cause it to break.

Also, the molecules forming the primary material are quite strong and have excellent resistance to mechanical impact.

Therefore, regardless of the environmental, physical or chemical conditions these panels could be exposed to, they can never break.

Can you Recycle Translucent Polycarbonate Panels?

Absolutely correct!

Ideally, polycarbonate, which is the primary material of this translucent panel, is derived from natural raw materials.

In most instances, these raw materials are always gaseous substances, which become inert in solid-state.

And this, of course, enhances its biodegradability and recyclability features.

Additionally, the surface of this material is quite soft.

And many suppliers have all the applicable equipment, which ensures easy recycling of used or disposed translucent polycarbonate panels.

Thus in many instances, most manufacturers always ensure they recycle this type of panel rather than disposing of in the landfills.

Joining translucent polycarbonate panel

Joining translucent polycarbonate panel

Translucent Polycarbonate Panels are available in what Sizes?

They come in a wide range of sizes.

And the essence of this is because most of the requirements of different applications also vary.

Some projects or structures require relatively large pieces of this type of panel.

In the same regard, some would also need somewhat compact-size polycarbonate panels.

So the choice of the ideal size of this sheet is entirely dependent on what you deem suitable for your specific project.

Nevertheless, you can as well cut-to-size when there is need or when you find the piece a bit large.

Alternatively, you can bond different pieces of this sheet using various suitable techniques should your application require larger panels.

The bottom line here nonetheless, is you can always find translucent polycarbonate sheets in varying sizes.

But at the same time, you can reduce or increase the dimensions of the same to suit your applications accordingly.

Does Translucent Polycarbonate Panel Discolor?

Not necessarily!

This component is manufactured using advanced technology, which is integral in ensuring its surface color remain intact.

The material itself is incredibly resistant to various types of elements, which might trigger discoloration of this type of thermoplastic panel.

However, an ordinary translucent polycarbonate sheet might show some signs of discoloration to a certain extent.

And this often happens when the panel is subjected to harsh climatic conditions.

The most apparent one is intense direct sunlight, which relays UV rays that attack and penetrate the surface material.

In such instances, the color molecules might weaken hence leading to slight discoloration of the component.

But this usually happens in the sheet is made from comparatively low-grade polycarbonate material.

And for it to happen, the unit ought to be exposed to such extreme unfavorable conditions continuously for a very long time.

Otherwise, a properly manufactured and assembled translucent polycarbonate sheet can never discolor.

 Transluscent polycarbonate sheet

Translucent polycarbonate panel

How Long can Translucent Polycarbonate Panels Last?

Generally, this type of polycarbonate sheet is extremely sturdy, resilient and can withstand any form of harsh conditions it is exposed to.

And for ordinary usage such as roofing, walling, pool enclosures, window panels and in walkways, it can last for as many years as you can imagine.

In most cases, under ordinary circumstances, it should last for at least 20 years before showing any signs of distortion or degrading.

But some can as well last far much even beyond this period also depending on specific conditions.

In a nutshell, translucent polycarbonate panel is incredibly resilient; hence can last for as many years as possible.

Is Translucent Polycarbonate Panels Fog-resistant?

The polycarbonate material used for manufacturing this component is naturally ideally moisture resistant.

It hardly absorbs water even when exposed to such conditions, thus making it somewhat fog-resistant.

Moreover, translucent polycarbonate panels used in contemporary structures are often integrated with anti-fog coating during manufacturing.

This type of surface treatment coating helps to prevent any form of moisture from accumulating of the material.

It plays a significant role since it ensures the surface material always remain dry even during foggy conditions.

What is the Difference between Translucent and Clear Polycarbonate Panels?

Transluscent polycarbonate sheet

Translucent polycarbonate sheet

Clear polycarbonate panael

 Clear polycarbonate panel

Essentially, there is a thin line between translucent and clear polycarbonate sheet.

In most cases, both panels share a wide range of features, both chemical and mechanical.

However, the major difference between these two types of polycarbonate sheets arises from the color shade.

Translucent polycarbonate panel is available in a wide range of color shades.

Depending on the manufacturer, you can get a translucent polycarbonate material to up to about 32 different colors or more.

Additionally, you can also find it in multicolored shades, which is simply two or more colors on one panel.

Nevertheless, it still allows maximum light transmission and any other features such as thermal insulation among others.

Clear polycarbonate panel, on the other hand, as the name suggests, is 100% transparent. It doesn’t have any slight color shade at all.

How does Translucent Polycarbonate compare with Glass Panels?

Translucent polycarbonate and glass panels are the most commonly used material in most of the structural applications, which require these items.

However, it is fundamental to know there is a big difference between these two materials, which set them apart in the market.

For instance, translucent polycarbonate is relatively flexible; hence you can fabricate, mold, and customize it to suit your needs.

Translucent glass panels, on the other hand, tend to be quite brittle, making it difficult to fabricate since they can easily break.

Another comparison is from the perspective of strength.

Translucent polycarbonate comes out as a stronger material compared to glass.

It is essentially about 250 times stronger than glass, a clear indication of its excellent impact-resistance compared to translucent panel.

Additionally, translucent polycarbonate sheet has exceptional resistance to several weather and environmental element.

It thus more resilient and durable compared to translucent glass panel.

And in terms of weight, translucent polycarbonate material is reasonably lightweight, about 50% of the glass weight.

Of course, this is critical, especially when you look at it from the point of handling, transportation as well as installation.

Translucent polycarbonate panel exhibits a far much better thermal insulation and dimensional stability features compared to glass sheets.

It thus shows you can use and attain better thermal insulation results in applications, which require the same.

What Factors do you Consider when Buying Translucent Polycarbonate Panels?

Translucent multi wall polycarbonate sheet

Translucent multiwall polycarbonate sheet

Generally, you need to have basic understanding of what a translucent polycarbonate panel entails before buying.

It is a definite way of ensuring you get the ideal item for your specific needs.

Some of the essential aspects you should look into when choosing this component include the following;

Application – It merely refers to the specific project or structure you want to construct using this component.

Also, it plays a vital role in making the right choice since different applications require varied aspects revolving around this product.

Color shade – Translucent sheets come in a variety of colors.

At times this can be challenging since you could be unsure of what you want to achieve as far as color shade is concerned.

You, therefore, need to figure out the right color for your structure when buying this unit.

Customization needs–It is also fundamental to determine whether or not your panels will be custom-built.

The essence of this is it allows you to understand and find the right supplier to consider for the type and extent of customization you require.

Thickness – It refers to size of the layer of this component.

Thickness is an important consideration, especially in determining the right size for your application.

You always need to select a particular thickness, which complements other aspects of the structure, such as weight among others.

Budget – It is another critical element you should always have in mind when buying this product.

It is the factor, which determines the choice of all the other aforementioned elements in one way or the other.

Does Direct Sunlight Affect Translucent Polycarbonate Panels?

To some extent, it does but not in entirety.

Essentially, this type of translucent sheet contains polycarbonate microcells.

These microcells enable the surface material of this component to be relatively soft and shiny.

So when it is exposed to high intense direct sunlight for an extended period, it might start to yellow albeit slightly.

And the continuous extended period in this case implies several years.

Often, it is always as a result of weakening of these microcells due to incessant attack and penetration of ultraviolet radiation.

However, this commonly happens to translucent polycarbonate made from relatively low-grade polycarbonate panels.

For high-grade polycarbonate sheets, it becomes quite difficult for direct sunlight to affect it irrespective of the duration it is exposed to.

This type of material is also integrated with a UV resistant chemical, which prevents such radiations from penetrating the surface.

Can you Fabricate Translucent Polycarbonate Panel?

Absolutely correct!

The surface material of this type of panel is quite pliable and soft.

It thus makes it easy to use different techniques to fabricate it, especially when customizing to suit particular requirements.

The ideal fabrication method to consider is also dependent on the design you want to attain at the end of it.

Even so, some of the typical ways you can use to fabricate a translucent polycarbonate panel include lamination and welding.

You may also consider bonding, cutting to size, CNC machining, drilling, and silk screening, among others.

How can you Order Translucent Polycarbonate Panels?

You can use several ways to place your order for this type of polycarbonate sheet.

Generally, it also depends on the specific supplier you are purchasing from.

But in most instances, many of the manufacturers and distributors usually prefer telephoning and emailing.

They have personnel who’ll offer a prompt response in regards to your purchase order.

Alternatively, some dealers also have established online platforms where customers can make their orders directly.

In a great way, the most important element in the entire ordering system is ensuring you order the right product according to your needs.

What is the Alternative Material for Translucent Polycarbonate Panels?

Translucent glass

Translucent glass

You can consider using several alternative materials, ranging from plastics to glass depending on the actual application.

However, the best material, which can replace translucent polycarbonate panel from the perspective of quality efficiency and functionality is acrylic.

Translucent acrylic panels share almost similar mechanical and chemical features with polycarbonate sheet.

Many customers, especially those on a tight budget, often consider using acrylic as an ideal alternative to polycarbonate.

How do you Clean Translucent Polycarbonate Panels?

Cleaning translucent polycarbonate panel is quite easy.

In fact, since most of the applications of this component are for outdoor uses, you’ll not even struggle to clean it.

In many cases, such are self-cleaning, particularly when it rains.

However, if you have some for indoor applications, you may choose to use liquid soap, warm water, and soft cotton cloth.

All you need here is damping the cotton cloth in a mixture of warm water and liquid soap.

You’ll then scrub the surface gently and rinse using clean water once you complete and allow it to dry for a few minutes.

The surface will be clean and spotless.

Can you get Customized Translucent Polycarbonate Panels?

Absolutely right!

Most of the translucent polycarbonate panels customers order nowadays are customized.

In essence, different customer has varied requirements as far as their structural projects for using this item are concerned.

It is the reason even many suppliers are embracing and investing in the idea of customization of this type of polycarbonate sheet.

However, you need to ensure the manufacturer can provide the specific customized unit you need before committing.

What are the Designs Options for Translucent Polycarbonate Panels?

Of course, they are quite a number.

And most of the designs are custom-made since various clients always require such.

Nevertheless, you can as well get standard designs, since several projects also require such.

Most importantly, however, is understanding that availability of different design options for this unit is dependent on the specific supplier.

At WeProFab for instance, some of the typical designs of translucent polycarbonate panels include the following;

  • Honeycomb polycarbonate panel
  • Corrugated polycarbonate panel
  • Cellular polycarbonate panel
  • Insulated polycarbonate panel
  • Building polycarbonate panel
  • Frosted polycarbonate panel
  • Flat polycarbonate panel
  • Façade cladding polycarbonate panel

Is there Thickness Limitation for Translucent Polycarbonate Panels?

Never at all!

Translucent polycarbonate panels are available in wide-ranging thickness sizes depending on various factors.

Mostly though, it the design thickness of this item is determined by the specific application.

For instance, structures designed to handle a bit of weight or pressure require reasonably thicker panels.

On the contrary, the pieces designed for somewhat thin polycarbonate sheet tend to hold a bit of lesser weight.

What are the Features of Translucent Polycarbonate Panels?

Translucent polycarbonate panels have several intrinsic features.

It is a clear indication of the reason this component is guarantees quality.

Some of the primary features of this component include the following;

  • Incredible strength
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • High optical clarity
  • Superior dimension stability
  • Exceptional impact-resistance.

What is the MOQ of Translucent Polycarbonate Panels?

The actual MOQ of translucent polycarbonate panel is wholly dependent on the specific supplier you are buying from.

Some manufacturers have a rather flexible MOQ, whereas others have stringent measures regarding the MOQ.

It is thus necessary to ensure you establish the particular MOQ whenever you are ordering this product from your respective supplier.

I hope you go all information you have been looking for about translucent polycarbonate sheet.

In case you have any question we did not cover here, feel free to ask out technical team.

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