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WeProFab is so trustworthy and excellent manufacturer of Large Acrylic Box in China. We can provide and custom your bulk orders with high-standard quality. Let WeProFab help you boom your business project!

Get WeProFab Large Acrylic Box to Delight Your Customers

You can trust the number 1 manufacturer in China. Quality-assured products that surely meet your requirements.

22 inches Large Acrylic Box with Clear Base

Weprofab can provide exact 22 inches large acrylic box with a clear base for your business. We are a trustworthy manufacturer in China, providing the best acrylic boxes nationwide.

Foldable Large Acrylic Box with Pocket Lock and Keys

Are you looking for a foldable large acrylic box with full security? Weprofab can provide an acrylic box with pocket keys and locks. We are a reliable source of every acrylics production.

Super Lockable Large Acrylic Box

For a super secured acrylic box, Weprofab also supplies a super lockable large acrylic box. It can be protected from any harms like dust, collisions, and impacts.

Stand Cosmetic Case Large Acrylic Box

A stand cosmetic case large acrylic box is important for protecting your beauty collections. It is made 2x durable, 2x strength capacity, and 2x breakproof. Best to include in business.

Modern Clear Large Acrylic Box

Are you looking for a modern clear large acrylic box? Explore from the Weprofab market. We have wide-ranging selections offered competitively.

Large Acrylic Suggestion Box

Weprofab is the leading manufacturer of a large acrylic suggestion box in mainland China. This can bring supreme elegance for your business applications or additions.

WeProFab: Your Great Large Acrylic Box Manufacturer

WeProFab with the association of WeeTect Material Limited and Chinese local plastic suppliers and manufacturers are proficient in giving the most efficient and valuable items. We can manufacture your numerous orders and we ship timely.

WeProFab becomes so well-known and reliable that many customers choose to cooperate with us. For over 20 years in a sincere service, we obtained many qualifications. Purchase with us. Together, we will get the success we want!

For more details and inquiries, contact us immediately and get instant quotes from Weprofab!

Custom Large Acrylic Box to Skyrocket Your Brand

DustProof Large Acrylic Box

WeProFab developed a large acrylic box with features of a dustproof large acrylic box. We are competent in producing large acrylic boxes with high-quality materials.

Lightweight Large Acrylic Box

WeProfab Large Acrylic Boxes are lightweight that’s why this will gives comfortably usage to customers. A wide variety of selection here in WeProFab is so durable yet cost-efficient.

Non-Toxic Large Acrylic Box

Weprofab Large Acrylic Box is non-toxic that why this is safe for your health. It provides a large space for your cosmetics and other items. Weprofab will custom your orders!

Wholesale Large Acrylic Box with Lid

Large acrylic boxes with lids are made from high-quality modern plexiglass material. Commonly utilized for display and storage in retail stores. Available for wholesale and bulk orders.

Large Acrylic Display Case with Shelves

Weprofab large acrylic display case with shelves is sturdy and long-lasting enough to hold heavy objects. Easily put products in and out of the box using the lid. The lid will keep dust out of your items or favors.

Large Acrylic Shadow Box

A large acrylic shadow box is extremely effective, can do the work of showing your adverts with crystal clarity and put them up with style. These boxes can be fully customized to meet unique needs.

Large Acrylic Jewelry Box

Our large acrylic jewelry boxes are strong, dependable, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet special requirements. Can show out your jewels and other accessories with style.

Large Acrylic Storage Box

Weprofab large acrylic storage box is muti-purpose. It has all of the necessary and optional features to make storing and organizing goods and items a breeze. Made of sturdy and trustworthy materials.

Large Acrylic Gift Box

Our large acrylic gift box is durable, completely matches every demand when it comes to storing and arranging your space. Available in a range of models and features. You can select an appropriate option based on the size and layout.

Large Acrylic Card Box

A large acrylic card box is available in a wide range of sizes and materials. You can improve your saving habits and revitalize your storage space in style with these products. Available in multiple accessory options.

Large Acrylic Collection Box

Our large acrylic collection box can be used as a dropbox for the office, a prize or drawing box, or a deposit box. Features slot and sliding back panel for easy submission access. Two keys and a lock are included.

Large Acrylic Donation Box

Large acrylic donation boxes can be widely used in a variety of applications. These boxes are completely resistant to chemicals, fracture, heat, and other elements. It’s lockable and comes with two keys.

Large Acrylic Shoe Box

This large acrylic shoe box is constructed of heavy-strength handcrafted transparent acrylic. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit men’s and women’s shoes of practically any standard size.

Large Acrylic Makeup Box

Weprofab’s large acrylic makeup box is made of long-lasting transparent acrylic, it goes with any decor. It keeps cosmetics in a nice and orderly manner, will find what is needed quickly.

Large Acrylic Keepsake Box

A large acrylic keepsake box is perfect for fashionably exhibiting a variety of products in your space. It is extremely robust, ensures long-term performance and stability. Composed of high-quality raw materials.

Large Acrylic Hat Box

Our large acrylic hat box comes in a strong and fashionable selection. Can help you showcase things in the most attractive possible way. Environmentally friendly and fashionable.

Large Red Acrylic Box

Weprofab large red acrylic box is acclaimed for its flawless finish, durability, and contemporary design. They are available in a different design and sizes. Highest quality and meet industry standards.

Large Acrylic Donation Box with Lock

Large acrylic donation box with lock is constructed of high-quality clear acrylic. Offers complete sight for the contents within, providing maximum clarity for simple viewing. Each box comes with a lock and two keys.

Large Acrylic Compartment Box

The large acrylic compartment box is composed of high-quality acrylic, making it durable and long-lasting. Available in a wide range of sizes and materials. Efficient storage and space management.

Large Acrylic Breadbox

Our large acrylic breadbox is both useful and elegant, as it is robust and easy to clean. Possess practical designs that make it simple to serve customers. Available in different styles like pull-out acrylic drawers and trays or a bread box with a lift-top lid.

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Why WeProFab Large Acrylic Box

Looking for a large acrylic box to add for business?

You finally come to the right place!

Weprofab is the supplier and manufacturer of various large acrylic boxes.

Maybe you can find the right one that can give a sudden boom to your business!

Art. 2

Choose now your ideal sizes, color, and design that can fit your needs.

Weprofab`s range of large acrylic box is available with different designs.

We can manufacture weprofab large acrylic boxes with a clear base, beveled cuts, no sharp edges, and museum-quality varnishes.

All these finishes are offered with competitive rates.

Also, with our diligent craftsmen, custom box printing, sizing, and engraving services are offered.


Weprofab can also manufacture large acrylic boxes with locks and strong lids for protections.

Overall, our large acrylic box is perfect for protecting valuable things.

When you have specific sizes to require, Weprofab`s craftsmen are ready to work for.

Weprofab acrylic box custom size is made to order and offers competitively.

When you required rush orders, we are also ready!

You may add rush fees.

When purchase from our market, you won`t ever regret.

Our weprofab large acrylic boxes can be customized base on your specifications.

When purchase from our market, returning the product is strictly banned.

ARt. 3

Weprofab is offering large acrylic boxes with perfect finish covers.

This makes suitable for protective display tables, medicine cabinets, and etc.

You can put there any valuable things and keep them forever protected.

Weprofab is the perfect manufacturer for your large acrylic boxes’ orders.

We can make customize large acrylic boxes for a unique gift design and for your business also!

So, you need further assistance? Weprofab has staff to give you prior assistance.

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Large Acrylic Box

Offered at competitive rates and with museum-quality varnishes, the large acrylic box is available to you in different designs and custom prints.

You can choose the right design, color, and size that fit your needs and complement your business.

Large acrylic boxes come with craftsman-quality covers, strong lids, and locks that are perfect to protect your valuable goods on display tables, medicine cabinets, and other applications.

If you have a question about large acrylic boxes, you have come to the right place.

Read on to find out everything that you need to know about large acrylic boxes.

How Are Large Acrylic Boxes Made?

Large Acrylic Box

Large Acrylic Box

You can use the DIY approach to assemble large acrylic boxes.

Except for laser-cut finishes achieved by professional acrylic box makers, you can pretty much assemble your own acrylic box using just basic tools.

· Large Acrylic Box Materials

Cut-to-size acrylic, Perspex, or Plexiglass sheets of the required thickness are used. Choose a thickness that fulfills your application requirements.

Keep a DIY metal-cutting saw, file, duct tape, and sandpaper handy.

You can use an available straight edge and measuring tape for your project.

To avoid using permanent marks, use a fine-tip permanent marker to highlight guide marks.

Get some acrylic glue from your local hardware store or use a superglue product to bond the acrylic pieces together.

· Cut To Size The Large Acrylic Box Sheet

Cut-To-Size Large Acrylic Box Sheet

Cut-To-Size Large Acrylic Box Sheet

Depending on the design, shape, and size of your DIY large acrylic box, cut the sheet into the required top, bottom and side pieces.

For a square box, you should have six sides.

You will also need to cut 4 small square pieces of the same material for the top cover to rest on.

A point to note is that a square large acrylic box is more stable than a rectangular one, so decide on the length and breadth accordingly.

Use the file and sandpaper to remove any burrs from the edges and smoothen them.

You can watch this video to find out how to cut your large acrylic box sheets.

· Assembling The Bottom And Side Pieces

Choose your flat work table or surface and lay the bottom layer on it.

Start bonding the side pieces to this bottom layer one after the other using acrylic glue for the purpose.

Once you get the right-angle alignment and the glue begins to dry, use duct tape over each of these pieces.

· Securing All The Pieces

Cover both sides of the bonded areas with duct tape.

This allows the glue to dry up faster.

Check if all the sides are at right angles to each other before the glue dries up completely.

· Assembling the Top Layer

After the bottom and side layers are bonded, glue the small cut pieces to the four corners of the box.

They should be in line with the outer edges of your box.

Once these pieces are bonded with the open box, place the top cover or lid over it.

Your box is ready.

This video shows you how to put in the top layer with the lid for your large acrylic box.

How Do You Fix A Door To The Large Acrylic Box?

If you need a door for your large acrylic box, one side must be left open.

Align the box so that the open side faces you.

Place hinges on the right or left side of this open box, depending on how you want the box to open.

Check the orientation.

The door must move into shut and open positions with effortless ease.

You can use a heavy-duty hasp and staple on the opposite side of the hinges to keep your large acrylic box in closed position.

A padlock of the required size protects your box.

What Is The Best Adhesive To Bond The Large Acrylic Box?

The glue will depend on the type of acrylic material you choose and if you need engravings or other decorations on your large acrylic box.

Acrylic cement or acrylic glue is the most common bonding agent for acrylic projects.

The acrylic cement acts as a solvent to bond acrylic surfaces together. It fuses or welds into both the surfaces creating a permanent bond.

Follow the sheet manufacturer’s guidelines to choose the chemical solvent and to weld acrylic pieces together.

You can watch this video to find out how to glue the large acrylic box together.

What Are The Advantages Of The Large Acrylic Box For Display?

The large acrylic box for display offers several advantages for your business needs.

· Lightweight

The large acrylic box is extremely lightweight even for its large size.

This makes it easier for you to handle them and transfer them from one store or establishment to another.

· Highly Transparent

The large acrylic boxes demonstrate excellent optical clarity.

They are highly transparent and offer perfect 360 ̊views.

With some creativity, you can create enriched viewing experiences for customers.

· Popular Product

You can get large acrylic boxes in standard sizes the allow you to duplicate them across any number of establishments.

They are popular items and come in large to extra-large sizes off the shelf.

You have a wide variety of boxes to choose from based on your application needs.

· Impact Resistant And Rigid

The large acrylic box is rigid enough to hold heavy loads.

It has approximately 17 times the impact strength of glass.

· Durability

The large acrylic box is highly durable and can be easily used for all your indoor and outdoor applications.

It demonstrates high resistance to UV radiation and has excellent weatherability.

· Chemical Resistant

Acrylic offers high resistance to inorganic acid reactions.

The large acrylic box can store many kinds of chemicals.

· Easy To Bond

You can easily bond two or more acrylic pieces together using commonly available acrylic cement or glue.

What Are The Different Types of Large Acrylic Boxes?

· 22-Inch Large Acrylic Box With Clear Base

22-Inch Large Acrylic Box With Clear Base

 22-Inch Large Acrylic Box With Clear Base

Designed with a clear base, the 22-inch large acrylic box with clear base is ideally used to display toys and other articles of interest.

This large acrylic box protects your items from impact and dust.

Made of high-quality acrylic material, the 22-inch large acrylic box with case is highly transparent and allows your visitors to see the items kept inside from all angles.

This eco-friendly box looks stylish, has plenty of space, and is highly durable.

Easy to clean, the 22-inch large acrylic box with case can be customized with a display cover and bin.

· Foldable Large Acrylic Box With Pocket, Lock And Key

Foldable Large Acrylic Box With Pocket, Lock, And Key

Foldable Large Acrylic Box With Pocket, Lock, And Key

Reliable and designed for full security, the foldable large acrylic box with pocket, lock, and key is a practical foldable box that comes with a load-bearing reinforced joint that allows you to fold the box when not in use.

It comes with a buckle or custom design that does not break easily.

This foldable large acrylic box has a pocket for additional storage.

You will find that the large box comes with a standard lock and key arrangement to secure the displayed items.

The foldable large acrylic box with pocket, lock, and key conforms to RoHS, UL, and Reach standards.

·  Super Lockable Large Acrylic Box

Super Lockable Large Acrylic Box

Super Lockable Large Acrylic Box

Made to protect items from impact and dust, the super lockable large acrylic box comes with a specially-designed locking system that reinforces the box.

It comes with compartments that add to the rigidity of the box.

It has a door mounted on hinges that is secured with a standard lock and key arrangement.

You can store several small and large items in the many compartments provided in this highly transparent super lockable large acrylic box.

· Stand Cosmetic Case Large Acrylic Box

Stand Cosmetic Case Large Acrylic Box

Stand Cosmetic Case Large Acrylic Box

Designed to protect your beauty collections, the stand cosmetic case large acrylic box is twice as strong and twice as durable than other standard acrylic boxes.

It has many compartments that allow you to store large beauty collections without losing shape.

Any number of designs are possible for this stand cosmetic case large acrylic box.

You can use several sections of this box individually.

Besides beauty items, this large acrylic box can store jewelry and toiletries.

· Modern Clear Large Acrylic Box

Modern Clear Large Acrylic Box

 Modern Clear Large Acrylic Box

Available in wide-ranging selections, the modern clear large acrylic box is a solid, high load-bearing box available in modern designs.

This clear large acrylic box is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

The modern clear large acrylic box can be customized to fulfill OEM/ODM orders at a fast pace.

Your designs are used to produce custom-sized boxes that offer flexible acrylic box solutions.

· Large Acrylic Suggestion Box

Large Acrylic Suggestion Box

 Large Acrylic Suggestion Box

Adding elegance to business applications, the large acrylic suggestion box comes to you in clear, black, and white colors.

This large suggestion box has a slit on the top layer for users to put in their suggestions.

Once the poll is over, another acrylic lid covers the top to protect it from dust and other impurities.

Use the large acrylic suggestion box in offices, receptions, exhibitions, and retail counters.

Custom corporate logos and branding is fulfilled at the assembly stage, as per your requirements.

You can have a graphics trap or sticker available with custom messages displayed on any side of the large acrylic suggestion box.

· Dustproof Large Acrylic Box

Dustproof Large Acrylic Box

Dustproof Large Acrylic Box

Made of tough high-quality material, the dustproof large acrylic box is designed as a stackable acrylic box with a flat glossy base.

The large acrylic box is extremely durable with 3mm panels.

It is available in custom thickness for stacking convenience.

You get 5 detachable panels with a separate base that can be easily assembled.

Use it to display your decorative items, 3D models, car and doll collections.

When this dustproof large acrylic box is not in use, disassemble it and stored the folded panels at a convenient location.

· Lightweight Large Acrylic Box

 Lightweight Large Acrylic Box

Lightweight Large Acrylic Box

Available in a wide range of practical designs, the lightweight large acrylic box is a cost-efficient and durable acrylic solution to store assorted or custom display items.

Transparent and glossy, this lightweight box can be easily handled and shifted from one location to another.

You can use these lightweight large acrylic boxes as floor-standing units, countertop displays, or wall-mounted units depending on the type of display unit you need.

Made of durable acrylic construction, hinges are added to open and close the top lid with great ease.

The lightweight large acrylic box comes in transparent, white and black shades that allow viewers clear views of items stored in the box from any angle.

· Non-Toxic Large Acrylic Box

Non-Toxic Large Acrylic Box

Non-Toxic Large Acrylic Box

Providing a large space for your cosmetics and other items, the non-toxic large acrylic box is a well-designed box that is absolutely safe to use over long periods of time.

Non-toxic acrylic material does not react with the stored items.

Therefore, it does not release toxic fumes that are injurious to your health.

The non-toxic large acrylic box is free from toxic materials like cadmium, chromium, cobalt, lead, and manganese.

You can choose from various designs or provide drawings and designs to suit your custom application.

Diligent craftsmen are at hand to fulfill your custom box printing, engraving, and sizing requirements.

· ABC Blocks Large Acrylic Box

ABC Blocks Large Acrylic Box

ABC Blocks Large Acrylic Box

Made of clear acrylic, the ABC blocks large acrylic box comes with a white acrylic frame with a printed letter on each face.

This six-sided cube has one detachable panel that allows you to fill your required items into the box.

You can choose custom letters that go on each of the six sides to indicate the box contains ABC blocks.

This aesthetically beautiful ABC blocks large acrylic box has polished edges that look attractive to viewers.

This box is generally used as a floor-standing unit.

Does The Large Acrylic Box Have Limitations?

Yes, the large acrylic box does have some limitations.

It is less resistant to scratches. You can opt for anti-scratch coats on standard acrylic.

This will make it less susceptible to scratches, but the base material cannot be totally scratchproof.

However, light scratches can be easily removed, while deep scratches can be polished or heat sealed.

You can watch this video to find out how to polish scratches out of your large acrylic box.

The large acrylic box may turn yellow after many years of exposure to UV rays in areas that receive full-spectrum light of the sun.

This may adversely affect the transparency of the box.

Can The Large Acrylic Box Break?

Yes, the large acrylic box can crack or break under high impact.

The base material has a tensile strength in excess of 10,000 lbs. per sq. inch and has 17 times the impact resistance of ordinary glass.

It will not shatter but break into dull-edged pieces.

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