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WeProFab is a professional flow splitter manufacturer in China. We have full capabilities to manufacture vast kinds of flow splitter to fulfill your demand. Send us your drawing or specifications; we’ll make it perfect for you.

Get Weprofab Flow Splitter to Delight Your Customers

As a professional manufacturer, Weprofab creates the best quality flow splitter for medical use. We will make a perfect splitter with your brand. Wepro dedicated to offering your customer a better experience.

Flow splitter manufacturer

Weprofab, being the top manufacturer of flow splitter, we supply the best quality products to wholesalers and distributors.

Custom flow splitter

Wepro can customize a specific model of flow splitter. We can configure it with your brand.

Flow splitter for oxygen concentrator

This flow splitter for oxygen concentrator is used in different facilities such as emergency shelters, incident facilities, hospitals, and clinics.

Medical Oxygen Flow Valve Rate Splitter

Wepro offers medical oxygen flow valve rate splitter providing effective, efficient, and quick assistance on-site.

5 Way Flow Splitter for Oxygen Concentrator

5 way flow splitter for oxygen concentrator offered by Wepro suits for use in patients, from infants, babies to adults.

Oxygen Concentrator with Flow Splitter

Weprofab oxygen concentrator with flow splitter available in a variety of options. It is complete with a warranty and after-sale service.

WeProFab: Your Leading Flow Splitter Manufacturer

WeProFab flow splitter perfectly designed for Chromatographers. It comes in different configurations, sizes, and styles for terms of use. It could also be designed with different and multiple outlets.

WeProFab flow splitter provides quick and easy split ratio changes. A constant split-flow during gradient operation takes place. Wepro could offer the full capacity to manufacture and give you a one-stop solution. The only thing you do is focused on delivering valuable products to your customers. We will give you something different.

Custom Flow Splitter to Skyrocket Your Business

Pediatric 5 way Flow Splitter

Weprofab produces a pediatric 5-way flow splitter with a wide range of types and will definitely showcase your brand and product.

Wholesale Flow Splitter

Wholesale Flow Splitter is tested in performance and pass the high quality standards. Reliability, efficiency and sustainability is guaranteed in our products.

Scale Oxygen Flow Splitters

Weprofab manufacture scale oxygen flow splitters are made from high-quality raw materials. We manufactured these products with innovative designs to meet your specifications.

8L Oxygen Concentrator with Flow Splitter

Weprofab 8L oxygen concentrator with flow splitter comes in different designs and shapes depending on your needs. We carefully check our products before producing them to the market to avoid negative reviews.

10L Oxygen Concentrator with Flow Splitter

10L Oxygen Concentrator with Flow Splitter is manufactured to produce 93% pure oxygen. Weprofab produce these products for pediatric, adult and nursing home use.

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Why WeProFab Flow Splitter


Manufacturing high-quality flow splitter is one of the specialties of Weprofab. Our flow splitter comes in different sizes and shapes. We also manufacture these products with different and multiple outlets.

Flow splitters manufactured by Weprofab are FDA approved and have passed the C.E certificate. It is perfectly designed for Chromatographers and offers efficiency while using.

Flow Splitter-1




At Wepro, we design flow splitter is available with fixed and adjustable split ratios. These will help Chromatographers better work at higher flow rates and quickly integrate mass spec without re-developing the method.

It can be used in any application where a reproducible split ratio is required. If you are looking for the perfect product for your brand, WeProFab is the name you can trust.

Furthermore, Weprofab flow splitter is good for flow fractionation, LC/MS, mass directed fraction collection, pre/post-column flow splitting, and capillary chromatography.

Flow Splitter-3

It provides quick and easy split ratio changes. Plus, it is compatible micro, nano, semi-preparative, preparative and analytical HPLC.

Weprofab flow splitter is also available with delay coil and the makeup inlet port. Replacement resistor sets for flow splitters are available in all models, also in custom and standard ratio.

Our flow splitter is reliable and convenient to use and it has long-term reliability. We also develop these products to constant split-flow during gradient operation. The product provides accurate and reproducible split ratios.

Weprofab flow splitter can also be used for pre-column and general post-column. It is designed for pipes, structures, orifices, and weirs in medical areas in order to control the direction of flow.

Our flow splitter is a diverse tool used for doctors and other health care professionals.

Weprofab also customizes the flow splitter according to the client’s order. If you want some upgrades and changes to your flow splitter, just send us your ideal plan and we will surely finish it and deliver it in no time.

We produce flow splitter with high-quality standards and perfectly finished.

Flow Splitter-4

Weprofab manages to develop a flow splitter for all purposes. We continuously produce new ideas and techniques in order to enhance the quality and performance of our products.

For years in this industry, we have gained enough experience allowing us to drive products to their limits. We make sure that our flow splitter will help our customers’ business hit the top in the market.

Our main goal is to expand your business from domestic up to the international market. Weprofab has been trusted by companies, health care facilities around the world. We want to help you achieve the same future.

We are your one-stop shop providing all your needs in this industry. Our company is eager to accomplish partnerships with other companies and clients from different countries.

In fact, we already created bonds with other health companies from neighboring countries and cities.

We are looking forward to the partnership that we will develop in the future. You are free to check our company and products anytime you want.

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