• Flat Acrylic Sheets

Flat Acrylic Sheets

Looking for a wide variety of applications in the industry and markets? WeProFab flat acrylic sheets are perfect for you. We fabricated lots of types in our flat acrylic sheets and you can choose what suits your necessity.

Get WeProFab Flat Acrylic Sheets to Delight Your Customers

We fabricate the most applicable acrylic sheet products for your businesses. It is accessible in high-quality, durability, and affordable costs.

Clear Flat Acrylic Sheets

Our clear flat acrylic sheets provide fabricators and designers in a high-visual product with excellent durability and toughness. It is ideal for all commercial and industries.

Custom Flat Acrylic Sheets

WeProFab provides customize for your flat acrylic sheets. You can free to send us your designs for your flat acrylic sheets and we assure you to gain satisfaction with our products.

High Reflective Flat Acrylic Sheets

Our high reflective flat acrylic sheets are ideal for displaying galleries and presentations. It provides high optical clarity, light transmission, and gain high-quality finished.

PMMA Flat Acrylic Sheets

At WeProFab, the PMMA flat acrylic sheets are generally used translucent plastic material well-known for its uses in different markets. It is accessible in sturdy, easy to shape, and your best alternative.

Scratch Resistance Flat Acrylic Sheets

At WeProFab, the scratch resistance flat acrylic sheets are ideal for long term use since it is tough against scratches and dents. It leaves a clean, smooth flat surface, and easy to cut.

Thermoform Flat Acrylic Sheets

WeProFab performs thermoform for your flat acrylic sheets which are easy to curve and form. You don’t have to worry about your desire flat acrylic sheet since we produce shape upon your request.

WeProFab: Your Leading Flat Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

As we are the one-stop-shop for all your needs in acrylic sheets products, WeProFab can guarantee you the best and high-quality products we have. Our flat acrylic sheets are ideal in most applications and very handy in all types of constructions. You can choose what types of flat acrylic sheets can suit your requirements.

We can perform custom-make for your flat acrylic sheets since we have a product processing which is thermoforming and CNC cutting. We do our best in producing your customize flat acrylic sheet to gain satisfaction with our company and the services we have. As an ISO 9001 certified, we surely tested our quality products before transporting them to you.

So you can guarantee it with us! Contact us now!

Custom Flat Acrylic Sheets to Boost Your Business

Colored Flat Acrylic Sheets

If you wanted to have a color for your flat acrylic sheets, WeProFab offers a wide selection of brilliant colors.

Flat Acrylic Sheets Display

It is perfect for displaying and protecting your important work of art, display boards, and display cases since it is durable.

Patterned Flat Acrylic Sheets

If you wanted to have decorative effects, diffuse annoying reflection, and permits privacy, WeProFab can be your great choice for that.

See-through Flat Acrylic Sheets

It is ideal materials on the markets because it looks like glass, much lighter, and much tougher.

3mm Flat Acrylic Sheets

If you wanted to have 3mm for your flat acrylic sheets, you can count on WeProFab.  It is accessible in high-quality materials.

Flat Clear Solid Acrylic Sheet

The flat clear solid acrylic sheet can be used in a wide range of development industries like building materials, automobile manufacturing, and medical equipment.

Flat Frosted Acrylic Sheet

The flat frosted acrylic sheet is good for interior design, elegant furniture, showcases, and other applications. It has good and outstanding properties.

Flat High-Gloss Acrylic Sheet

A flat high-gloss acrylic sheet features a good light transmission, good weather resistance, and can be molded or reprocessed easily.

Flat Extruded Acrylic Sheet

The flat extruded acrylic sheet is commonly used for advertisement sheets, decorations, medical appliances, lamp-chimney, and engraving.

3mm White Flat Acrylic Sheet

3mm white flat acrylic sheet features non-toxicity, high mechanical strength, and lighter weight. Moreover, this sheet became popular due to its good impact strength.

Flat Acrylic Glazing Sheet

The flat acrylic glazing sheet is 10x stronger than ordinary glass or plastic materials. It has a smooth and excellent surface.

Diffuser Flat Acrylic Sheet

The diffuser flat acrylic sheet has a good hard coating and great resistance to scratch. They are easy to maintain, clean, cut, and process.

Transparent Flat Acrylic Sheet

The transparent flat acrylic sheet achieves good adaptability to the environment and can sustain under sunlight, wind, rain, or any weather condition.

Black UV Flat Acrylic Sheet

The black UV flat acrylic sheet features good dimension stability and a beautiful appearance. It is suitable for fitting processing or formation processing.

High-Reflective Flat Acrylic Sheet

The high-reflective flat acrylic sheets will never harm users even for long time use. It is fabricated from non-toxic and harm-free materials.

Flat Acrylic Mirror Sheet

The flat acrylic mirror sheet has a superior break and impact resistance. It guarantees no scratches, no dust, crack-free, and impurity.

Flat Cast Acrylic Sheet

The flat cast acrylic sheet is applicable for outdoor signature, logo, advertising engraving display, etc. They can be used in most outdoor and indoor applications.

Flat Fluorescent Acrylic Sheet

The flat fluorescent acrylic sheet is available in pink, red, yellow, green, and other fluorescent colors. It has obtained the best and most professional appearance.

Flat Perspex Acrylic Sheet

A flat perspex acrylic sheet can be used for a range of professional projects, artistic, and handicrafts. It is extremely environmentally friendly and anti-toxic.

Marble Pattern Flat Acrylic Sheet

The marble pattern flat acrylic sheet is applicable for construction industries, light shade, window, and telephone booths. It comes in various colors and sizes.

Glitters Flat Acrylic Sheet

The glitters flat acrylic sheet is an ideal choice for the majority of applications. It gives a lot of benefits being a good impact-resistant and lightweight material.

5mm Flat Acrylic Sheet

The 5mm flat acrylic sheet is designed to stabilize ultraviolet rays for good weather ability. It can withstand prolonged sunlight exposure.

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Why WeProFab Flat Acrylic Display

WeProFab has fabricated lots of acrylic sheets and it went applicable to all. Since WeProFab is the prime producer of acrylic sheets in China, we can offer you a highly recommended acrylic sheet that suits your requisites.

Our flat acrylic sheets are very demand in various types of applications. We have plenty of types in our flat acrylic sheet including scratch resistance flat acrylic sheets, high reflective flat acrylic sheets, PMMA flat acrylic sheets, and much more.

Flat Acrylic Sheets

Our flat acrylic sheets provide clear visual clarity, it has a light transmission and UV resistance. It is also stronger than glass and less than half its weight. It can easily form and fabricate, easy to mount, has good chemical resistance, and has good thermal insulation. All our flat acrylic sheets products have a high gloss appearance since it is made of 100% acrylic material. So you can expect more in our flat acrylic sheets products.

WeProFab flat acrylic sheet is ideal for a world of design options for designers, including small fabricated or milled items, and transparent furniture. It can be also interior and exterior applications such as replacement windows, room dividers, display cases, and door panels. It can be ideal for high traffic acoustic barriers which create an attractive and artful acoustic barrier for highways.

Flat Acrylic Sheets

It is also ideal for brighten and dimensional signage since WeProFab can cut and fabricated for applying dimensional letters. It can be applied in a lightweight and high-clarity glazing, light fixtures, and captivate fabricated product. So WeProFab can be your one-stop-shop in regarding producing or constructing using flat acrylic sheets.

We can offer you finished products or a custom-make for your flat acrylic sheet, you just send us your sizes, shapes, and designs. Our flat acrylic sheet can be obtainable in clear, quality colors, and customize colors. We are pleased to produce your custom-make flat acrylic sheets. WeProFab performs a production procedure for your flat acrylic sheet that includes a CNC cutting, thermoforming, and more.

All of our flat acrylic sheets can be accessible in high-quality, very durable, and purchase in low-cost amount. We can feel great in producing flat acrylic sheets or customizing flat acrylic sheets products and reach your desire outlook. And want to know further information about our flat acrylic sheets products? Please contact us now.

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