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Sterile Syringe

WeProFab is a professional manufacturer of sterile syringe for many years. With our years of experience, guaranteed that WeProFab can give you the best solution you need at a very affordable price.

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Get WeProFab Sterile Syringe to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab is a professional distributor of hygienic and excellent quality sterile syringe. We have full capacities to manufacture a wide range of sterile syringe to meet your requirements.

Safety Syringe

WeProFab is a trusted manufacturer of sterile, disposable, and hypodermic safety syringe. It features high transparent barrel, high-contrast black graduation, and rubber piston with double sealing ring.

Irrigation Syringe

Our irrigation syringe has a soft bulb enable to be used with one-hand administration. It is sterile, BPA free, DEHP free, and LATEX free. At WeProFab, you can find a wide range of irrigation syringe that suits your needs.

Contrast Medium Injection Syringe

WeProFab is a professional manufacturer of contrast medium injection syringe for DSA contrast media injector. It has a 150ml capacity and 1200psi pressure limit.

Cosmetic Injection Syringe

WeProFab manufactures cosmetic injection syringe for aesthetic medicine. These are disposable, sterile, and patented device. At WeProFab, you can find a wide selection of cosmetic injection syringe.

Disposable Syringe

At WeProFab, we fabricate a broad range of disposable and hygienic syringe for all your needs. We have the capacity to manufacture for your bulk orders. Get WeProFab disposable syringe for your business.

Insulin Syringe

WeProFab manufactures disposable sterile insulin syringe with irreversible safety mechanism, fixed needle, and double graduated scales. Our insulin syringes are non-toxic, sterilized by ethylene oxide, and non-pyrogenic.

WeProFab:Your Leading Sterile Syringe Manufacturer

WeProFab has more than 20 years of experience in helping customers find the right product for your business. We offer one-stop solution for your business needs.

WeProFab is a qualified manufacturer by international production certifications. We are well-equipped with advanced technologies that allows us to produce various range of sterile syringes. For your sterile syringe needs, WeProFab can be your trusted partner!

If you are planning to purchase sterile syringes for your business, consider WeProFab as your supplier! We assure that you can get the best quality products!

Custom Sterile Syringes to Boost Your Business

10ml Sterile Syringe with Luer Lock Tip

These are general purpose syringes. It has a 10 ml size that is individually sealed. These syringes are suitable for your applications.

20ml Sterile Syringe

WeProFab is a professional manufacturer of 20ml sterile syringe with lure lock tip without needle. These are leak-proof and sterile to ensure consistent quality.

Large Sterile Syringe

Our large sterile syringe are individually clean, sealed, sterile, and safe. These are applicable for science lab, industrial, essential oil applications.

1ml Sterile Syringe with Needle

At WeProFab, we have a wide range of disposable 1ml Sterile syringe with needle. WeProFab offers the best and affordable solution for your needs!

3ml Sterile Syringe with Luer Lock Tip

It has a 3ml size for convenient trays. It is integrated with Lure Lock Tip without needles. If you are looking for 3ml sterile syringe with Lure lock tip, WeProFab is your perfect manufacturer! Inquire now.

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Why Choose WeProFab Sterile Syringe


Sterile Syringe

WeProFab is one of the most trusted Chinese manufacturers of sterile syringes. We produce a series of sterile syringes that will suit your needs. We also have a team to assist your needs and help you find the right solutions. Thus, we can be your trusted partner!

At WeProFab, we manufacturer a wide range of sterile syringe such as disposable syringe, sterile insulin syringe, safety syringe, irrigation syringe, and more. Through the help of our modern technology, we are also able to manufacture customizable sterile syringe to meet your needs.

Sterile Syringe

Our high-quality sterile syringes are manufactured using medical grade materials. It has a well-printed and clear measuring marks for accuracy. It also features thick barrel and smoothly working plunger so it can be used easily.

We manufacture sterile syringes with different sizes. We have 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 50ml, and more. We can also customize your syringe sizes according to your specifications. At WeProFab, we can supply sterile syringes with or without needles.

Moreover, our sterile syringes are sterile and latex free. It doesn’t contain any styrene, silicone oil, and rubber. Thus, you can assure that our sterile syringes does not contain any contaminant. Rest assured that you can purchase a safe-to-use sterile syringe.

WeProFab sterile syringes also have positive safety stop that helps in preventing spills. Our sterile syringes are commonly used for filtering, mixing, and sampling. At WeProFab, you can purchase the best quality sterile syringes that will suit your applications and business!

Sterile Syringe

At WeProFab, we have the best production capacity so we can assure you that will receive your orders in a short time. All our sterile syringes are manufactured under the monitoring of our strict quality control team. Thus, all our sterile syringes are compliant and certified by American and European quality standards.

As a professional manufacturer, WeProFab offers flexible MOQ and competitive prices. We also offer OEM services so we can customize your orders under your own brand. Aside from we also provide quick shipment and prompt communication.

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