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Weprofab is the leading supplier you can trust in terms of covid 19 vaccines. We supply and manufacture any kinds of covid 19 vaccines under safety and quality standards. However, our covid 19 vaccines has encounter several testings for quality and effectiveness. If you need our products for your business, leave us a message!

Get WeProFab Covid 19 Vaccine to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is one of the great covid 19 vaccine distributors, exporters, and suppliers in China. During covid 19 vaccines development and testings, your satisfaction is what we always prioritize. Allow us to support your needs! Below, we listed some types of covid 19 vaccines you may need to delight your own customers. 

Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid 19 Vaccine

The Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid 19 vaccines are approved by 133 countries, including the Philippines, Austria, Albania, Belgium, Australia, Armenia, etc.

Sinovac Covid 19 Vaccine

The Sinovac covid 19 vaccines are China-made vaccines. It is approved in 48 countries, such as Brazil, Cambodia, Albania, Algeria, Bangladesh, Benin, etc.

Janssen Covid 19 Vaccine

The Janssen Covid 19 vaccine is also referred to as Ad26COVS1 and JNJ-78436735. It is approved in 91 countries worldwide. It is also 66.3% tested in clinical testings.

Pfizer/BioNTech Covid 19 Vaccine

The Pfizer/BioNTech covid 19 vaccines are 95% effective. It may also be referred to as Tozinameran, Comirnaty. It is approved in 118 countries.

Moderna Covid 19 Vaccine

The Moderna covid 19 vaccines can be also referred to as “Spikevax”. It is an mRNA vaccine, that demands 2 shots. It is developed by the American company Moderna.

Novavax Covid 19 Vaccine

Novavax covid 19 vaccine aims to secure you against Coronavirus. It is approved in 2 countries, which are the Indonesia and Philippines.

WeProFab: Your Leading Covid 19 Vaccine Manufacturer

Weprofab gained more than two decades of professional experience in providing you with the most effective covid 19 vaccines. Choose us to be your partner, and you’ll never go wrong! Our line of covid 19 vaccines can have your brand name. Just send us a message and your requirements!

We have extensive knowledge in this industry. We will supply any covid 19 vaccine and deliver it on time. Weprofab is always there to support you! We are 24/7 hours available to answer your questions and concerns. Leave us a message!

Custom Covid 19 Vaccines to Skyrocket Your Brand

Covid 19 Booster Vaccines

The covid 19 booster vaccines point out to an extra dose of a vaccine. Weprofab can supply your covid 19 booster vaccines on time.

Two Shots Covid 19 Vaccines

This type of vaccine may require two shots. It can improve your protection and safety against the Covid-19 virus.

Covid 19 Vaccine for Senior Citizens

The covid 19 vaccine for senior citizens is effective, safe, and developed to save your lives. It is FDA-approved, suitable for senior citizens aged 62 or older.

Covid 19 Vaccine for Adults

You can get a budget-friendly yet 100% effective covid 19 vaccine for adults here. It is considered effective and safe for adults, aged starting from 20.

Covid 19 Vaccine for Kids

Covid 19 vaccines for kids are safe and most effective for virus protection. We can print your brand name if you need it for business.

One Shot Covid 19 Vaccine

This is a vaccine that only requires one shot injection. We can print your brand name on it for improving your business.

Sinopharm Covid 19 Vaccine

Sinopharm covid 19 vaccine is 100% effective and high-quality. It is also called as BIBP vaccine, the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine, or BBIBP-CorV.

Covaxin Covid 19 Vaccine

In India,  110.6 million people have received the Covaxin covid 19 vaccine as of October 2021. It is proven and tested by clinical trials.

Covishield Covid 19 Vaccine

The Covishield covid 19 vaccine is WHO listed, which means it is 100% authentic and effective. It helps people fight against the covid 19 virus.

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Why WeProFab Covid 19 Vaccine

WHO EMRO | COVID-19 vaccines questions and answers | COVID-19 | Health  topics

Weprofab Covid 19 vaccines are 100% effective. After having covid 19 vaccines, it can help decrease the risk of getting and spreading the virus. Weprofab is a 20-years experienced manufacturer and supplier of covid 19 vaccine. You can trust us in getting the most authentic, FDA-approved covid 19 vaccines.

We offer a wide variety of covid 19 vaccines. These vaccines contain weakened parts of the antigen that cause an immune system within the body. In any quantity of covid 19 vaccine orders, we always welcome you!

Advantages of Weprofab Covid 19 Vaccine:

  • The covid 19 vaccine decreases your chance of infection.
  • The covid 19 vaccine secures and protects you against critical illness.
  • The covid 19 vaccine helped us get rid of the mask.
  • The covid 19 vaccine can protect your newborn or unborn baby.
  • The covid 19 vaccine will help you reunite with family and friends.

Vaccine Injection, Packaging Size: 20ml, Rs 100 /unit R & D Pharma | ID:  19970032033

If you are looking for high-quality covid 19 vaccines for your brand, Weprofab is the one that can supply. We earned rich history and experience in supplying covid 19 vaccines. We can even print your brand name so you can receive recognition. All we offer can boost your business.

All our covid 19 vaccines passed different clinical trials. For your specific requirements, feel free to message us.

Weprofab covid 19 vaccines are widely used worldwide especially nowadays. These are used to protect people from getting the deadly covid 19 virus. If you need our covid 19 vaccine, we make sure it is high-quality at competitive costs. We make sure you can get the most effective and safe covid 19 vaccine.

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When you pick Weprofab, you are sure in good hands! Our goal is to satisfy your needs and make your business more successful. We also offer great services and other hot offers to meet your requirements.

Aside from covid 19 vaccines, you can also get a top-quality oxygen cannula, oxygen tubing connector, oxygen tube ear protector, nasal cannula, and more.

Please do contact us for more product info and updates!

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