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Acrylic Toilet Seats

Weprofab is providing outstanding designs of acrylic toilet seats in China. There are wide array of acrylic toilet seats, helpful in fulfilling the desired progress to your business. Send us inquiries for further clarification about our products & services.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Toilet Seats to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is the professional supplier & manufacturer of any acrylic toilet seat designs. We ensure to fabricate acrylic toilet seats from magnificent quality materials.

Wholesale Acrylic Toilet Seats

Weprofab professionally manufactured any designs of acrylic toilet seats. We deliver them to all possible ways to increase your business profits.

Thickened Acrylic Toilet Seats

Weprofab is the right supplier of any thickened acrylic toilet seats worldwide. Whatever the thickness you require, we are happy to supply you.

See Through Acrylic Toilet Seats

In terms of high-quality see-through acrylic toilet seats, Weprofab is the right manufacturer and supplier. In all possible ways, we can deliver your orders on time.

Modern Acrylic Toilet Seats

Are you having difficulties in searching for modern acrylic toilet seats in the global market? Be glad to check Weprofab. We have all kinds of acrylic toilet seats you desire.

Decorative Acrylic Toilet Seats

At the leading factory in China, Weprofab creates acrylic toilet seats for decor purposes. These will give a huge impact on your business.

Acrylic Toilet Seats Manufacturer

Weprofab is proud to offer acrylic toilet seats with different authentic designs. These products are helpful to roar the business you handle.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Toilet Seats Manufacturer

For over 20 years of experience, we, Weprofab intend to be the premier fabricator of acrylic toilet seats and more acrylic products in China. As we continue to expand, rising our capabilities, and grow our marketability, our clients can rely on us for the excellent quality of our products.

In the whole fabrication process, we use our newest equipment together with our expertise to meet the exact needs of every customer. We have full capabilities to manufacture acrylic toilet seats according to your requirements.

Contact us if you need further assistance in whole purchase transactions.

Custom Acrylic Toilet Seats to Skyrocket Your Brand

White Hex Acrylic Toilet Seats

Weprofab white hex acrylic seats can showcase your brand to the next level. Choosing Weprofab as acrylic toilet seats are a great idea.

Reflect Acrylic Toilet Seats

Weprofab designed to reflect acrylic toilet seat through our state-of-the-art technologies and machines. We can boom you brand through our products.

Ocean Themed Acrylic Toilet Seats

A lot of excellent options are available at Weprofab. Different options for broad variety of applications.

Butterfly Themed Acrylic Toilet Seats

In Weprofab, we have countless supplies of acrylic toilet seats with butterfly-themed designs. The services you deserve are ready to serve.

Acrylic Round Toilet Seats

When you are looking for excellent acrylic round toilet seats from a trusted supplier, try to check out Weprofab! We have the right products for you.

Impact Resistant Acrylic Toilet Seats

Impact-resistant acrylic toilet seats are strong and durable. Molded of high-impact acrylic material that is resistant to excessive impacts. Built to last a long time with unmatched comfort and quality.

Flexible Acrylic Toilet Seats

Flexible acrylic toilet seats are ideal with any restop. Arrives with flexible foam for added beauty and comfort. Features rubberized seat bumpers with distinct colors, dimensions, and designs.

Decorative Colored Acrylic Toilet Seats

Decorative colored acrylic toilet seats feature an adjustable configuration and are easy to install. Characterizes a decorative structure and appearance for a charming look. Includes a perfect finishing touch.

Glitters Acrylic Toilet Seats

Glitters acrylic toilet seats have an astoundingly amusing design. Features a glittery seat for a glimmering appearance. Made of clear acrylic with a see-through cover. Perfect for aspirational bath décor.

Custom Color Acrylic Toilet Seats

Custom color acrylic toilet seats have a large selection of colors, sizes, and styles to choose from. Engineered using a top-quality acrylic with a slow-closing hinge. This will last longer and can be cleaned easily.

Clear Transparent Acrylic Toilet Seats

Clear transparent acrylic toilet seats are designed to improve the fashionable appeal in any location. Includes a brass bar hinge that fits various front bowls. Made with crystal-clear acrylic material.

Kids Acrylic Toilet Seats

Kids acrylic toilet seats are made of superior quality acrylic material. Characteries a high-impact structure that resists cracking. Primarily designed for kids which are tougher and long-lasting.

Solid Color Acrylic Toilet Seats

Solid color acrylic toilet seats are made of a stain-resistant material. Includes a slow-close hinge with an admirable feature. Comes in a solid color in different styles and dimensions. Adjustable from front to back.

Flower Acrylic Toilet Seats

Flower acrylic toilet seats are long-lasting and heavyweight. Easy to clean and has an innovative one-piece nut. Designed with dried flower shells in a wide range of colors. Can resist cracking and fading.

Glossy Acrylic Toilet Seats

Glossy acrylic toilet seats are made of high-quality acrylic which is environmentally friendly. Can be installed quickly without using tools. Features a quick-release hinge that allows for a stable structure.

Clear Decorative Acrylic Toilet Seats

Clear decorative acrylic toilet seats are environmentally friendly and are resistant to chemical damage. This toilet seat is available in different colors, styles, and dimensions. Built for an elegant and durable look.

White Acrylic Toilet Seats

White acrylic toilet seats characterize a hard-wearing bracket mount with foam-protected hinges. Features a corrosion-proof solution and arrives in white color. Blend in easily with any bathroom furniture.

Textured Acrylic Toilet Seats

Textured acrylic toilet seats include sleek and simple designs. Provides a luminous finish with a textured surface. Offers UV paint that will not be discolored over time. It incudes quick-open hinges.

Matte Acrylic Toilet Seats

Matte acrylic toilet seats are chic and trendy seats. Have a matte finish that will stay gleaming over time. Features an elongated design which is soft to touch. A great addition to any type of bathroom.

Shells Acrylic Toilet Seats

Shells acrylic toilet seats are admired for having a subtle shimmer. Featuring a shell design that is easy to install. Available in various color options and are molded from high-impact acrylic material.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Toilet Seats

Weprofab is a certified manufacturer of acrylic toilet seats in mainland China. Our series of acrylic toilet seats are owned durable properties and 100% made from acrylic. It is suitable as an addition to any bathroom area. You can avail of acrylic toilet seats in custom sizes and creative designs for bathroom or comfort room installations.

Acrylic Toilet Seats

Our range of acrylic toilet seats is known for its pleasant features and characteristics. Its features include durable acrylic assembly, die-cast metal attachments, easy to clean surface, non-skid rubber bumpers, and many more. If you have business and you need our product, it`s our pleasure to be your partner and become your ultimate acrylic toilet seat supplier.

We are working in China, and professionally creating the best designs for acrylic toilet seats. Its great characteristics bring great impact and benefits to your business.

Weprofab acrylic toilet seats are designed for bathroom and comfort room applications. It gives a high comfort level and available in simple or elegant designs, depending on your specifications.

Acrylic Toilet Seats

Our team, Weprofab can customized acrylic toilet seats with great colors, designs, and sizes. It is an eco-friendly option you can find in the marketplace. It is a great substitute and most important to include for bathroom projects.

For over 20 years of experience, we, Weprofab intend to be the premier fabricator of acrylic toilet seats and more acrylic products in China. As we continue to expand, rising our capabilities, and grow our marketability, our clients can rely on us for the excellent quality of our products.

Almost everyone wants our acrylic toilet seats more than anything else to finalize comfort room projects. Due to its easy to clean, durability and shatterproof properties, making it more suitable for bathroom projects.

Acrylic Toilet Seats

In the whole fabrication process, we use our newest equipment together with our expertise to meet the exact needs of every customer. We have full capabilities to manufacture acrylic toilet seats according to your requirements.

If Weprofab lines of acrylic toilet seats catch your attention and you want for large orders, contact us without further hesitations! It`s our pleasure to grant your acrylic toilet seat wishes.

Acrylic Toilet Seats The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Acrylic toilet seat refers to a hinged unit, which consists of an oval or round open seat.

Often, this seat comes with a lid bottled onto the toilet bowl used in a sitting position.

This FAQ guide explains the numerous nitty-gritty regarding different aspects surrounding typical acrylic toilet seats.

Therefore, you’ll ultimately comprehend the general and specific elements about these components to allow you to make informed purchase decisions.

acrylic toilet seat

acrylic toilet seat

What Are The Benefits Of Acrylic Toilet Seats Over Other Materials?

Most modern structures in a wide range of commercial, residential, and industrial settings use acrylic toilet seats.

The popularity of these components is speedily growing since they offer numerous benefits such as the following;

Comfort And Style

Acrylic toilet seats combine both comfort and style, which is vital to the users.

They offer a unique classy style in the toilet space, making it attractive.


Acrylic toilet seats come in various designs, colors, shapes, and sizes.

All these allow you to use them in different toilet settings based on your preference and still attain best results.


Surface material of acrylic toilet seat is non-porous, making it pretty easy to clean.

It can never trap bacteria irrespective of how long it lasts or is exposed.

Furthermore, it is easy to wash, thus allowing you to maintain high hygienic standards.


Naturally, acrylic material used for making acrylic toilet seats is relatively lightweight.

And this is important in enhancing its durability since the seat won’t break irrespective of the number of times it falls on the bowl.


Acrylic is one of the strongest and toughest thermoplastic materials around.

It can withstand high impact pressure without breaking.

Moreover, it is also resistant to various conditions it could be subjected to, such as abrasive chemicals.

Thus, it can last for many years without degrading nor wearing out, making it an ideal investment.


Purchasing acrylic toilet seats, especially in bulk, is quite cost-effective.

Furthermore, with the quality of material and design construction of these toilet seats, the price is reasonably affordable.

Do Acrylic Toilet Seats Stain?

It depends on numerous circumstances.

Ordinarily, urine stains can always get to acrylic plastic seats in most cases.

And this can be problematic, particularly if it is a public toilet or one serving relatively many people daily.

Stains are likely to form on the surface of acrylic toilet seat if urine stays on it for long.

However, if you clean it regularly using recommended non-abrasive detergents, it can hardly stain.

Thus, the secret lies in frequent cleaning of the surface material of the toilet seats, and staining will hardly be a problem.

How Often Should You Replace Acrylic Toilet Seats?

Ideally, it is advisable to change acrylic toilet seats between 5-10 years.

However, the actual duration that a typical acrylic toilet seat should last before replacement is dependent on a host of variables.

For instance, the quality grade of acrylic material used for making the toilet seat is one of the determinant factors of exact duration.

In many cases, you can replace a toilet seat made from a superior acrylic grade after about 7-10 years.

At the same time, one manufactured from a relatively low material grade can be replaced in about five years, depending on its overall condition.

Secondly, the quality of installation also influences exactly how long the acrylic toilet seat should last before replacement.

Poor installation workmanship will require you to replace this component as soon as possible to prevent further inefficiencies or damages.

On the other hand, proper installation would mean the toilet seat guarantees efficiency and free from any damage.

As such, it can last for quite a number of years before replacing it.

And most importantly, the usage level is a great determinant factor for replacing acrylic toilet seats.

Generally, toilet seats used in public spaces are replaced faster and more frequently than ones used in residential settings.

What Are The Causes Of Yellowing in Acrylic Toilet Seats?

Technically, in the short or long run, acrylic toilet seats are bound to yellow.

However, yellowing in these items is attributed to several factors varying from user to user.

One cause is usually a result of mineral build-up.

Often, if you are using hard water in your toilet, there is a tendency for these minerals originating from it.

Notably, hard water contains several compounds, including calcium, iron, and magnesium.

These compounds usually tend to stick to any surface they find themselves on.

Another possible cause of yellowing in acrylic toilet seats is sunlight.

Sunlight emits UV, which invisible but causes sunburn on the surface material of this component.

Essentially, the ultraviolet rays usually penetrate the surface material, attack, and weaken its molecular structure.

In the long run, the seat’s surface starts yellowing due to the UV effects.

Thus, you may think that the toilet seat is dirty, but in a real sense, it’s yellowing from UV rays attack.

Another cause is usually due to using a relatively low grade in making acrylic toilet seats.

Ordinarily, acrylic material is available in more than 20 grades, and all feature different technical specifications.

Hence, one made from low-quality acrylic material will yellow easily.

In a nutshell, several elements contribute to yellowing of acrylic toilet seats, including the abovementioned ones.

How Do You Remove Yellowness From Acrylic Toilet Seats?

There are different options you can choose to use to get rid of yellowness from acrylic toilet seats.

The commonly preferred methods include the following;

Using Trisodium Phosphate

Add one tablespoonful of Trisodium Phosphate to about four liters of warm water.

Mix the two compounds thoroughly and soak a piece of soft cloth or rag into it.

Use the soaked rag or cloth to scrub the surface material of yellowed acrylic toilet seat until it is spotless.

Using Borax powder

It is a relatively powerful cleaning agent you can always buy from local hardware stores.

Just sprinkle the powder on the surface material of the toilet seat, get a brush and rub the seat.

Let it stay there for about 30 minutes once you have scrubbed, then wash away the powder using clean water and allow it to dry.

You’ll have a sparkling and clean acrylic toilet seat free from yellowness.


Take a small amount of vinegar and pour it on the brush, then use it to clean the toilet.

Scrub the brush on the surface material until the seat becomes completely clean.

Alternatively, you can pour vinegar into a spray bottle and use it to spray the surface material of yellowing acrylic toilet seat.

Let the vinegar settle for about 30 minutes, then use a soft piece of cloth to wipe the toilet seat.

Generally, the best way of removing yellowness from the surface material is by thoroughly cleaning using recommended detergents.

Additionally, you need to ensure you clean the acrylic toilet seat surface at least daily to remove reduce its chances of yellowing.

Can You Find Acrylic Toilet Seats For Children?


They are quite a number in the market.

Ordinarily, these refer to relatively small-sized acrylic toilet seats.

They are available for kids of different ages from 1-12 years old.

Alternatively, you can ask the manufacturer to customize your acrylic toilet seats to a suitable size for children.

acrylic toilet seat for children

acrylic toilet seat for chilldren

Are Acrylic Toilet Seats Shatter-Proof?


The primary material used for making these toilet seats is derived from natural components, albeit in inert form.

When processed, it forms a solid molecular structure, which strengthens it and making it shatterproof.

Thus, it can never crack nor break even when subjected to intense mechanical pressure.

Furthermore, numerous strength-enhancing additives are often integrated into this component during its manufacturing process.

In essence, these additives reinforce the overall strength of acrylic toilet seats, making them more extremely shatter-proof.

As such, if it has to break, it only does so in large dull pieces but can hardly shatter.

What Factors Should You Look Into When Buying Acrylic Toilet Seats?

It is vital always to consider some crucial elements whenever you are shopping for suitable acrylic toilet seats.

Technically, such factors enable you to select the specific toilet seats that fit your demands in a wide range of aspects.

The critical factors you must always look into include the following;

  • Comfort – Of course, you will never want to seat on an uncomfortable toilet seat.Thus, you need to ensure you are going for a design offering ultimate comfort.
  • Compatibility – This is a critical factor to consider, specifically if you already have a toilet bowl and you’re merely looking for the seat.Ensure it fits on the bowl properly, and shapes of the surfaces also match accordingly.
  • Design – It essentially refers to the general appearance of the acrylic toilet seat you are purchasing.Different people have varied tastes and preferences as far as their toilet seat appearance is concerned.If you like simplicity, you can choose simple designs or custom designs if you prefer class and sophistication.
  • Ease of installation – Figure out whether you’ll need an expert to fix the component on your toilet bowl or you’ll DIY it.Generally, it is advisable to select a design you can easily fix without assistance of an expert.
  • Material grade- Determine the ideal acrylic material grade that matches the demands of your toilet.Ideally, public toilets require high-grade acrylic material seats since they are subjected to excessive use.
  • Material thickness – Acrylic toilet seats are available in different thickness sizes. Thus, you ought to decide the best one based on the toilet usage.
  • Color – Acrylic material
  • Cost – The price for purchasing these components is also vital since they are often available at different rates.Ideally, ensure you choose varieties, which fit within your budget with quality worth the price.
  • Ease of cleaning – Always choose a particular acrylic toilet seat design you can easily clean at any given time.

One with a quick-release feature allows you to pop the seat off when in need of cleaning under it and return once done.

What Are The Available Acrylic Toilet Seat Designs?

Technically, the shape of acrylic toilet seat design must match that of the toilet bowl for compatibility.

There are two major shapes of acrylic toilet seats, and they are as follows;

Round Acrylic Toilet Seats

A standard design measures 16.5 inches from the middle of mounting holes to the front of the toilet bowl.

These designs are somewhat shorter and ideal for small washrooms.

round acrylic toilet seat

round acrylic toilet seat

Elongated Acrylic Toilet Seats

Relatively longer than round acrylic toilet seats with a measurement of about 18.5 inches from the center of mounting holes to the bowl.

They appear more comfortable than round designs but tend to take more space in the washroom.

elongated acrylic toilet seat

elongated acrylic toilet seat

Which Is A Better Option To Consider Between Round And Elongated Acrylic Toilet Seats?

It is primarily dependent on your specific demand, taste, and preference.

Round acrylic toilet seat designs are regarded as smaller and somehow uncomfortable to the users.

However, they occupy smaller space, thus ideal for compact toilet spaces.

On the other hand, elongated acrylic toilet seat designs are relatively long and regarded to be more comfortable.

Nonetheless, they occupy larger space thus need a bigger toilet space.

What Are The Features Of Ideal Acrylic Toilet Seats?

The main features of a typical acrylic toilet seats include the following;

  • Good impact-strength
  • Relatively ductile
  • Chemical resistance
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent weatherability

How Do You Install Acrylic Toilet Seats?

From time to time, you’ll need to replace acrylic toilet seats due to many reasons.

Replacement could be due to damage, worn-out component, extreme discoloration, or augmentation to enhance the appearance of your toilet and space.

In such circumstances, you need to know how to fix the component properly to guarantee efficiency and best results.

Here is a step-by-step process of how to install this type of toilet seats;

  • Set all the relevant tools and materials you’ll need for the task, including pliers, flathead screwdriver, spray oil and hacksaw, etc.
  • Remove the old toilet seat by detaching it from the toilet bowl by loosening the nuts.
  • Place the new acrylic toilet seat, snap it on the toilet bowl and tighten the nuts.
  • Clear the workspace and start using the toilet
    It such simple but only attainable if you have a compatible acrylic toilet seat.

How Much Do Acrylic Toilet Seats Cost?

Several variables determine the actual cost of acrylic toilet seats.

In many instances, the quantity you purchase influences the actual price.

Most manufacturers offer better discounts on purchasing bulk rather than small quantities.

Secondly, the specific design of acrylic toilet seats you are purchasing is another fundamental element determining the cost.

Designs featuring elements such as quick-release systems tend to be more expensive than simple ones.

Also, custom designs with relatively thick and colored surface material tend to be more expensive.

However, the price range for a basic acrylic toilet seat starts from $10.

What Is The Suitable Thickness For Acrylic Toilet Seat Material?

It varies depending on the actual usage of the seat and your design preference.

Nonetheless, the recommended thickness for a standard acrylic toilet seat should never be less than 2.5 inches.

Is There Color Limitation For Acrylic Toilet Seats?


These toilet seats are available in a wide range of color variations.

You can find them in up to 50 colors or more, depending on the manufacturer you are purchasing from.

colored acrylic toilet seat

colored acrylic toilet seat

Essentially, this is vital since it broadens your choice options as far as getting the ideal color is concerned.

Moreover, it allows you to choose a color shade that complements the specific scheme of your toilet space.

You can also find acrylic toilet seats in multi-colored shades.

These are seats with more than one color on their surface material.

Do All Acrylic Toilet Seats Fit All Toilet Bowls?


Industrial standards guide acrylic toilet seat sizes.

Typically, all toilets have seat post holes on 5 ½ inches centers.

All-round bowl toilets are 16 ½ inches, whereas elongated bowl toilets are 18 ½ inches.

Thus, standard acrylic toilet seats will fit either elongated or round bowl toilets, respectively.

However, if you go for custom acrylic toilet seats, you’ll need a special bowl with corresponding dimensions.

Such custom toilet seats are often known as proprietary seats.

Can You Repair Damaged Acrylic Toilet Seats?

It depends on the extent of damage to the surface material of acrylic toilet seat.

For instance, light scratches, which tend to be common due to regular washing, are easy to remove.

You only need to apply toothpaste on the scratched spot, rub in a circular motion for about 20 seconds and rinse.

You also get rid of stains and yellowing on the surface material.

However, serious damages like major cracks can be difficult and costly to repair.

Moreover, there is no guarantee that repairs on serious damages as such can uphold efficiency and reliability of these seats.

How Do Acrylic Toilet Seats And Polycarbonate Toilet Seats Compare?

Both acrylic and polycarbonate materials share common features thus can make relatively same toilet seats.

Even so, polycarbonate toilet seats are slightly superior to acrylic toilet seats in terms of a few features.

For instance, polycarbonate are stronger and exhibits more optical clarity compared to acrylic toilet seats.

Moreover, the former also exhibit slightly better resistance to different chemical substances and other environmental factors.

On the other hand, acrylic toilet seats have better resistance to scratch than polycarbonate alternatives.

Are Acrylic Toilet Seats Scratch-resistant?

Not necessarily.

The surface material of acrylic toilet seats is relatively hard thus exhibits better resistance to scratches.

However, it can get scratch marks, especially if abrasion materials are rubbed against it.

Luckily, it is easy to remove scratches from the surface material of this component to retain the original glossiness.

Are Acrylic Toilet Seats Safe?

They are safe in various aspects such as the following;

  • Non-reactive – They hardly react with any chemical substance irrespective of its abrasiveness.
  • Non-toxic – Acrylic toilet seats never emit toxic fumes or substances, whether they come in contact with a foreign substance or due to aging.
  • Shatterproof – The surface material can hardly break nor irrespective of the level of impact it’s subjected to.
  • Reusable – You can use acrylic toilet seats repeatedly in different toilets as long as the size is compatible with the toilet bowl.
  • Non-porous – It means it can never absorb water, thus eliminating the possibility of bacterial infestation on the material.

What Are The Shortcomings Of Acrylic Toilet Seats?

  1. It can be somewhat costly than other alternative materials depending on the design, brand, and material grade.
  2. Requires a high level of meticulous maintenance by regularly cleaning it to prevent staining and yellowing.

Why Should You Consider Importing Acrylic Toilet Seats From China?

Technically, China is the leading marketplace for purchasing different types of acrylic toilet sheets.

Several reasons are attributed to this aspect, and some of them include the following;


In China, you are guaranteed high-quality acrylic toilet seat variations.

You can always get the one made from a specific acrylic material grade of your preference.

And this is important because it allows you to find exactly what meets your demands and budget.


Several manufacturers produce different types of acrylic toilet seats in China.

Essentially, this favors the customers since the market is somewhat saturated, leading to relatively low prices.

In the end, you’ll save a considerable amount of money and increase your profit margin.


You can always find the specific type of acrylic toilet seat you are looking for in China.

Manufacturers are plenty, thus guaranteeing as many options as possible as far as design variety is concerned.

Flexible MOQ

You can always negotiate and agree with the manufacturer regarding a suitable MOQ that fits your requirements.

Most manufacturers offer flexible MOQ making it easy to obtain a particular number matching your budget and needs.

Faster Production Turnaround

In China, your order is processed within the shortest time possible irrespective of the quantity.

Chinese manufacturers have invested in advanced equipment and technology, making it easy to fulfill orders faster.

Of course, this makes it possible for you to get your order faster and reduce or eliminate unnecessary inconveniences.

What Are The Applicable Quality Standards That Acrylic Toilet Seats Comply With?

They are pretty several and usually applicable in different markets based on the stipulated regulations. Some of the commonly accepted worldwide include the following;

Restriction of Hazardous Substance Directive (RoHS)

American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM International)

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

SGS Certification

Total Quality Management (TQM)

At WeProFab, we design and manufacture a range of acrylic toilet seats, depending on your unique needs and requirements.

We can also support your OEM business.

Contact today for all your acrylic toilet seats needs.

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