Acrylic Knife Block

Do you want your collection of knives to look great and be protected?Acrylic knife blocks are the solution! They can keep the grease, dirt, and damage off of your knives. These blocks can also keep the knives sharp, clean, and in excellent condition. In addition to their functionality, they also add visual appeal to any kitchen area.

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Acrylic Six Knife Block
Acrylic Six Knife Block

The acrylic six knife blocks are ideal for restaurants and other kitchens.They are lightweight, spacious, and highly durable.

Acrylic 8 Knife Block
Acrylic 8 Knife Block

Your collection of knives will look classy with the acrylic eight knife blocks. They are commonly used in various restaurants.

Acrylic 5 Knife Block

The acrylic 5 knife blocks feature five slots for holding knives.They can elevate your kitchen’s appearance.

Acrylic 3 Knife Block
Acrylic 3 Knife Block

The acrylic 3 knife blocks will add style to any kitchen. They have a modern design, excellent stability, and durability.

Magnetic Acrylic Black Knife Block

The magnetic acrylic black knife blocks feature a removable and transparent acrylic side. They have a sleek design.

Acrylic Clear Knife Block
Acrylic Clear Knife Block

Theacrylic clear knife blocksfeature excellent clarity and stain resistance. They will also not get scratched easily.

Acrylic White Marble Knife Block

The acrylic white marble knife blocks can hold multiple knives in one place. They are chip-resistant and space-saving.

Acrylic Folding Knife Block
Acrylic Folding Knife Block

The acrylic folding knife blocks are designed with a stable and non-slip base. They can be stored with multiple knives.

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Main Advantages

  • Excellent Durability: Our acrylic knife blocks are sturdy enough to support the weight of the knives without breaking. They feature large weight capacity. Also, they are resistant to scratches, breaking, impact, and shattering.
  • Non-Slip Base: The acrylic knife blocks are designed with a non-slip base to ensure stability.
  • Ease of Cleaning: The acrylic knife blocks are easier to clean compared to wooden knife blocks. Their stains, dirt, and grease can be removed easily by wiping or washing with mild soap.

Choose WeProFabto Customize Your Acrylic Knife Block

WeProFab manufactures high-quality acrylic knife blocks at reasonable prices. Our acrylic knife blocks are designed for storing bread slicers, chef’s knives, paring knives, and other types of knives. They are manufactured from the highest quality acrylic resin. We have inspected the raw materials thoroughly including the finished products so they match international quality standards.

To help your business flourish, we can produce acrylic knife blocks based on your custom sizes, designs, colors, logo, etc. We accept OEM orders to grow your business.

Contact us today for your inquiries.

Things to Take into Account When Selecting an Acrylic Knife Block


When choosing acrylic knife blocks, you should consider their quality. You should ask questions such as:

  • Are they resistant to cracking?
  • Are they scratch-resistant
  • Can they hold the knives’ weight?


We offer acrylic knife blocks at different prices. But you should search for affordable yet quality acrylic knife blocks. Expensive acrylic knife blocks don’t always mean they have excellent quality. Therefore, you should always compare the prices before choosing the right acrylic blocks.


You should choose acrylic knife blocks that match your project needs.Shear holders, additional cutting boards, bottle openers, and other optional functions are included in some acrylic knife blocks. We can also customize them with the extra features you require.

Capacity & Size

Larger acrylic knife blocks are the better choice if you’re looking for blocks that can accommodate several knives. You should consider their width and length before selecting.

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