Acrylic Coin Holders

Acrylic Coin Holders

Acrylic coin holders are also known as coin cases or capsules. They are used as an alternative to vinyl or cardboard coin holders. Many coin collectors used acrylic coin holders to preserve or showcase their coin collections. They are also used to protect the coins from wear, dust, oxidation, or damage. Due to that, the coins will last for many years.

Get WeProFabAcrylic Coin Holders to Delight Your Customers

WeProFaboffers all kinds of coin holders made from the highest quality, durable, and PVC-free acrylic material. We implement thorough quality inspection from raw materials to finished products to make sure you receive acrylic coin holders that will surpass your expectations.

To fulfill any project needs, we produce acrylic coin holders in various shapes, colors, designs, coin slots, and sizes such as14mm – 160mm in diameter. We can also manufacture them according to your designs or specifications. If you have a specific coin size requirement, you can also tell us.

Square Acrylic Coin Holder

The square acrylic coin holders feature strong magnets on 4 corners for easy opening. They also have high transparency.

Hexagonal Acrylic Coin Holder

The hexagonal acrylic coin holders can hold coins in place. They are scratch-resistant, lightweight, and unique.

Round Coin Acrylic Holder

The round coin acrylic holders are designed with round corners to ensure a smooth touch. They are also easy to open.

Triangular Acrylic Coin Holder

The triangular acrylic coin holders are highly durable and clear. They are suitable for storing only onecoin.

Acrylic 24-Slot Coin Holder

The acrylic 24-slot coin holders are widely used in many casinos. They can be wall-mounted vertically or horizontally.

Acrylic 5-Slot Coin Holder

The acrylic 5-slot coin holders will make the coin collections seem floating. You can store different coins in them.

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Protects Collectible Items

The acrylic coin holders can be used for preserving, organizing, or displaying coins and other items such as:

  • Promotional coins
  • Historic currency coins
  • Tokens
  • Political buttons
  • Military medals
  • Race finisher medals
  • Badges
  • Medallions
  • Graded coins
  • Authenticated coins
  • Other high-value coins
Protects Collectible Items
Main Features

Main Features

  • Lightweight
  • Resistant to deformation
  • Crystal-clear transparency
  • High durability
  • Tight seal
  • Dust-proof
  • Moisture-proof

WeProFab – Your Leading Acrylic Coin Holders Manufacturer

WeProFabmanufactures high-quality acrylic coin holders at competitive prices to help you skyrocket your business. We have advanced production equipment and skilled engineers to produce your custom acrylic coin holders. Therefore, we can assure you that we can provide your special business needs. Just send us your drawings and sample.

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