• Uv Polycarbonate Sheet

Uv Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab is a qualified UV polycarbonate sheet manufacturer. We can fabricate the highest standard of UV polycarbonate sheets according to your own design. Using advanced and high-performance equipment we can create the best kind of UV polycarbonate sheet. Send us your idea today!

Get WeProFab Uv Polycarbonate Sheet Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is the ideal UV polycarbonate sheet manufacturer, who can help you to enhance your business visibility
and to increase solidity for your brand.

Recyclable Uv Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFab Uv polycarbonate sheet is more eye-catching than others. It provides the simplest yet unique looks. Find your ideal Uv polycarbonate sheet at WeProFab.

Anti-fog Uv Polycarbonate Sheet

For anti-fog Uv polycarbonate sheets, WeProFab fabricates a lot of selections. We offer durable from any circumstances. Accessible with a lot of features.

6mm Double Wall Uv polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFab is the greatest and reliable provider of 6mm double wall UV polycarbonate sheets in China. We can supply UV polycarbonate sheets worldwide.

Multi-Wall UV Polycarbonate Sheet
WeProFab can personalize your ideal coated Multi-Wall UV Polycarbonate Sheet. We have the capacity to provide the highest standard of Uv polycarbonate sheet.
Transparent Uv Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab creates a transparent Uv polycarbonate sheet by using perfect perfect material choice. Weprofab is a great manufacturer of all kinds of Uv polycarbonate sheets.

Super Clear Uv Polycarbonate Sheet

Our super clear uv polycarbonate sheet can able to protect against discoloring. We finalize products from assembling, packing, to offering the best services.

WeProFab: Your Leading Uv Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for fabrication.

As one of the professional uv polycarbonate sheet manufacturers, WeProFab could offer the best uv polycarbonate sheet to you based on your own application.

Our full capacity of plastic fabrication and metal fabrication can give you a one stop solution. Send us your inquiry now, we will give you satisfying service!


Custom Uv Polycarbonate Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Outdoor Uv Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet

Wepro outdoor UV-resistant polycarbonate sheet can help prevent damage from direct sunlight when being used outdoors. Weprofab can personalize outdoor UV-resistant polycarbonate sheets that you desire.

Uv Blocking Roof Polycarbonate Sheet

Uv blocking roof polycarbonate sheet in Weprofab is very useful. Weprofab can create uv blocking polycarbonate sheets with good characteristics.

Fire Retardant Uv Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab fire retardant Uv polycarbonate sheet has high impact resistance and weather resistance. Weprofab has a skilled designer to design your fire retardant UV polycarbonate sheet.

UV Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

The UV solid polycarbonate sheet can be cut in any length, width, and other customization option. It is ISO, SGS, and CE certified.

UV Soundproof Polycarbonate Sheet

UV soundproof polycarbonate sheet has good sound insulation. It has a great structure that greatly reduces sound transmission, making it ideal for various applications.

Frosted UV Polycarbonate Sheet

Frosted UV polycarbonate sheet is available in blue, clear, bronze, green, and opal colors. It can filter 99% ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight.

UV Blocking 3mm Polycarbonate Sheet

UV locking 3mm polycarbonate sheet has extreme clarity ensuring the best light transmission. It has great uniqueness compared favorably with glass.

UV Polycarbonate Sheet for All Season

The UV polycarbonate sheet for all seasons has good heat preservation and heat insulation. They have a solid structure, good impact strength, and a longer lifespan.

UV Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet

The UV polycarbonate roofing sheet is best for panel and roofing applications. It has strong resistance against yellowing and loss of light transmission.

UV Flat Polycarbonate Sheet

UV flat polycarbonate sheet is extremely lightweight, has good structure, good weather resistance, and is anti UV rays. It is suitable for molding and other processing methods.

UV Polycarbonate Board Panel Sheet

The UV polycarbonate board panel sheet has 100 times stronger than ordinary and toughened glass. It will never scratch and break easily.

UV Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet

UV hollow polycarbonate sheet features flame retardant and good fire resistance. It has no pore penetration problem and is known for its perfect construction.

Customizable UV Polycarbonate Sheet

The customizable UV polycarbonate sheet is suitable for corrosive workshops, coastal areas, and acid rain-probe areas. It can be customized in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

UV Polycarbonate Corrugated Sheet

The UV polycarbonate corrugated sheet is lighter in weight than glass materials. It also saves freight and installation cost.

UV Polycarbonate Sheet for Greenhouse

UV polycarbonate sheet for greenhouse has lower thermal conductivity. It is widely used for greenhouse applications. They provide an excellent temperature.

Anti-Scratch UV Polycarbonate Sheet

The anti-scratch UV polycarbonate sheet has excellent quality and is offered at a competitive price. It comes in color blue, clear, yellow, or customized.

Extruded UV Polycarbonate Sheet

The extruded UV polycarbonate sheet can be sawn, drilled, milled, and cut. It can be processed with standard working tools without the risk of rupture.

Black UV Polycarbonate Sheet

Black UV polycarbonate sheet provides superior performance and stable quality. It can be used for rugged and simple facilities.

UV Coated Polycarbonate Sheet

The UV-coated polycarbonate sheet has unique elastic no deformation capability. Due to their durability, UV-coated polycarbonate sheets can withstand large wind loads. 

UV Polycarbonate Sheet with Abrasion Resistant

The UV polycarbonate sheet with abrasion resistance is produced following strict international standards. It is a specialized design in mounting solutions.

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Why WeProFab Uv Polycarbonate Sheet

 Uv Polycarbonate Sheet

Wepro Uv polycarbonate sheet is a strong thermoplastic material that is lightweight and can withstand extremely low and high temperatures.

On the other hand it is very durable and can withstand damage and scratch.

Because polycarbonate is very durable and versatile, it is often assembled and glued with no special care.

Its flexibility also provides a good range of options to shape and style the structure.

Uv polycarbonate sheet ensures that the light rays coming within the structure are equally distributed and spread evenly throughout the building.

When utilized in greenhouses, it helps plants to grow faster at a consistent rate.

 Uv Polycarbonate Sheet

Moreover, it’s a UV filter coating, thus there’s no got to worry about providing further shading to guard the plants.

This type of roofing is usually utilized in sunrooms, patios, and other rooms that need natural light to be let in through the roof.

Most roofing panels also accompany a protective film layer to filter the sun’s UV rays.

Uv polycarbonate sheets can withstand force and are virtually unbreakable.

This is why they’re utilized in the development of bulletproof police shields.

The UV blockage is another huge advantage of those panels, making them the right material choice for constructing awnings in commercial buildings.

 Uv Polycarbonate Sheet

As the UV polycarbonate sheet is extremely light in weight, they will be easily transported and installed wherever they’re required.

Weprofab is a great manufacturer if you want to have the best kind of UV polycarbonate sheet.

WeProFab has been dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

Through delivering quality products on time and at competitive prices, we are ready to be your reliable Plastic fabrication supplier.

We provide our customers with unique UV polycarbonate sheet products to meet exact specifications.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team of staff works closely with designers and engineers in forming your ideas into reality.

Send your inquiries today and get our quicker actions!

Polycarbonate UV Transmission: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know there are many unanswered questions about polycarbonate UV transmission.

In fact, you could be wondering why polycarbonate yellow over time on exposure to UV.

Well, today’s guide will answer all questions you have been asking.

Let’s dive right in.

Does Polycarbonate Sheet Transmit UV?

Polycarbonate blocking UV

Polycarbonate blocking UV

Polycarbonates are known to have a reduced UV transmittance – one of their advantages over glass material.

Exposure to UV spectrum has numerous side effects, a reason as to why they are made with a protective layer during the manufacturing process.

A polycarbonate without UV protection is prone to a lot of risks that might lead to damage.

This involves yellowing of the material which eventually leads to degradation.

Yellowing polycarbonate sheet

Yellowing polycarbonate sheet

How Does Polycarbonate Block UV Transmission?

Polycarbonates are polymers consisting of strong absorbers mainly aromatic rings and ester groups. They help in blocking UV transmission by absorbing the UV spectrum rays.

This is achieved with the aid of a thin layer of protective UV material on its surface.

When sun rays hit this surface, they get absorbed basing on different wavelengths.

The energy absorbed breaks the covalent bonds initiating a series of reactions.

Besides, the wavelength depended reactions include photo-fries and photo-oxidation.

The absorbed radiations result in yellowing, cracking, and later degradation of the material.

How Do You Determine Rate Of Polycarbonate UV Transmission?

You could determine the rate of polycarbonate UV transmission with the help of the thickness of the material.

The thicker the material, the lower the rate of transmission whereas thin sheets have increased transmission rates. Color could also affect this but on a minor basis.

Accelerated Weathering Tester could also help in the evaluation of a polycarbonate’s performance.

This is inclusive of transmittance rates thereby developing an appropriate protective coat concerning UV transmission.

Will Tinting Change Rate Of Polycarbonate UV Transmission?

 Tinted polycarbonate sheet

Tinted polycarbonate sheet

Tinted polycarbonates, over the recent past, have been popularly known for their excellent visual appeal.

They also make good at resisting heat and damage that could otherwise be brought about by UV light.

The sheet is manufactured in all colors basing on your preferences.

With a tinted polycarbonate sheet, you are guaranteed maximum protection from UV radiation.

Considering the fact that they are better off than glass in terms of strength alongside other benefits, then it’s the perfect choice for you.

Is Polycarbonate UV Transmission Same As Polycarbonate Light Transmission?

Polycarbonate light transmission

Polycarbonate light transmission

Polycarbonates UV and light transmission seem to exhibit some similarities but differ in a few aspects.

Polycarbonates are widely known as an alternative option to glass when it comes to light transmission.

This is one of the reasons why most of you go for clear sheets when it comes to greenhouse construction.

Additionally, they are stronger and light when it comes to weight, not forgetting cost as they are relatively cheaper despite their resilience in transmitting light.

This provides optimal growing conditions for plants, which is always one of your priorities.

Their light transmission ability is estimated in a range of 80-90% strength.

UV transmission on the other hand is more specific on the radiations brought about by sun rays.

The rays are known to be more dangerous when compared to light.

Exposure to these rays is harmful to both users as well as the sheet, this explains why they are coated with a protective sheet.

Studies indicate that you are at higher risk of contracting cancer alongside other side effects with much exposure to the radiation.

The rays are also subject to discoloration of the sheets which is seen over time. UV transmission is based on different wavelengths as opposed to light.

Does Polycarbonate UV Transmission Result In Yellowing Over Time?

Yes. Polycarbonate is known to discolor over time as a result of prolonged exposure to sun rays.

Discoloration and yellowing are commonly experienced problems that later result in the degradation of the material.

Usually, they are coated with a UV protection layer which is responsible for the absorption of radiations brought about by sun rays.

Absorption of these radiations is subject to discoloration and even yellowing of the sheet.

This lowers the aesthetic performance of the sheet as it is already losing some of its performance properties.

Cracks and breakages are also expected concerning degradation, a sign of life extinction.

How Can You Prevent Yellowing Of Polycarbonate Material Due To UV?

Polycarbonates are more prone to yellowing with prolonged exposure to UV rays.

Yellowing reduces their overall performance in all applications as well as a value which eventually leads to degradation of the material.

You can avoid this by coming up with protection measures for long-term service.

One of the measures you could practice is considering location when purchasing.

Since regions closer to the equator are very hot with intense UV rays, polycarbonates used in this area are more prone to yellowing which shortens their lifespan.

For this reason, you should include your locality when giving specifications since UV protection varies for different polycarbonates.

By so doing, manufacturers will advise properly on the best polycarbonate for prolonged service.

Alternatively, you should ensure purchasing of polycarbonates that are safe from UV effects.

This is usually upon manufacturers to ensure that the polycarbonates meet these requirements.

It involves the oxygen process and pressure which speeds up the yellowing process.

Does Polycarbonate UV Transmission Cause Material Degradation?

Yes, prolonged UV transmission and exposure lead to degradation of the polycarbonate.

Polycarbonates block UV transmission by absorption of the UV radiations with the help of the UV protection coating.

For instance, UV radiations are known to be the major cause of chemical bonds breaking in polymers.

Polycarbonates without the protective layer are prone to discoloration by yellowing the material.

This lowers the strength of the material by speeding up degradation as well as performance service.

The protection layer increases the service of this sheet and that is why it is considered.

Is Degree Of Polycarbonate UV Transmission Important When Constructing Greenhouse?

 Polycarbonate for green house

Polycarbonate for greenhouse

Most modern greenhouses are constructed with materials that are resistant to UV rays and light thereby protecting plants.

One of the factors why the sheet is considered for greenhouse construction.

Usually, polycarbonate sheets are coated with UV protection to help minimize the diverse side effects to plants.

However, some people prefer materials that let in UV rays and lights to help promote some natural aspects that may be beneficial to plants.

Therefore, the degree of UV transmission depends on your self-interest.

The placing of orders for these sheets is based on your preferences.

Why Should You Protect Polycarbonate From UV?

Polycarbonates are known to resist UV transmission through the absorption of UV rays.

This is achieved with help of a thin layer of UV protection, a reason why it is considered during the manufacturing process.

During installation, the coated layer faces the upper side towards the sunray’s direction.

Continued absorption of these rays is what leads to yellowing of the sheet thus losing its aesthetic value as well as performance.

Protection helps to increase a long-term service, as well as a safe secure performance of the sheet thus saving you from maintenance, are replacement cost expenses.

Manufacturers are always in full consent of this and would always prioritize it while manufacturing the sheet.

Most manufacturers tend to test polycarbonate sheets prolonged service with help of an Accelerated Weathering Tester before disposing of the sheet.

Appropriate levels of the coating are therefore done concerning your locality.

Is Polycarbonate UV Resistant?

No, the material itself is never UV resistant despite being strong and durable.

For this reason, it is coated with a UV-resistant material to minimize exposure of users to certain risks that result from UV radiation.

Without the UV protection layer, yellowing and degradation of the material are expected over a very short time. Concurrently, maintenance and replacement costs are to be expected.

What Are The Applications Of Polycarbonate With UV Protection?

Polycarbonates are diversly used in agriculture for the construction of greenhouses because of their excellent UV protection ability.

They are also used for roofing in building applications. This includes skylights glazing lights, canopies, and atriums.

Your safety from adverse effects caused by UV rays is highly managed.

For any questions or inquiry about polycarbonate UV transmission, contact WeProFab now.

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