• Acrylic Frag Tank

Acrylic Frag Tank

We have been supporting business in more than 20 years in this industry. We can manufacture amazing styles and unique acrylic frag tank. It is manufactured in a high specification that is negotiable and profitable. Deal with our staff now and get an easier and safety process.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Frag Tank to Delight Your Customers

We could offer an acrylic frag tank which helps you gain excellent profits. Our acrylic frag tanks are available in sizes, styles, and have different features. This will help you grow your project faster and bigger.

Clear Acrylic Frag Tank

You can choose what will be suited for your project if you search for clear acrylic frag tanks. It has excellent raw material that is very durable and effective.

Custom Acrylic Frag Tank

WeProFab is an expert in customizing plastic fabrication such as acrylic frag tanks. It has a reasonable cost that will surely let customers get our products.

Cut-to-size Acrylic Frag Tank

WeProFab can manufacture acrylic frag perfectly. WeProFab has its own engineers who are skilled and professional who can make it perfect and be fitted to your task.

Personalize Acrylic Frag Tank

WeProFab can personalize your sent designs. We are one of the acrylic frag tank manufacturers who can custom acrylic frag tank according to your designs.

Resistant Acrylic Frag Tank

We fully support every application by creating or manufacturing great resistance for acrylic frag tanks. You can demand your desired customization.

Acrylic Frag Tank Manufacturer

WeProFab is the best and well-experienced manufacturer in China. We will give an amazing option for every product you purchase for sustaining your project.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Frag Tank Manufacturer

WeProFab offers a one-stop solution as we are one of the trusted producers around the world. We are linked between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. Our very watchful and skilled team will be friendly to assist you.

WeProFab acrylic frag tank is perfect to add more display. We made it perfect with the amazing quality of materials. Surely, it will be suitable whatever you want to put inside.

As we are an experienced manufacturer for more than 20 years, WeProFab can make every process successful. In so many years in this industry, there are different customers who always prefer dealing with us. For a quicker action, let WeProFab handle it.



Custom Acrylic Frag Tank to Expand Your Brand

Big Acrylic Frag Tank

WeProFab acrylic frag tanks are good for collecting colonies from coral frag. It is more durable than glass because of the material.

Bulletproof Acrylic Frag Tank

Make sure your acrylic frag tanks are safe and secure from any possible situations. We have bulletproof acrylic frag tanks available which surely protect everyone.

Decorative Acrylic Frag Tank

You can demand what will be your desired decor for acrylic frag tanks. Get our competitive cost decorative acrylic frag tanks perfect for boosting brands.

Rimless Acrylic Frag Tank

A perfect rimless acrylic frag tank manufactured by WeProFab is available with different stocks. It will be purchased at reasonable prices suitable for saving money.

All-in-one Acrylic Frag Tank

WeProFab all-in-one acrylic frag tanks are perfect for saving the budget. All you need is provided. Let WeProFab make an outstanding design and customization.

Impact Resistant Acrylic Frag Tank

Impact-resistant acrylic frag tank is a great addition to any display tank. Widely used in healing, growth, sale or trade of coral fragments. Made with an impact-resistant acrylic that permits a separate viewing of corals.

Custom Acrylic Frag Tank

A custom acrylic frag tank is equipped with various sections that can accommodate different components and corals. Offered with slightly beveled edges that are upgraded to museum quality. Fully polished all around.

Small Acrylic Frag Tank

A small acrylic frag tank includes protective sides for easy and safe transport. A quick and a great solution to any environment where space savings are a concern. Available in small sizes with different thicknesses.

Large Acrylic Frag Tank

A large acrylic frag tank works best to show off various corals. Perfectly applicable to be used in any DIY projects, displays, frag growth tank, and much more. Manufactured using a fluorescent reef-safe acrylic.

Low Profile Acrylic Frag Tank

Low profile acrylic frag tank is perfect for growing corals. Equipped with an egg crate platform and can be installed in multiple layers. Includes a pre-drilled return hole with gently beveled edges.

10 Gallon Acrylic Frag Tank

A 10-gallon acrylic frag tank is an elegant product that serves its purpose efficiently. Ideal for providing enough space for frags and can handle up to 10 gallons of water. Generally built for displaying and growing corals.

Rimless Acrylic Frag Tank

The rimless acrylic frag tank is popular for its uncompromising commitment to quality. Ideal for top-down display with a large surface area. Designed with greater flexibility, stability, and impact resistance.

Acrylic Hybrid Frag Tank

The acrylic hybrid frag tank is available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Produced to sustain the needs of modern hobbyists and other commercial applications. Cheaper and easier to maintain.

Thick Acrylic Frag Tank

A thick acrylic frag tank has various sizes to choose from. Arrives with a thick bottom and back with bulkhead holes. Widely utilized to quarantine corals and is often used as display. Comes with a natural appearance.

Algae Free Acrylic Frag Tank

Algae-free acrylic frag tank arrives with pre-drilled holes that can hold different types of tanks securely. Perfect for mounting torch corals and capable to avoid the accumulation of algae and other hazardous elements.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Frag Tank

If you have a plan to purchase a large order of acrylic frag tank, WeProFab is a prime supplier and manufacturer of acrylic frag tanks from China. WeProFab is a worldwide trusted supplier that gives quality and a one-stop solution whether you are a newbie.

WeProFab acrylic frag tanks are very helpful to those who sell corals. Coral frags can make own colony inside the acrylic frag tanks.

Acrylic Frag Tank

WeProFab acrylic frag tanks are display tanks that are perfect for display because of their lighter weight capability. WeProFab can give you an excellent offer for acrylic frag tanks.

Both glass and acrylic will scratch, but scratches on acrylics will be easy to remove. If it will fall or break, acrylic frag tanks can be repaired easily unlike glass.

Acrylics are popular and known as 10x stronger if we compare it to glass. We fabricated it perfectly through our complete high tech machines.

If acrylic frag tanks are your top priority in purchasing, WeProFab will be your excellent choice. WeProFab is a leading plastic manufacturer the reason why we are a certified and qualified producer.

Acrylic Frag Tank

WeProFab acrylic frag tanks are more durable than glass.  These types of frag tanks are easy to carry. It is easy to move and change the location because of lightweight materials.

A lot of customers prefer WeProFab as always because we build an amazing and solid relationship. It’s not easy to trust especially if you’re a newbie. But WeProFab is great in giving the best suggestion.

Acrylic Frag Tank

From before, acrylics have a great advantage, unlike other materials. Glass frag tanks can’t fix the scratch issues, while acrylic can repairs it all.

Don’t hesitate to deal with WeProFab. We will make it easy for you.

WeProFab will be your great partner if you need to expand your brand. We will supply your acrylic frag tank orders ahead of time. We will check each product’s quality so we can prevent any returns.

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