• Polycarbonate Trim

Polycarbonate Trim

WeProFab is a superior distributor of polycarbonate trim in China and supply around the world. We can custom, resistance, thermoform, and many other processes that make polycarbonate trim perfect quality. Send us your inquiries!

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Trim to Delight Your Customers

We are one of the leading polycarbonate trim suppliers and fabricators in China. We are responsible to delight your customers with our amazing quality polycarbonate trims.

Clear Polycarbonate Trim

WeProFab clear polycarbonate trim accessible in any amount of stocks that are ready to ship for you. We can ensure a smooth process.

Custom Polycarbonate Trim

WeProFab can custom polycarbonate trim based on your project needs or your demand. Polycarbonate trim is affordable to purchase at WeProFab.

Extrusion Polycarbonate Trim

If you are looking for a durable and affordable polycarbonate trim extrusion, WeProFab always provides. Purchasable at friendly rates yet the best quality for business.

Polycarbonate Trim Manufacturer

The best manufacturer ensures high-class polycarbonate trims that will be fitted in both business and personal purposes. We have a complete technology and facilities.

Resistant Polycarbonate Trim

The best resistance for polycarbonate trims is attainable at any number of orders. When purchasing, you can also design and send your designs.

Thermoforming Polycarbonate Trim

WeProFab can do thermoforming for polycarbonate trims. we are expert in designing and making with different processes. Great quality polycarbonate trims/

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Trim Manufacturer

As one of the superior producer of polycarbonate trim in China, WeProFab ensures to follow standards. WeProFab follows RoHS, REACH, and UL standards so that our customer’s special requirements will be sustained.

We are a joint-venture company of WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We are offering one-stop solutions when purchasing our awesome quality of polycarbonate trims.

You can get what you desired and you deserve an amazing stock of polycarbonate trims. You can provide what your business desires by dealing with us. Send your designs and inquiries!

Custom Polycarbonate Trim to Expand Your Business

Black Polycarbonate Trim

WeProFab black polycarbonate trims are perfect and suitable for final applications. Black colors will be matched in any polycarbonate sheet colors.

Brown Polycarbonate Trim

WeProFab brown polycarbonate trims are also applicable for my sheet colors of polycarbonates. Affordable to choose from our best selections.

Multi-wall Polycarbonate Trim

We have multi wall polycarbonate trims. It fits from any sheet types that WeProFab designed to be more durable and hold sheet tightly.

Transparent Polycarbonate Trim

This is also an elegant and unique type of polycarbonate trims. It is clean and elegant in any applications, especially for partition installations.

White Polycarbonate Trim

This is also the most common user’s first choice in adding building materials. Design your polycarbonate trims and let WeProFab fabricates perfectly.

Black Polycarbonate Trim

WeProFab Black Polycarbonate Trim can be applied to industrial applications and glazing. It is practically unbreakable and a practical choice for many industrial, glazing, design, and structural applications, as well as thermoformed and manufactured components.

Clear Polycarbonate Trim

WeProFab Clear Polycarbonate Trim are excellent for applications where edge protection is required but protected content must still be visible. Additionally, it is heavily coated on both sides with an abrasion-resistant material to prevent damage.

Custom Color Polycarbonate Trim

WeProFab Custom Color Polycarbonate Trim offers exceptional durability and impact resistance, and it comes in a variety of colors. For a variety of applications, it’s a great option.

Flexible Polycarbonate Trim

WeProFab Flexible Polycarbonate Trim was created to fill that gap; they are a durable and adaptable product perfect for establishments like schools, hospitals, and prisons where accumulating abrasions are a worry.

Gray Polycarbonate Trim

WeProFab Gray Polycarbonate Trim is economical to finish your polycarbonate roof’s side margins. Unlike acrylic, it is more malleable and may be molded at ambient temperature.

High Gloss Polycarbonate Trim

WeProFab High Gloss Polycarbonate Trim is highly scratch resistant and has excellent optical quality. There have never been more environmentally responsible solutions for screen printing, vinyl application, cutting, routing, engraving, forming, bending, shaping, and bonding.

Impact Resitant Polycarbonate Trim

WeProFab Impact Resitant Polycarbonate Trim possesses exceptional mechanical, optical, electrical, and thermal qualities. With its flame retardancy, scratch resistance, durability, and heat resistance, it is very adaptable.

Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Trim

WeProFab Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Trim is protected from scratches and scuffs with a tough coating on both sides. It can be used to protect plants and artwork because it also provides UV protection.

Solid Polycarbonate Trim

WeProFab Solid Polycarbonate Trimare clear, UV-resistant, and lightweight, making this Solid Polycarbonate Trim material the preferred option for many architects and designers. It can be utilized for soundproofing, internal dividers, and door and window awnings.

Translucent Polycarbonate Trim

WeProFab Translucent Polycarbonate Trim includes an end closure to protect the breather tape and keep bugs and water out, or it can be used as a protective edge trim throughout the length. It has great ink adhesion, impact resistance, and ease of production.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Trim

Polycarbonate Trim

WeProFab polycarbonate trims are perfect and suitable for lots of applications. It is suitable for any closures. Each application of polycarbonate sheets has finished at edges. Each edge needs polycarbonate trims so it can be installed perfectly and durable. It holds polycarbonate sheets tight.

If you are looking for durable and versatile polycarbonate trims, WeProFab can be considered as your excellent partner. We created polycarbonate trims with outstanding raw material.

We, WeProFab also have many expert polycarbonate trim designers. They did a lot of research when fabricating polycarbonate trims to ensure the quality of polycarbonate trims.

Polycarbonate Trim

There are double-wall polycarbonate trims which easy to install or assemble. It is accessible at different colors and customizations according to your application and installation needs.

Commonly, polycarbonate trims size is 6mm above. There are different sizes of polycarbonate trims you can choose from. It is perfectly suited in business since it is a negotiable type of trims and profitable because of an attractive look. Not just the look of polycarbonate but it has durability and unbreakable capabilities.

Polycarbonate trims are a professional closure for polycarbonate sheets and panel installations. It also fits in framing and perfects to add in building materials.

If you look for a negotiable and durable polycarbonate trim, we are responsible to give what you desired. We fully support every customer handled projects and supply their requested designs and customizations for polycarbonate trims.

Polycarbonate Trim

If you are planning to build a great relationship with WeProFab, it was a great choice since we handle the whole operation smoothly so it will be no hassle for you.

We have a lot of staff in holding operations to keep the process safe and secure. We assure all the products like polycarbonate trims are in great quality and secure packaging to prevent damage and returns.

In finding the right polycarbonate trims, you can request from WeProFab to design your own orders. You can send polycarbonate trim drawings or design at WeProFab. Contact us now!

Polycarbonate Trim: The Complete FAQ Guide

Polycarbonate trim is a linear extruded profile attached to hold, protect, or seal a specified surface in form of a molding.

It is available in various styles designed to serve in different applications.

This guide explores a wide range of factors concerning polycarbonate trims looking into the critical aspects in detail .

By the end of this article, you’ll understand how such elements are vital in shaping your purchase decision of polycarbonate trims.

What Benefits Do Investing In Polycarbonate Trim Offers?

A Polycarbonate Trim

A Polycarbonate Trim

Polycarbonate trim is a component worth investing in for your project since it provides numerous benefits.

Such benefits include the following;

  • Environmental friendly – This material hardly corrodes nor reacts with any substance to emit toxic fumes or compounds. Besides, the base material is fully recyclable, making it an ideal option for preserving the environment.
  • Classy – A properly installed polycarbonate trim provides an innovative and modern appearance to various structures. It guarantees unmatched aesthetics and increases the general visual appeal of the project.
  • Lightweight – It is generally lightweight, making it an ideal choice since it reduces transportation and handling costs while enhancing convenience.
  • Durable – The base material of this component exhibits an excellent strength-to-weight ratio making it difficult to break. Thus, it can last for many years, which is vital since it saves unnecessary repair and replacement costs.
  • Weatherability – Polycarbonate trim has incredible resistance to different weather conditions such as high temperature and UV resistance.
  • Easy to customize – You can fabricate this component using various techniques to customize it to suit your preference and application demands.

Where Do You Commonly Use Polycarbonate Trim?

Ordinarily, polycarbonate trims are used in numerous applications across various industries.

However, the common spaces include the following;

  • Hallways – Polycarbonate trims come in handy in hallways, which in many instances endure high human traffic. Thus, these components are used for protecting or guarding relatively exposed surfaces in this space.
  • Interior design – In modern construction, polycarbonate trims play a major impact as one of the main finishing materials. They guarantee aesthetic value and protect susceptible surfaces.
  • Offices – In offices, polycarbonate trims hide various networking and related cables for computers, printers, hidden cameras, and routers among others.
  • Commercial spaces – This component is also common in different commercial areas such as retail stores and shopping malls.
  • Garage and parking spaces – Polycarbonate trims are also used in garages and parking spaces, mostly for concealing cables and enhancing aesthetics.

Poycarbonate Trims Are Great To Use When Hiding Cables

Polycarbonate Trims Are Great To Use When Hiding Cables

What Makes Polycarbonate Trim To Stand Out Among Other Materials?

Ordinarily, polycarbonate trim is becoming relatively popular these days in various applications.

Of course, the popularity arises from the several convenient features of polycarbonate material used for making these components.

Some elements making it to be more popular than other materials offering similar solutions include the following;

Outstanding Dimensional Stability

Technically, polycarbonate material exhibits excellent resistance to constant temperature changes.

Thus, this trim maintains its size, shape, and dimensions irrespective of the temperature changes it is likely to be exposed to.

Exceptional Impact Resistance

Polycarbonate trim is sturdy and can hardly break under ordinary conditions.

The base material has an immense solid molecular bond formed during manufacturing process that cannot easily break down.


Polycarbonate trim can hardly react with any chemical substance; hence it will never emit toxic fumes to the surrounding.

As such, it is quite popular to use even in industrial applications where chances of chemical spillage are quite high.


The surface material of polycarbonate trim is soft and flexible.

It means you can easily mold or fabricate using numerous techniques to ensure you obtain the right shape or style suitable for your needs.

Excellent Thermal Insulation Features

This material exhibits great tolerance to heat hence a popular option for concealing networking cables, which often emit a lot of heat.

Immense Versatility

You can use polycarbonate trims in different applications for different purposes and still attain the best-desired results.

In essence, it is highly versatile since you can easily fabricate it to suit the specific demands of the application.

How Is The Comparison Between Polycarbonate Trim And Acrylic Trim?

An Acrylic Edge Trim

An Acrylic Edge Trim

Often, most trim-seeking solution applications use polycarbonate and acrylic thermoplastics.

Ideally, these materials offer relatively similar features, albeit with a slight variation.

In terms of strength, polycarbonate trim is a bit stronger than acrylic trim.

The former is about 300 times stronger than ordinary fiberglass material, whereas the latter is about 20 times stronger than glass.

Regarding weight, both polycarbonate and acrylic trims are lightweight, usually weighing about 50% less than ordinary fiberglass material.

When it comes to malleability, polycarbonate and acrylic trims are more or less equally flexible.

However, polycarbonate trim seemingly exhibits slightly better malleability than acrylic trim.

Polycarbonate and acrylic trims both guarantee excellent weatherability features and are resistant to various unfavorable environmental conditions.

Moreover, these trims are versatile, and you can always mold and use them in various applications accordingly.

Also, you can find both polycarbonate trim and acrylic trim in multiple colors, which is vital in finding the most suitable hue for your needs.

Even so, price variance is the major difference between polycarbonate trim and acrylic trim.

Retrospectively, polycarbonate trims are often more expensive than acrylic trims of similar dimensions.

In a nutshell, polycarbonate and acrylic trims are more or less similar in numerous aspects, but the former comes out slightly superior.

However, both can be used interchangeably and attain the best results.

What Styles Of Polycarbonate Trims Can You Find In The Market?

In essence, you can find polycarbonate trims in a broad range of styles and designs in the market.

Many manufacturers producing these products, such as WeProFab, create different polycarbonate trim designs.

The common styles you can find at WeProFab include the following;

  • Clear polycarbonate trim
  • Extrusion polycarbonate trim
  • Custom polycarbonate trim
  • Thermoforming polycarbonate trim
  • Black polycarbonate trim
  • Brown polycarbonate trim
  • Multi-wall polycarbonate trim
  • Twin-wall polycarbonate trim
  • White polycarbonate trim

Polycarbonate Trims Are Available In Different Styles

Polycarbonate Trims Are Available In Different Styles

What Ways Do You Use To Select The Best Polycarbonate Trim?

When selecting the most suitable polycarbonate trim in the market, it is necessary to consider several key factors.

Such elements include the following;

Surface Finish

You can find polycarbonate trim in various surface finishes such as engraved, laminated, extruded, perforated, etc.

Of course, the specific choice, in this case, is dependent on your preference and what matches your application demands.

Material Thickness

Polycarbonate trims are available in varied wall thicknesses since they are designed for various applications.

When selecting the ideal one, it is critical to determine the particular thickness suitable for your specific project.


Ordinarily, you can find polycarbonate trim in multiple color hues of more than 50.

In essence, this is imperative because it enhances your choice options as far as color is concerned.

However, you need to ensure the particular color you select fits the demands of your project, especially aesthetic elements.

Customization Demands

Often, different projects may require custom polycarbonate trims to make them unique.

In such circumstances, it is necessary to make sure you provide accurate details to facilitate customization process accordingly.


Brands are known for different reputations in the market.

As such, you should never overlook brand reputation as far as quality and other related elements are concerned.

How Can You Size Polycarbonate Trim?

Given polycarbonate material used for making these trims is relatively soft, you can size it using different methods.

The common techniques used for sizing this component include the following;

Cutting – You can use several techniques to cut polycarbonate trim into size. The common methods include CNC cutting and using power and hand saws, and using sharp knives among others.

Grinding – It is mostly practical on the edges of this component as it ensures you get a uniform surface ideal when fitting into a particular space.

Milling – This process removes excess or unwanted pieces from the surface material to attain the correct dimension. It is common in large-scale projects since it is fast and convenient.

Welding – It is a process you use to join different pieces of polycarbonate trim by using heat to melt and fuse the pieces. This sizing technique is practical when you need larger or longer pieces for your project.

 You Can Size A Polycarbonate Trim By Cutting

You Can Size A Polycarbonate Trim By Cutting

Which Elements Can You Integrate Into Custom Polycarbonate Trim?

Ideally, the specific element you can incorporate in a custom polycarbonate trim depends on the particular application.

However, most commonly explored options include the following;

Surface Coating

You can integrate various coating treatments on the surface material of custom polycarbonate trim.

Of course, the most suitable surface treatment is dependent on the specific project and the space where you are installing this component.

Such coating treatments are vital in enhancing the overall performance of the trim in its respective application.


Another ideal feature you can add to custom polycarbonate trim is painting.

You can paint the surface material of this component using a wide range of color paints.

The essence of painting is to attain the desired color finish and also enhance the practicality of this component in its application.


It is a suitable way of maintaining and enhancing the overall appearance of polycarbonate trim.

Polishing restores and improves the surface material making it appealing and efficient.


Polycarbonate trims are available in different standard designs.

Even so, you can shape and reshape them using various fabricating techniques to ensure you attain a desirable shape.

How Does Manufacturer Determine Cost Of Polycarbonate Trim?

Ordinarily, different manufacturers look into various elements to establish the ideal cost of polycarbonate trim.

Mostly, a reputable manufacturer looks into the specific quantity of polycarbonate trim pieces you are purchasing.

Purchasing a large volume in several instances attract higher discounts than purchasing a few pieces.

Thus, when you buy several pieces, you are likely to get each piece at a cheaper unit price than buying a few details.

Another element, which most manufacturers use to establish the cost of this component is the quality of material used.

You can find polycarbonate trims in many variations based on actual quality grade.

Nevertheless, a higher quality grade is often costlier than a relatively inferior quality grade.

Also, the size of polycarbonate trim in terms of length, width, and thickness are what other manufacturers use to determine its price.

In essence, the larger the size, the costlier it is likely to be and vice versa.

Is Damaged Polycarbonate Trim Repairable?

It varies based on the type and extent of damage on the surface of polycarbonate trim.

Naturally, this component is sturdy thus can hardly break, crack or shatter under ordinary conditions.

Thus, in many instances, the common damages on the surface material revolve around fading and scratches.

Depending on the specific place it is installed, it is likely to get light scratches, especially if exposed to abrasive objects.

As such, the ideal way of repairing such a polycarbonate trim is through polishing.

Suitable polishing methods such as vapor or flame polishing would ensure you remove all the scratches and attain a spotless surface.

What Is The Best Surface Coating Enhancement To Incorporate In Polycarbonate Trim?

It varies based on several factors surrounding the specific application and where it is installed.

However, the specific coating treatment for polycarbonate trim surface include the following;

  • Anti-static coating – It is designed to prohibit or reduce effects of static electrical charge. This surface treatment is vital, especially for polycarbonate trims used for concealing electrical and networking cables.
  • Anti-reflective coating – The design of this surface coating is to prevent or reduce excess light from reflecting from the polycarbonate trim.
  • UV additive – This substance protects polycarbonate trim from effects of ultraviolet radiation likely to dull or fade the component.
  • Anti-scratch coating – It comes in handy in protecting the surface of polycarbonate trim from abrasive objects that would cause scratches.
  • Anti-fog coating – This treatment eliminates or prevents water or moisture from accumulating or sticking on surface of polycarbonate trim.

Can Transparent Polycarbonate Trim Dull Over Time?

It varies depending on different aspects surrounding the actual polycarbonate material used in making the trims.

Often, trims made using high-quality polycarbonate material grades rarely dull over time.

In such instances, the material exhibits immense resistance to various weather elements likely to cause dulling of the trims.

As such, the molecular bond in high quality stays intact, preventing the component from dulling.

Also, whether it can dull depends on the specific conditions it is exposed to and the gravity of such conditions.

For instance, if clear polycarbonate trim is used in outdoor spaces, it is more likely to dull than if it is used indoors.

Technically, outdoors are exposed to direct sunlight, which is quite a catalyst for dulling in this component.

What Is The Difference Between Polycarbonate Trim And Polycarbonate Siding?

Polycarbonate siding is a relatively large surface material used as covers or parts of wall structures and supplementary.

Essentially, the design of polycarbonate siding is to cover a larger surface to provide more or less same functions as a wall.

A Polycarbonate Siding Is Used As A Cover Or Part Of A Wall Supplementary

A Polycarbonate Siding Is Used As A Cover Or A Wall Supplementary

On the other hand, polycarbonate trim is quite slim and extruded profile often designed to cover or seal a particular surface.

It is relatively small and elongated compared to polycarbonate siding.

What Are The Recommended Quality Certifications Standards For Polycarbonate Trim?

During and after manufacturing process of polycarbonate trims, they undergo different quality tests to validate their suitability.

The agencies involved in undertaking the process always certify the product to signify it meets the required quality standards

However, these standard certifications often vary from one country and region to another.

Nevertheless, the common and globally accepted quality standard certifications for polycarbonate trims include the following;

  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)
  • SGS Certification
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL)
  • CE Mark Certification
  • American Standard for Testing and Materials (ASTM International)

What Are The Advantages Of Colored Polycarbonate Trims?

Colored polycarbonate trims are essential when it comes to decoration aspects of a space.

Ordinarily, they add a touch of class to the overall appearance of the space where you install them.

In many instances, colored polycarbonate trims complement other elements of the space, such as décor and furniture.

Ultimately, you will have an elegant surrounding, which is visually appealing.

Another benefit of using colored polycarbonate trims is that they are easy to maintain.

You only need to clean the surface using recommended mild detergents.

Moreover, the paint conceals all the possible defects on the surface of the trims, such as scratches.

Thus, it becomes difficult to notice such defects, which is advantageous since it saves you from frequent removal of such scratches.

 Polycarbonate Trims Add Aesthetic Value To The Spaces And Are Easy To Maintain

Colored Polycarbonate Trims Add Value To The Spaces And Are Easy To Maintain

Why Are Polycarbonate Trims Considered Unbreakable?

First, polycarbonate material used in manufacturing these trims is derived from various natural compounds in inert form.

These natural compounds form a strong substance with a formidable molecular structure.

The strength of this material is estimated to be about 300 times more than a glass of similar dimensions.

With such strength, it can hardly break under normal circumstances since it exhibits excellent impact resistance.

Moreover, during production process of polycarbonate trims, different additives are usually added to strengthen the material.

Thus it becomes difficult for these trims to break easily.

How Do You Install Polycarbonate Trims On Surfaces?

Ordinarily, polycarbonate trims come in different styles, which need different approaches to install.

However, the common installation method entails use of polycarbonate glue, which in many instances is incorporated on the trim’s back surface.

Therefore, you only peel off the backing and install it on the surface of a particular application.

The other method of installing this component is by riding them over each other.

Often, some designs feature trims with a kind of male and female grooves.

As such, you only need to align each profile to run over the grooves to lock tightly.

Another quite dominant installation technique of polycarbonate trim is using screws.

Such designs come with holes for screw placement, and you only need to drive and tighten the screws.

Therefore, you can use these main techniques to fix polycarbonate trims on different surfaces.

Why do the UV-side Of Polycarbonate Trim Face Outwards?

Most polycarbonate trims, especially those designed for outdoor applications, feature thin co-extruded UV-resistant layer resins.

This layer protects the surface of this component from UV radiation often emitted by exposure to direct sunlight.

Inherently, polycarbonate absorbs UV radiation and blocks it. Moreover, UV degrades polycarbonate trim in the long run.

Thus, manufacturers usually add an extra UV layer to protect the trim’s surface, mostly on the outer side.

It is the reason during installation of this component; the UV protective layer needs to face out towards the sun.

For all your polycarbonate trims, contact us now.

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