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Polycarbonate Sphere

Weprofab is a well-known source of polycarbonate sphere that has a wide application. We are your professional manufacturer and fabricator of plastics. We also manufacture different colors and uses of polycarbonate spheres. Having a polycarbonate made sphere of decorations is beneficial. Polycarbonate gives you tough and high-impact strength. It is virtually unbreakable. This polycarbonate sphere transmits over 90% of light to look as beautiful as glass. 

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Sphere to Delight Your Customers

Trusting Weprofab for all types of polycarbonate sphere applications is the best move you can make to help your business delight. Our offered polycarbonate spheres are designed with protection from UV radiation. Weprofab is responsible to provide you with the best quality and finishing of the polycarbonate sphere. We offer it at a reasonable cost. Weprofab has a continuous production of various types of polycarbonate sphere for any of your applications.

Stone Look Polycarbonate Sphere

This stone look polycarbonate gives more beauty at home and in the garden. We made it with high-quality materials for its long service.

Polycarbonate Observation Mirror Sphere

This polycarbonate observation mirror half sphere has 2.00 thickness lens material. Weprofab made it more useful and reliable.

Custom Large Polycarbonate Sphere

Custom large polycarbonate spheres are available in different colors including transparent. Adjust let us know your choice and we will help you own it.

Moonstone Polycarbonate Sphere

Weprofab manufacture this moonstone polycarbonate sphere with different sizes. Just let us know your desired size and even materials and colors and we will customize it for you.

Outdoor Lightshade Polycarbonate Sphere

Weprofab offer you this unique outdoor light shade polycarbonate sphere with a negotiable price. It contributes light and beauty to any outdoor occasion.

Blowing Lampshade Polycarbonate Sphere

This modern design of blowing lampshades is beautified by its polycarbonate material. It is safer to use at any of your applications.

WeProFab: Your Top Polycarbonate Sphere Manufacturer

As your successful manufacturer and supplier of high-durable polycarbonate sphere, we are glad to share to you the ideas on marketing. Weprofab has a solid foundation company that keeps on upgrading until now. We are one of the most trusted suppliers of plastic, acrylic, polycarbonate made products in China. 

We are also  confident to deal with our introduced polycarbonate sphere worldwide. With satisfying service, we securely deliver your ordered polycarbonate sphere products on time. Weprofab is your popular manufacturer and provider of only great features of products especially polycarbonate spheres. Get yours now!

Custom Polycarbonate Sphere to Heighten Your Brand

Translucent Colored Polycarbonate Sphere

This translucent colored polycarbonate sphere is usually designed with 30mm,80mm,90mm, or customized size. We can help you get your own.

Polycarbonate Sphere Dust Cover

We manufacture this polycarbonate sphere dust cover with 2mm thickness. We can also allow your preferred logo.

Polycarbonate Round Tube Pipes

Weprofab made these polycarbonate round tube pipes with high-durability. We make sure of its benefits and high-standard features.

Polycarbonate Sphere Spare Part

This polycarbonate sphere spare parts has the biggest part of about 1500*1500*1000mm. Weprofab assures you great quality of the said product.

50MM Ball Polycarbonate Sphere

Weprofab make sure that this modern and contemporary 50mm ball polycarbonate sphere is reliable and safe to use. You can have it for the lowest cost.

Ceiling Polycarbonate Sphere

This ceiling polycarbonate sphere is accessible in different colors. You can choose your desired size and color of polycarbonate sphere that is perfect for your ceiling.

Plastic Polycarbonate Sphere

Weprofab manufacture this unique decorative plastic polycarbonate sphere. Send us your specifications required and we will process it directly.

Waterproof Ball Light Polycarbonate Sphere

This waterproof ball light polycarbonate sphere has wide applications including indoor or outdoor and even at the ceiling or post.

Polycarbonate Skylight Dome

Weprofab made this polycarbonate skylight dome available in different shapes. Let us know your choice and we will make it for you.

Wall Mounted Polycarbonate Sphere

This wall mounted polycarbonate sphere ball light operates with voltages of 220V. Weprofab designed it with a diameter 250mm.

Clear Ornament Polycarbonate Sphere

This ornament clear polycarbonate sphere is effectively used in decorating inside your house. We provide your customized color or design inside.

Bubble Ball Polycarbonate Sphere

You can avail this beautiful bubble ball polycarbonate sphere for decorations at home or everywhere you loved to apply it. We can present a lot of designs inside of it.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Sphere

The Weprofab polycarbonate sphere can surely support and contribute to the increase of sales and customers in your business. Choosing Weprofab is one decision you will never regret considering its impact on your business. We assure you of the best qualities of products, mainly our manufactured polycarbonate sphere.

polycarbonate sphere

We assure you of the advantageous feature of our introduced polycarbonate sphere. The polycarbonate made sphere is perfect for specific application because of its versatile characteristic. The polycarbonate spheres are also eco-friendly and recyclable.

You can send us the details of your wanted polycarbonate sphere, and we will take care of its customization. Weprofab has been in the manufacturing and sourcing industry for a long time. That only proves that you can always trust us for the best quality and durability of our polycarbonate sphere.

Weprofab is composed of professional workers that tends to satisfy you not only by the qualities of our products but also with our assistance and after-sale services. You are always free to ask us for more information and inquiries of our product polycarbonate sphere.

polycarbonate sphere

You can trust our high-tech equipment forming your desired polycarbonate sphere exactly based on your requirements. The process is always operating smoothly. We are professional enough to handle such manufacturing methods. 

Our manufactured polycarbonate spheres are available in various colors but still it allows the internal transmission of the light the same capacity as glass. We can give you your desired thickness of polycarbonate sphere. We also provide you safe packaging and transporting your ordered large quantity of polycarbonate sphere.

polycarbonate sphere

Weprofab can fully support your planning or running business by continuously supplying you with different types of polycarbonate sphere. We are your great associates in business that can help you achieve your aimed business.

Weprofab have assigned staff each and every level of processing your orders. We are 24/7 open for your anytime inquiries and questions especially about our offered polycarbonate sphere. Expect a quick response from our friendly sales staff.

Feel free to contact or email us for your ordered specific type of polycarbonate spheres!

What is a Polycarbonate Sphere?

It is a round-shaped item made of polycarbonate plastic.

The polycarbonate sphere has a fitter neck base and it can also be neckless.

Usually, the polycarbonate sphere is used for light posts and decoration.

Furthermore, the polycarbonate sphere comes in a variety of colors, designs, size, and models.

What are the Applications of Polycarbonate Sphere?

The polycarbonate sphere is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. They can be used for:

  • Outdoor Post Lights
  • Residential and Commercial Post Top
  • Decorative Solutions
  • Amenity or Car Park Lighting
  • Making Chocolate Molds
  • Pendant Applications
  • Lamp Pole/Post
  • LED Fittings
  • Table Lamps

Polycarbonate Sphere

What are the Features and Advantages of Polycarbonate Sphere?

The polycarbonate sphere has a lot of amazing features and benefits such as:

  • Graffiti Resistant
  • Extreme Shock Resistant
  • Glass-Like Appearance
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Will Not Rust, Corrode, or Rot
  • Weather Resistant
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Recyclable
  • Shatter Resistant
  • Flame Retardant
  • Excellent Weather Resistance
  • Lightweight Yet Strong
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Does Not Crack or Chip
  • Excellent Light Dispersion
  • Heat Resistant
  • IP44 Rated
  • Cost-Effective
  • UV Stabilized
What are the Different Colors of Polycarbonate Sphere?

The polycarbonate sphere is available in different colors such as:

  • Yellow
  • Amber
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Clear
  • White
  • Bronze
  • Opal
  • Smoke
  • Frosted
Which is Better: Acrylic Sphere or Polycarbonate Sphere?

To know which is better, we will compare the two.

  • Durability

When it comes to durability, the polycarbonate sphere is extremely better than acrylic spheres.

As an example, the acrylic spheres will break easily when it is dropped. And the polycarbonate sphere will not break or chip when dropped. The polycarbonate sphere can bear high impact than acrylic spheres.

The acrylic sphere has 10 times the impact strength of glass. But, the polycarbonate sphere has 30 times impact strength of glass.

  • Resistance to Fire

In terms of fire resistance, the polycarbonate sphere is also superior to acrylic spheres. This is because the material is made of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate has flame retardant properties.

What are the Benefits of Using a Polycarbonate Sphere in Your Home?

The polycarbonate sphere can be used for outdoor and indoor post lights in your home.

Using them will make your home look:

  • comfortable
  • more attractive
  • safe
  • welcoming

The polycarbonate sphere will make your home come to life. It will add personality and charm to your home.

What is the Maximum Working Temperature of Polycarbonate Sphere?

The polycarbonate sphere can work in extremely hot temperatures. Its max working temperature is in the range of 100˚C and 125˚C.

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