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Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab has many years of experience in manufacturing anti fog polycarbonate sheets. We are China-based, offering a one-stop shop for your polycarbonate sheet needs. You can get here the best anti fog polycarbonate sheet which is available in various thicknesses, features, sizes, and more specifications. Send us your requirements today!

Get WeProFab Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet to Help You Grow Your Business

For over 20 years, Weprofab is known to produce the best anti fog polycarbonate sheets. You can only find here the most quality and outstanding anti fog polycarbonate sheets. If your company or business may need assistance for your next purchase, Weprofab is only one call away. You can contact us anytime!

Mirrored Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

The mirrored anti fog polycarbonate sheet is extremely transparent and clear. It is 100% fogging-free and has higher dimensional solidity.

Wholesale Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

You can purchase wholesale anti fog polycarbonate sheets here. This has excellent dimensional stability even under varying environmental circumstances.

Color-Coated Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab offers color-coated anti fog polycarbonate sheets at competitive costs. Available color coatings are transparent, blue, green, red, yellow, etc.

Greenhouse Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

Our greenhouse anti fog polycarbonate sheets feature strong resistance to chemicals and extreme collisions. It also has UV protection when used in direct sunlight.

Customized Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

We can provide customized anti fog polycarbonate sheets. It is customizable in different sizes, colors, shapes, cuts, and designs.

Transparent Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

Our transparent anti fog polycarbonate sheets have good UV resistance to prevent yellowing and fading. It has unique quality when used as a roofing material.

WeProFab: Your Leading Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

Weprofab is one of the leading anti fog polycarbonate sheet manufacturers in China. With our wide and massive experience, we can assist your growing companies anytime you need our high-quality products. We offer every type of anti fog polycarbonate sheet at a reasonable rate.

For more than two decades of rich history, we now become famous for producing anti fog polycarbonate sheets and other products. We used our advanced manufacturing machines in order to create satisfying solutions. We guarantee you are in great assistance with us! 

Custom Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet to Boost Your Brand

Aerolite Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

Our range of aerolite anti fog polycarbonate sheets has resistance to yellowing and fading of original colors. It is available at affordable rates.

2MM Lotus Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab 2mm lotus anti fog polycarbonate sheets can be integrated with technologies like anti-graffiti, anti-glare, anti-static, anti-scratch, and so on.

Compact Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

Our compact anti fog polycarbonate sheet has UV coatings and color coatings. You can get it at lower rates yet superior in quality.

3MM Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

Our 3mm anti fog polycarbonate sheets can be printed on each side. These are very flexible and all-around functional.

Solid Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

You can get the most quality, solid anti fog polycarbonate sheet at Weprofab. These are long-lasting and perfect for outdoor roofing use.

Lexan Quality Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab is your best choice of Lexan quality anti fog polycarbonate sheets. We provide this product in different cuts, coatings, shapes, etc.

UV-Resistant Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

Our UV-resistant anti fog polycarbonate sheet is perfect to avoid colors fading and yellowing. It can be in various cuts to fit your exact applications.

Glossy Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab glossy anti fog polycarbonate sheets can be used for safety shields like helmet visors, sandblasting helmet guards, military masks, etc.

Transparent Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

Transparent anti fog polycarbonate sheet is used in fabricating ski goggles, eyewear, diving masks, greenhouses, skylights, etc.

5mm Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

5mm anti-fog polycarbonate sheet has good resistance to fog situations, aging, and cratches. Offers the best properties, including good functionality and reliable insularity.

Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet with Scratch Resistance

Anti-fog polycarbonate sheet with scratch resistance is known for its longevity and sustainability. Perform with high hardness and high tensile strength.

Anti Fog Decorative Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-fog decorative polycarbonate sheet is waterproof and suitable for outdoor applications. They have a good and smooth surface and are non-deformable.

Anti Fog Thin Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-fog thin polycarbonate sheet offers good mechanical properties and good light transmission. Features lightweight, excellent impact resistance, and flame retardant.

Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet for Commercial

Anti-fog polycarbonate sheet for a commercial is widely used for various commercial applications like a hotel, greenhouse, roofing, and more.

Anti Fog Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-fog clear polycarbonate sheet passed ISO, RoHs, and other quality standards. Usually offered at a competitive and reasonable price.

Anti Fog Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-fog multi-wall polycarbonate sheet provides an excellent energy-saving effect. They can last more than 10 years.

Anti Fog Optical-Grade Polycarbonate

Anti-fog optical-grade polycarbonate sheet is 250 times stronger than other ordinary materials. It achieves a good impact and weather resistance.

Bulletproof Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

Bulletproof anti-fog polycarbonate sheet is available in different thicknesses. Suitable for various processing services like cutting and molding.

Anti Fog Outdoor Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-fog outdoor polycarbonate sheet comes in blue, clear, red, green, yellow, bronze, and other customized colors. Highly composed of 100% virgin polycarbonate resin.

Anti Fog Polycarbonate Protective Film

Anti-fog polycarbonate protective film is approved by ISO, SGS, RoHS, and other qualifications. Features anti-fog, anti-static, and fire retardant.

Thermoformable Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

A thermoformable anti-fog polycarbonate sheet has good protection against scratches, abrasion, and fogging situations. A hot and cold process will be suitable.

Waterproof Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

Waterproof anti-fog polycarbonate sheet has come from 25% up to 92 light transmission rate. It can be customized in any dimension and color.

Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet for Glasses

Anti-fog polycarbonate sheet for glasses available in a variety of thicknesses. Perfect for manufacturing different types of glasses.

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Why WeProFab Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet

Are you searching for the best anti fog polycarbonate sheet in China? No worries! Weprofab got you covered. We bring you a wide range of excellent quality anti fog polycarbonate sheets for applications in any industry.

Weprofab anti fog polycarbonate sheet is a polycarbonate sheet with a special anti fog coating. It protects the sheets against fogging caused by humidity and temperature.

Benefits of Weprofab Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet:

  • Lowers the risk of workplace injuries
  • Decreases imprudent eye strain
  • Boost visibility during driving, cycling, or automobile racing

Key Features of Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet:

  • extremely transparent and clear, 100% no fogging
  • chemical and high impact resistance
  • UV resistance
  • yellowing and fading resistance
  • excellent dimensional stability
  • suited with mirror-coating materials
  • anti-static, anti-scratch, anti-glare, anti-graffiti
  • low yield loss
  • printable on every side
  • extremely versatile and highly flexible

In Weprofab, we make sure you can get anti fog polycarbonate sheet with these complete features. With complete features, makes it suitable for many applications, such as:

  • safety shields
  • military masks
  • helmet visors
  • abrasive blasting helmet guards
  • sportswear
  • diving masks
  • automobile goggles
  • ski goggles
  • medical safety screens
  • eyewear
  • face screen guards
  • personal eyewear
  • sunglasses
  • specs
  • greenhouses
  • roofing/skylights
  • windows

Our anti fog polycarbonate sheet is our one-of-a-kind product. The quality you wish for has it all.

Whether you’re a reseller, distributor, or wholesaler, you will need our anti fog polycarbonate sheet to succeed in business. This product is available in various designs, cuts, and sizes to fit your purposes.

We can’t wait to serve you! As a professional manufacturer with years of experience, we promise to satisfy your experience with us! We provide high-quality products and services for you.

For your specific requirements, contact us today!

We are 24/7 hours available to serve you.

What is the Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet?

Anti fog polycarbonate sheets or films are one side coated to give long-lasting anti-fog features.

This anti-fog coating will not fail or soak in a very muggy environment.

This is water washable, can keep anti-fog properties after constant surface cleaning.

How Does Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet Works?

Anti-fogging agents also referred to as anti-fog agents and treatments, are chemicals that avoid water distillation in the form of a small drop on a surface, called fog.

The treatment performs by reducing the surface pressure.

What is Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet Features?

Anti fog sheet offers several features, including:

  • Greatly transparent and clear, completely fogging-proof
  • Extreme dimensional solidity
  • High collision and chemicals resistance
  • High UV protection yet not yellow or fade
  • Well suited with mirror-coated materials
  • Integrates more technologies, such as anti-corrosion, scratch-proof, anti-reflective, and anti-static.
  • Printable on every side
  • Extremely versatile and superior flexibility
  • Superior anti-fog
  • Excellent visual clarity
  • Extrusion conduct
What is Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet Applications?

Anti fog polycarbonate sheet is used widely in different specific applications:

  • Protection shields such as military masks, helmet shades, abrasive blasting helmet guards, etc.
  • Athletic wear like vehicle goggles, ski goggles, and diving masks.
  • Personal eye spectacles including sunglasses, eyeglasses, spectacles, etc.
  • Clinical security screens include face screen guards, eyeglasses, and more.
  • Greenhouses, roofing, and skylights
  • Frosty storage display containers
  • Extremely glare mirrors
  • Car windows, windshield, and headlamps
What is Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet Key Benefits?

Anti fog polycarbonate sheet offers numerous key benefits when used.

Key benefits include:

  • Decreases chances of workplace laceration
  • Lowers extreme eye strain
  • Excellently tintable.
  • Boost range of vision during driving, cycling, or bike racing
  • High dimensional solidity
  • Fire retardant feature
  • Available in embossed designs
  • Every side are highly printable
  • Can be punched without scrap resulting in low-capacity loss
How Long Does Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet Last?

The anti fog coatings on polycarbonate sheets are usually temporary. They work for about 3 months to a year.

But if you choose Weprofab anti fog polycarbonate sheets, they can keep their quality for almost 10 years. Even after frequent cleaning or washing, they are extremely durable.

Is Anti-Fog Coating for Polycarbonate Sheet Worth it?

Yes. However, the efficacy of the anti fogged polycarbonate sheets decreases over time. This happens when lenses or the sheets are exposed to a detergent, resulting in the breaks down of anti fog layer.

What Markets Does Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet Served?

Anti fog polycarbonate sheet serves different markets. Below are the following markets.

  • Building & construction
  • Anti-fog mirrors or conservatory
  • Transit & automobile (coach/bus, spacelight, rail, motorcycles, etc.)
  • Electronics (LED, HUD, Digital Signage, Digital Billboards)
  • Chemical & Medical Security Defense
  • Commercial Cold Display Containers
What is the Standard Size of Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet?

The standard size of anti fog polycarbonate is 1200mm x 2400mm.

Their thickness is also measured from 1mm to 12mm.

Why Use Weprofab Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheets?

At Weprofab, we use top-grade anti-fogging coatings on every polycarbonate sheet/film. These anti-fogging layers contain cross-linking hydrophilic polymers, resulting in outstanding anti-fog properties.

In addition, these anti-fogging coatings are long-lasting and are unaffected by varying environmental states like temperature, humidity, and more.

Therefore, they can keep their performance even by frequent cleaning or washing. They are very long-lasting, suitable for your applications.

How to Fabricate the Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet?

You can have anti fog polycarbonate sheets by layering on the polycarbonate sheet surface, which has anti fogging layers on the same sides.

The anti fog polycarbonate sheet is available in different forms, colors, and shapes.

However, it is also open for customization. You can send your drawings to your manufacturer. Professional manufacturers can machine anti fog polycarbonate sheets based on your drawing.

Does Polycarbonate Sheets can have Anti Fog and Anti-Scratch Function Together?

Yes. All anti fog polycarbonate sheets can own anti-scratch properties also.

What are Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet Available Colors?

Anti fog polycarbonate sheet is available in different colors, such as the following:

  • blue
  • opal
  • clear transparent
  • red
  • orange
  • bronze
  • opal
  • or custom colors
Do the Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheets have Impact Strength?

Yes. The anti fog polycarbonate sheets have excellent impact strength for about 200-350 times compared to glass.

Does the Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet UV Proof?

Yes. The anti fog polycarbonate sheet can have an excellent UV coating.

This is protection against direct sun exposure.

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