• Sandblasting Face Shield

Sandblasting Face Shield

WeProFab is a superior sandblasting face shield supplier and manufacturer. In China, WeProFab is one of the trusted sandblasting face shield manufacturer which offer face shield affordable rates. You can design your orders. Message us now!

Get WeProFab Sandblasting Face Shield to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab is a premier sandblasting face shield supplier and manufacturer in China for more than 20 years of being certified. WeProFab sandblasting face shields can delight your customers.

Clear Sandblasting Face Shield

You can select suitable clear face shields for sandblasting. We have full face, adjustable, resistant, and many more which is affordable to purchase.

Clear Visor Sandblasting Face Shield

This is the most popular and user’s choice. It has a simple look yet comfortable to suits. WeProFab clear visor sandblasting face shields offers amazing quality.

Dustproof Sandblasting Face Shield

It is always dustproof face shields for sandblasting. In finding a dustproof face shield for sandblasting, WeProFab is your best choice as your supplier.

Full-length Sandblasting Face Shield

We have a full-length face shield for sandblasting. We could offer gorgeous designs and durable perfect for business which is negotiable.

PPE Sandblasting Face Shield

You can choose WeProFab PPE sandblasting face shields customizations. It is affordable offered based on each style, type, and size.

Sandblasting Face Shield Manufacturer

We are the superior sandblasting face shield provider from China who could supply around the world. The best offers are available and ready to ship.

WeProFab: Your Leading Sandblasting Face Shield Manufacturer

In WeeTect Material Limited, WeProFab is a joint-venture company and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer that provide great satisfaction and effective solutions for every customer.

As an ISO 9001certified sandblasting face shield supplier and manufacturer, WeProFab prioritizes on checking sandblasting face shield quality at all times. This is the reason why WeProFab is now 20 years popular in this industry.

As a popular supplier and manufacturer, WeProFab professionally provides all that you request. Proven and technologically tested sandblasting face shields. Get yours now and avail of a friendly offer!

Custom Sandblasting Face Shield to Expand Your Brand

Full Face Sandblasting Face Shield

WeProFab can let you send your own design for sandblasting shields. We have a full face shield for sandblasting with many features to select.

Comfortable Sandblasting Face Shield

WeProFab is a leading supplier of affordable sandblasting face shields which helps business owners generate and save money as well.

Resistant Sandblasting Face Shield

There is plenty of resistance we offer for you. We have heat resistant, water, dust, and a lot more. We will make sure the safety of every worker through this product.

Anti-fog Sandblasting Face Shield

A WeProFab anti-fog sandblasting face shield has many styles and sizes to choose from. You can let us custom your orders as well.

Adjustable Sandblasting Face Shield

WeProFab created an adjustable sandblasting face shield for a comfortable and not irritating type of suits. The best face shield quality for sandblasting.

3ply Sandblasting Face Shield

3ply sandblasting face shield is meant to help block large-particle droplets or splatter that may contain germs. This 3-ply shield is for single use only and is not meant to be washed. 100% brand new and high quality.

Abrasive Sandblasting Face Shield

Abrasive sandblasting face shield is breathable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. A piece of professional anti-dust equipment with excellent quality. Suitable for mild blasting, polishing, and other places.

Anti-Fog Sandblasting Face Shield

Anti-fog sandblasting face shield features a professional-grade anti-dust hood with clear visibility. Perfect for use in industries such as cement factories and anywhere dust is generated. Produced with strong protective properties.

Anti-Wind Sandblasting Face Shield

Anti-wind sandblasting face shield is widely used in the polishing and blasting industry. Comfortable to wear and suits all abrasive safety applications. Includes comfort padding inside like a motorcycle helmet.

Breathable Sandblasting Face Shield

A breathable sandblasting face shield is designed with operator comfort due to its lightweight design. Equipped with a chin bump that covers up the cape latch that protects the blaster from an abrasive rebound.

Carbon Filter Sandblasting Face Shield

The carbon filter sandblasting face shield features a flip-up weld visor for a quick transition. Available in different sizes, colors, and patterns. Large enough to cover the whole face but is lightweight. This will not affect your vision.

Clear Sandblasting Face Shield

A clear sandblasting face shield is safe to wear outdoor and serves as protection during the dusty season and against viruses. Supplied with an anti-fog design. Available in numerous colors and sizes to fit your needs.

Gray Sandblasting Face Shield

A gray sandblasting face shield protects the operator’s head completely. Comply with all international requirements and comes with a leather cape attachment. Provided with multiple safety lenses.

Green Sandblasting Face Shield

The green sandblasting face shield is scratchproof and highly durable. The perfect choice for regular blasting and built with operator comfort and protection. Equipped with a unique 3-lens system with a wide frame dimension.

Industrial Sandblasting Face Shield

Industrial sandblasting face shield combines increased safety and protection. Designed to prevent any dust ingress and unrestricted operator visibility. Offered in a safety-conscious shade in different designs.

Sandblasting Disposable Face Shield

Sandblasting disposable face shield is available to provide a heightened degree of comfort and acoustic protection. Features a high-performance face shield that is stronger and more heat resistant than ordinary options.

Sandblasting Face Purifying Shield

Sandblasting face purifying shield is built with enhanced comfort and easy functionality in mind. Offers flexible size adjustment combined with replaceable inner material. Ensures the perfect fit for any operator.

Sandblasting Face Shield

Sandblasting face shield is typically made from canvas with its ventilation design. Effectively prevent dust and fine dust from entering. Applicable in industries such as fertilizer plants and the sandblasting industry.

Sandblasting Safety Face Shield

Sandblasting safety face shield is a piece of professional anti-dust equipment with strong wear resistance. Commonly used in various industrial dust blasting applications. Built with excellent flexibility and comfortable to wear.

Visor Sandblasting Full Face Shield

Visor sandblasting full face shield is made of premium quality, breathable, and lightweight canvas. Offers green reflective performance and has strong wear resistance. Provides a broader field of vision.

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Why WeProFab Sandblasting Face Shield

Sandblasting Face Shield

WeProFab Sandblasting face shield is designed to protect workers in any occupational disease. This is personal equipment to surely protect everyone’s safety.

WeProFab sandblasting face shield is the best protection from harmful substances when sandblasting. This work is not safe at all. It removes stains, paints, and even rusts using advanced technology. The workers need to protect their health by using this protective sandblasting face shield to prevent silicosis, tuberculosis, and any heart and lung possible disease.

WeProFab designed this sandblasting face shield to provide full support in any operations when sandblasting. Through this, workers are free to move and do the task successfully without any harm. We created this in quality and awesome raw materials which is technologically tested.

Sandblasting Face Shield

WeProFab is an ISO 9001 certified supplier of sandblasting face shield in this industry. We’ve passed plenty of certifications through manufacturing excellent and effective sandblasting face shields. You can truly trust our sandblasting face shield stocks to supply.

WeProFab sandblasting face shields are attainable in different types such as colored, full face, adjustable, resistant, and a lot more styles and customizations. We ensure that our fabricated sandblast face shields will perfectly be suited to your purpose, applications, and uses.

If you are planning to purchase a sandblasting face shield in a large amount, WeProFab will fulfill your needs. We have available plenty of stocks that are ready to ship ahead of time.

Sandblasting Face Shield

For your urgent orders for a sandblasting face shield, we are able to focus on your request. We will ensure your sandblasting face shields are in good quality and durable to use. It is also negotiable and attractive for business purposes. Through our multipurpose sandblasting face shields, it will allow you and help generate better profits.

Don’t hesitate to order a sandblasting face shield at WeProFab. Supporting business is WeProFab main purpose in production.

If you deal with us, we have an amazing and well-trained staff from different services. Send us your drawing so we can customize your sandblasting face shield based on your requirements.

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Sandblasting Face Shields

Sandblasting or abrasive blasting is a process used to run an abrasive material against a high-pressure surface to smooth down its edges.

It is a more powerful method compared to sanding surfaces with sandpaper.

Although it poses some hazards to those who do it, it is still widely used in the metallurgy industry.

There are ways to protect yourself from the harmful effects of sandblasting.

By making sure you are well-protected with the equipment and gear, you will greatly reduce these risks for yourself.

Read on for our ultimate guide to find out everything you need to know about sandblasting face shields.

 Sandblasting Process

Sandblasting Process

What Is A Sandblasting Face Shield?

Sandblasting can be very dangerous if you don’t protect yourself as the abrasive particles can fly and hit you in the process.

One of the best ways to shield yourself from sandblasting is by using a sandblasting face shield.

A sandblasting face shield is a specially-made face shield for those who work with sandblasting.

It is also often called a sandblasting hood or a sandblasting helmet.

Make sure to check its features and components so you know exactly what you’re getting.

A face shield usually has a hood which is composed of canvas and other fabric.

Meanwhile, the main part is the lens.

It is made of high-quality plexiglass which serves to protect you from injury.

Most importantly, it prevents any unwanted silica particles floating in the air from coming into your lungs.

In some sandblasting face shield models, the plexiglass features a ventilation portion through which you can breathe while wearing it.

How Are Sandblasting Face Shields Made?

A sandblasting face shield is composed of a variety of different materials.

Its most important component is made of plexiglass or high-quality acrylic.

Manufacturing of this requires precise cutting and molding to make sure it is the right fit for the wearer.

Furthermore, it should be secured or bonded strongly to make sure there is a seal.

The plexiglass or acrylic is usually connected to the more breathable portion of the face shield.

This could be canvas or vinyl, depending on your preference.

Sometimes, there is a ventilation valve installed on one of the sides of the shield.

They are also sometimes placed on the acrylic.

This requires high precision so the shield is completely shielding you from the exterior environment.

The complex design and structure of face shields are only achieved by excellent plastic fabrication manufacturers.

If not done properly, they won’t be as effective as they should be.

Why Do You Need A Sandblasting Face Shield?

 Sandblasting Protective Measure

 Sandblasting Protective Measure

Sandblasting face shields are an essential component of your protective clothing during sandblasting.

You should never perform sandblasting without them.

These shields protect your eyes, head, and vital organs contained within.

It allows you to see your task clearly without risking any injury.

Your face has too many openings through which the harmful silica can reach so sandblasting face shields also prevent you from inhaling the harmful particles.

Sandblasting Safety Precautions

Sandblasting Safety Precautions

Sandblasting face shields alone will not be enough to protect you completely so you should also wear long-sleeved shirts and pants that cover your whole legs.

You can watch this video to find out the full protective gear worn by people doing sandblasting.


What Is A Good Sandblasting Face Shield?

Protection is the most important aspect of a sandblasting face shield and is mainly provided by the plexiglass or acrylic portion of the shield.

It is the durable component that protects from any spills, shocks, or from dust coming into your nose.

You should look at the quality of the acrylic when assessing the quality of the face shield.

Certain manufacturers allow you to modify the features of the acrylic portion.

They can make anti-scratch, anti-shock, anti-glare, and other surface treatments on the acrylic component of the face shield.

Comfort is another concern when it comes to a sandblasting face shield.

You are only safe as long as you wear the face shield.

These face shields need to be comfortable to be worn for long periods of time.

Otherwise, its purpose will be defeated.

It should be made of strong and durable materials.

Yet, you should ensure they remain lightweight and breathable.

What Is The Difference Between Sandblasting Face Shield And Sandblasting Helmet Respirator?

 Sandblasting Face Shield with A Ventilation Portion

Sandblasting Face Shield with A Ventilation Portion

Most sandblasting helmet respirators are quite similar in structure to sandblasting face shields.

They contain protective parts for the whole head.

A sandblasting face shield’s distinct characteristic is a durable acrylic piece at the center.

It is clear which allows the wearer to see clearly while being strong and durable enough to provide protection.

A helmet respirator is similar to a sandblasting face shield but covers your whole head with a hood.

Some allow for air to be supplied through the helmets.

To be sure, you should check the components of each gear.

How Long Does A Sandblasting Face Shield Last?

Sandblasting face shields are designed and manufactured to be used over and over again.

They are not disposable.

If made with high-quality materials and properly used and stored, it should last for a long time.

When you buy a sandblasting face shield, make sure the transparent portion is made of high-quality acrylic or plexiglass to ensure its long life.

What Should You Look For In A Sandblasting Face Shield?

Sandblasting Face Shields

Sandblasting Face Shields

Choosing the right sandblasting face shield is important to ensure the safety of workers and people who will go to the sandblasting area.

Make sure that your sandblasting face shield is fully covering the head area including the whole face.

You should also have a protective covering over your neck and shoulders.

Ensure the quality of the plastic or acrylic used is excellent.

Otherwise, it won’t be as effective as it should and may also not last as long if the quality is poor.

Choose the sandblasting face shield that’s well-suited for most head types or sizes.

Some manufacturers offer different sizes, but if the manufacturer only offers one size, make sure it is large enough to accommodate all sizes.

However, you should also make sure it is not too big either as it will affect comfort.

Do Sandblasting Face Shields Come With Different Sizes?

 Fit Sandblasting Face Shield

 Fit Sandblasting Face Shield

Ensuring the perfect fit of your sandblasting face shield is essential so it can serve its main purpose.

Thus, make sure you will wear a face shield that’s suited and fitted to you.

Sandblasting face shield manufacturers typically don’t offer a variety of sizes but they make sure that the default size accommodates most sizes.

They provide ample allowance for those with larger or wider heads.

Meanwhile, it’s also not too big for those with normal size heads for it to be too bulky.

However, you can certainly request for size modifications on the sandblasting face shields if you find they really do not fit you.

Are The Lens Portion Of The Sandblasting Face Shield Replaceable?

Sometimes, no matter how much you take care of your face shields, there are instances wherein you may accidentally damage it.

Good quality sandblasting face shields only use high-quality acrylic (plexiglass) on the lens portion.

This material is highly durable and won’t break easily.

However, in case you do break it, some sandblasting face shield models have a replaceable lens.

Thus, you won’t have to buy a whole new face shield if you only break the lens.

You can simply purchase the lens portion to install it in your old face shield.

Just make sure your model has a removable or replaceable lens.

Where Should You Store Your Sandblasting Face Shield?

Sandblasting face shields won’t last forever, just like any other object.

However, if you take care of them properly, you will get tons of uses out of them and get your money’s worth.

You can store your sandblasting face shields in an air-tight container or a plastic bag.

Make sure it is in room temperature without too much humidity.

Never place it in an area where it could get wet or damp.

Although sandblasting face shields are durable, you should still maintain it well to make sure it lasts long.

Don’t place it in an area with direct sunlight or near any open fire.

How Do You Clean A Sandblasting Face Shield?

 Sandblasting face shields

Sandblasting Face Shields

Cleaning is also an important part to consider to make sure your sandblasting face shield lasts for a long time with good visibility.

You can do this in a few steps.

Wipe down the exterior surface with a damp sponge with mild detergent or soap.

Rinse it with water and make sure it air dries.

However, if you are in a hurry or don’t have much time to do this, you can get an alcohol-based wipe to wipe down the acrylic portions of the face shield.

Never apply strong bleach or chemical agents onto the face shield.

You don’t need to use heavy-duty cleaning agents to clean the face shield.

The sandblasting face shield is mainly made of plastic.

Thus, it is non-porous and any contaminant will only remain on the surface.

Thus, there is no need for strong chemical-based cleaners.

Don’t use hot water on the face shield either as it may damage the plastic’s form.

You should avoid the strong chemicals especially on the interior portion of the sandblasting face shield.

This is because you will inhale these chemicals once you wear them.

Do not use rough or abrasive cloths to clean your sandblasting face shield as that can cause scratches to form on your sandblasting face shield which will affect your visibility.

Can You Put A Sandblasting Face Shield In The Washing Machine?

While you may want to make sure your protective gear and equipment are perfectly clean and safe before every use, the components, and materials used in making the face shields are not safe for machine wash.

It has an acrylic component that has a distinct shape.

Thus, placing it in the washer would deform the plastic acrylic, destroying the sandblasting face shield.

Do Sandblasting Face Shields Protect You From Viruses And Bacteria?

In the midst of a pandemic, you might be trying to think of various ways to protect yourself and others.

Sandblasting face shields can be effective in protecting you from coming in contact with infected bodily liquids.

This includes nasal discharge, saliva, tears, sputum as these may all contain pathogens – whether virus and bacteria.

The face shields prevent you from getting them into your mucous membranes such as your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Thus, if you are a blaster and are wondering if sandblasting face shields can be used, you should know that they can.

You can also wear it with other protective gear such as face masks for stronger protection.

Are Sandblasting Face Shields Only Used For Sandblasting Or Abrasive Blasting?

Sandblasting face shields are specially made to protect those who perform sandblasting.

They provide enough head, neck, and shoulder protection from inhalational and abrasive injury.

However, because of its design, it can certainly be used in other setting or environments.

You can use it in any dusty environment where there is small debris that may injure your eye.

Furthermore, it can also be used in dusting, polishing, and other similar tasks that require you to protect your face and upper body from dust and injury.

Are There Anti-Fog Sandblasting Face Shields Available?

 Anti Fog Sandblasting Face Shield

Anti Fog Sandblasting Face Shield

Yes, you can request your manufacturer to apply anti-fog coatings on your sandblasting face shields.

If you work in moist conditions or changing temperatures that can cause fog to form easily on your face shield, the anti-fog coating helps you to maintain high visibility so you can still see clearly.

Can You Get Anti-Dust Sandblasting Face Shields?

If it is a problem for you that dust always seems to gather on your sandblasting face shields very easily, you can opt for an anti-dust sandblasting face shield.

This makes it easy for you to clean and maintain your sandblasting face shields while retaining high clarity and visibility.

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