• Acrylic Display Cube

Acrylic Display Cube

At Weprofab, we are specializing in fabricating various types of acrylic display cubes. We are familiar with all types of production processes. And the largest producers of acrylic display in China. Contact us today!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Display Cube Delight Your Customers

If you are having a hard time choosing acrylic display cube, you selected in our top selling arylic products.

Clear Acrylic Display Cube

Weprofab highly suggests a clear acrylic display cubes for business. It is perfect to store and to protect a big or small object.

6 Sided Acrylic Display Cube

Weprofab has outstanding selections of the 6 sided acrylic display cube. Always count on Weprofab if you need a customized 6 sided acrylic display cube.

Fruit Container Acrylic Display Cube

Weprofab fruit container acrylic display cube is ideal for displaying fruit. Weprofab is a professional manufacturer of any fruit container acrylic display cube.

Acrylic Display Cube for Jewelry

Weprofab is very happy to make custom acrylic display cube for jewelry for you. Different kinds are presented with any colors or sizes available.

Frosted Square Acrylic Display Cube

Weprofab is the best frosted square acrylic display cube provider. We create high-end frosted square acrylic display cube with competitive price ratings.

5 Sided Acrylic Display Cube

If you want your business to shine, get 5 sided acrylic display cube at Weprofab. We have a lot of acrylic display cube that you can choose for your business.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Display Cube Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for fabrication.

If you are are looking for the best and durable acrylic display cubes, We are proud to offer our sturdy and elegant acrylic display cubes that are made from high-class kinds of materials.

Weprofab has executive designers and engineers to design great and excellent acrylic display cubes.

Send us a message to get an instant quote!

Custom Acrylic Display Cube to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Display Storage Box Cube

Weprofab is a leading manufacturer of the acrylic display storage box cube. We import acrylic display cubes anywhere in the world.

Acrylic Display Cube for Toys

Weprofab specialized in custom sizing and more required customizations. You can find elegant acrylic display cube for toys at affordable rates.

Colored Acrylic Display Cube

If you are finding a colored acrylic display cube, Weprofab is your ultimate solution. We provide reliable and great-figured of a colored acrylic display cube.

Acrylic Display Cube Organizer

Weprofab acrylic display cube organizer is perfect for keeping important things. We supply all kinds of acrylic display cube organizers for you.

Transparent Acrylic Display Cube

Check on Weprofab if you are in need of a transparent acrylic display cube. We offer a different kinds of transparent acrylic display cube intended for your business.

Self-Assembly Acrylic Display Cube

The self-assembly acrylic display cube is perfect for displaying toys, model items, and others. It features portable, durable, and detachable.

Acrylic Candy Display Cube

An acrylic candy display cube is good for storing and retailing candies. It is available in different sizes and dimensions depending on your requirements.

White Acrylic Display Cube

The white acrylic display cube has an attractive, professional, and to-quality surface. They are applicable in different ranges of applications and display usage. 

Fluorescent Color Acrylic Display Cube

The fluorescent color acrylic display cube has bright and stable color. It will never fade easily that guaranteed ni discoloration.

Acrylic Countertop Display Cube

An acrylic countertop display cube is applicable for displaying a game-winning ball or home run. It is also used for storing the most collections and favorite items.

Acrylic Display Cube for Wedding Decoration

The acrylic display cube for wedding decoration has high hardness, strong compression resistance, strong durability, and non-fading properties.

Colored Acrylic Display Cube

A colored acrylic display cube is suitable in most building types, such as shops, schools, hospitals, malls, companies, offices, homes, and hotels.

Museum Acrylic Display Cube

The museum acrylic display cube is perfect for showcasing and displaying museum items. It has good and uniform polished, making it more attractive.

Acrylic Hinged Display Cube

The acrylic hinged display cube has 98% transparency, is fashionable, and is beautiful. It archives a fine cross-cutting polish, smooth surface, and clearer.

Acrylic Display Cube with Lid

The acrylic display cube with a lid offers an excellent level of security. You can rest assured that the item or content will be safe from dust and dirt.

Acrylic Flower Display Cube

An acrylic flower display cube is good for displaying roses and other flowers. It comes in different customization options like colors and sizes.

Photo Frame Acrylic Display Cube

The photo frame acrylic display cube can be inserted with favorite or valuable photos. It is great for living room, bedroom, offices, and other places.

Dustproof Acrylic Display Cube

A dustproof acrylic display cube is used for displaying artwork, character models, jewelry, souvenirs, and toys. It prevents dust and will keep contents clean.

Mini Acrylic Display Cube

The mini acrylic display cube is highly made from food-grade and non-toxic materials. It is safe for displaying candies, biscuits, chocolates, and bubble gums.

Acrylic Display Cube with Wooden Base

The acrylic display cube with a wooden base has a unique and likable design. It is fabricated from environmentally friendly materials and free from harmful substances.

Lockable Acrylic Display Cube

A lockable acrylic display cube provides the best security and reliable durability. It will never open easily that will keep the contents safe from bad hands.

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Why Weprofab Acrylic Display Cube

Weprofab is an outstanding acrylic display cube manufacturer in China.

Acrylic display cube is lightweight in nature when compared to other materials that are used in creating display cubes.

It helps you to use it in an easy manner, without hassles just like the experience every displayer wants.

Acrylic display cube offers cost-effective to a large extent. Since it can be assembled and disassembled without trouble, acrylic cases can be shipped in parts.

Acrylic Display Cube

You can set up the acrylic display cubes without taking any professional help from the providers.

In addition, these are also simple to clean and maintain.

Regular wiping off the dirt from the surfaces can keep the cases in good shape for a long time.

Acrylic display cubes are the things that you might be looking for to secure a permanent spot in the memory of your customers.

Weprofab offers a range of high-quality acrylic display cube at low affordable prices.

We help retailers lower the costs of their items without having to compromise on design and quality.

Acrylic display cubes are widely used for varieties of applications including the security of any object.

Acrylic Display Cube

We are very confident when it comes to supplying great acrylic display cube to our highly valued customers.

In China, we manufacture a series of acrylic display cube with complete clear acrylics and firm materials.

There are custom types available in our factory, suitable for all types of events and special occasions and at home purposes.

It has excellent appeal perfect for any decorative applications.

We love to do our very best to give the superior quality of the acrylic display cube that meets your requirements.

Acrylic Display Cube

We want to gain your trust, that`s why we provide products with satisfying services

Just come at Weprofab whenever you need an acrylic display cube.

Just send your specific design and we will make it for you!

Acrylic Display Cube The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Acrylic display cube refers to a type of frameless enclosure designed from acrylic thermoplastic and other components.

It is designed for showcasing, holding, or keeping a wide variety of objects, items, or products in different settings.

Acrylic display cube

 Acrylic Display Cube

In some instances, it is known as acrylic display case, acrylic display cabinet, or acrylic display vitrine.

If you are thinking of investing in this component, there are numerous elements you ought to know about it.

This article provides you with elaborative details regarding different aspects of acrylic display cube.

Let’s dig deeper into it to find out more about this thermoplastic display component;

What are the Uses of Acrylic Display Cube?

Ordinarily, you can use a typical acrylic display case in a wide variety of elements in different settings.

The typical applications of this component include the following;

Product Launches

Most corporate organizations and product-oriented business entities often use acrylic display cube for launching new products.

The product is often placed inside this component, giving it excellent visibility to the target audience.


You can use acrylic display cube in different trade shows and exhibitions.

It comes in handy in attracting the audience’s attention and at the same time safeguarding the products.

Product Displays in Retail Outlets

Displaying different products such as jewelry in your retail stores using acrylic display cases is another of its everyday use.

You can also use it as part of the window display to allow customers to have a clear view of what the products entail.

Keeping Trophies and Memorabilia

You’ll find this component in different office receptions and residential living rooms used for displaying and storing trophies, plaques, gifts, memorabilia, etc.

Storing Makeup

You can find a well-customized acrylic display cube for displaying and keeping your makeup products.

It is common in most beauty parlors and a number of residential homes.

Storing Taxidermy Animals

Most game hunters use acrylic display cases for housing different taxidermy animals.

Ideally, this component enables you to display the animals and still guarantee safety of the items.

Securing Products

Acrylic display cube allows you to store different items safely by preventing them from accidental or deliberate damage.

This is common in various environments experiencing high human traffic, such as shopping malls and trade shows.

One of the most critical elements is understanding that you can always customize this component to suit your specific applications.

As such, it allows for numerous commercial and residential uses.

How does Acrylic Display Cube compare to Acrylic Makeup Organizer?

Technically, acrylic display cube is somewhat generally used for keeping and displaying different goods and items.

It is also primarily used in different environments, both indoors and outdoors, depending on the specific application.

Thus, you can easily categorize it as a general display and storage component in wide-ranging environments.

On the other hand, acrylic makeup organizer is specifically designed for storing and displaying different makeup products.

In most instances, it is used in beauty parlors or segmented rooms in residential settings.

However, both acrylic display cube and makeup organizer tend to share quite a variety of features.

A major difference only lies in the design construction of both components.

All you need is to customize the display cube to fit the specific design requirements of suitable makeup storage.

Ideally, makeup organizers tend to be relatively detailed than a typical display cube.

Simply put, you can use acrylic display cube as a makeup organizer.

How do you Manufacture Acrylic Display Cube?

Typically, acrylic display vitrines come in different designs with various features.

It thus implies that the manufacturing process might vary depending on the specific elements required in this component.

Nevertheless, the process for manufacturing a basic acrylic display cube entails the following steps;

  • Get all the relevant required raw materials for the project, including a suitable acrylic sheet material.
  • Find the dimensions of your preferred display case and cut the acrylic sheet into size accordingly.

Ensure you cut the sheet accurately to prevent incidents of overlapping or underlapping when attaching it.

  • Sand the edges to make them smooth and even, as well as confirming the dimension’s accuracy.

At this stage, you can adjust the dimensions accordingly in case there are some inconsistencies.

  • Attach the sides to the top and bottom. It is a critical step in the making process and demands a high level of accuracy and meticulousness.

Ensure all the sides and edges attach firmly, apply acrylic cement or any suitable acrylic adhesive, then secure the joints using masking tape.

  • Make the access door or lid depending on the size of the display cube you are making.

You may decide to place the door on top, side, or front on the cube based on your preference and nature of product to be used on it.

Cut the sheet to length, determine the spots for placing hinges, and mark.

Attach the hinges by drilling small holes but be extremely careful to prevent breaking or cracking the surface material.

Fix the lid or access door immediately you are through with attaching the hinges.

  • Once the adhesive cures, remove the masking tape and attach a handle on the access door for easy opening and closing.

You can also choose to add other features on the display cube, such as lighting, at this point.

Clear your workstation accordingly and start using the acrylic display cube.

What Are Common Designs Of Acrylic Display Cubes?

You can find them in a wide variety mostly, depending on a particular manufacturer you are purchasing them from.

The common ones you are likely to find at WeProFab include the following;

Acrylic Jewelry Display Case

Often used for displaying jewelry and related products in different commercial and residential settings.

 Acrylic display cube

Acrylic Display Cube

Wall-mounted Acrylic Display Cube

Commonly used for displaying and storing a wide range of small to medium items such as trophies and plaques in different environments.

Wall mounted acrylic diplay cube

 Wall mounted acrylic diplay cube

Candy Canister Acrylic Display Cube

Used in kitchen spaces for arranging various ingredient containers in an organized manner for quick identification and access.

 Candy canister acrylic display cube

Candy canister acrylic display cube

Acrylic Figure Display Cube

Usually used for keeping or displaying small to medium-sized fashion and related products mostly in homes and retail stores.

Acrylic figure display cube

Acrylic figure display cube

Acrylic Bakery Display Cube

Ordinarily used in various bakery outlets, supermarkets, food stores, etc., for displaying a number of bakery products.

Acrylic backery display cube

 Acrylic bakery display cube

  • Acrylic Toy Display Cube

Used for storing or displaying different toys, be it at homes or retails shops.

Acrylic toy display cube

 Acrylic toy display cube

Acrylic Bar Display Cube

As the name suggests, it is used for storing or displaying different types of alcoholic drinks in both residential homes and commercial bars.

Acrylic bar display cube

Acrylic bar display cube

Other commonly used acrylic display cubes designs include the following;

  • 3 – steps acrylic display cube
  • 4 – tier acrylic display cube
  • Acrylic display show cube
  • Acrylic display cabinet cube
  • Acrylic sliding display cube
  • Clear rectangular display cube
  • Lockable acrylic display cube
  • Rotating acrylic display cube

What Are the Limitations of Acrylic Display Cube?

They are quite a few and include the following;

  • The surface material of this component tends to be somewhat susceptible to scratches, especially from sharp or abrasive objects.

As such, you ought to be on the watch out, especially when using it in high traffic applications.

  • This component is seemingly more expensive than other materials offering similar alternatives.

Nonetheless, the quality it offers is worth every penny you spend on it compared to other cheaply priced options.

What Is The Difference Between Acrylic Display Case And Acrylic Display Cube?

There is no significant difference between acrylic display case and display cube.

The names are often used interchangeably to refer to the same object.

However, depending on the target market or user, a display case is often regarded as comparatively large than display cube.

But the design construction and all other features of both components are similar.

How Do You Clean Acrylic Display Cube?

It is a pretty straightforward process as long as you have the recommended non-abrasive washing detergents.

First  remove all the specks of dirt or any unwanted spots from the surface material of this component.

Get a premium micro-fiber cloth and damp it in lukewarm soapy water and use it to wipe scrub the surface material gently.

Rinse the soapy water using clean water.

Take another dry piece of micro-fiber clothing and use it to wipe the water from the surface material of the display cube.

Let it air dry for a few minutes, and you’ll be good to go.

You can might check  this video for more information.

Can You Add LED Lighting To An Acrylic Display Cube?


It is one way of enhancing the attractiveness of the display case, especially at night or in dark spaces.

LED lighting has a way of illuminating the acrylic display box when lit.

Therefore, it attracts the attention of the audience or customers.

Moreover, the lighting adds value to the display cube, which is vital in increasing its pricing if you are importing for reselling.

And most importantly, adding LED lighting to acrylic display cube complements the product, which is essential in attracting more potential customers.

Acrylic cube with LED lighting

Acrylic cube with LED lighting

What Is The Recommended Size Of An Acrylic Display Cube?

Ideal size of this component is based mainly on the specific demands or needs of your application.

Different users have unique requirements as far as acrylic display cube size is concerned.

For instance, if you are displaying or keeping relatively oversized items such as trophies, you’ll need a bigger display cube.

On the other hand, if you store items such as jewelry and related products, you certainly require  somewhat smaller size display cube.

Thus, there is no standard recommended size of any acrylic display case.

It is all dependent on your specific needs and preferences based on your application.

What Are The Benefits Of Acrylic Display Cube With Wood Base?

A typical acrylic display case with a wooden base offers a wide range of benefits such as follows;

  1. The wooden base reinforces the overall strength and stability of the component.

This makes it more durable and robust, preventing the display cube from falling quickly when accidentally toppled.

  1. It complements the overall appearance of the display cube, particularly when it is colored.

In essence, it enhances the overall aesthetic and price value of this component.

  1. Wooden base makes it easy to clean and maintain the acrylic display cube.

It hardly requires much attention as far as cleaning and maintenance are concerned.

  1. Offers unmatched durability since the component will rarely scratch or break from the bottom section.

And this is essential since it allows you to save on costs related to repair and replacement aspects.

Does Acrylic Display Cube Break Easily?

Not at all.

The base material for this display cube is derived from natural elements, which are hardy.

Ordinarily, these natural elements form an acrylic material with a stronger molecular structure.

This makes the component relatively solid and quite difficult to break under ordinary conditions.

Moreover, the quality workmanship integrated during manufacturing process of this component is also apt.

It makes it possible for the display cube to withstand impact pressure and prevent it from easily breaking.

In general, a typical acrylic display cube can hardly break under ordinary conditions.

And even in unusual conditions such as deliberate breakage attempts, it only cracks into large and dull pieces, thus posing no harm.

Which Features Should You Look For In An Acrylic Display Cube?

In most instances, the features of display cube often cut across the numerous variants of acrylic materials used.

However, it is always imperative to consider some fundamental aspects to enable you to attain desired results.

Some of the important features to look into when purchasing this component include the following;

  1. Size – It is necessary to choose a particular display cube size, which matches the specific needs of your application.

Of course, size matters in terms of mobility and proper fitting of your products.

Therefore, go for a reasonable size, which won’t necessarily limit or compromise the products during display or storage.

  1. Safety features – Most of the customized acrylic display cubes often come with different security features.

This is necessary for safeguarding unauthorized access or theft of the items inside the box, especially in high-traffic areas.

Reinforced panels and interlocking locks are some of the safety elements you may look into in an ideal acrylic display cube.

  1. Material Quality – Acrylic material is available in many variants as far as quality is concerned.

In essence, different material grades will provide varying service lifespan, overall appearance, and efficiency.

Always choose a particular one designed from a material you’re certain will suit your application demand requirements.

  1. Design construction – The overall design construction of this component depends on the quality of material used and craft.

Meticulous attention to detail and top-notch artistry are core elements you must consider when buying this piece of equipment.

  1. Portability – Technically, a typical acrylic display cube ought to be lightweight.

Therefore, portability is essential because it makes it easy for you to shift the cube from one place to another.

This enhances convenience, especially for acrylic display cubes used in different settings such as exhibitions and trade fairs.

How Does Glass Display Cube Compare To Acrylic Display Cube?

Glass and acrylic are the dominant materials used for manufacturing different display cubes designs.

However, these materials seemingly contrast in many ways, thus setting them apart as far as the choice of respective components is concerned.

Here are some of the grounds on which glass and acrylic display cubes contrast;

  • Weight – Glass display cube is twice the weight of acrylic display cube of similar dimensions.

As such, the latter is likely convenient to carry around since it exhibits lightweight, which is critical for outdoor applications.

  • Clarity – Glass display cube exhibits relatively less clarity than a typical acrylic display cube.

Essentially, the latter allows more light to pass through it of up to about 92% compared to the former’s 84%.

  • Flexibility – An ordinary display cube made of glass material is relatively rigid.

It can break easily and can only bend to a particular level under certain conditions.

On the contrary, acrylic display cube is quite flexible and cannot break easily even when bent  to extreme level.

Thus, you can easily customize the latter using different techniques and attain desirable results.

  • Strength – Acrylic display cube is about 17-20 times stronger than glass display cube.

This makes the former to exhibit better resistance to impact pressure and difficult to break than the latter.

  • Glossiness – Acrylic display cube has a glossier surface material making it shinier and more attractive.

On the other hand, glass display cube exhibits relatively cloudy surface material, making it quite dull.

How Durable Is Acrylic Display Cube?

Generally, a typical acrylic display cube exhibits a longer service lifespan.

The material is derived from natural elements forming a solid molecular structure that is difficult to break down.

Moreover, the manufacturing process of these components also entails several strength additives and quality workmanship.

Even so, the actual longevity of this component is largely dependent on other many factors, including the following;

  1. Type of application
  2. Environmental and weather conditions it is exposed to
  3. General maintenance
  4. Specific acrylic material quality or grade for making the component
  1. All these aspects play significant roles as far as the overall durability of this component is concerned.

Is Acrylic Display Cube Scratch Resistant?

It depends on several circumstances.

Ideally, the surface material of this component is naturally soft.

Thus, it is likely to get scratches, especially when rubbed against abrasive or sharp objects.

However, most manufacturers often incorporate an anti-scratch additive when making this component.

The essence is to prevent the display cube from scratching easily even when exposed to different scratchy elements.

Moreover, it is always easy to remove the scratches from the surface material of the component using simple techniques and tools.

How Do You Test Quality Of The Acrylic Display Cube?

Technically, acrylic display cubes are often subjected to various quality tests before leaving the manufacturer’s premises to the market.

It is important since this guarantees safety, efficiency, and reliability of the component in varied applications.

Mostly, some of the test quality aspects often carried out on this component include the following;

  • Pressure resistance test
  • Impact tolerance test
  • Temperature resistance test
  • Freon compatibility test
  • Wet and dry behavior test

All these tests are conducted in well-equipped high-end laboratories by certified and qualified experts.

What Are The Quality Standards For Acrylic Display Cube?

They are quite several depending on the specific target market of the acrylic display cube.

Ordinarily, you’ll find them at different levels, including national, regional, and international.

Most of the agencies mandated to test and approve quality standards of this component use various parameters to determine the finding.

The common acrylic display quality standards you are likely to come across include the following;

Food and Drug Administration

Commonly referred to as FDA, it is an American-based agency tasked with approving different equipment and components involved in food handling and processing.

FDA is critical in this case, especially for approving quality standards of acrylic bakery display cubes.

International Standards Organization.

It is usually abbreviated as ISO.

This organization is responsible for auditing and ensuring the processes, systems, and products match the customer and regulatory requirements.

It is quite broad but always guarantees quality and safety of the component before used in respective applications.

Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive

It is a European-based quality standard agency usually abbreviated as RoHS.

This standard is generally responsible for ensuring specific restricted compounds are never integrated into manufacturing process of certain products.

The essence is to enhance safety of the component to the user and the environment in general.

American Society for Testing Materials

Often known as ASTM International, it develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for different products.

As such, it ensures components such as acrylic display cubes meet safety, health, and environmental standards.

What Are The Benefits Of Acrylic Display Cube?

Acrylic display cube offers a wide range of advantages in various applications making it a worthy investment.

Some of these benefits are as follows;

  • Offers exceptional versatility; thus, you can mold it to suit the specific application for your demands.
  • It is lightweight thus provides ideal convenience, particularly when installing it in raised spaces or moving around with it.
  • The base material is naturally flexible and machinable. Therefore, it becomes easy to customize it to different shapes and designs based on your application demands.
  • You can find it in numerous color hues, which is vital since it makes it easy for you to add aesthetic value and uniqueness to your applications.
  • It is generally durable and can last for many years without wearing out. This makes the component cost-effective given the service lifespan it offers.
  • Acrylic display cube is easy to clean and maintain.

How Does Acrylic Display Cube Compare To Polycarbonate Display Cube?

Technically, you can always use both acrylic and polycarbonate display cubes interchangeably.

These two materials share a lot of features with slight superiority variance.

For instance, polycarbonate and acrylic base materials are strong, lightweight, glossy, clear, and resistant to several environmental and weather conditions.

However, polycarbonate display case portrays slight superiority over acrylic in terms of most of these features.

Moreover, the former is to some extent more expensive than the latter.

Even so, you can choose to use either polycarbonate or acrylic display cubes in your application and still obtain relatively similar results.

What Coating Treatment Can You Use On Acrylic Display Cube?

They are pretty several, and the most suitable one is largely dependent on the specific application and setting of the display cube.

Of course, the essence of surface coating treatment is to enhance the efficiency and performance of the acrylic display cube.

They also come in handy in protecting the component from various environmental and mechanical conditions.

Some of the commonly used coating treatments for this component include the following;

  • Anti-scratch coating
  • UV stabilizer
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Anti-static coating
  • Anti-static coating

How much does Acrylic Display Cube Cost?

There is no standard price for acrylic display cube.

In most instances, it is determined by several factors such as the following;

  • Material grade for making the display case
  • Brand
  • Size
  • Customization level
  • Material thickness
  • General workmanship and finishing

Technically, these are among the core elements, which influence the actual pricing of this component.

As such, you are likely to find varying rates in different settings based on the above-mentioned factors among others.

How Can You Customize Acrylic Display Cube?

It is dependent on your taste and preference regarding the demands of an application.

There are several techniques you can always use to personalize this component, and some of them include the following;

  • Drilling
  • Adding LED backlighting
  • Painting
  • Engraving
  • Partitioning
  • Spinning
  • Incorporating locks and other safety features

What Can Make Acrylic Display Cube To Yellow?

Quite several reasons can lead to yellowing of acrylic display cube.

Continuous exposure of this component to high intensive direct sunlight is often regarded as the main cause.

Ordinarily, direct sunlight tends to penetrate the surface material of acrylic display cube.

Subsequently, the UV rays emitted by sunlight attack and weaken the molecular structure of this component, leading to gradual yellowing.

Another possible cause of yellowing acrylic display cube is use of relatively inferior base material grade.

Low-quality materials often fade quickly when subjected to relatively harsh conditions.

Also, shoddy workmanship is a possible cause of acrylic display cube yellowing.

In this case, if substances like UV stabilizer are not integrated during manufacturing process of this component, it is likely to yellow.

How Do You Remove Light Scratches from Acrylic Display Cube?

A suitable way of removing light scratches is by cleaning the surface material of this component using a comparatively damp cloth.

Apply  toothpaste on scratched surface and scrub  gently in a circular motion for about 30 seconds  allow it to dry for 2-3minutes.

Rinse the dried toothpaste using clean water and let it air dry.

Immediately it dries, apply acrylic gloss, and you’ll have a smooth, shiny, and scratch-free acrylic display cube or follow the link below;

Are there Lockable Acrylic Display Cubes?


You can find them in standard or customized designs.

 Lockable acrylic display cube

Lockable acrylic display cube

The major difference could be the type and location of locks on the display cube.

Nonetheless, you can always order a lockable acrylic display case, which suits your demands and preference.

Is there difference between Acrylic Box for Display and Acrylic Display Cube?

Not really.

Both can be used interchangeably depending on the types of products stored or displayed.

In many instances, acrylic box for display is perceived to be larger than acrylic display cube.

However, there is no significant difference between these two acrylic display elements.

For all your acrylic display cubes, you can talk to WeProFab team right now.

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