• Plastic Bracket

Plastic Bracket

Weprofab plastic brackets are designed to support different shelving applications. Different colors like clear, matte, and plain colors are available. The plastic bracket achieves the perfect lifespan and great durability using the finest plastic materials. Offered at a friendly price yet have outstanding quality!

Get WeProFab Plastic Bracket to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab plastic brackets have superior and interesting designs that can delight your customers. Ease of installation is the primary plastic bracket feature. Additionally, the Weprofab plastic bracket is the perfect substitute for the metallic bracket!

Plastic Right Angle Bracket

The plastic right-angle bracket has perfect stability and strong fixing and load-bearing. Highly reliable to install for shelves, drawers, cabinets, windows, frames, chairs, etc. 

Plastic L-Type Adhesive Shelf Bracket

The plastic L-type adhesive shelf bracket comes in custom sizes, perfectly fit for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, libraries, and many more. 

U-Type Plastic Corner Bracket

U-type plastic corner bracket is used as a heavy-duty security bracket. Although it is a plastic-made bracket, it can enhance extreme protection and safety to your property. 

Butterfly Plastic Connecting Bracket

The Butterfly plastic connecting bracket has a high hardness and durability that can withstand more extended use. Highly convenient bracket to use in connecting two profile objects. 

Adjustable Plastic Angle Bracket

The adjustable plastic angle bracket has a compact structure specially designed to firm all furniture components. It can be adjusted to a certain extent for simple installation.

Plastic Face Mask Bracket

The plastic face mask bracket is not toxic, not irritating which is gentle and safe to use. It creates distance betwixt faces and faces masks, allowing for more air filter and breathing space. 

Desktop Plastic SSD Mounting Bracket

The desktop plastic SSD mounting bracket is durably made from high-class plastics. It features excellent stability, does not quickly get out of shape, and effectively protects the SSD inside.

Plastic TV Screen Top Shelf Bracket

A broad series of plastic TV screen top-shelf brackets is to install. Moreover, it also has a space-saving bracket that fits any TV inches, creating optimum viewing pleasure.  

Plastic Air Conditioning Bracket

The plastic air conditioning bracket is an economical solution for your air conditioning. It has an excellent ability to support and carry heavier air conditioning appliances. 

WeProFab: Your Leading Plastic Bracket Manufacturer

Weprofab plastic brackets are manufactured from superior and adaptable materials. They can be manufactured with different professional processing methods. Moreover, any design and looks of the plastic brackets are achievable. Whether you need plastic brackets based on your details, they can be customized to exceed your specifications.

You can request your appropriate plastic brackets together with exact details. Weprofab plastic brackets can be polished with different finishing, depending on your desire!


Custom Plastic Bracket to Boost Your Business

Automotive Plastic Bracket

A high-quality automotive plastic bracket is made from the finest plastic materials that cannot easily crack and break when used. It is designed to protect all sensitive and insensitive automotive parts securely.

Plastic Shelf Bracket with Cover

Plastic shelf bracket with cover is manufactured with non-conductive, lightweight, and sturdy features. It is specialized for having a 90-degree right angle appearance—great use for windows, chest, dressers, drawers, etc. 

Plastic Battery Cell Holder Bracket

The plastic battery cell holder bracket has a reasonable and competent structure, beautiful appearance, excellent vibration function, and heat dissipation performance, which makes perfect security.

Plastic Conduit Clamp Bracket

The entire design of the plastic conduit clamp bracket is flexible, innovative, stylish, robust, and easy for assembly. The quality to hold an object is flawless, making it ideal for automotive, industrial, mechanical, and other fields. 

Wall Mount Plastic Antenna Bracket

The wall mount plastic antenna bracket is ideally suited for interior and exterior installations. In addition, this heavy-duty bracket is practical for most industrial and automotive applications. Highly reliable to withstand all weather conditions.  

Plastic Wall Hanging Bracket

A plastic wall perfect hanging bracket adopted with a simple yet elegant and aesthetic design creates perfect blending vitality and stunning display effect style of all objects you hang upon. It has an excellent structural composition for long-term use.

L-Shape Plastic Bracket

The L-shape plastic bracket is perfect for the garden shelf, bookshelf, table and chair corner, etc. It can play an excellent role by saving enough space in any room. Moreover, an L-shape plastic bracket is also available in custom sizes. 

Heavy-Duty Plastic Bracket

A heavy-duty plastic bracket allows for better support, handling, and grasping of all heavy-duty components. It is purely made from high-quality plastic with professional workmanship. Suitable for any angled corner that is needed to fix firmly. 

Black Plastic Bracket

The black plastic bracket features a smoother, clear, uniform, and no debris surfaces. It has a perfect measurement, making it suited in any corner or furniture. 

Multi-Function Plastic Bracket

A multi-function plastic bracket can be customized in a wide range of dimensions and colors. A wide range of applications will be suitable, like supporting shelves and connecting objects.

Plastic Partition Bracket

The plastic partition bracket is easy to use. They are adjustable, flexible, and versatile. Applicable in most partition applications.

Plastic White Bracket

A plastic white bracket is widely used for strengthening and joining the corner piece. It features weatherproof and dustproof, making it ideal for demanding purposes.

Plastic Furniture Bracket

The plastic furniture bracket is commonly attached to various furniture fixtures. This element provides tensile strength and reliable support in objects.

Plastic Modern Bracket

The plastic modern bracket is constructed from high-quality and reliable plastic materials. It produces the best and most professional appearance.

15mm Plastic Servo Bracket

The 15mm plastic servo bracket is good for connecting structures. They are generally applied to various working and living environments. Suitable for customization services in size and colors.

Plastic Extension Bracket

The plastic extension bracket has a simple structure yet is very strong and durable. Moreover, the plastic extension bracket can be used for many years.

Wall Clip Plastic Bracket

The wall clip plastic bracket is applicable for home appliances, office structures, mechanical equipment, and other applications. It comes in a broad range of colors and styles.

Plastic Tool Wall Bracket

The plastic tool wall bracket is great for holding and supporting multi-tools. It has durable, sturdy, and reliable construction. Will never wear out or break down easily.

Plastic Curtain Bracket

The plastic curtain bracket is available in white, black, brown, and many more colors. They are suitable for offices, homes, bathrooms, and any purpose.

Plastic Universal Bracket

The universal plastic bracket is suitable for various households, tools, and appliances. Due to its versatility, the universal plastic bracket provides excellent and universal fittings.

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What is the Purpose of Plastic Brackets?

Plastic Bracket manufacturer

The plastic brackets are designed for connecting or attaching objects.

Moreover, they are usually used for various applications like din rail, simple machines, wall mount, and other applications.

Universal fitting for wooden and other objects is the primary purpose of the plastic bracket.

Supporting shelf is the perfect usage of the plastic brackets.

Due to their versatility, the plastic brackets are best for installing wide purposes:

  • Jointing points
  • Angle points
  • Derivation points
  • Cross-arm installation
What Makes the Plastic Brackets So Great?

The plastic brackets have consisted of desirable and good characteristics, making them so great.

These are the following characteristics of plastic brackets:


Plastic brackets are made from non-corrosive plastic materials. Unlike other brackets, plastic brackets are a great choice for corrosive issues. They are made from good materials that are not prone to corrosive.


Versatility is one of the great plastic bracket’s characteristics. Due to its versatility, plastic brackets are applicable for different applications. They have universal fittings allowing them to be used for any connecting and mounting usage.

Decreased weight

The plastic bracket is well-known because of its lightweight. Unlike other brackets, the plastic bracket is much lighter in weight, allowing them to install easily.

How Long Does the Plastic Brackets Last?

Plastic brackets have a long lifespan, authorizing them to serve many times.

The existence of the plastic bracket will be based on its usage.

Usually, the plastic brackets will last for months and years, depending on their applications.

If they are attached and bolted properly, the lifespan of the plastic bracket’s life will be extended.

What are the Benefits of Using Plastic Brackets?

A plastic bracket offers a lot of benefits in most applications.

These are the advantages of using the plastic brackets:

  • Enable to install and mount easily.
  • Provides a cost-effective solution than other brackets.
  • Offers a simple maintenance and removal operation
  • Plastic brackets can be used in various applications.
  • It can carry a different range of appliances and any object
  • Allowing to save labor cost
Are Plastic Brackets Customizable?

Yes! The plastic brackets are easy to customize in different specifications.

Any sizes, designs, and styles will achieve with the plastic brackets.

Moreover, the plastic brackets can be customized in different finishing colors like clear, matte, plain colors, and more.

Adding more suitable accessories and customizing logos are possible with the plastic brackets. They can be designed in different cuts, forms, and any appearance.

The plastic brackets can meet different standards and qualifications.

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