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Clear Acrylic Storage Containers

For more than 20 years, WeProFab is a professional manufacturer and supplier of clear acrylic storage containers in China. We have the largest collection of clear acrylic storage with different sizes, designs, colors, and styles. We are also an OEM manufacturer. We can custom-made your clear acrylic storage containers based on your exact specifications. WeProFab supplies high-quality and durable clear acrylic storage containers to customers around the world. Enquire now!

Get WeProFab Clear Acrylic Storage Containers to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab offers the broadest range of clear acrylic storage containers in China. Here in WeProFab, we can help you find the right products for your application.

Large Acrylic Storage Box

These are multifunctional large acrylic storage box. It can be used for storing cosmetic products like makeups, lipsticks, and more.

Stackable Acrylic Candy Box

Our stackable acrylic candy box features high transparency, delicate design, durability, and thick bottom. These are suitable for any occasions.

Acrylic Mini Candy Box

WeProFab manufactures acrylic mini candy box for freshness preservation. These are sustainable and stackable.

Transparent Acrylic Shoe Storage Box

We manufacture transparent acrylic shoe storage box that comes with multifunctional design. It is manufactured using eco-friendly materials.

Acrylic Candy Box with Lid

Our acrylic candy box with lid are manufactured using food-grade acrylic materials. It is best for freshness preservation.

Mini Food Clear Acrylic Storage Boxes

These are food-grade Mini Food Clear Acrylic Storage Boxes that are used for packing chocolates, cookie, and candies.

WeProFab: Your Trusted Manufacturer and Supplier of Clear Acrylic Storage Container

WeProFab has more than 20 years of producing the highest quality clear acrylic storage containers. We are recognized as the leading manufacturer in China. WeProFab guarantees that you can purchase the durable, high-quality, and long-lasting clear acrylic storage containers.

WeProFab is a certified manufacturer in China. We got certifications from different international and local quality standards. All our products are approved by ISO, CE, RoHS, and more. WeProFab aims to support your business through our excellent quality products and professional services.

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Custom Clear Acrylic Storage Container to Skyrocket Your Brand

62L Clear Plastic Storage Containers

Our 62L Clear Plastic Storage Containers can load up to 10kg. It comes with rectangular shape. These are widely used for household applications.

Acrylic Clear Makeup Cabinet Storage Container

WeProFab manufactures Acrylic Clear Makeup Cabinet Storage Container for organizing and keeping cosmetic products like makeups, makeup brushes, lipsticks, etc.

Flat Top Box Acrylic Lids Container

These are handy Flat Top Box Acrylic with removable lids. These are used in pharmaceutical, hardware, jewelries, and other accessories.

Set of 3 Premium Quality Clear Plastic Apothecary Jars

These are transparent plastic apothecary jars made from high-quality acrylic materials. These are multifunctional jars with wide range of applications.

Clear Acrylic Rectangle Boxes

Clear acrylic rectangle storage containers are sustainable, easy to clean, versatile, and used for many applications.

Clear Acrylic Kitchen Storage Container

Clear acrylic kitchen storage container keeps the contents contained. Allowing to view the contents without opening the container.

Clear Acrylic Tea Storage Container

Clear acrylic tea storage container offers excellent transparency, sustainability, stocked, and durability. Perfect for storing a wide range of tea products.

Flower Shape Clear Acrylic Storage Container


Flower shape clear acrylic storage container has an attractive and unique appearance—ideal for organizing and storing cosmetics or accessories.

Clear Acrylic Cotton Rounds Storage Container

Clear acrylic cotton rounds storage container is highly made from non-toxic and free from harmful or dangerous substances.

Clear Acrylic Storage Jar

Clear acrylic storage jar is suitable for the countertop, dorm room, living room, office, kitchen, and other particular applications.

Clear Acrylic Cosmetics Storage Container

Clear acrylic cosmetics storage containers are widely used for personal bathrooms, salons, vanity areas, and grooming areas.

Square Clear Acrylic Storage Container

Square clear acrylic storage container authorizes to store products easily and conveniently. Due to its sustainability, it can last for a longer time.

Clear Acrylic Storage Container with Partitions

Clear acrylic storage container with partitions is good for storing nail polish, eye shadow, and bathroom accessories. Good for personal and family use.

Rotating Clear Acrylic Storage Container

Rotating clear acrylic storage container is designed to be functional and durable. Allowing to find and search items easily or effortlessly.

Clear Acrylic Fridge Food Storage Container

Clear acrylic fridge food storage container is safe for various food products. Suitable for fruits, candies, chocolates, bread, and more.

Clear Acrylic Lipgloss Storage Container

Clear acrylic lipgloss storage container can organize up to 24 individual lip products. Highly designed for lip glosses and lipsticks.

Clear Acrylic Storage Container for Jewelry

Clear acrylic storage container for jewelry is extremely durable and reliable. Consisted of a simple yet outstanding design that is perfect for storing earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Round Clear Acrylic Storage Container

Round clear acrylic storage container has see-through and clear features. Ideal for storing valuable and important accessories.

Clear Acrylic Powder Storage Container

Clear acrylic powder storage container guarantees no leak, no scratch, no impurities, no splay, no specks, and no bubbles. Highly made from high-quality raw materials.

Cube Clear Acrylic Storage Container

Cube clear acrylic storage container has consisted of durable and superior acrylic materials, passed with ISO, SGS, and other quality standards.

Clear Acrylic Storage Container with Drawers

Clear acrylic storage container with drawers enables the separation and organization of all belongings. Usually have 4 or more small drawers.

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WeProFab Clear Acrylic Storage Containers

WeProFab specializes in the production of clear acrylic storage containers for more than 20 years now. Our rich experience in this field guarantees you high-quality products. WeProFab can provide you the best solution for your business needs.

Here in WeProFab, we can cater your orders of different types of clear acrylic storage containers. All the designs, styles, sizes, and colors are fully customizable based on your requirements. Our OEM services will surely meet your expectations.

Acrylic Clear Makeup Cabinet Storage Container

WeProFab is also equipped with advanced technology and modern production techniques. Thus, we have full capabilities in producing your clear acrylic storage container orders. You can also assure that we can provide your orders on-time.

All our clear acrylic storage containers are stackable and portable. It features an easy-grip and built-in side handles for easy transportation of items from one place to another. You can also assure that these are lightweight and easy to carry.

Aside from that, WeProFab clear acrylic storage containers are ideal storage choice. It comes with large storage capacities. These are perfect for organizing pantry or refrigerator for a cleaner look. It is also great for kitchen, fridge storage, cosmetic storage, and more.

Flat Top Box Acrylic Lids Container

Additionally, WeProFab clear acrylic storage features versatile and functional design. It can be stack easily on top of each other. The base feet of our clear acrylic storage containers allow plenty of storage container to be neatly stacked.

Furthermore, WeProFab manufactures clear acrylic storage containers using clear and durable acrylic materials. These materials are BPA-free and chlorine-free to ensure safety. It is also shatter resistant to ensure durability.

All products from WeProFab are offered at a competitive prices without sacrificing quality. WeProFab also adhere to international quality standards. Here in WeProFab, we are committed to giving the best quality products, excellent services, and low MOQ to support your business.

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