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WeProFab: Your Premier Plastic Cut to Size Manufacturer

WeProFab is a professional plastic fabrication manufacturer that has plastic sheet cut-to-size capability. We can cut your required plastic materials efficiently and accurately. We can do Perspex cut to size, acrylic sheet cut to size, polycarbonate cut to size, PVC sheet cut to size, nylon sheet cut to size, king starboard cut to size, HDPE sheet cut to size, ABS sheet cut to size, polypropylene sheet cut to size, etc.

Some of the plastic materials are not suitable for normal cutting machines, so we can offer continuous die-cutting, or 5-axis cutting to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

In advance, WeProFab can offer a total solution with our further plastic fabrication services such as silkscreen, assembly, etc.

WeProFab offers high-end cut to size capability. We can accurately and efficiently cut Acrylic, Polycarbonate, HDPE, PVC, PP, and other plastics.

  • Working Area: 2450mm*1700mm
  • Power: 3000W
  • Type: Hydraulic
  • Maximum Cutting Depth: 190mm
  • No-Load Rotation: 12 times/minute

Basically, WeProFab plastic cut to size capability is suitable for all plastic sheets.

The typical plastic sheets include Perspex sheet (Acrylic sheet, Polycarbonate sheet), HDPE sheet, PVC sheet, Nylon sheet, ABS sheet, polypropylene sheet, Delrin Sheet, Polyethylene sheet, PEEK sheet, PETG sheet, etc.

WeProFab acrylic noise barrier is UV stable and can be customized to different sizes and thicknesses for you.

WeProFab can offer super abrasion resistant polycarbonate machine guards with optical clarity.

WeProFab FDA approved HDPE cutting board can be customized to different thickness and sizes for you.

Related Fabrication Capabilities

WeProFab can custom your required plastic products based on your design drawing. Since we have full capabilities on plastic fabrication, we can tell you how to combine suitable features into your products according to your final applications.

  • Plastic Injection Molding
    Die Cut Plastic
  • CNC Plastic Machining
    CNC Plastic Machining
  • Plastic Thermoforming
    Plastic Extrusion
  • Silkscreen printing on Plastic
    Silkscreen on Plastic

Plastic Sheet Cut to Size

Many people assume plastic sheet cut to size is an easy job. However, an improper cut to size process could increase your cost significantly. Sometimes, it can ruin your whole plastic sheet.

For example, polycarbonate sheet cut to size: Polycarbonate is a rigid plastic; the cutting chips will stick on the surface of each polycarbonate sheet. If you don’t know how to clean up the cutting chips properly, the chips will scratch the polycarbonate sheet surface during transportation.

On the other hand, with a polycarbonate sheet, it is impossible to have a precise and beautiful cutting edge if you use normal sawing machine.

WeProFab will analyze your detailed requirement and adopt the most suitable cut to size method for you. If you need precise and beautiful cutting edge, and the polycarbonate sheet thickness is lower than 1.5mm, we can use a hydraulic cutting machine. If the thickness is more than 2mm, we will use precise CNC plastic machining.

If its polycarbonate film in a roll, we will use continuous die-cutting to improve the efficiency and keep the dimension accurate.

Another case is the acrylic sheet cut to size. Acrylic sheet, also called Plexiglass sheet, is widely used in different applications. It is more impact resistant than glass, but the edges could still be broken, especially for large and thick acrylic sound barriers.

WeProFab can use precise CNC plastic machining to cut your acrylic sheet precisely with a beautiful edge. You don’t need another polishing process. It can save cost significantly. It’s a cheap acrylic sheet cut to size technique but of high quality. And you can choose the acrylic sheet colors according to your requirements.

HDPE sheet cut to size is another case. HDPE is an affordable plastic, which is very good for your food preparation. HDPE cutting board is one of the applications. WeProFab can customize your own HDPE cutting board with the right thickness and shape.

If you have any other plastic cut to size requirement, no matter what color it is, what thickness and shape it is, please don’t hesitate to send inquiry to us. We will give you a one-stop solution.

Plastic Sheet Cut to Size: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Does WeProFab Cut Plastic to Size?

Plastci sheet cut to size

Plastic sheet cut to size

Most definitely.

WeProFab has cut-to-size capabilities that suit any type of business.

In fact, WeProFab cuts any type of plastic material in any quantity as per the requirements and specifications of the client. WeProFab

How do You Cut Acrylic to Size?

First of all, you need to determine the type of cut you need to carry out on the acrylic material.

The approach for cutting acrylic to size is also determined by the types of tools and equipment that you’re using.

There is straight, radius, and thin acrylic sheets cuts.

In general, though, what you need to do first is to lay the acrylic material on a flat surface.

Use the masking tape to protect the acrylic’s face throughout the cutting process.

From here, you can then determine the size of the acrylic that you require and use a felt-tip marker to mark it accordingly.

The next step is attaching industrial cutting blades into the saw and using a tape measure to get the measurements from acrylic’s edge to the cut line.

Now you need to slide the saw rip fence to the particular distance from the blade.

Next is placing the acrylic material on the saw then run a test by assessing whether or not cutline and saw blade match.

It is here that you can also choose to readjust the measurements if necessary.

If everything looks okay, you can remove the acrylic turn on the table saw.

Finally, you can then hold the acrylic material tight to the rip fence and slowly feeding it into the blade to cut acrylic to size.

If you want to make straight cuts to trim the acrylic to the appropriate size, repeat the process.

How do You Cut Thin Plastic Sheet?

Once you have all the ideal tools and equipment, the process becomes simple and involves the following

Cutting acrylic sheet

Cutting acrylic sheet

  • Place the piece of thin plastic sheet on a firm but a flat surface
  • Put the thin plastic material on the plywood.
  • Measure the plastic material along its side as you mark using a felt-tipped marker at the preferred length for cutting the plastic.
  • Set the steel ruler on the plastic sheet as you align one of the edges with marks you created earlier.
  • Now you need to use a steel ruler and apply pressure on it with one hand and utility knife on the other edge of the plastic.
  • Grind the utility knife along with the rule until you get to the opposite edge of the plastic sheet. Repeat it until you cut through the sheet.
  • Put the sharp edge of the knife against the cut edge. Hold the knife upright and drag the cut edge to eliminate possible burrs formed as you cut the plastic sheet.

What is the Cost-Effective Way of Cutting Hard Plastic without Breaking?

Using hacksaw is the most cost-effective and efficient technique for cutting hard plastics without breaking.

Hacksaw is lightweight, does not require intensive knowledge to execute, and you can also handle it using a single hand.

How do You Cut Thick Plastic?

The specific technique for cutting thick plastic depends on a number of factors including the type,, size and application of the plastic sheet.

The three common ways of cutting thick plastic include;

  • Sawing
  • Drilling holes to help in cutting
  • Slicing through using a string

In general, though, you need to first of all mark the area you want to cut using a felt-tipped marker.

Then secure the sheet tightly and safely to the work area using a clamp.

Lastly, use the saw, drill or string depending on your preference to cut through the plastic material in a similar manner you’d cut through a wood.

What is WeProFab Lead-time for Plastic Sheet Cut to Size?

It is entirely dependent on the quantity of the material that you want to be cut to size.

However, WeProFab’s lead-time can be between 1 to 2 days.

What is the Best Way to Cut Polycarbonate Sheet?

Being an impact-resistant material, using a circular saw is arguably the best technique for cutting polycarbonate.

It is the best since it guarantees that the material will not break, crumble or crack around the cut.

All you need is ensuring that you select the right circular saw as well as keeping an eye on the throughput and speed to get the finest cut.

What Saw is Best for Plastic Sheet Cutting to Size?

A power jigsaw that has beveled teeth on an orbital setting.

Is Plastic Sheet Cutting to Size Limited to some Shapes?

Not necessarily limited to any specific shape.

You can cut the plastic sheet to any type of shape according to your design requirements as long as your dealer has the right tools and equipment

Can Plastic Be Laser Cut?

 Acrylic laser cutting

Acrylic laser cutting

Definitely yes.

In case you are using an adequately high laser power, the laser beam shall be able to cut through plastic sheet completely.

It also happens that in most instances, the plastic material tends to vaporize relatively fast when cut using a laser.

In that case, it leads to smooth and straight plastic edges with little or no heat-affected zone.

Is Water Jet Cutting Good for Plastic Sheet Cut to Size?

Yes, it is ideal especially for cutting relatively thicker plastics to size.

The reason is that it uses pressurized water with some form of abrasives like aluminum oxide to cut your plastic sheet to size.

Can Plasma Cutter Cut Plastic?


Plastic is a non-conductive material, and a plasma cutter is only designed to cut through conductive materials

Can a Dremel Cut Plastic?

Yes. It can cut plastic for a wide range of applications.

What are the Benefits of Plastic Sheet Cut to Size?

  • Enables you to get the precise size of the particular material you need to use for a specific application
  • Helps in reducing wastage since you will only be using the particular part that you require from the larger plastic sheet
  • Fabrication method ideal for reducing contamination of the specific plastic piece that you are cutting to size, making it a better technique than most options
  • This method makes it possible for you to cut both simple and complex shapes at faster speeds in comparison to other plastic fabrication techniques

Which Tool do You Use in Plastic Sheet Cut to Size Processes?

They are quite a number depending on various factors, and they include;

  • Hack saw
  • Fine-toothed saw
  • Drilling machine and drill bit
  • String
  • Non-melting table saw blade

How do you Cut Holes on Plastic?

The best way to cut holes on plastic is by drilling.

You need to drill through the plastic using a specific type of power drill.

The most important aspect, in this case, is ensuring that you have the right drill bits to enable you to prevent the plastic sheet from cracking.

You also need to take note of the fact that the larger the hole you require to cut the slower the drill speed you need to use.

High speed, in most instances, tends to melt the plastic material.

What is the most Accurate Technique for Plastic Sheet Cut to Size?

Laser cutting is the most accurate technique you can use for cutting the plastic sheet to size.

How much Does WeProFab Charge Plastic Sheet Cut to Size Service?

The amount that WeProFab charges are dependent on a wide range of factors such as the particular technique, quantity required as well as the waiting time.

The best thing to in that case is to inquire from the sales team by providing details of your project requirements, and you’ll get the quotation for the same.

Is it Possible to Cut Plastic into Complex Shapes?

Yes. There are several techniques that you can use to cut plastics into complex shapes.

However, in the recent past, CNC machining and Laser cutting are becoming the most preferred ways for attaining the best results as far as cutting plastic into complex shapes is concerned.

How Does WeProFab Finish the Cut Edges of Plastics?

It depends on the particular type of cut to size method that has been used.

In general, though, WeProFab usually uses a number of elements including polishing the edges, sanding the edges, scraping the edges as well as flame polishing the edges among others.

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