• Acrylic Office Chair

Acrylic Office Chair

As your ideal and #1 manufacturer working in China, Weprofab produces guaranteed acrylic office chairs to reach your business goals faster. Our team of experts makes your acrylic office chairs dream designs into reality. So, if you want to avail of special assistance, shy no more! Weprofab will fully cater your needs.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Office Chair to Delight Your Customers

We, Weprofab used our complete strategies in manufacturing acrylic office chair based on your specifications. Order acrylic office chair by large set now!

Multi-colored Acrylic Office Chair

Weprofab has over 2 decades of mastery in fabricating acrylic office chair in multi-colored options. If you`re a retailer, you can make large orders.

Molded Acrylic Office Chair

Weprofab is operating in China together with our trained staff and skillful engineers. We know the very basics and the hardest procedure in fabrications. If you want a molded acrylic office chair, communicate with us.

Mid-Century Acrylic Office Chair

Weprofab offers mid-century acrylic office chair with very durable and magnificent in quality. Efficiently, we can supply your needs when it comes to acrylic products.

Customized Acrylic Office Chair

Planning to purchase a customized acrylic office chair by bulk? Weprofab is your top custom provider. Let us know your ideal designs ahead of time.

Adjustable Acrylic Office Chair

If you want to receive a satisfying product for your trading industries, Weprofab can be your ultimate supplier. At our factory, you could only find a reliable and quality-proven acrylic office chair.

Acrylic Office Chair Manufacturer

Weprofab is unbeatable in terms of acrylic productions. We can custom your favorite style of acrylic office chair for lower charges.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Office Chair Manufacturer

WeProFab is specialist in manufacturing acrylic office chair based on each client`s given specifications. We are a well-respected company and operating in China for over 20 years already.

Weprofab highly recommends acrylic office chairs to support all of your projects and business missions. To remodel offices, our acrylic office chairs are very perfect to include. Our acrylic office chairs are up to any intentions, whether for business or personal matters

For further info, contact us.

Custom Acrylic Office Chair to Skyrocket Your Brand

Smoked Gray Acrylic Office Chair

To gain profits and numerous benefits to your business, durable smoke gray acrylic office chair are perfect to add. It is a cost-effective product.

Minimalistic Acrylic Office Chair

Weprofab is already committed to plastic & metal fabrication for over 20 years now. The minimalistic acrylic office chair is one of a special kind.

Ghost Acrylic Office Chair

Worldwide, Weprofab is the largest supplier in all kinds of acrylic office chairs. It is easy to clean, and scratch-free.

Acrylic Swivel Office Chair

Weprofab is the premier source of acrylic swivel office chair not only in China but also all over the world. Get yours for business.

Acrylic Metal Rolling Office Chair

You finally get here! With Weprofab, you can rest assured about the quality of our products. It has trendy and unique designs.

Acrylic Rolling Office Chair

An acrylic rolling office chair is excellent for the living area and bedroom, aside from the office. It has an acrylic seat and a pneumatic mechanism to modify the height. It comes in a variety of hues.

Acrylic Office Chair with Casters Clear and Chrome

The acrylic office chair with casters clear and chrome inspire a visually clean and creative work environment. Frequently used at the computer desk or writing table. Provides optimal comfort with adjustable height and 360-degree swivel.

Acrylic Office Chair with Wheels

These acrylic office chairs with wheels are suitable for commercial use since they can draw attention to practically any décor without impeding the view.

Clear Acrylic Swivel Bucket Office Chair

Our clear acrylic swivel bucket office chair gives additional sitting with an attractive style. It can be used in a variety of settings. Composed of acrylic and has a 5-star foundation

Acrylic Office Chair with Steel Base

Acrylic office chair with steel base will add contemporary style to office space. It comes in various colors and is easy to match with current decor because of its sleek and modern design.

Gold Paige Acrylic Office Chair

This gold paige acrylic office chair instantly refreshes any space. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for elegant, versatile office furnishings.

Mint Acrylic Swivel Office Chair

Weprofab mint acrylic swivel office chair reflecting the clean, modern style and primary forms that can be mixed and matched to any furniture collection. Available in various materials, colors, and dimensions.

Acrylic Office Chair Pink

Our acrylic office chair pink feature wheel casters for easy mobility. Offer more stylish appeal. A great addition for living room, bedroom, of course, office. Other features include a pneumatic mechanism.

Gold Glitter Acrylic Office Chair

The adjustable height and moving casters of gold glitter acrylic office chairs are practical features. In contrast, the glitter accents add to give a splash of excitement. The base has a gold-plated finish.

Acrylic Kids Desk Chair

This acrylic kids desk chair design is both modern and seamless. The use of a variety of materials adds adaptability and visual interest. The backrest has a cutout handle for easy portability.

Clear Acrylic PC Folding Chairs

Clear acrylic PC folding chairs are available in various styles and build variations. It offers added comfort and convenience. Elegant and vintage-looking.

Acrylic Office Chair with Adjustable Arms

The durability of an acrylic office chair with an adjustable arm set is exceptional; it is well-made, durable, and comfortable. It has an appealing design on the seat and back.

Acrylic Multifunctional Office Chair

Acrylic multi-functional office chair seats and backrest are made of transparent acrylic. The chrome frame has a solid feel to it. They are designed to be simple to maintain and utilize regularly.

Pink Acrylic Office Chair

This stylish pink acrylic office chair provides a lot of charm to the office. The transparent coating of the chair gives it a modern look. The chair turns 360 degrees to provide you with easy access to a larger area.

Clear Ultra-Modern Acrylic Office Chair

Any office environment will benefit from a Weprofab clear ultra-modern acrylic office chair. Its ultra-modern appearance will make a statement in your office.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Office Chair

Weprofab is a well-respected company and operating in China for over 20 years already. We are specialist in manufacturing acrylic office chair based on each client`s given specifications.

We have a high commitment to every partner`s projects & client`s business. We aim to produce the best product which can bring benefits to your brand.

Weprofab is now offering an acrylic office chair that comes from any varieties.

When you are a business holder and you need huge stocks of acrylic office chair, we got you all covered! Our acrylic office chairs offer unique characteristics and ideal solutions for your success.

Acrylic Office Chair

Some of the acrylic office chair`s benefits include easy to maintain, easy to remove scratches, high durability, functional, etc.

To boost your business capacity in an instant, you must include profitable products and trusted manufacturers to help you. We are happy to give you our superb acrylic office chairs for the sake and growth of your business.

As an expert manufacturer, Weprofab chooses acrylic materials to create pleasing office chairs. It will offer countless benefits to your business and to the users as well.

By choosing Weprofab as your supplier, we will never let you unsatisfied. We will design acrylic office chairs that suit your liking and awesome taste.

Acrylic Office Chair

And to be honest, our acrylic office chairs no need to be expensive. Though, we will help you save money and time. When you choose Weprofab, we promise to never hassle you in entire purchase procedures.

Our acrylic office chairs are heavy-duty, perfect for any intended applications. Its elegance and simple designs are ideal for offices.

Weprofab highly recommends acrylic office chairs to support all of your projects and business missions. To remodel offices, our acrylic office chairs are very perfect to include.

Acrylic Office Chair

Our acrylic office chairs are up to any intentions, whether for business or personal matters.

On the other hand, if you want your own layouts to be followed in the fabrications, discuss them with us, so we can begin the process.

Our goal is to grant all your wishes about Weprofab acrylic office chairs productions.

To clarify some of your questions, contact us!

Acrylic Office Chair: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Acrylic office chair refers to a piece of acrylic furniture designed primarily for seating in an office setting.

It is made using acrylic materials, and other components are joined to back and seat to one another at 90° or slightly greater angle.

Before, choosing any acrylic office chair, read this guide.

What Are The Main Designs Of Acrylic Office Chair Available?

acrylic office chair

acrylic office chair

They are pretty numerous and, in most instances, available in both standard and custom designs.

You can find standard designs in different outlets or suppliers dealing with this type of furniture.

However, custom acrylic chair designs often vary based on the specific manufacturer you are purchasing from.

Ideally, what usually happens is manufacturers produce custom acrylic chairs based on designs fronted by individual customers.

Nevertheless, here are the common acrylic chair designs you can get at WeProFab, a leading local Chinese plastic manufacturer;

  • Multi-colored acrylic office chair
  • Mid-century acrylic office chair
  • Molded acrylic office chair
  • Customized acrylic office chair
  • Adjustable acrylic office chair
  • Smoked gray acrylic office chair
  • Minimalistic acrylic office chair
  • Ghost acrylic office chair
  • Acrylic swivel office chair

acrylic swivel office chair

acrylic swivel office chair

  • Acrylic metal rolling office chair

What Are The Key Features Of Acrylic Office Chair?

Generally, acrylic office chairs demonstrate several ideal properties making them relatively popular in the recent past.

Essentially, it is vital to always look into various features of this piece of furniture when shopping for some units.

It allows you to make right decision given the investment is quite significant.

Here are the main features of a typical acrylic office chair;


The materials used in making acrylic office chairs are relatively lightweight.

Most of them, including the base material, are naturally lightweight, reflecting on the ultimate product.


Acrylic office chair offers incredible tensile and impact strength.

The primary material used for making this piece of furniture is derived from natural compounds, thus naturally strong.

Also, the manufacturing process of the chair integrates several compounds and strength additives to reinforce the natural acrylic sturdiness.


The surface material of acrylic office chair is pliable.

This makes it easy to mold it to different shapes, designs, and sizes, thus allowing you to attain the desired results.

Dimensional stability

A typical acrylic office chair has excellent dimensional stability thus can withstand extreme temperature changes without deforming.


This piece of furniture hardly gets damaged by weather elements.

It exhibits strong resistance to various harsh environmental conditions and aggressive handling.

What Are The Advantages Of Acrylic Office Chair?

Acrylic office chair offers a wide range of benefits as far as practicality, performance, and efficiency are concerned.

All these are vital since it demonstrates it as a valuable investment.

Nonetheless, here are some of the advantages this piece of furniture presents;

Durability – The materials used for making different acrylic office chairs are strong and exhibit incredible weatherability.

Thus, the chair can last for as many years as possible. This saves you considerable repair and replacement costs.

Safety – Acrylic material is exceptionally safe, making the ultimate office chair relatively safe too.

Ideally, this material is non-reactive and can never break easily to harm the users or people within the surrounding.

Aesthetics – This piece of furniture has excellent optical clarity making it comparatively glossy than glass.

Thus, it provides an immeasurable aesthetic appeal, which adds class, style and makes the office surrounding more upscale.

 Lightweight – A typical acrylic office chair is pretty lightweight, and this is important since it increases convenience.

Therefore, you can transport them in bulk easily at cost-effective rates.

Easy maintenance – This piece of furniture hardly requires intensive care and maintenance.

Occasional cleaning and dusting are enough to make it appear clean and glossy all the time.

How Do Acrylic Office Chair And Polycarbonate Office Chair Compare?

Ordinarily, acrylic and polycarbonate sheets are the main thermoplastic materials used for making a wide range of office chairs.

These thermoplastics exhibit relatively similar properties regarding efficiency and practicality when used for making office chairs.

acrylic office chair

acrylic office chair

Acrylic and polycarbonate office chairs thus tend to share most characteristics, albeit the latter demonstrates slight superiority.

For instance, a polycarbonate office seat is marginally stronger than acrylic office chair.

Another comparison is polycarbonate office seat tends to be glossier and more flexible than acrylic office chair.

Surface polycarbonate material allows up to about 95% of light to pass through it compared to acrylic’s 93%.

Moreover, acrylic office chair is slightly more resistant to scratches and abrasive objects than a polycarbonate office seat.

Nevertheless, both polycarbonate and acrylic office chairs are lightweight.

Thus, it makes it easy to transport them to various destinations in bulk conveniently.

These chairs are both pliable, making it easy to mold, redesign or re-shape them into different configurations that match your requirements.

In a nutshell, acrylic and polycarbonate office chairs are somewhat similar as far as technical specifications are concerned.

Polycarbonate portrays a light superiority to acrylic, but both office chairs can be used interchangeably in different office settings.

polycarbonate office chair

polycarbonate office chair

What Is The Service-Lifespan Of Acrylic Office Chair?

A typical acrylic office chair is generally durable.

In essence, it can last for as many as 10-15 years or more, depending on the specific factors surrounding it.

Ideally, the surface material of this piece of furniture is derived from natural compounds, which are generally sturdy.

Also, the manufacturing process and overall workmanship integrated reinforces its strength to ensure it can withstand different harsh elements.

However, the exact durability of this component is determinant on several prevailing factors such as the following;

  • Exact quality grade of acrylic material used for making the office chair
  • Overall care and maintenance of the acrylic office chair
  • Specific surrounding conditions the acrylic office chair is subjected to
  • General workmanship quality incorporated in making acrylic office chair

In a nutshell, a typical acrylic office seat offers a durable service lifespan. With proper care, it can offer a lifetime service.

Does Acrylic Office Chair Scratch Easily?

It depends on many factors.

Ideally, acrylic office chair has a somewhat soft surface material.

Thus, when subjected or exposed to scratchy objects, it is likely to form unwanted and ugly scratch marks.

On the other hand, acrylic office made from a high-grade acrylic material has better resistance to scratches.

Essentially, most modern high-grade acrylic sheets often undergo a meticulous process during manufacturing process to reinforce the surface material.

Such reinforcements are essential in providing an extra layer on the surface material, making it somewhat resistant to scratchy objects.

The bottom line is that acrylic office chairs can scratch easily but if exposed to scratchy elements.

Nevertheless, you can always opt for one with an anti-scratch surface coating, which can withstand the effects of abrasive objects.

Is There Color Limitation For Acrylic Office Chair?

Not at all.

Acrylic material is available in a wide range of colors other than the transparent shade.

You can easily infuse your preferred color shade on the acrylic sheet to attain the desired hue.

Different acrylic office chair manufacturers offer them in various colors depending on their respective capacities.

For instance, at WeProFab, you can find as many as 50 color shades to choose from for your acrylic office chairs.

Moreover, this piece of furniture is also available in multicolored options, which simply implies two or more colors on one chair.

Essentially, this broadens your choice options, making it easy for you to select the right one suitable for your needs.

Moreover, a broad range of color options also allows you to customize a specific one, which compliments your overall office décor.

How Safe Is Acrylic Office Chair?

Very safe.

Generally, acrylic, the primary material used for making this piece of furniture, is non-reactive.

This means it can hardly corrode or emit any form of toxic substance irrespective of the material it comes into contact with.

Secondly, this seat is shatterproof. It can never break or crack irrespective of the pressure exerted into it.

It means your safety is guaranteed as far as sitting on this type of chair is concerned, irrespective of your weight, and you can never fall.

Moreover, the fact that it can hardly break indicates you are safe from possible cuts that might arise if it breaks or cracks.

Also, this piece of furniture is lightweight thus can never harm you or other users if it falls on them accidentally.

In general, acrylic office chair is safe and ideal to use even in relatively busy surroundings.

Does Colored Acrylic Office Chair Fade Easily?

Not necessarily.

Ordinarily, the design construction of acrylic office chairs portrays formidable surface treatment coatings.

Such coatings help to reinforce the surface material and preventing it from different substances that can easily discolor it.

Mostly, fading of acrylic office chairs would somehow arise when exposed to elements such as direct sunlight.

Also, this seat may likely fade when exposed to different unfavorable conditions such as poor handling and scratchy objects.

However, this is rarely possible since most of the office settings are indoors.

Therefore, there are minimal chances that acrylic office chairs can fade easily.

colored acrylic office chair

colored acrylic office chair

The most important thing is ensuring you take great care and maintenance of this unit routinely to prevent it from fading.

Besides, it is easy to polish the surface material of this piece of furniture to restore the shade and glossiness to its original state.

What Are The Maintenance Practices For Acrylic Office Chairs?

There are several maintenance practices you can always undertake on acrylic office chairs.

Such practices are necessary since they enhance the efficiency, appearance, practicality, and durability of this piece of furniture.

The common options you may consider include the following;

  1. Cleaning – It is a fundamental maintenance practice you need to carry out routinely.
    Essentially, it involves wiping the surface material of this furniture to remove dirt, dust, or any debris.
    When cleaning, always use non-abrasive detergents and a soft piece of cotton material or micro-fiber cloth.
    Ensure you scrub the surface gently and rinse with clean water to get desirable results.
  2. Scratch removal – Often, you may find scratch marks on the surface material of your acrylic office chair.
    It is advisable always to remove them as soon as you spot a few to prevent them from accumulating.
  3. Polishing – This maintenance practice creates a smooth and glossy surface on acrylic office chair by rubbing or applying chemical treatment.
    Polishing is essential since it removes debris, scratches, and other unwanted marks and spots from the surface material.
    The ideal polishing methods for acrylic office chairs include flame and vapor polishing.

Is Acrylic Office Chair Expensive?

Not necessarily.

It depends mainly on the specific design of acrylic office chair you are purchasing.

Ordinarily, custom acrylic office chair designs tend to be somewhat more expensive than standard designs.

Also, the specific grade of acrylic material used in making this piece of furniture determines whether it is expensive.

Typically, one designed from a high-grade acrylic material is likely to be costlier than one designed from a relatively low-grade material.

Moreover, the quantity of pieces you are purchasing is another determinant factor of price.

Mostly, higher quantities tend to be less expensive since they come with attractive discounts than fewer pieces.

In a nutshell, acrylic office chair is not necessarily expensive. The price is a determinant of many factors, including the few mentioned above.

Where Do You Use Acrylic Office Chairs?

Primarily, acrylic office chairs are designed to be used in an office setting.

It means they are mostly used in a typical office workstation in various commercial and residential spaces.

Employees undertaking different tasks within the office or work environment can use this chair in their respective workspaces.

You can also use acrylic office chairs in banks for tellers and other business outlets where workers or users need to sit when working.

Acrylic office chairs also come in handy in libraries, whether public or private.

They provide the necessary comfort to facilitate productivity among the users.

How Do You Choose A Suitable Acrylic Office Chair?

When shopping for acrylic office chair, it is necessary to consider various factors to ensure you attain the most suitable unit.

The main factors you must look into include the following;

Type Of Material Used

Acrylic material is available in more than 20 grades.

Thus, you need to determine the best material based on your needs since all grades offer varied structural features.

Specific Design

You can find acrylic office chairs in various designs, both standard, and custom.

If you’re choosing a custom design, it would be appropriate to ensure it entails all the relevant details you’d prefer it to have.

Conditions Of Application

Different acrylic office furniture are used in various settings.

Some settings require constant sitting on these seats throughout the day, whereas others require minimal usage.

Choose based on the application needs since it makes it easy for you to attain the most suitable unit.


Never underestimate the essence of choosing a reputable company when buying acrylic office seat.

Some companies have an outstanding reputation for making quality units than others.

Therefore, do thorough background research and ensure you choose one based on your findings.


Your working budget is also a necessary factor to consider when purchasing acrylic office chair.

This piece of furniture is available at various prices depending on numerous factors.

Nevertheless, always ensure you go for one that is within your budget but offers value for money.

What Is The Suitable Material Thickness For Acrylic Office Chair?

Several factors determine the ideal material thickness for acrylic office chair.

Ordinarily, your preference is what matters most, especially when determining the thickness of custom acrylic office chairs.

Also, the specific application or intensive of usage plays an integral role in establishing the right thickness for acrylic office chairs.

In many instances, applications where the seat will constantly be used for several hours, require relative thickness.

But for applications, which are less intensive and seats rarely used, a small thickness material would suffice.

Nevertheless, an ideal material thickness for a typical acrylic office chair should be around 6-20mm.

What Are The Shortcomings Of Acrylic Office Chair?

They are relatively few and include the following;

  1. This seat hardly breaks or cracks whatsoever under any ordinary conditions.
    However, in the event it breaks or cracks, it becomes difficult to repair it.
  2. Depending on the surroundings and intensive use, it is likely to have scratch marks on the surface.
    The effects can be overwhelming if not appropriately handled, thus compromising its overall aesthetic appearance.
  3. Custom designs can be comparatively expensive depending on the particular manufacturer you are purchasing from.

What Is Production Lead Time For Manufacturing Acrylic Office Chair?

There is no definite production lead time for making acrylic office chairs.

Essentially, the actual turnaround time is dependent on a host of variables.

For example, your order quantity determines the specific production lead time for this piece of furniture.

The more pieces you are ordering, the longer the order is likely to take and vice versa.

Secondly, the particular acrylic office chair designs you are buying influence the actual production lead time.

In many instances, standard designs are faster to produce since they do not require any complexities.

On the other hand, custom designs tend to take longer because they require the manufacturer to incorporate several details.

This may be time-consuming depending on the particular custom details you require, thus taking longer.

Also, the specific manufacturer you are ordering the acrylic office chairs from determines the actual lead time.

Some manufacturers are adherent to the specific turnaround policies as stipulated by the company.

In many cases, though, most manufacturers tend to be flexible and often prioritize orders based on specific conditions.

In a nutshell, there is no specific turnaround time for making acrylic office chairs.

It depends on many elements, including the few mentioned above.

Thus, you need to inquire from the manufacturer when placing your order to establish the exact production lead-time.

What Quality Standard Certification That Acrylic Office Chair Conform To?

They are several and, in many instances, depending on a specific country or economic region.

It means USA, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, and Australia all have their preferred quality standard certification the product needs to have.

Nevertheless, there are relatively renowned and reputable agencies offering quality standard certifications accepted globally.

Some of these certifications include the following;

  • SGS Certification
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substance Directive (RoHS)
  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL)
  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International)
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • International Standards Organization (ISO 9001)

What Is The Suitable Performance Enhancement Features For Acrylic Office Chairs?

They are quite a number, and in many instances, the most suitable one is dependent on the specific usage conditions of the chair.

Some of the commonly used options include the following;

Anti-scratch coating – The essence of this surface coating enhancement is to prevent the chair from scratching due to contact with abrasive materials.

It also protects the chair’s surface material from scratches that would arise from aggressive handling.

Anti-fog coating – It is essentially used to prevent moisture from forming on the surface material of this piece of furniture.

This surface coating is vital, particularly during winter or if you occasionally use the seat outdoors.

Anti-UV coating – The main purpose of this additive is to prevent the acrylic office chair from fading, discoloring, or yellowing.

Mostly, this performance enhancement feature is suitable for seats used in outdoor spaces likely to be exposed to direct sunlight.

What Is Average Height Of Acrylic Office Chair?

Ideally, different acrylic office chairs have different height ranges.

Some acrylic office chairs are designed for relatively high tables, whereas other are designed for normal work desks.

However, when measured from the floor, a typical acrylic office seat should range between 16-22 inches.

The good thing with most of these chairs is they are designed with adjustable features.

This allows you to adjust the height appropriately depending on your height needs.

What Is The Difference Between Acrylic Office Chair And Acrylic Stool?

Acrylic office chair is specifically designed for office setting to provide comfort and convenience to facilitate efficiency in work-related tasks.

It has a back and armrest and tends to be adjustable in height and backrest.

On the other hand, acrylic stool refers to a type of seat without a back or arms resting on three or four legs or a single pedestal.

Some designs allow you to adjust the height, whereas others tend to be somewhat fixed.

Acrylic office chair has unique designs and features different components.

On the other hand, acrylic stool is relatively simple and does not necessarily feature as many components.

acrylic stool

acrylic stool

At WeProFab, we design a range of acrylic office chairs, depending on your unique requirements and specifications.

Contact us now for affordable acrylic office chairs.

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