• Resuscitator Bag

Resuscitator Bag

WeProFab guarantees to provide excellent quality resuscitator bags throughout the world. It is widely used in the medicine and healthcare industry. All this product is in compliance with the essential requirements such as CE, FDA, and meets European and American standards. WeProfab will provide your resuscitator bags at an acceptable cost. Contact us directly for more information now!

Get WeProFab Resuscitator Bag to Delight Your Customers

As one of the professional and certified manufacturers of resuscitator bags, we, WeProFab ensures a one-stop-shop solution. Get your efficient and innovative designs resuscitator bags suitable for adult, pediatric, and infant.

Infant Resuscitator Bag

Weprofab Infant Resuscitator Bag is a reusable silicone infant resuscitator ergonomic bag that ensures optimal user support and handling during extended ventilation.

Adult Resuscitator Bag

Adult Resuscitator Bag has been sent to many health care facilities worldwide. We can ensure high-quality Resuscitator Bag with  perfect rates for you.

Resuscitator Bag Set

You can find excellent quality and packaging of Resuscitator Bag Set in Weprofab. It is manufactured in plenty of options. WeProFab ensures quality production to exceed your multifarious demands.

Silicone Resuscitator Bag

Silicone Resuscitator Bag is easy to clean and sterilize resuscitator bag. It is lightweight and compatible with other healthcare products we made.


Manual Resuscitator Bag

Weprofab is an expert in providing a Manual Resuscitator Bag which consists of a self-inflating bag, mask, one-way valve, and an oxygen reservoir. Get yours now at an affordable price.

Small Animal Resuscitator Bag

Small Animal Resuscitator Bag is veterinary equipment suitable for emergency artificial respiration for animals. It is utilized with an airtight mask or standard endotracheal tube.


WeProFab: Your Leading Resuscitator Bag Manufacturer

For many decades now, WeProFab maintains a good relationship among clients worldwide. We manufacture the safest, durable, efficient Resuscitator Bag for your business. We can provide anything about your medical equipment, whether you own the hospital, health equipment supplier, or distributor and even own pharmacies, we can handle it.

As a professional manufacturer, We will definitely satisfy your needs. Our WeProFab Resuscitator Bag customization is available with your own idea or designs. It is available in any features you need, types of materials, sizes, and so on. Grow your business with the help of WeProfab.

Let your customers be pleased with your high-quality health care supplies. Contact us today, your reliable Resuscitator Bag supplier in China.

Custom Resuscitator Bag to Skyrocket Your Brand

PVC Resuscitator Bag

As a professional resuscitator bag manufacturer in China, Weprofab has full capabilities in making PVC Resuscitator Bag. All raw materials we use are high-quality with certifications.

Durable Resuscitator Bag

Our Resuscitator Bags are durable and intended for temporary ventilation support to patients. You can find an ergonomic, lightweight bag design herein Weprofab.

Resuscitator Bag with Pop Off Adult

Weprofab carefully-designed Resuscitator Bag with Pop-Off Adult to meet your demands and specifications. It is an easy-to-use manual resuscitator for use in adults.

CE Resuscitator Bag

Of course, Weprofab manufacture resuscitator bags with CE, ISO, and FDA Approved. Whether you need it for Adult/Pediatric/Infant, we can provide it for you.

Resuscitator Bag with Mask

Our Resuscitator Bag with Mask has CE and FDA certificates and meets European and American standards. And our factory in China is a popular Chinese export factories.

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WeProfab – Your Top-Rated Resuscitator Bags Manufacturer


If you`re looking for safe and durable resuscitator bags, we got you covered. Weprofab is a reliable resuscitator bags manufacturer and supplier in China with many years of history and experience. You can find the perfect resuscitator bags here at the most competitive rate.

Weprofab resuscitator bags sometimes called bag valve mask (BVM), Ambu bag, manual resuscitator, or “self-inflating bag”. It is a piece of hand-held equipment frequently utilized to provide positive pressure ventilation to patients who are not breathing adequately or not breathing patients.

Resuscitator Bag

It is widely used by healthcare professionals and hospitals found on a crash cart, in emergency rooms or other critical care locations, out-of-hospital settings such as ambulance crews, and more.

Using mature technologies, Weprofab manufacture resuscitator bags with a design that secures proper user handling and support during elongate ventilation. A comfortable and firm grip is guaranteed due to a specially textured surface combined with the distinctive support strap. Weprofab resuscitator bags is a semi-transparent device enabling a visual check of the patient’s condition.

Resuscitator Bag

When using Weprofab resuscitator bags, you will experience effective ventilation over extended periods, without worries of tiredness or hand fatigue. You can find the best quality resuscitator bags suitable for infants, pediatric,s and adult here in Weprofab. Based on your additional detailed specification such as bag volume, dimensions, sizes, and weight, Weprofab can handle it. It can be made from PVC, Silicone, Styrene Ethylene Butylene Styrene, and so on.

For your large orders, we can provide a free sample for you to check the quality. Whether you need disposable resuscitator bags, reusable resuscitator bags, silicone resuscitator bags, PVC resuscitator bags, and more. The reusable version of resuscitator bags is made of silicone rubber which is 100% latex-free.

Resuscitator Bag

As a professional resuscitator bags manufacturer, Weprofab strives to supply the highest quality products and dependable services to all customers. All products have passed CE, ISO, FDA approved.  We have thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world with good feedbacks, and our reviews speak for themselves. All products we produced have been sold in more than 30 countries.

Whether you`re a paramedic looking for the best medical equipment or a company owner willing to increase the credibility of your business, you can count on Weprofab.  All products specially resuscitator bags are widely available to ensure you are prepared.

By choosing Weprofab, you choose the expert, a name that you can trust. Contact us today to know more about Weprofab resuscitator bag productions.

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