• Acrylic Whiteboard

Acrylic Whiteboard

Here in WeProFab, we offer a lot of outstanding products. Guarantee the best and quality acrylic products. WeProFab acrylic whiteboard is the top and in-demand products in the markets. Send us your inquiry now to avail of our awesome acrylic whiteboard!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Whiteboard Delight Your Customers

WeProFab developing and fabricating acrylic whiteboard made by superior materials. Choose our top selling acrylic whiteboard to boost your business.

Frameless Acrylic Whiteboard

Weprofab frameless acrylic whiteboard is a very versatile option. It is easy to dry and erase, perfect for school and office use.

Hook-Up Acrylic Whiteboard

Weprofab hook-up acrylic whiteboards are lightweight and strong. Not easy to drop from the wall and fit for different location even in a spacious and large area.

Clear Acrylic Whiteboard

Weprofab clear acrylic whiteboards has a stunning effect that looks them awesome. You can our acrylic whiteboard in a very affordable cost.

Freestanding Acrylic Whiteboard

Our freestanding acrylic whiteboards are very convenient to use. Weprofab can offer reliable freestanding acrylic whiteboards that can be used for universities, offices, and many more.

Acrylic Magnetic Whiteboard

Weprofab acrylic magnetic whiteboard is very easy to put in the area you desired to place. If you want this kind of acrylic whiteboard for your business, you can avail this item on Weprofab.

Acrylic Calendar Whiteboard

Weprofab acrylic calendar whiteboard is very ideal and useful if you need to put your important schedule for different appointments. Suited perfectly for your home and even in your work place.

WeProFab: Your Acrylic Whiteboard Blade Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for fabrication.

If you urgently need to get an acrylic whiteboard, WeProFab will be your great option. We have a lot of stock of an acrylic whiteboard for urgent needs.

We are a certified ISO 9001 acrylic whiteboard manufacturer. Our acrylic whiteboards are checked by the quality control unit. We can also follow your own designs according to your special requirements.

Get in touch and try our acrylic whiteboards!

Custom Acrylic Whiteboard to Skyrocket Your Brand

Custom Acrylic Planner Whiteboard

At WeProFab, you are free to choose any custom acrylic planner whiteboard in any styles and designs that you desired.

Acrylic Whiteboard with Frame

WeProFab is one of the qualified fabricators of the acrylic whiteboard with frame in China. It has a glossy look and in good appearance.

Mobile Acrylic Whiteboard

WeProFab a mobile acrylic whiteboard is perfect for many applications and purposes. We can help you to get the best one.

Acrylic Glass Whiteboard

Needing for an acrylic glass whiteboard? Weprofab is your ultimate solution. We can able to make this according to your own design.

Interactive Acrylic Whiteboard

The interactive acrylic whiteboard is in a wall-mounted way or a mobile stand installation. They are ideal for education and conferences applications. These are multi-functional whiteboards, where you can write, draw, edit, and more. They are easy to install and more affordable.

Acrylic Whiteboard with Movable Pen Holder

Acrylic whiteboards with movable pen holders have customizable sizes. They are designed with aluminum alloy frames. These whiteboards have smooth surfaces, making them fluently write and erase marks. They are more durable and have anti-deform features.

Acrylic Foldable Whiteboard

The acrylic foldable whiteboards are practical in various usages, including creative offices, education, and school teachings. They are made with high-quality acrylic structures. These whiteboards have non-reflective and soft color panels.

Acrylic Dry Erase Whiteboard

Acrylic dry erase whiteboards have a modern style perfect for training and schools. Their logos and sizes are customizable, depending on the customers’ choice. They can be firmly installed on the walls. Their smooth surfaces allow you for easy cleaning and writing.

Standard Acrylic Whiteboard

The standard acrylic whiteboards are also magnetic. They are purchased with various accessories, like magnets, screws, and markers. These acrylic-made standard whiteboards have anti-scratch and unbreakable characteristics. Their measurements are customizable.

Portable Graffiti Acrylic Whiteboard

Portable graffiti acrylic whiteboards have even surfaces where you can write and clean marks quickly. They are reusable and have high durability whiteboards. These whiteboards have a detachable base for consistent placement.

Acrylic Sketchpad Whiteboard

The acrylic sketchpad whiteboards are perfect for tracing, photo sketching, designing, and drawing. They have three levels of brightness options. You can request your desired dimensions to suit your applications. These whiteboards are high-quality and last for a long time.

Acrylic Desktop Whiteboard

Acrylic desktop whiteboards have multiple accessories, such as pens, magnets, and erasers. They are well-structured whiteboards to ensure strength and prevent deformation with long-time usage. Their sizes and colors are customizable, depending on specific orders.

Acrylic Memo Whiteboard

The acrylic memo whiteboards are self-magnetic boards. They are suitable for meetings, school, home, offices, and more. Their logos and dimensions are customizable as ordered. They are handy, easy to install, and clean. 

Non-Glare Acrylic Whiteboard

The non-glare acrylic whiteboards are for classrooms, homes, and offices. These materials are suitable for water-based markers. They have excellent surfaces that are easy to wipe, clean, and write. Purchasing them includes strong magnets, a tray of pens, and magnetic erasers.

Children Mini Acrylic Whiteboard

The mini acrylic whiteboards for children are available in various frame colors. These eco-friendly materials whiteboards are safer to use. Logos and dimensions are open for customization to suit specific applications. Children will indeed enjoy writing with soft surface mini whiteboards.

Self-Adhesive Acrylic Whiteboard

Self-adhesive acrylic whiteboards are available in silver and black frames colors. They have an adjustable stand with rollers. These whiteboards made from acrylic have lighter weight, resist scratches, and are waterproof. Their sizes are customizable, based on orders.

Light Box Acrylic Whiteboard

The light-box acrylic whiteboards are battery or USB-operated. They are also available in various shapes that suit specific applications. These acrylic whiteboards are easy to wipe and write with pentel pens. They have adjustable brightness and power off buttons.

Double-Sided Acrylic Whiteboard

Double-sided acrylic whiteboards are perfect tourist souvenirs, educational boards, and kids’ toys. They are accessible in multiple shape options, including numbers, custom fonts, and alphabets. You can order small, medium up to large sizes.

Wall Mounted Acrylic Whiteboard

Wall-mounted acrylic whiteboards feature flexibility, durability, and easy to write and wipe properties. They are designed with white and green surface colors. These acrylic whiteboards are easy to mount or install. They are with the support of aluminum frames.

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Why WeProfab Acrylic Whiteboard

Weprofab manufacture best kind of an acrylic whiteboard. Our acrylic whiteboard offers good design, styles, and has the best features that make them ideal in any applications. Weprofab acrylic whiteboard has a great caliber to easily clean by wiping it through whiteboard erasers. In short, this is offering low maintenance and very convenient to use. An acrylic whiteboard maintains a good appearance, even you used it repeatedly. And of course it will still look like a new one by using the specific markers.

Acrylic Whiteboard

Our acrylic whiteboards are extremely useful in various applications, a serviceable type of products that can be placed in business offices, classrooms, conference rooms, hospitals, home kitchens, children’s rooms, and any area. If you have been working or handling a job in a certain place our acrylic whiteboards are ideal and very well suitable for making visual aids for presentation.

Weprofab acrylic whiteboard is used as a writing surface that allows you to magnify your visual aids clearly and easily. Most of the people prefer to use acrylic whiteboards since it is more affordable and durable compared to ordinary whiteboards.

Acrylic Whiteboard

Weprofab acrylic whiteboard is smooth, lightweight, and provides a glossy white surface. In addition, our acrylic whiteboards can be used in indoor and outdoor activities.

If you are needing an acrylic whiteboards for your desired application, Weprofab offer a very durable acrylic whiteboard that made by popular acrylic material. We always make sure that all our finish acrylic whiteboards are in good-quality and really work according to its purposes.

Acrylic Whiteboard

We want to give quality products to all our possible customers because we love to see or to hear that you felt satisfied with our products. We, the Weprofab are happy to help you whenever you need assistance. If you want to try our outstanding acrylic whiteboards and our excellent service you can feel free to contact us!

What is Acrylic Whiteboard?

Acrylic Whiteboard

The acrylic whiteboards are ideal for highlighting information without vandalizing your walls.

The acrylic-made whiteboards of can have pins, staples, and magnets.

These acrylic whiteboards are manufactured using high-quality materials, including acrylic.

What are the Advantages of Acrylic Whiteboards?

Using acrylic whiteboards provides numerous advantages to any application.

Below are some benefits of using acrylic whiteboards in offices or schools.

Easy to Wipe or Clean

The acrylic whiteboard is a dry erase board that is easy to clean or wipe.

An acrylic whiteboard will always look new every time you use it.

After wiping the previous marks, you will never see any remnants.

Always use the correct type of marker, and maintain a glossy look on the acrylic whiteboard.

Magnetic Friendly

Magnetic Acrylic Whiteboard

The magnetic-friendly acrylic whiteboards advantage allows you to improve your work.

It provides a pleasing visual experience and creates more organized presentations.

The acrylic whiteboard with magnetic marker and eraser holder is popular in several companies.

Smooth and Glossy Surface

An acrylic whiteboard gives a smoother and more glossy surface than a chalkboard.

Choosing acrylic whiteboards offers a bright and airy feeling in a room.

Its smooth and glossy advantage lessens distractions and increases usefulness.

Using an acrylic whiteboard enhances the students’ or staff’s work and learning efficiency.


The acrylic whiteboards are durable and will last over the years.

It has an excellent impact-resistant advantage.

Acrylic whiteboards are safer to use in massively trafficked areas.


You can have acrylic whiteboards in any shape or size.

They have lightweight and sturdy features.

Request your supplier the acrylic whiteboard size you need for specific applications.

The acrylic whiteboards are also environmentally friendly, odorless, without toxic, and easy to clean.

How Do You Clean an Acrylic Whiteboards?

Keeping your acrylic whiteboard clean is essential to extend the whiteboard’s lifespan.

The following are some tips on cleaning or maintaining your acrylic whiteboards.

  • Observe Cleaning Instructions

Always check and read the correct cleaning instructions for acrylic whiteboards.

  • Choose the Right Eraser and Cleaning Solutions

Undone erased marks are difficult to remove.

The eraser and cleaning solutions are recommended to apply.

  • Take Off Whiteboard Ghosting

Formed residue from markers chemicals causes the acrylic whiteboard ghosting.

For removing ghosting, dip a cloth on mixed water and isopropyl alcohol.

Then wipe the cloth on acrylic whiteboards.

  • DIY Whiteboard Cleaner

The Do-It-Yourself acrylic whiteboard cleaner is also effective.

You can use warm, sudsy water, peroxide, and window cleaner for cleaning acrylic whiteboards.

Soaked cloth with acrylic whiteboard cleaner also helps maintain the glossiness of a whiteboard.

  • Clean Acrylic Whiteboard Regularly

Acrylic whiteboard cleaning time depends on applications.

If you utilize a whiteboard at school, wiping with a whiteboard cleaner is advisable.

In offices, clean the whiteboard before rewriting employees’ notes.

  • Removing Permanent Markers

Permanent markers are also removable.

Remove it by tracing the permanent marker using a dry erase marker.

The dry erase marker has a non-polar solvent that gives a clean surface.

What are the Accessories of Acrylic Whiteboards?

The acrylic whiteboards include multiple accessories, such as:

  • Whiteboard cleaners, cloth, and complimentary magnets.
  • Duster and markers, magnetic and easy to peel eraser
  • Line tapes with about 45 meters roll in various colors
  • Magnetic products, like magnetic sheets, magnetic pen holders, and magnetic buttons

Acrylic Whiteboard

What are the Key Features of Acrylic Whiteboards?

The acrylic whiteboards have various features according to your preferred styles.

The following states the characteristics of typical acrylic whiteboards

  • Available in landscape or portrait borders
  • Available with frames or without frames
  • Powdercoated frames are possible
  • Mitered corners
  • Clipped to frame pen tray
  • Available for wall mounting or standing
  • 70% to 80% gloss level
  • Ten years effectiveness
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