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Acrylic Shield

Weprofab is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of acrylic shields in China. We can provide different kinds of acrylic shields to support your business and projects. We can help you to grow your business. WeProFab will let you send the designs that you desired. Contact us now!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Shield Delight Your Customers

WeProFab developing acrylic shields. We are offering a lower price that makes you save and suited to your budget. We can delight our customers through our effective and one-stop acrylic shield solutions.

Acrylic Face Shield

Weprofab acrylic face shield is useful in many applications and popular nowadays. It gives full protection for the users most especially for the doctors, nurses, and patients particularly in the hospitals. We manufacture affordable acrylic face shields and definitely effective.

Acrylic Stand Protective Shield

Weprofab acrylic stand protective shield is best in giving shields to employees and customers in a certain establishment. If you have business and want to have this kind of acrylic shield, Weprofab is a trusted producer of acrylic stand protective shields worldwide.

Acrylic Draft Shield

Weprofab acrylic draft shield is ideal in protecting your valuable and most sensitive things you have against dust. In Weprofab all our acrylic draft shield is accessible in many features, sizes, and customizations. We can provide reliable acrylic products for you.

Acrylic Shield Award

Werofab can fabricate different kinds of acrylic shield awards with different sizes or dimensions. If you are looking for a high graded acrylic shield award that has a modern touch, Weprofab has it all.

Acrylic Divider Shield

If you have a business that is related to a spa or a salon, an acrylic divider shield is best for you. Weprofab manufactures many types of acrylic divider shields and can be able to custom your own acrylic shield according to your own requests and specifications. We strive hard to meet your exact requirements.

Acrylic Frameless Shield

In Weprofab, we have many styles and designs that are available with regards to acrylic frameless shields. You don’t have to worry since all our acrylic frameless shields are easy to clean and disinfect. We are experts in decorating, and styling acrylic frameless shields in order for you to have lots of great choices.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Shield Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for fabrication.

Weprofab is skilled in fabricating all kinds of acrylic shields. We are proud to offer our greatest and high-class acrylic shield for you to support your business.

As a professional producer in China, you can get our awesomely fabricated acrylic shields and these are created from high-class and superior materials that are profitable for your business.

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Custom Acrylic Shield to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Shield with Window

If you are needing for an acrylic shield with a window, Weprofab is a trusted manufacturer. We provide reliable acrylic products for you.

Acrylic Plastic Shield

Weprofab manufactured different kinds of acrylic plastic shields. We have amazing designs with unique colors available.

Acrylic Shield Plaque

If you are looking for an acrylic shield plaque, Weprofab will help you get excellent acrylic products for your business.

Foldable Acrylic Shield

Weprofab foldable acrylic shields are flexible. Weprofab can provide foldable acrylic shields that perfect for your applications.

Acrylic Counter Shield

The acrylic counter shield is ideal for use in hospitals, grocery stores, banks, hotels, gas stations, and restaurants. Produced in custom sizes and designs with an option for printing. Placed on top of the counter and easy to assemble.

Acrylic Clear Shield

An acrylic clear shield can be effortlessly moved from one place to another. Ideal for locations that require increased protection from the public. Made from durable and clear acrylic that are shaped into high-quality shields.

2mm Acrylic Table Shield

The 2mm acrylic table shield features edges that are rounded to avoid cuts and scrapes. Available with 2mm thickness and efficiently evade droplets. Can be arranged side by side to make longer partitions.

Acrylic Table Partition Shield

The acrylic table partition shield is portable, heavy-duty, and has excellent service quality. Can be used in desks, cashiers, receptions, banks and ensures optimum protection. Available in different sizes for your specific needs.

Acrylic Frame-Less Shield

The acrylic frame-less shield is ideal for bank tellers and receptionist windows in offices. Features a thick transparent acrylic panel and medium-density base. Comes with a frameless appearance and can be cleaned easily.

Acrylic Room Shield

Acrylic room shield can be used for great visibility and upholds physical separation. Features transparency and resistance to shattering and high impacts. Arrives with a protective film that can be used in different rooms.

Free Stand Acrylic Shield

Free stand acrylic shield has rounded corners and is applicable for a table, countertop, or floor shielding. Quick and easy to assemble and it is free-standing. Promote social distancing and often used in large floor area operations.

Impact Resistant Clear Acrylic Shield

The impact-resistant clear acrylic shield is easy to clean and of durable quality. Made of clear, lightweight, and impact-resistant acrylic. Primarily used in both indoor and outdoor applications, especially in government offices.

Scratch Resistant Table Top Shield

Scratch-resistant tabletop shields can be placed on desks and counters. Made with safety acrylic that is scratch resistant and is also easy to clean. Arrives with a free-standing solution that does not lose visibility with usage.

3mm Portable Acrylic Shield

3mm portable acrylic shield is available in all types and applications of a shield. Comes with 3mm thickness and improved viewability and stability. Features portability and is ideal for different kinds of shielding purposes.

Hinged Acrylic Shield

A hinged acrylic shield can be used for any face-to-face interaction. Arrives with protective films and hinges that are ideal for any business and school’s shielding requirements. Can be regularly cleaned using alcohol solutions.

Mounted Acrylic Shield

The mounted acrylic shield comes with a ball and socket joint that can be mounted at any angle. Available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and is very flexible. Guarantees resistance to shattering and non-abrasive cleaners.

2 Sides Hinged Acrylic Shield

2 sides hinged acrylic shield creates an extra layer of protection and is easy to set up. Made of hinged acrylic with double sides, durable and long-lasting material. Commonly placed in offices or meeting rooms.

Automotive Acrylic Shield

Automotive acrylic shield divides the front seat from the backseat for extra safety. Made from strong, durable, and impact-resistant acrylic. Perfect solution for bus companies, motorcycle taxi companies, and partners.

Shatterproof Acrylic Shield

A shatterproof acrylic shield is perfect for desks, tables, and countertops. Made with heavy-duty and shatter-resistant acrylic that provides high-quality protection against sneezing and coughing. Available in different thicknesses.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Shield

Weprofab acrylic shield is very useful in office purposes and in medical fields like hospitals and clinics. It can be used as an office partition that bringing staff or bringing home employees back into the possibility of crowded office spaces.

In-office, office divider acrylic shields are very important to help prevent the virus from spreading between office staff. Weprofab acrylic shields can also be used as a salon screen or glazed social distancing screen in a restaurant and in any area.

Acrylic Shield

Weprofab also provide an acrylic face shield which is very helpful as virus protection for everybody. We offer face shield products which are very convenient and very comfortable to wear and to use. And also, acrylic shield is not all about in giving protection against virus and also ideal in providing protection for your valuable things or product inside your retail store. To prevent against the dust and other particles that may harm or damage you products.

Weprofab is one stop solutions company specializing in providing quality customizing acrylic shields. We use the latest technology and machines to provide efficient and the best quality acrylic shields products. Our company strives and gives the  required requirements of our clients.

Acrylic Shield

We were able to grow and specialize skills in fabricating different types of acrylic shield products. So you can get from us your acrylic shield at exact sizes and measurements that you desired.

We provide the best and quality service to our possible customers from different industries from cutting and customizing with unique designs. We source of pride our machine’s efficiency and capability to customize every product.

Weprofab is the most influential and largest manufacturer that serves the most competitive and fastest-growing in the manufacturing industry. With our efficient and intelligent tools, we always make sure to manufacture products with the highest quality.

Acrylic Shield

We love to see that our clients are satisfied and they deserve to experience and to get satisfying products and also our services. Weprofab is glad to help when it regards to your needs. We can help you to get the best kind of products for your business and even in personal applications.

Aside from that, Weprofab manufactures acrylic table shield, acrylic sheet, acrylic plexiglass, acrylic tube, sneeze screens, acrylic barrier shield, and many more.

If you are in need of acrylic shields, contact us directly and we will give you assistance!

What is an Acrylic Shield Use for?

An acrylic shield is widely used to maintain physical separation between customers and employees.

The best thing about the acrylic shields is to implement social distancing.

Acrylic shields are very useful for private businesses and the government since they receive many visitors.

Additionally, it is also useful for the establishments that require staff to interact with customers face to face.

What is the Advantage of Acrylic Shield?

Acrylic shields are impact-resistant and lightweight.

Acrylic materials are of durable quality and are easy to clean.

What Are the Applications for Acrylic Shield?

Acrylic shields can be installed easily in the following establishments:

  • Supermarkets
  • Banks
  • Retail stores
  • Hospitals
  • Doctor offices
  • Pharmacies
  • Hotels
  • Warehouses
  • Take-away counters
  • Salon
  • Front desk reception
  • Teacher desk
  • Counseling centers

You can mount acrylic shields on counters, desks, or metal framing.

An acrylic shield is also effective in restaurants.

It can provide airborne droplet protection between diners.

You can also install an acrylic shield in food service areas such as buffets.

What is a Significant Role of Acrylic Shield in Office Areas?

An acrylic shield for office areas provides healthier, safer environments for partners, clients, and employees.

Depending on the manufacturer, the acrylic shield can be stand-alone, floor to ceiling partitions, three-sided panels, or single panels.

An acrylic shield can be useful in the following office areas, such as:

  • Front office reception
  • Executive officers
  • Meeting areas
  • Accounting and cashier transaction windows
  • Large floor area for customer service delivery
What is a Significant Role of Acrylic Shield in Motorcycles, Cars, and Transport Operation?

An acrylic shield provides safe barriers between passengers and drivers of different public & private transport, such as cars and motorcycles.

For your car, an acrylic shield can be shaped and cut based on your vehicle’s interiors.

This acrylic shield for a car is mounted and framed with various fixtures like metal clamps.

Moreover, an acrylic shield can protect a driver from passengers that enters and exits a vehicle.

The passengers also feel comfortable with an acrylic shield.

What is A Significant Role of Acrylic Shields for Care Bed?

A health care industry is different from other businesses.

They need to touch, face, and work with their customers very closely.

Nurses and doctors wear surgical face masks to protect themselves from infection.

However, it is not enough.

Fortunately, there is an acrylic shield.

It is designed to protect nurses and doctors from their clients.

An acrylic shield is highly clear transparent, making it possible to prevent droplets.

It won’t affect the doctors to operate appropriately.

How Important Acrylic Shields for Counter?

An acrylic shield is very important for the counter.

It can protect consumers/customers and staff from virus transmission and bacteria.

An acrylic shield can prevent non-physical and physical contact like sneezing and coughing.

Does My Existing Partition Can Be Added with Acrylic Shield?

Yes, you can add an acrylic shield to your existing partition.

You can request to your manufacturer the ideal size of your acrylic shield.

However, some manufacturers will recommend using a 45cm height of acrylic shield for the lightweight clamp.

Does Acrylic Shield Be Customized?

An acrylic shield can be available in the ground and desk screen versions.

You can avail standard sizes and made-to-order custom sizes.

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