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WeProFab is one of the professional graphics overlay manufacturers. We have full portfolios of graphic overlays such as polycarbonate overlay, PVC sticker, aluminum stickers, and other metal sticker labels. Just send us your drawings and specifications. You will get an excellent product.

For the material, we can provide the PET and polycarbonate as the based material, also for the backing adhesive, 3M and domestic adhesive for you choose. Except that, Weprofab® Graphic Overlay categories with two purposes: decorative and functional. Decorative for customized with graphic, LOGOS, or production info, functional for designed for backlighting applications, membrane switches, or as a touch screen interface for control panels.

Use WeProFab Graphic Overlay to Delight, Your Customers

A graphic overlay can set your customers’ first impression. As a professional graphic overlay manufacturer, WeProFab is glad to manufacture an outstanding graphics overlay to delight your customers.

Graphics Overlay Raw Material

You can choose a suitable raw material for your graphics overlay. The raw material could be polycarbonate, polyester, PVC, aluminum, or other plastics and metals.

Graphics Overlay Adhesive

The adhesive is a critical point to make a high-quality graphics overlay. We are an important customer of 3M. We can help you to choose the right adhesive according to your application.

Graphics Overlay Printing

WeProFab can print duplicate colors with different options such as control panel overlay printing, printing on polycarbonate sheet, PVC sticker printing, aluminum sticker printing, and digital printing on plastic parts.

Silk Screen Graphic Overlay

WeProFab can silk screen your graphics overlay, control panel overlays, polycarbonate overlay, polycarbonate labels, PET sticker, PVC sticker, etc.

Graphics Overlay Drying

WeProFab has ovens to dry graphic overlays after silkscreen to make sure the graphics are dried under the best conditions. It also can expedite the processing lead time.

Graphics Overlay Cutting

WeProFab can transfer die cut your graphics overlay rolls, or die cut your single graphics overlay to improve their convenience when you use them.

WeProFab: Your Leading Graphics Overlay Manufacturer

custom Graphics Overlay Manufacturer in china

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local plastic fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you one-stop solutions for plastic fabrication.

WeProFab can make different kinds of graphics overlays for you. These include control panel overlays, polycarbonate overlay, polycarbonate labels, polycarbonate stickers, PVC sticker, PVC decals, aluminum stickers, PET stickers, and more.

The raw material of your graphics overlay could be Lexan, PET, PVC, aluminum, other plastics, or metals. We will choose suitable manufacturing processes to make your graphics overlay. Those processes include printing, silkscreen, anodizing, etching, embossing, die-cut, transfer die-cut, CNC machining, laminating, and more.

As an ISO 9001 certificated graphic overlay manufacturer, WeProFab controls the quality of graphics overlays strictly. We can follow up with different standards such as RoHS, REACH, and UL according to your demands.

As one of the professional graphics overlay manufacturers, WeProFab could offer you the best graphics overlay product/s based on your application. Our full capacity for plastic fabrication can give you a one-stop solution so you can focus on how to deliver value to your customers. Send us an inquiry now; we will respond with a perfect product.

Custom Graphic Overlay to Skyrocket Your Brand

Polycarbonate Overlay

Polycarbonate graphic overlay has vast applications on HMI screens and other industrial applications. WeProFab can custom graphic overlays with your design.

Polycarbonate Labels

As a polycarbonate labels manufacturer, WeProFab can custom Lexan labels, polycarbonate decals, polycarbonate stickers according to your drawing.

Aluminum Stickers

WeProFab is an aluminum stickers manufacturer as well. We can make aluminum foil stickers, aluminum decals, and other metal sticker labels, rigid labels.

Polycarbonate Stickers

Weprofab is an executive fabricator of polycarbonate stickers in China. They are available in custom designs, sizes, and colors.

Polycarbonate Dead Front Overlay

Weprofab professionally creates a polycarbonate dead front overlay to satisfy the needs of your business. There are unlimited stocks for fulfilling your goals.

Keyboard Graphics Overlay

Do you need help to feel ease when purchasing of keyboard graphics overlay from Weprofab? Great news! Weprofab offers committed services for budget-friendly prices.

Customized Die cut Graphics Overlay

Weprofab is the right manufacturer you should choose to have customized die-cut graphics overlays. We can provide all the essential products & services to run your business well.

Custom Graphics Overlay

Being the most reputed manufacturer and distributor in China, Weprofab is presenting custom graphics overlay in any maximum of orders. We will help you roar your business.

Control Graphics Overlay

If you need a rush order of control graphics overlay, we got you all covered! Weprofab is also an expert in providing your ideal products within a short period of time.

Capacitive Touch Graphics Overlay

Weprofab is the right factory to accommodate all your graphics overlay necessities, just like capacitive touch graphics overlay. We can be your direct source of high-quality graphics overlay designs.

Anti-Scratch Graphics Overlay

Weprofab is the right place that you can find some anti-scratch graphics overlay. We also offered them at very affordable cost.

Aesthetics Text Overlay

Did you desire for aesthetics text overlay to be added on business? No problem. Weprofab can assist you in the entire purchasing process.

Acrylic Graphics Overlay

If you are needing for an acrylic graphic overlay for important missions, especially when it regards to business matters, then we, Weprofab can help you!

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Why WeProFab Graphics Overlay Features 

Weprofab® Graphic Overlay can custom graphic overlays that meet the specifications and requirements. We design, manufacturing, and custom capabilities as below:

  • Embossing
  • Laser cutting & die-cutting
  • Custom screen printing
  • Custom colors
  • Digital printing
  • Sampling


  • Residential and commercial appliances
  • Machine control panels
  • Medical device
  • HVAC device
  • Gas station pumps
  • Automotive dashboards

It’s not easy to find a graphic overlay manufacturer with a reasonable price; WeProFab is the right one for you.

custom polycarbonate stickers

If I ask you what set the first impression of an industrial product, you must answer with graphics overlay. A well-designed, user-friendly, and good looking graphics overlay will improve your products’ taste.

WeProFab offers a relatively extensive graphics overlay option for different kinds of applications. We usually suggest that customers use polycarbonate or polyester to custom graphic overlays. The overlays could have a unique texture, suitable printing, customers’ designed embossing, selected coating, and reliable adhesive, and even backlight. Our printed overlays can be applied to electronics, automotive, instrument, and control panels, equipment, fitness equipment, consumer products, and other OEM products.

WeProFab is not only a graphics overlay manufacturer but also a polycarbonate labels manufacturer and aluminum sticker manufacturer.

Polycarbonate labels can also be referred to as polycarbonate stickers, Lexan labels, or polycarbonate decal. It has better mechanical strength and is heat resistant and easier to do printing on the surface. At the same time, we can do special coating on the surface such as anti-fog coating or anti-glare coating.

An aluminum sticker is also known as an aluminum decal or aluminum foil sticker. It’s one of our metal sticker labels. The aluminum sticker has excellent performance on enduring high temperatures, outdoor UV, chemicals, and abrasions.

WeProFab can also manufacture other types of products like the acrylic box, machine nameplate, and more, just send us an inquiry now.

Graphic Overlay: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Graphic Overlay?

Graphic overlay

 Graphic overlay

It refers to the outermost layer of the membrane of a particular switch assembly that serves as the visible representation of the user interface panel of a device.

You can as well describe it as a thin-film, printed, decorative designs that are attached to the viewing services of a particular product.

In some instances, it is referred to as a membrane switch overlay, which is an intuitive component of an electronic interface that connects the user to the machine or equipment.

Which Materials are used for Graphic Overlay?

Materials used for graphic overlay are several, including hybrid materials that are specifically designed for particular applications and surroundings.

Some of the common materials, however, include the following;

Polycarbonate– this is a high-performance film available in varying thickness ranging between 0.125-2.0 mm.

Some of the ideal features for this type of material is that it is versatile, has good mechanical properties, durable, provides excellent optical transmission, durable and thermally stable, among others.

The other element which makes polycarbonate an ideal material for the graphic overlay is the fact that it is it comes in a wide range of surface textures and can as well be embossed.

You can as well get it with hard-surface coatings, and it is fire retardant.

Vinyl– It is a low-cost graphics overlay material that comes as a self-adhesive film.

You can find it a wide range of shades including matt, gloss as well as clear.

Since it is self-adhesive, it only means that it be printed on the front face that exposes the print to the surrounding where the finished product is placed within.

As a way of increasing its mechanical performance, you can choose to over-laminate it once it has printed a wide range of protective films.

Polyester– It is regarded as one of the best graphic overlay materials that guarantee high performance, tougher and more durable than the likes of polycarbonate.

This material provides improved chemical resistance, which is essential in enhancing flex life.

Polyester is also available in a wide range of finishes, including anti-glare and gloss, and also comes with up to 280microns thick.

PVC – it is relatively a low-cost material for graphic overlay compared to polyester and polycarbonate.

Nonetheless, it still offers ideal durability and is available as a transparent film, as well as a number of solid color finishes.

This material can be available in smooth-gloss finish or textured mark-resist finish, which helps in enhancing its resistance to mechanical abrasion.

It is nonetheless essential to ensure that you seek advice from technicians before choosing the specific type of graphic overlay material that suits your project’s requirements.

What are the uses of Graphic Overlay?

Some of the major uses of graphic overlay include the following;

Control panel graphics overlay

Control panel graphics overlay – Photo courtesy: Maverick

· Brand awareness

It is used in providing decorative veneer, which contains graphic artwork, the brand logo of the organizations as well as the product name.

If appealingly and aesthetically designed, they can enable you to build the brand of your business.

A properly designed graphic overlay makes it possible for you to stand out in the market and speaks volumes regarding the product and your brand in general.

· User interface

The design of a graphic overlay is in a manner that allows the end-user to interact with the product.

The design essentially ensures that information is displayed in a graphic format, which includes the buttons, touchpoints, and icons, among others.

They also contain symbols and icons which help in activating the product upon touching.

Moreover, the graphic overlay also includes decorative graphics that instruct the user on ways to interface with the product.

· Lighting

You can use graphic overlays to backlit.

The designs of these products enable you to lit it from behind.

So it implies that there are icons that can be visible while the overlay isn’t necessarily actively illuminated.

The essence of backlighting, in this case, is to help in making specific controls relatively visible.

· Product protection

You can as well use a graphic overlay to protect your products in a wide range of ways.

However, it is also necessary to ensure that you choose the right materials for your product, depending on its specific features.

Some of the products that you use a graphic overlay to protect include medical devices, among others.

How does Polycarbonate Graphic Overlay compare to Polyester Graphic Overlay?

Polycarbonate graphic overlay is relatively easy to texture, print, and die cut.

It might, however, display some signs of wear, especially after 100,000 actuation, and requires a hard coat if the environment is subject to chemicals.

What’s more, is that the polycarbonate graphic overlay is also optically transparent at any thickness and cheaper than polyester.

On the other hand, polyester graphic overlay is thinner and more resilient than polycarbonate, given that it never shows any sign of wear even at one million actuations.

It is also resistant to chemicals and harsh environments but relatively expensive than polycarbonate graphic overlay.

Nevertheless, it is vital to understand that choosing between polycarbonate and polyester graphic overlay is mostly dependent on the end-user application, as well as the environment it will be used.

What are the Benefits of Graphic Overlays?

Graphics overlay

Graphics overlay – Photo courtesy: Customark
Durability – Most of the materials used for producing graphic overlays are usually resistant to numerous environmental and mechanical elements.

This is essential since it ensures that these items can withstand whatever conditions they are subjected to hence durability.

Customizable – graphic overlays allow for the application of a wide range of finishes hence providing different looks.

This is vital because it makes it possible for you to come up with unique finishes that suit your requirements.

Adhesive – Well, one of the most outstanding values of a graphic overlay is that it adheres and stays adhered to the final product.

Therefore, you can use a wide range of adhesives to make sure that the overlays stick appropriately.

Easy to clean – most of the graphic overlays are utilized in products where cleanliness is quite essential hence the need for making them easy to clean.

The good thing with graphic overlays is that you can produce them using unique anti-microbial materials that hinder the growth of bacteria.

What should you Consider when Designing Graphic Overlays?

Depending on the details of your project, here are some of the elements you’d consider when designing the graphic overlays;

· Materials Overview

It is necessary to consider the photographic layer of the membrane switch by ensuring that they are aesthetically appealing and can endure the environment.

Of course, environments tend to vary in a significant way, thus the need for choosing proper overlay materials.

While at it, you need to determine whether the graphic overlay will be exposed to sunlight, household chemicals, or industrial chemicals, among others.

· Drawings

The best way to design graphic overlay is by using AutoCAD since it helps in generating drawings relatively fast.

Also, it is vital to include all the dimensions on drawings to help in expediting your design.

· Color Matching

It is also necessary to ensure that you match the target color for your graphic overlay.

In most instances, the PMS colors are usually common, but if possible, you can match with any color of your preference.

And if you provide a color sample to a developer, ensure that they can use technology for color matching the pigments.

· Artwork

You need to ensure that you prepare the accurate files to precisely represent your vision of how the graphic overlay needs to appear.

It is essential to determine the product use and objectives as well as dimensions, colors, and styles then provide artwork.

Is there Suitable Adhesive for Graphic Overlay?

Graphic overlay uses a wide range of adhesives.

3M is widely used since it has some of the best features that match most of the qualities to work with graphic overlays.

However, the most suitable one is highly dependent on several factors, including the type of material and equipment, among others.

How do you Manufacture Graphic Overlay?

The process of manufacturing a graphic overlay is quite intensive, complex, and specialized.

And at every stage, attention to detail is important.

Some of the steps involved include the following;

· Order entry

This is the stage that establishes the groundwork for other ensuing steps.

At this stage, elements such as materials, inks, pricing, as well as schedules are put into the database.

· Artwork

This is the second stage of the process, which involves the submission of the development stage based on the type of file as well as the complexity of the produced part.

The art master then generates an Adobe illustrator, which is the industry-standard vector-based program.

At this stage, art master has to consider the number and types of inks involved, materials as well as artwork which might be regarded as challenging on press and die complexity.

· Die Making

At this stage; each film is used for creating the different die.

So what happens is that the film is applied to a particular piece of thick plywood using a suitable adhesive.

But depending on factors such as complexity, speed, and demand, you may choose to use a laser cutter for cutting to the right proportions.

· Screen-making

Apparently, screen making takes place at the same time the dies are being created.

It is a critical stage because it is what largely determines if the final product will meet the required standards.

In most instances, screen-making often involves the application of the stencil to the screen by baking it into the surface of the in a comparatively large oven.

· Production

The production personnel takes care of completed screens one by one and, at the same time converting material from full sheet to more effective size based on the image area.

So once the screen is no longer required for the production it is reverted to the section where the image is removed.

This allows the screen to be used for another task.

– Die-cutting and Finishing

As printing continues, the preparation of adhesives and any other relevant materials also goes on.

In die-cutting, the dies which end the part are attached to clamshell press, which also applies force to the cutting edge.

What is the difference between Graphic Overlay and Nameplate?

Nameplate vs graphics overlay

 Nameplate vs graphics overlay
Nameplate is ordinarily an etched metal plate used for displaying a textual message.

The message could be the company’s logo, brand name, or other information such as serial numbers as well as safety warnings.

Nameplates are weather-resistant and durable owing to the material used to manufacture them.

Graphic overlay, on the other hand, is the top film of the product purposely used for decorative and functional aspects.

It is the surface that you get to view, mainly when using the product for the first time.

Graphic overlay is typically attached as a practical front component of a product.

How does Screen Printing and Digital Printing of Graphics Overlays compare?

Screen printing overlay involves making a screen to apply layers of ink on a particular printing surface.

The essence of this is to allow layering of each color one at a time onto the graphic overlay.

Additionally, it tends to use both ultra-violet based and solvent-based inks.

It also provides excellent control over deposition, which is the ink thickness applied to the product.

On the other hand, digitally printed graphics overlays tend to take your artwork in digital form as well as prints directly using a particular printer directly to the substrate.

This technique also uses UV cured ink and tends to apply the ink into the film more or less like the computer printer.

It is also ideal for parts that have relatively short small quantities.

Are there Disadvantages of using Graphic Overlay?

The major disadvantage perhaps is that graphic overlay can be somewhat costly.

Therefore you need to have enough funding to get the best quality.

Also, the qualities of different graphic overlays vary from one to another due to numerous factors.

Thus there is a need for being meticulous when it comes to choosing one that suits your needs.

Which Industries use Graphic Overlay?

It is used in a wide range of industries that integrate the human-machine interface, which in some instances, is referred to as operator interface panels.

Some of these industries include the following;

  • Construction where a graphic overlay is fitted in most of the machines used in the industry
  • Transportation and marine
  • Military
  • Fitness and recreational devices
  • Telecommunications products
  • Card readers and ATM’s machines
  • Electrical equipment and surge protectors
  • Industrial and manufacturing machinery
  • Medical equipment
  • Service machinery such as elevator controls

Is Graphic Overlay Ecofriendly?

Absolutely yes.

The process undertaken during designing and manufacturing graphic overlays ensures that the end product conforms to the stipulated environmental regulations.

What Determines the Cost of Graphic Overlay?

Type of material – Graphic overlay can be manufactured using a wide range of materials, and all these materials vary when it comes to cost and quality.

So definitely this affects the value of the final product

Customization – different clients require different customized graphic overlays that suit their needs.

Thus the numerous elements that are integrated during customization also determine the cost of the same.

Application – Graphic overlays are used in different types of applications, which require unique details varying from one to another.

Therefore, this determines the overall cost of the final product.

Features–The features that a specific graphic overlay has for enhancing its performance is also an essential element that determines its cost.

Are there Specific Aesthetic Considerations of Graphic Overlay?

Yes, quite a number including the following;

Surface finish – remember that any surface finish of graphic overlay provides a direct function of screen printing and material type.

Some of the surface finishing include textured, patterned, non-glare, and glossy, among others.

Embossing – you may choose to emboss your graphic overlay by making letters and other symbols to provide a relatively more decorative look.

Color choices – you can choose to print graphic overlay using a wide range of colors that you deem ideal for your needs.

Backlighting and displays – in most instances, the graphic overlay materials are usually transparent.

Therefore, it means that you can easily incorporate backlighting as well as display components.

Special printing effects – they also help in enhancing the aesthetic appeal and value of graphic overlay in a significant way.

What are the Common Challenges in Graphic Overlay Design and Manufacturing?

Tools and equipment for manufacturing and designing graphic overlay are quite expensive.

The entire process of designing and manufacturing also requires a high level of expertise.

Which implies that it is not something that you can easily do as a DIY project due to sophisticated tools, components, and process.

How do you Cut Graphic Overlay?

Die-cutting is commonly used in a wide range of industries for cutting graphic overlays, and it follows the following steps to achieve it;

1. Pressure adjustment

It involves adjusting the pressure layout by, first of all, ensuring that you adjust the pressure of a steel knife.

2. Sticking the rubber

Once you adjust the layout pressure, the die-cut plate is also fixed.

Generally, it is ideal to center the graphic overlay that you are die-cutting.

At this point, also ensure that you place the rubber plugs on both side’s steel knife and die-cutting plate.

3. Test die-cutting

Once you are done with steps 1 and 2, you can then try to die-cut as a way of testing whether the entire set up is placed appropriately.

4. Actual die-cutting

Once you carry out a comprehensive inspection to determine whether the indicators meet the requirements, you then proceed with the mass cutting of the graphic overlays.

5. Finished product inspection and waste removal

After the cutting process is over, it is time to check their suitability for the particular application.

Afterward, you can then clear the work station by removing the waste produced during the cutting process.

As a Graphics Overlay Manufacturer, What Services do WeProFab offer?

WeProFab offers a wide range of graphics overlay which include the following;

Weprofab services

Weprofab services

  • embossing
  • die-cut
  • Printing
  • CNC Machining
  • Anodizing
  • transfer die-cut
  • laminating,
  • etching
  • Silkscreen

What is the Best Graphics Overlay Printing Equipment?

The best one is dependent on the specific type and end-user application of the graphic overlay.

Can you use Graphic Overlay for Branding and Marketing?

Most definitely.

Of course, the essence of a graphic overlay is providing a function to the product.

However, most businesses across different industries also use it for brand recognition.

It is possible in a manner in such a way that you can add the specific decorative design to it.

Some of the features that you can include are a brand logo and the name of your company.

Ultimately, adding such features enable you to attain more band recognition, given that people are exposed to them.

The bottom line is that the more attractive your graphic overlay, the higher the chances of increasing your brand recognition.

Does WeProFab Support OEM Graphic Overlay Manufacturing?

Yes, by ensuring that they use certified machinery for manufacturing a wide range of elements revolving around graphic overlay.

WeProFab also provides that it supports OEM by purchasing eco-friendly devices that play a significant role in protecting the environment.

How do you Test Quality of Graphic Overlay?

Several elements are considered when it comes to determining the quality of a graphic overlay.

The type of material is a fundamental aspect that helps the inspectors in testing the quality.

There are specific hi-tech quality control machines that help in making sure that all the graphic overlays pass the set minimum standard.

So there is detailed attention paid to sensitive sections, especially impact the performance of the part.

And during the process, any rejected part is eliminated and isolated to ensure that only those that pass quality tests proceed to the next step.

How do you Choose Material for Graphics Overlay?

You need to determine the following aspects to get the best or most suitable material for graphic overlay;

  • Cost; in most instances, the cost usually varies depending on several factors. For example, polycarbonate is comparatively cheaper than polyester. Therefore, your budget determines the type of material you’ll choose.
  • Environment; it is also imperative to know that the specific surrounding where the graphic overlay shall be used also helps in choosing a suitable material. If the situation is exposed to chemicals or any other physical elements, then it would be prudent to go for a hard-coat material for protection.
  • End-user application; this guides in knowing which material would be the best fit for a particular function of the graphic overlay. For example, medical equipment will require a different graphic overlay material from construction equipment.

What are the Important Features of Graphics Overlay?

  • Embossed tactile
  • Rapid prototyping to enhance economic short runs
  • Tinted or clear windows for LCD and LED readouts
  • Adhesive backing
  • Through-holes for plugs actuators and connectors
  • Patterned texture and gloss finish
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