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Acrylic Barrier

Weprofab is one of the most trusted Chinese manufacturers and suppliers of acrylic barrier products. You can find a wide selection of acrylic barriers at Weprofab. We have plenty of designs that are perfect to add to your business. Weprofab can support your acrylic barrier on time and suit your budget. Choose us!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Barrier Delight Your Customers

Weprofab always use the modern techniques and durable materials for producing a great quality of acrylic barrier. We make the customs process more efficient and cost-effective while maintaining the highest quality of every acrylic barrier product!

Acrylic Freestanding Barrier

Weprofab acrylic freestanding barrier is made of high-quality material and professional designs. Weprofab is your reliable manufacturer that can support your business.

Clear Acrylic Barrier

QWeprofab clear acrylic barrier offers a tough, highly transparent finish for a clear line of vision. This type of acrylic barrier truly arrives with a film that can be taken off.

Portable Acrylic Barrier

The Weprofab portable acrylic barrier features durability and longevity. You are able to relocate this one is an easy way when it is needed without so much hassle since it is portable.

Acrylic Barrier for Counter

The Weprofab acrylic barrier for the counter is ideal to use on the counter desk. This is a type of barrier that offers a high-protection and at the same time the privacy for the individual’s worker.

Transparent Acrylic Barrier

Weprofab transparent acrylic barrier has a strong and sturdy characteristic. You can encounter the best and excellent kind of transparent acrylic barrier from Weprofab.

Folding Acrylic Barrier

The Weprofab folding acrylic barrier can be used in a wide range of applications like partition boards in offices and houses. This type of acrylic barrier comes in a variety sizes and designs.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Barrier Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also a metal fabrication.

Weprofab has 20 years of experience in manufacturing acrylic barriers. We obtain a good reputation in this industry by providing an awesome and excellent acrylic barrier. Weprofab is your one-stop acrylic barrier solution for your business.

We strive to fulfill your needs and meet your acrylic barriers standard. Weprofab will bring your business to the highest level. Always count in Weprofab!


Custom Acrylic Barrierto Skyrocket Your Brand

Sneeze Guard Acrylic Barrier

Weprofab manufactures a sneeze guard acrylic barrier in a professional way. We choose a superior type of materials to manufacture this barrier. 

4mm Acrylic Barrier

Weprofab can customize a 4 mm acrylic barrier with the features of a lightweight and rigid flat surface with constant thickness, weatherproof, and UV protection.

Acrylic Screen Barrier

The Weprofab acrylic screen barrier is made of superior acrylic materials that prevent bacteria and any harmful viruses from spreading.

Acrylic Sound Barrier

Weprofab acrylic sound barrier has a full capacity to eliminate unwanted sounds. This type of barrier is suitable in bedrooms, offices, and more.

Acrylic Protection Barrier

This kind of acrylic barrier can block spittle or spray from a person’s nose or mouth before it can infect other areas and helps maintain social distance.

Acrylic Isolation Barrier

The acrylic isolation barrier has good toughness and is not easy to break. It also features no decoration, corrosion resistance, and superior quality.

Acrylic Counter Desk Barrier

The acrylic counter desk barrier is highly manufactured from non-hazardous and non-toxic materials. It can manage high-temperature situations.

Acrylic PMMA Sheet for Barrier

The acrylic PMMA sheet for the barrier has perfect transparency and 99% light transmittance. It features excellent electrical insulation and is easy to process and shape.

Adjustable Acrylic Barrier

The adjustable acrylic barrier is very light in weight. It has strong surface hardness and good weather resisting properties.

4mm Acrylic Barrier

4mm acrylic barrier offers a simple installation and can be assembled easily. It plays the best role in health to bring the safest security.

Acrylic Table Barrier

An acrylic table barrier features weather and high impact resistance. It is perfect for the teacher’s table, student’s table, office table, and staff tables.

Residential Acrylic Barrier for Soundproof

The residential acrylic barrier for soundproof is environmentally friendly and recyclable. It can be customized according to the customer’s sizes and designs.

Acrylic Barrier for Taxi

An acrylic barrier for a taxi is available in black, clear, white, yellow, blue, transparent color, and more. It has strong and rugged construction, ensuring long-lasting services.

Acrylic Protective Barrier

The acrylic protective barrier has a simplistic, modern, and dismountable design. It can also resist UV rays, scratch situations, and other harmful chemicals.

Acrylic Barrier for School Library

The acrylic barrier for the school library gives extra protection for all students who always go to the library. It prevents spreading viruses and another harmful sicknesses.

Acrylic Barrier for Restaurant

An acrylic barrier for the restaurant is ideal for pandemic times. It stops or blocks unwanted viruses from strangers. It has a solid and strong construction.

Large Acrylic Barrier

The large acrylic barrier is easy to maintain, clean, and install. It can be cleaned using a mild detergent, soft cloth, and water. Available in different thicknesses and colors.

Acrylic Barrier for Office

The acrylic barrier for the office provides better all-around protection for all employees. It also gives excellent privacy for individuals.

L-Shape Acrylic Barrier

The L-shape acrylic barrier can last for a longer time due to its excellent durability. It is utilized with flexible or durable hinges and stable acrylic materials quality.

Acrylic Hanging Barrier

An acrylic hanging barrier provides an extra measure of safety for everybody. It features a break-resistant, easy to clean, and good impact resistance.

Acrylic Line Barrier

The acrylic line barrier allows the creation of a see-through partition. It has consisted of rigid frames and superior design. Available at a reasonable and competitive price.

Side Mounted Acrylic Barrier

The side-mounted acrylic barrier is used to have a unique branding and eye-catching messaging. It is also used for protecting personnel.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Barrier

Weprofab is an outstanding acrylic barrier provider in China. With the latest technology and complete equipment, we manufacture an acrylic barrier with stable and quality performance. Weprofab manufactures an acrylic barrier with an attractive design and appearance. 

Acrylic Barrier

The Weprofab acrylic barrier will help in maintaining a physical distance which is essential and safe for virtually all economic activities carried out. With the Weprofab acrylic barrier, you will be confident even if you are regularly in contact with others.

Weprofab acrylic barrier is very helpful to reduce the risks, and blocking any bacterias. This acrylic barrier of Weprofab can provide a sense of safety assurance for workers and customers, and students. This can provide better protection for everyone.

Weprofab acrylic barrier is made of reliable and superior acrylic materials to ensure the best performance. Due to its durability, this kind of barrier is capable of long-term services. It is a great solution for those seeking to have a sturdy and strong barrier.

Acrylic Barrier -2

Weprofab acrylic barriers can be installed with safety in mind, and in a safe way. Our acrylic barrier can be free-standing or wheeled, which allows every user to relocate and use it in a convenient way. The acrylic barrier from Weprofab cannot be easily broken compared to others.

In Weprofab, we have a wide selection of acrylic barriers including the clear acrylic barrier, portable acrylic barrier, acrylic barrier for desk, transparent acrylic barrier, folding acrylic barrier, acrylic sound barrier, acrylic screen barrier, and so on.

We customize your acrylic barrier with your exact size to make it suitable in your applications. You can choose your acrylic barrier with your desired designs and styles. Weprofab can provide a turnkey acrylic barrier solution for your customer’s sake.

Acrylic Barrier

As an ISO 9001 certified acrylic manufacturer company,WeProFab is very pleased to serve our dear customer. To gain customer satisfaction, we produce our acrylic barrier in high-quality, very durable, and can be available at affordable costs.

We also have a highly efficient worker and staff to handle the services and give you the excellent services we have.

We will be your ultimate solution that will complete and support your project requirements. Let us handle your acrylic barrier needs!

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What is an Acrylic Barrier?

The acrylic barrier is protection made from durable acrylic materials.

It is a protective barrier without drilling or mounting needs. 

Acrylic-made barriers are an excellent solution for crystal transparent vision shielding.

What Industries are Using Acrylic Barriers?

When the Covid-19 virus spreads, many industries utilize acrylic barriers as physical protections. 

Below are some industries using acrylic barriers to protect customers and employees from viruses.

  • Retail stores
  • Salon and spas
  • Office settings
  • Nursing homes
  • Schools
  • Food processing
  • Banks
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Public vehicles
  • Medical facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery stores
  • Dry cleaners
  • Pharmacies
How Does the Acrylic Barrier Protect Against Corona Virus?

As we all know, the Covid19 virus spreads by respiratory droplets.

It occurs when person talks, sneeze, coughs or breath.

And here comes the acrylic barriers. 

They help block droplets from infectious people. 

Acrylic barriers minimize virus spreading from one person to another.

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Barriers Against Covid19?

Except for reducing spreading coronaviruses, the acrylic barrier has other multiple benefits, which includes:

Protection From Contamination

Surfaces that are droplets-exposed increase the spreading of viruses.

The acrylic barrier helps separate or limit the employees’ exposure from each workspace.

Form a Transparent Barrier

Acrylic barriers are durable and high-strength to block respiratory droplets.

Easy to Clean

The acrylic-made barriers are easy to clean and disinfect. 

They have the nature of nonporous features.

Variety Setting Applications

Using acrylic barriers is ideal for various applications, especially in public areas. 

Provides Sense of Safety

Utilizing acrylic barriers encourages everyone to maximize safety. 

It provides safety measures for employees’ well-being and health.

Maintains Social Distancing

Acrylic barriers strengthen easy to forget social distancing measures.

What Types of Acrylic Barrier is Ideal for your Business?

Many companies use various acrylic barriers to ensure customers’ and employees’ health. 

The following are wide acrylic barrier selections the best for your business.

  • Hanging acrylic barriers
  • Floor standing acrylic shields
  • Acrylic table dividers
  • Desk acrylic partitions
  • Countertop acrylic sneeze guards
What are the Standard Features of an Acrylic Barrier?

Below are the several standard features of acrylic barriers.

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Impact-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Accessible to sanitize without deterioration
  • Has diminished edges to prevent cuts when touched
  • Has enough pass-through slot
  • Can be store flat
  • More robust
  • It can be bent or cut
  • Excellent for polishing
What are the Spatial Arrangements to Consider When Installing Acrylic Barriers?

Installing acrylic barriers have to consider spatial arrangements.

Knowing such structures determines the specific sizes of acrylic barriers you need.

The following are some considerations.

  • High-density passerby flow
  • Standing near standing
  • Sitting nearby sitting
  • Single flow within the area
  • Numerous individuals at the exact location
  • Standing near sitting
How to Clean or Disinfect an Acrylic Barrier?

Cleaning and disinfecting acrylic barriers have broad applications. 

For cleaning, you remove germs, impurities, and dirt on surfaces. 

While you are disinfecting, you are killing germs with chemicals. 

Both minimize spreading infections.

For cleaning and disinfecting acrylic barriers, wearing gloves is recommended.

Mild warm dishwashing soap can clean dirty acrylic barrier surfaces.

Using water, rinse them before disinfecting.

For cleaning and drying the acrylic barrier, use a microfiber cloth to avoid scratches.

After disinfecting, allow exact contact time.

What are the Standard Sizes of Acrylic Barrier?

The acrylic barrier is available in various standard sizes, including 4″ X30″, 36″ X30″, and 48″ X30″. 

But some manufacturer allows customized sizes according to your requirement applications.

Are the Acrylic Barrier Certified Approved?


Acrylic barriers are CE and IATF certified approved.

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