• Roll Moulding Parts

Roll Moulding Parts

Weprofab is your professional roll moulding parts manufacturer. We have 20+ years of manufacturing experience in this industry. Our expertise and rich knowledge allow us to create the most satisfying product and services for your business.  Our range of roll moulding parts is durable, functional with high-performance. Contact us immediately for your custom roll moulding parts!

Get WeProFab Roll Moulding Parts to Delight Your Customers

For your roll moulding parts needs, Weprofab got you covered. We supply standard and custom roll moulding parts for your applications and business. Request a quote now!

Customized Roll Moulding Parts

At Weprofab, we offer custom roll moulding parts service at very affordable rates. You can send your specification, our skilled team will handle your request.

Electronic Roll Moulding Parts

With rich experience in manufacturing various electronic products, we can provide custom roll molded parts to exceed any need for electronic component OEMs.

OEM Service Roll Moulding Parts

Weprofab offers OEM service roll moulding parts to skyrocket your business. We support OEM roll moulding parts and export them around the world.

Plastic Clear Roll Moulding Parts

You can avail plastic clear roll moulding parts made from the highest quality materials and advanced technology. Our company specialized in this field and willing to meet your requirements.

Precision Standard Roll Moulding Parts

Weprofab precision standard roll moulding parts are molds according to the JIS, DIN, and AISI standards. We are a leader in the custom roll mold industry for medical, automotive, etc.

Waterproof Plastic Roll Moulding Parts

We can manufacture waterproof plastic roll moulding parts that feature waterproof, weather-resistant, and versatile. Weprofab leads the way with manufacturing and delivering the highest quality plastic parts.

WeProFab: Your Leading Roll Moulding Parts Manufacturer

Weprofab is a leading roll moulding parts supplier in China. We provide all kinds of roll moulding parts. Our complete product line and advanced technology allow us to produce high-grade value parts. If you’re a supplier or custom company, Weprofab is your ultimate choice!

Our company supports and offers you a one-stop solution for OEM/ODM customers. We manufacture for you and support your design according to your final applications. A skilled and experienced R&D and engineering team supports us. Choosing Weprofab means you are backed by a professional manufacturer with profound history in this industry.

As an ISO 9001 certified plastic fabrication company, WeProFab has a wide range of plastic fabrication capabilities and services to offer. We follow strict quality control from IQC, IPQC, OQC, etc. Custom roll moulding parts with Weprofab!


Custom Roll Moulding Parts to Boost Your Brand

Customize Plastic Toilet Roll Dispenser Mould

Customize plastic toilet roll dispenser mould with high-value and durable characteristics. We customize the color, sizes, weight, logo, style of your product, etc.

Plastic Injection Mould for Plastic Toilet Roll Holder

Our company offers OEM and custom designs based on your idea. We can make a mold and produce based on your drawing.

Anti-Collision Strip Roll Moulding Parts

From small to big sizes, based on your drawing or sample, Weprofab can help you. The distribution range of anti-collision strip roll moulding parts is wide and there is a superb choice for use.

Roll Plastic Mould Component Injection Die Moulding Parts

Weprofab team can provide assistance from the first idea through the prototype. We produce
quick delivery of prototypes or production needs.

High-Quality Custom Plastic Roll Molding Parts

High-quality custom plastic roll molding parts are developed with great features and advantages. We provide custom surface treatment according to customers’ detailed requests.

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Why WeProFab Roll Moulding Parts

For your roll moulding parts need in China, you can depend on Weprofab. We have 20+ years of OEM manufacturing experience that you can trust. Our company has a mature production technology allow us to create outstanding products suitable for your business.

Roll moulding parts are manufactured from top-class and commercial-grade plastic. All parts are designed in compliance with SGS, CE, ISO certifications. These are 100% durable, functional with high-performance in various applications.

You can depend on our multiple advanced machines and equipment, experienced R&D team, professional design engineer, and skilled workers. Weprofab is able to offer you the widest range of custom roll moulding parts.

Being a leader in this industry, we offer custom roll moulding parts according to your requirements. You can choose the sizes, colors, surface treatment of your product. You can send your drawing or idea so that our team can finalize your product.

Weprofab is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer. We always follow strict quality control and standard to ensure high-quality products. Before the moving process, we meticulously check and inspect every roll moulding part. You can rest assured to receive defect-free and safe roll moulding parts for your applications.

Whether you’re a supplier, distributor, or starting your business, rely always on weprofab. We are an expert in this field and promise to satisfy your needs. From consulting, designing, prototyping, to producing, Weprofab is your ultimate choice.

Aside from roll moulding, we also offer various types of services such as:

  • preform injection molding
  • custom rubber molding
  • medical injection molding
  • automotive injection molding,
  • polymer injection molding
  • acrylic injection molding
  • peek injection molding, etc.

For more details about roll moulding parts, please contact us immediately.  We are willing to help you 24/7.

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