• Polycarbonate Box

Polycarbonate Box

Want to have a perfect and safety boxes for all your things? WeProFab polycarbonate box is just right for you. It has plenty of types that suit your desires. Very perfect for your business needs and even for personal use.

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Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Box to Delight Your Customers

In our polycarbonate box, we have plenty of types that have a clear cover choice for the rapid visibility of your internal components. You can freely choose what’s suit for your demand.

Clear Polycarbonate Box

Our clear polycarbonate box is greatly designed for storing electrical and perfect for electronic industries. It is accessible in high-quality material and has a glossy appearance.

Laser Cut Polycarbonate Box

WeProFab provides laser cutting for your polycarbonate box to gain satisfaction with your desire products. You just have to send us your desire sizes and designs for your polycarbonate box.

Polycarbonate Box Manufacturer

WeProFab is the best polycarbonate box manufacturer in China. We can assure you our polycarbonate box can be accessible in high-quality, high durability, and suitable for storing objects.

Resistant Polycarbonate Box

If you want to have long-term protection for keeping things, WeProFab can provide it to you. Its material has a durable, attested, and scratch-resistant.

Waterproof Polycarbonate Box

At WeProFab, the waterproof polycarbonate box is just right for your companies or business since it can hold out against water and dirt. No worries since it has an excellent impact resistance polycarbonate box.

Bending Polycarbonate Box

Our polycarbonate box can be also produced in a curve or irregular shape. We greatly fabricate bend for your polycarbonate box. It can be fascinating to display.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Box Manufacturer

One of the WeProFab’s most trusted box material solutions is polycarbonate. It also executed the best nearly in all industries. It is suitable for many applications, so you can assure us to provide the right polycarbonate box you needed.

WeProFab polycarbonate box is just perfect for your home and kitchen, for machinery, for consumer electronics, for packaging and printing, and lightning. So you can choose polycarbonate products we have or you can free to make your designs for your necessity.

We conduct the production process like laser cutting, bending, and thermoforming. Even though we perform laser cutting for your polycarbonate box, we guarantee you to meet your desire expectation for the products. We have extensive capabilities in regards to plastic fabrication.

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Custom Polycarbonate Box to Expand Your Brand

Multi Purpose Polycarbonate Box

It is designed to protect all electronic equipment. It is very useful in storing things since it has several purposes.

Polycarbonate Box display

If you’re looking for storing pieces of jewelry, watches, eyeglasses, and other things, WeProFab can provide it for you.

Polycarbonate Box With Mounting Flange

It is designed with a formed on a flange for applications making surface mounting. It is accessible in a wide variety of sizes.

Polycarbonate Storage Box

It holds most major brands and you can easily locate your stored objects. It is accessible in high-quality and sturdy materials.

Lockable Polycarbonate Box

Our lockable polycarbonate box is perfect for securing outdoor or indoor storage and has a tightly-locking design making safety.

Polycarbonate Electrical Junction Box

The polycarbonate electrical junction box has great impact resistance, excellent insulation performance, corrosion resistance, long service life, and flame resistance. It is ¼ the weight of a metal junction box. It can also resist various weather conditions. So, they are suitable to use for outdoor and indoor applications.

Polycarbonate Electrical Junction Box with Transparent Covers

The polycarbonate electrical junction box is waterproof, dustproof, flame retardant, chemical-resistant, and highly durable. It is widely used in the petrochemical industry, coastal factories, large factories, and many more. Also, it has a plastic bolt design, great weather resistance, excellent electrical performance, etc.

Polycarbonate Measuring Food Storage Box

The polycarbonate measuring food storage box is made from eco-friendly, non-toxic, food-grade, and super strong polycarbonate material. It has an easy-to-read gradation and is suitable for storing cold and hot food. It is dishwasher-safe, odor-proof, microwaveable, durable, freezer-safe, and stain-resistant.

Single-Phase Polycarbonate Electrical Meter Box

The single-phase polycarbonate electrical meter box has perfect electrical insulation and resistance to UV rays and harsh weather conditions such as rain, hot sun, and wind. It is also waterproof, lightweight, shockproof, and easy to install. It is suitable for electrical cars, small retail shops, hotel rooms, and more.

Clear Polycarbonate Insulated Food Storage Box

The clear polycarbonate insulated food storage box is stackable, food-safe, chemical-resistant, temperature-resistant, and almost unbreakable. It has a non-stick smooth interior and a crystal-clear look. It can keep the temperature of the food for long. It is widely used in restaurants, banquet services, buffets, etc.

Polycarbonate Bulk Food Container Box

The polycarbonate bulk food container box is used for storing bulk foods such as rice, beans, flour, pasta, cereals, fruits, vegetables, and many more. It is designed with stackable lugs, airtight lids, comfortable handles, and a textured finish to reduce scratches. It is food-safe, dishwasher-safe, etc.

Fully Transparent Polycarbonate Electrical Meter Box

The fully transparent polycarbonate electrical meter box is fire-retardant, completely transparent, UV-resistant, waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and highly resistant to various weather conditions. You can use them in the electrical systems of retail shops, electrical cars, accommodation hotel rooms, and many more.

Clear Polycarbonate Round Food Storage Box

The clear polycarbonate round food storage box is made of super-strong, crystal-clear, food-grade, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly polycarbonate material. It has a large storage capacity, excellent temperature resistance, and impact resistance. It is commonly used for storing seafood and meat in the hotel kitchens and restaurant kitchens.

81 Wells Polycarbonate Cryogenic Tube Box

The 81 wells polycarbonate cryogenic tube box is highly resistant to temperature. It can be used in temperature that ranges from -196°C up to 121°C. It is designed with numbered grids, drain holes, and air vents to minimize condensation. Also, it is resistant to chemicals such as mild organic solvents and alcohols.

100 Wells Polycarbonate Cryogenic Tube Box

The 100 wells polycarbonate cryogenic tube box is ideal for storing 100 cryogenic tubes. It can bear cold temperatures for as low as -196C. It is ideal in ultralow temperature storage such as liquid nitrogen storage vessels and mechanical freezers. It has a clear-view lid, printed grids, chemical resistance, etc.

Polycarbonate Solid Storage Box

The polycarbonate solid storage box is made from clear, eco-friendly, and solid polycarbonate sheets. It has a large holding capacity, excellent weather resistance, good chemical stability, and excellent temperature resistance. It is commonly used for transferring or storing bulk products.

Polycarbonate Corrugated Hollow Sheet Storage Box

This type of polycarbonate box is made out of corrugated hollow polycarbonate sheets which makes them have high durability, high compressive strength, excellent resistance, and good bending performance. It is also fire-resistant, non-toxic, eco-friendly, waterproof, and weather-resistant.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Box

Since WeProFab exceeding 20 years in the industry, we guarantee all the products we have fabricated are very satisfying and very handy. We have fabricated plenty of polycarbonate boxes.

One of these is the waterproof polycarbonate box, clear polycarbonate box, resistant polycarbonate box, and much more.

Polycarbonate Box

Our polycarbonate boxes are commonly used in different types of applications. It is a desire non-metal material and heavy-duty thermoplastic that is generally used for industries and engineering applications. It is also practical for outdoor electronic, electrical applications, healthcare applications, safety glasses, medical devices, safety glasses, and much more. It is a good desire in the plastic industry because of its multipurpose.

WeProFab polycarbonate box is known in fabricating industries because of its toughness, impact-resistant, lightweight, and UV resistant.

Why WeProFab polycarbonate box can be suited for your demand? Our polycarbonate box can have natural UV straining abilities that help protect delicate internal items even in a translucent enclosure.

Polycarbonate Box

It has also a splendid resistance to both cold and hot temperature changes. It has a great high-impact plastic that provides exceptional impact protection for your apparatus.

Our polycarbonate box is easily improving up to the challenges of resisting winds, water, and heat. That is why our polycarbonate box is UV resistant making them desirable for directly affect from the sun.

WeProFab accepts custom-make for your polycarbonate box, all you have to do is to send us your sizes and designs.

We are happy to custom polycarbonate boxes for you with our satisfying capabilities on plastic fabrication. So we perform a production processing that includes laser cutting, bonding, and thermoformed. And we are happy to assists those who have business demands.

Polycarbonate Box

It is suitable for all purposes since it is cost-effective for your company and market. Since we are ISO 9001 certified, we can assure you that our polycarbonate boxes products are in tested quality.

We can assure you that we manage our products before transporting them and we can transport them at the scheduled time.

We are very great to fabricate all types of our polycarbonate just for your necessities. And want to know more about our polycarbonate box, just leave us a message now!

Polycarbonate Box: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before importing polycarbonate box from China, read this guide.

It answers all your questions about polycarbonate box.

Let’s dive right in.

What Is Polycarbonate Box?

This is a fully or partially enclosed structure made from polycarbonate material.

Remember, polycarbonate is a naturally transparent amorphous thermoplastic.

The box can withstand very harsh environmental conditions hence suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The polycarbonate box is 250 times stronger than the glass box.

This means it is suitable for use in places with high impacts and won’t be easily damaged.

polycarbonate box

polycarbonate box

What Is The Difference Between Polycarbonate Box And Polycarbonate Enclosure?

The design and structure of polycarbonate box and polycarbonate enclosure is virtually the same.

In fact, with slight modifications you can use polycarbonate box as a polycarbonate enclosure.

In most cases, polycarbonate box is basically general purpose container.

However, polycarbonate enclosure are used to protect electrical components and related accessories.

Furthermore, polycarbonate enclosure must meet strict quality standards such as UL, IP, NEMA and CE, amongst others.

Of course, this is not always the case for polycarbonate box unless you intend to use it for specialized applications.

polycarbonate box

polycarbonate box

polycarbonate enclosure

polycarbonate enclosure

What Are The Available Sizes Of Polycarbonate Boxes?

There are different sizes of polycarbonate boxes available in the market today.

The sizes depend on where and how you are going to use them.

We have small polycarbonate boxes that are used to enclose electronic components.

For the bigger-sized polycarbonate boxes, they are used to safeguard WI FI cables.

Also, the sizes available are dependent on the capacity and weight the polycarbonate box can hold.

How Do You Customize Polycarbonate Box?

First, you have to take into consideration the customers’ needs before customizing the polycarbonate box.

You can customize the polycarbonate box by digital printing on it.

Here you can print the customer’s logo in the polycarbonate box.

Also, digital printing will allow you to print 3D images on the customer’s polycarbonate box.

By printing on the polycarbonate box, you will be able to mark the important parts of the polycarbonate box.

You can also customize your polycarbonate box by polishing it.

In doing so, it becomes scratch resistant hence does not deteriorate faster.

What Are The Benefits of Polycarbonate Box?

  • Durable; the polycarbonate material has high heat resistance, UV- resistance as well as good chemical resistance.
    The above characteristics make it suitable for the box to be used for outdoor applications due to its durability.
  • Lightweight; polycarbonate box is light in weight hence making it easier for you to install and carry.
  • Affordable; polycarbonate box is cheaper and more affordable compared to their metal counterparts.
    Since they are strong and versatile, they make them an ideal choice for a customer who is looking for quality without spending much on it.
  • Ease in the modification; the polycarbonate boxes are not only durable but also easy to add cut-outs when you need to customize them.
  • High protection of materials stored in the box; this is simply because they can withstand the impact of up to 900psi.
    This means that when components are enclosed in the box, they are protected from any external impact.

How Does Fiberglass Box Compare To Polycarbonate Box?

The polycarbonate box has a cleaner look when compared to the fiberglass box.

It is easier for one to modify the polycarbonate box compared to a fiberglass box.

When cutting or modifying the polycarbonate box, small curls materials are generated which can be swept away easily.

fiberglass box

fiberglass box

For the fiberglass box, when modifying you end up with very fine dust particles that are hard to clean up and also irritant to the skin.

When you expose the fiberglass box to UV light, its color fades away making the material deteriorate.

If you expose your polycarbonate box to UV light, its color or material does not deteriorate since it is strong and withstands harsh conditions.

The polycarbonate box is generally stronger when you compare it to the fiberglass box.

Also, the fiberglass box is heavier compared to the polycarbonate box.

This is associated with the thicker walls of the fiberglass.

The weight is associated with the cost of the box.

Therefore, from the manufacturing until the unit arrives at the consumer, the cost of the fiberglass box is expensive.

polycarbonate box

polycarbonate box

How Does Metal Box Compare To Polycarbonate Box?

The polycarbonate box can withstand very high impacts and are stronger than the metal box.

This simply means that the polycarbonate can flex and get back to its original shape while the metal box will dent on collision.

Heavier weights come hand in hand with higher costs.

The polycarbonate box is way lighter compared to the metal box and hence the price of the polycarbonate is cheaper.

metal box

metal box

Due to its lightweight nature, it is easier for one to lift and work with the polycarbonate box compared to the metal box.

Due to the low cost of production of the polycarbonate box, it is cheaper compared to the metal box.

What Is The Difference Between Polycarbonate Box And Acrylic Box?

Well, the two are both thermoplastics used in the manufacturing of boxes.

Their outstanding properties make them suitable for making the boxes.

Properties of the two vary and this is seen in the manufacturing process of the products.

The polycarbonate box is more flexible and impact-resistant compared to the acrylic box.

You cannot polish the edges of the polycarbonate box but those of the acrylic box can.

If you drill the acrylic box, it will crack but the polycarbonate box does not even when you drill at the edge.

The price of the polycarbonate box is higher compared to that of the acrylic box.

acrylic box

acrylic box

The acrylic box has a better clarity compared to the polycarbonate.

Therefore, acrylic can be polished to restore its clarity while the same can’t be done for the polycarbonate box.

It is easier to cut an acrylic box than a polycarbonate box.

This is simply because when cutting the polycarbonate box it will fight the initial push of the router when you start cutting.

You can heat bend your acrylic box but not the polycarbonate box.

Polycarbonate box can be bent without using heat or you can cold form it.

Which Types Of Polycarbonate Box Designs Do You Have?

Polycarbonate box designs available are many.

They include;

  • Transparent box; here the polycarbonate box is designed to be clear.
    This means you can see the component arrangement in the box as well as all components.
  • Opaque box; the polycarbonate box is either colored so that you cannot see through it.
    This design requires you to open the box for you to see components in it.
    This design is used where the privacy of components is a top priority.
  • Translucent box; In this design, you can see through the box but not clearly.
    You cannot be sure of the arrangement of the components in the box by just looking.
    When checking on the components of the box you have to open the cover to see well.
  • Box with cover lids; you can design your polycarbonate box to have a cover lid.
    The lid can be either transparent or opaque depending on the box application.
    Components are placed in the box and the cover is screwed onto the box body to seal.
  • Box with no cover lids; for this design, your polycarbonate box is open on one side.
    So hereafter mounting the components on the box is fitted or mounted onto a surface.

What Are The Types Of Polycarbonate Box Lid Covers?

Clear lid cover; the polycarbonate box lid cover is transparent.

This means you can see all the components inside the polycarbonate box without opening it.

This type of lid cover gives you access to visual information on the complements inside the box.

Meaning you are not required to open it for you to check the components inside.

Opaque lid cover; here the lid cover of your polycarbonate box is colored, depending on the color of the box.

You cannot see the components inside the box unless you open it.

This is important in situations where security and privacy of the components enclosed in the box are needed.

Are Polycarbonate Boxes Waterproof?

Yes, polycarbonate boxes are waterproof hence suitable for outdoor industrial and commercial applications.

Being waterproof they ensure that internal electrical components fitted in them are protected in any environmental condition.

The boxes are feed with a watertight gasket to ensure the electronic components are safe in wet conditions.

What Are Polycarbonate Boxes Used For?

You use polycarbonate boxes to hold and safeguard electrical components.

A polycarbonate box is used to hold and protect different types of PCBs.

You can also use polycarbonate boxes to hold testing components of a machine.

The polycarbonate box is used to secure the security details of a component or system.

Also, you can use the polycarbonate box to hold in place WI-fi cables and protect them from high impacts.

How Much Does Polycarbonate Box Cost?

The price of the polycarbonate box will defer depending on the size and application of the box.

For example, a polycarbonate box to be used in the marine industry is expensive compared to that being used indoors in a homestead.

This is simply because the thickness and the manufacturing process of the two are different.

For one the cost of manufacturing the marine polycarbonate box will be higher since it will be used in places where the weather conditions are adverse.

Also, if you buy a bigger polycarbonate box its price will be higher compared to buying a smaller one.

The price of polycarbonate boxes ranges from as low as 2.5 US dollars to 20 US dollars or more.

Which Quality Standards Should Polycarbonate Box Conform To?

Even though you will use polycarbonate box for general applications.

It is important they comply with certain quality standards.

However, if you design polycarbonate box for specialized applications, they have to conform to certain quality requirements.

Some of the main quality certifications are:

  • ISO 9001 – Polycarbonate box manufacturer should be ISO certified. It is an indication that the manufacturer will put all quality measures in place to ensure you get the best polycarbonate box.
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)
  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL)
  • IP Rated
  • NEMA Compliant
  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International)
  • CE certification
  • SGS certification

How Do You Lock Polycarbonate Box?

  • Hinged polycarbonate box; these locks are easy to open and close.

Best for installing both network devices as well as control units.

The hinged lock polycarbonate box is also suitable for use as solar junction boxes.

  • Screwed polycarbonate box; this is suitable for fastening and locking waterproof boxes.

The top cover is screwed on the bottom cover forming a watertight seal.

Are There Limitations Of Using Polycarbonate Box?

The polycarbonate box is not resistant to scratches meaning if not handled well, it gets scratches.

For you to prevent this you have to incur the expense of polishing the polycarbonate.

The polycarbonate box can expand.

If you are making the box from sheets always ensure that the mounting holes are big enough to prevent screws from sticking as the box expands.

The manufacturing process of the polycarbonate box leads to the production of emissions that are not environment friendly.

Polycarbonate box is expensive compared glass box and for this reasons, consumers will opt for fiberglass box to polycarbonate box.

How Do You Manufacture Polycarbonate Box?

You can manufacture your polycarbonate box using different methods.

Injection molding; You use this process to manufacture the polycarbonate box.

Here you melt the thermoplastic polymers for manufacturing the polycarbonate box first.

The polymers do not burn but melt and liquidity.

Once in a good liquid state, you inject pressure into the mold cavity.

This process fills and solidifies to give you your polycarbonate box.

This box has no lid to you have to go through the same process to manufacture its lid.

The other option of manufacturing your polycarbonate box is stated below.

Using various sheets of polycarbonate, cut them to your preferred sizes.

Then bind them together by drilling.

By doing so you will have formed your polycarbonate box.

What Are The Critical Features Of A Polycarbonate Box?

Depending on your unique requirements and specifications, you can choose a simple polycarbonate box to a complex design.

All these will depend on what you intend to do with the polycarbonate box.

Some of the critical features include:

  • Lockable Lid – If you want all content of the polycarbonate box to remain safe, you can go for a design with lockable systems. In some cases, you can even integrate an alarm system.
  • Handle – you will use it to lift the polycarbonate box
  • Movable wheels – this is common in large polycarbonate boxes. The wheels will make it easier to move the polycarbonate box.
  • Hinges – It makes it easier to open and close polycarbonate box
  • Mounting accessory – in case you intend to mount polycarbonate box, having these accessories will make the entire process easier.

Can You Repair Polycarbonate Box?

Yes, one can always repair a polycarbonate box if it breaks or cracks.

It will not take you long before you are done repairing your polycarbonate box since it is a simple process.

You use polycarbonate glue to repair cracks or the box if it breaks.

The glue will stick together the parts of the box that are broken and forge a strong bond in few minutes.

Repairing the polycarbonate box is highly recommended since it is cheaper and also helps you maximize the use of your box.

Also repairing helps you save a lot on time instead of you going to buy a new box and dumping the one that broke.

How Does Clear Polycarbonate Box Compare To Colored Polycarbonate Box?

In the clear polycarbonate box, you do not need to open the box to see the components inside.

This is simply because the polycarbonate box is transparent.

clear polycarbonate box

clear polycarbonate box

For the clear polycarbonate box, you can monitor the components inside the box with ease.

Also, the clear polycarbonate box has no privacy, and components that require privacy are not safe in this type of box.

The colored polycarbonate box, give the box an opaque appearance.

For you to see the components inside the box you have to open it first.

The colored polycarbonate box provides privacy and security to components enclosed in them.

How Long Will Polycarbonate Box Last?

The polycarbonate material used to make the box is very durable hence long-lasting.

The polycarbonate box can withstand very harsh climatic conditions and can last up to ten years or more.

How long the polycarbonate box lasts depends on where it is used.

If you use it in places where the environment is not harsh then it will serve you for a long.

This is majorly when it is mounted indoors where we have no high UV light as well as it does not come in contact with water.

In areas like marine industries, the life span of your polycarbonate box is slightly lower.

What Are The Available Shapes Of Polycarbonate Boxes?

The polycarbonate box comes in different shapes depending on where you use them.

Manufacturers put this in mind before coming up with a polycarbonate box.

Some polycarbonate boxes are square-shaped while others are rectangular-shaped.

Whichever shape suits you and your application is the one you purchase.

How Do You Verify Quality Of Polycarbonate Box?

The requirements for polycarbonate box to be of quality are;

The sheets used to make the polycarbonate box should be made of poly-isopropylidene-diphenyl carbonate.

The sheets used in manufacturing the box should have a weather protective layer on one or both surfaces.

Having a transparent, opaque, or translucent box does not mean you have deteriorated its quality.

The polycarbonate box should be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Is Polycarbonate Box Toxic?

Not really.

However, you should not that it has BPA, which may leach after some time.

The polycarbonate box is toxic because it releases Biphenyl A when degrading due to contact with water.

The chemical produced in the degradation process when it comes in contact with humans poses danger to them.

What Is The Recommended Thickness Of Polycarbonate Box Walls?

The thickness of the wall will depend on where the polycarbonate box will be used.

Also, the type of polycarbonate material used will determine the thickness of the box.

The standard thickness of the polycarbonate box wall will range between 2 mm to 7 mm.

When the wall is thicker it means that your polycarbonate box wall is more impact resistant.

Can You Recycle Polycarbonate Box?

Yes, the polycarbonate box just like any other polycarbonate material can be recycled.

Once you are done using the polycarbonate box you can recycle it to new material.

Since the polycarbonate box is thermoplastic, meaning when heated, they are liquefied and then recycled.

Therefore, this characteristic makes it suitable for recycling meaning after using the polycarbonate box you can use it in a new form.

Where Can You Use Polycarbonate Box?

Polycarbonate boxes come in a range of shapes and configurations. Therefore, you can use them in a range of applications.

Storage Applications

You can use polycarbonate box to store a range of items both in domestic and industrial setup.

For instance, you can it to store electrical components. In most cases, we will call the box electrical polycarbonate enclosure.

You can use the large polycarbonate box to store clothes, books, etc.

Offers Security And Safety

Due to its tough and rigid nature, polycarbonate box will keep all its contents safe at all times.

Due to its excellent impact resistance, it will ensure all its contents are safe.

How Much Weight Can Polycarbonate Box Hold?

The polycarbonate box is typically small and used to house instruments for sensitive equipment.

When comparing polycarbonate boxes to metallic boxes, they cannot carry much weight.

This is simply because they are lightweight hence can only support the small weight.

At WeProFab, we have a range of polycarbonate boxes including custom designs.

We also support OEM polycarbonate box business by helping in design and offering competitive prices.

Contact us today for all your polycarbonate box from China.

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