• Recycled Acrylic

Recycled Acrylic

Weprofab is your one of a kind manufacturer and fabricator of different types of recycled acrylic. We have an expanded range of capabilities fabricating plastics including recycled acrylic. Our recycled acrylic is very useful in every part of a specific business. We fabricate unique designs and durable recycled acrylic for every desire of our customers. Weprofab offers all types of recycled acrylic at a competitive cost. We professionally give gratifying services to our loyal clients. We are known as your knowledgeable provider of high-quality products especially recycled  acrylic.

Get WeProFab Recycled Acrylic to Delight Your Customers

Trusting Weprofab for your stock or personal use recycled acrylic can help your business popular and surely build up. We aim to reach your standards and expectations when it comes to recycled acrylic qualities and reliability. We consistently made it according to its methods and directions. We assure you of the beneficial purposes of recycled acrylic for you and your business. You will never regret choosing Weprofab as your supplier of in demand products such as recycled acrylic.

2mm Clear Casting Recycled Acrylic

This 2mm clear casting recycled acrylic of Weprofab measured its size of about 1.22*1.83m/1.22*2.44m/2.05*3.05m. Weprofab perfectly provides all your needs.

Transparent Cast Recycled Acrylic

This Weprofab transparent cast recycled acrylic is being used in advertising, decorations and many other applications. Weprofab assures you the best quality recycled acrylic.

Eco-Friendly Recycled Acrylic

This eco-friendly  recycled acrylic is sustainable. It is made with 93% transparency. Weprofab allow your customized colors.

Double Sided Recycled Acrylic

This double sided recycled acrylic is waterproof and UV resistant. Weprofab made this cost-effective double sided recycled acrylic with wide applications.

Custom Recycled Acrylic

This custom recycled acrylic is a transparent colored, usually measured of about 1220*2440*2mm. Weprofab also allows your desired size according to your needs.

Colored Recycled Acrylic

Weprofab colored recycled acrylic usually has thickness of about 1mm-120mm. We assure you of the satisfying quality of the said finished product.

WeProFab: Your Best Recycled Acrylic Manufacturer

Weprofab recycled acrylic surely make your business heighten its earnings and customers. We are your reliable manufacturer that always assures you great condition of products made up of recycled acrylic. Trusting Weprofab is the best solution you can do to improve your specific product business composed of recycled acrylic.

We are manufacturing effective recycle acrylic with standard durability and functions. Profitable finished product recycled acrylic is what you can get from Weprofab. We are willing to give your customized designed or colors depending to your choice. We have been supplying for a long time our offered finished products recycled acrylics. Negotiable cost and high-quality recycled acrylic is what we can offer for our beloved clients. Contact us now!

Custom Recycled Acrylic to Skyrocket Your Brand

Colorful Glitters Recyclable Acrylic Sheet

This colorful glitters recyclable acrylic sheet is usually have 1220x2440mm, 1220x1830mm  size and you can also have your customized sizes and colors.

Recycled Iridescent Acrylic

This recycled iridescent acrylic is usually measures its thickness of about 0.9mm-6.0mm. It is high-reflective quality. Weprofab provide your choice.

Clear Plastic Recycled Acrylic

This clear plastic recycled acrylic manufactured by Weprofab is applicable in household, outdoor and many other applications.

Flexible Decorative Recycled Acrylic

This flexible decorative recycled acrylic has a high gloss surface which is perfect for your decorations at home. Weprofab offers you a reasonable price.

Large Perspex Recycled Acrylic

Weprofab exactly manufactured these large perspex recycled acrylic with high-standard materials that makes it more durable.

12mm Recycled Acrylic Sheet

This 12mm recycled acrylic sheet is the best light transmission. It is a type of recycled acrylic that is easy to dye and paint. It is also easy to clean and maintain its lasting quality.

Frosted Recyclable Acrylic

This frosted recyclable acrylic is usually square shaped but we also allow your demand shape. Weprofab assures you secure packaging and shipping.

Plastic and Recyclable Transparent Acrylic

This sheet composed of plastic and recyclable acrylic usually have size of 4*8ft. Weprpfab do all the exact methods to form perfectly for your desired applications.

Recycled Acrylic for Swimming

This recycled acrylic for swimming has wide applications including in hospitals, schools, building, decoration and many other applications.

Translucent Recycled Acrylic

This translucent recycled acrylic is available in clear,white,black,red,yellow and many other colors. It may be glittered, mirrored or in transparent type of acrylic.

Decorative Recycled Acrylic

Weprofab manufacture this decorative recycled acrylic with size of about 1220mm*1830mm/1220x2440mm and thickness of 2-30mm.

Recycled Acrylic Sheet

This recycled acrylic sheet by Weprofab is in high clarity and weatherability. We offer you this exactly based on your applications.

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Why Weprofab Recycled Acrylic 

You should rely of Weprofab when you really wanted to have high-quality made recycled acrylics products. Being with recycled acrylic materials, is more sustainable and have lasting performance of the specific products applied.

Recycled Acrylic

Weprofab is expert on manufacturing and recycling acrylic products. We have been providing a lot of business owners all over the world. We can help you develop more of your business by continuously supply you recycled acrylic made finished products. 

We never waste any acrylic materials considering that it can be recycled and be formed into a beautiful finished products. We guarantee you satisfying sales and results by including our offered recycled acrylic products.

Our recycled acrylic items are well manufactured and designed with professionals. Trusting us will never fail your expectations with the qualities and features. Weprofab is your solid manufacturer that can fully give your desire recycling acrylic items.

Recycled Acrylic

Weprofab is composed of well trained workers that are making sure of the benefits of our offered products. With our company, we can completely give your deserved services and assistance. We are always welcoming your customization recycled acrylic made product that you think is the most suitable for your starting or running business.

Manufacturing great quality of recycle acrylic made products becomes our line of work until now. These recycled acrylic items are durable and easy to use. It helps your customers achieve their desire decorations and any applications on their house or business.

Recycled Acrylic

We are always ready to tell you more about our products made up of recycled acrylics. Weprofab make sure that what you ordered is exactly what you can get and receive. We strictly follows every processes to produce the perfect product that composed of recycled acrylics.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information especially about recycled acrylic products!

What is a Recycled Acrylic?

Recycled acrylic is a material that went through the process of depolymerization.

This operation is very dangerous and hard, thus only a few recycling companies offer recycled acrylic plastic.

What are the Characteristics of Recycled Acrylic?

Recycled acrylic offers numerous characteristics/ properties.

Here are the characteristics of recycled acrylic:

  • Greater dimensional durability and stability –The recycled acrylics provide a longer lifespan against elements exposure.
  • Reusable –Many restaurants and supermarkets choose recycled acrylic cookery and glassware over other materials. It is more durable and shock-proof.
  • Super lightweight –Recycled acrylic is strong yet light in weight. It better replacement for glass.
  • Excellent UV and impact resistance –Recycled acrylic has heat-resistance properties, therefore used as sheets. It endures pressure.
  • Less mold shrinkage –This kind of acrylic can be molded into different styles and sizes. It also comes in a variety of colors.
  • Exceptional clarity –Items made from recycled acrylic are high quality and pure.
Is Recycled Acrylic Biodegradable?

The answer is NO. Recycled acrylic is not biodegradable. It is a form of plastic, and plastic does not break down. The recycled acrylic will take about 200 years to break down and decompose.

Recycled acrylic is not considered biodegradable simply because the bacteria can’t break it down. Any products that can decay because of the bacteria and other organisms are called biodegradable.

Therefore, when recycled plastic is dropped in landfills, it remains for a longer period. Then it slowly releases toxic chemicals and greenhouse gases into the surrounding. This makes the air toxic, can cause a respiratory malfunction in people who inhale the air.

What are the Applications of Recycled Acrylic?

The recycled acrylics are used in the following purposes:

  • Public items: sanitary provision, handicrafts, frame, cosmetics
  • Medical: surgical medical equipment, baby incubators, etc
  • Transportation: trains, cars, and other vehicle units, windows & doors
  • Advertisement section: displays, signs, signage, lightboxes, etc
  • The exterior of the device cover and panel
  • Lighting: street lamps, fluorescent lamps, chandeliers, etc
  • Construction: telephone booths, noise-proof doors, and windows, office windows, mining masks, etc
  • Beauty product containers, plastic bottles, and plastic plant holders
  • Playground equipment, automotive parts, etc.
What is One Type of Recycled Acrylic?

One type of recycled acrylic is the PMMA.

PMMA acrylic is a sturdy material that is commonly separated from other materials.

This type either comes in liquid formation, like sealant or paint. For instance, it is mixed together with other materials including clothing and textiles.

It’s quite expensive and hard to isolate PMMA from other materials.

Are Recycled Acrylics Eco-Friendly?

Yes. When used recycled acrylic in the acrylic sheet fabrication procedure, this can result in a reduction in the environmental processing value and impacts.

Recycled acrylics, on the other hand, is mostly exported nationwide where it is isolated manually and mixed with other fibers.

Recycled acrylics are good news for the environment because they are becoming more popular with more technological developments.

How to Process Recycled Acrylic?

Recycled acrylic can be processed in many ways.

This usually includes directing the resin to pyrolysis. It is possible to retrieve the monomer from recycled acrylic by depolymerization process.

The recycled acrylic has been effectively depolymerized by reaching with molten lead, resulting in 98% purity of recycled acrylic.

From an ecological view, the purpose of lead is unaccepted. Because it is harder to detach and cannot be useful afterward. Therefore, updated techniques of recycling are being formulated.

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