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Screen Protector

Weprofab is the best and trusted screen protector Manufacturers in China. We have the capacity to provide a satisfying service of our screen protectors and other products to our valuable costumers.

OEM WeproFab Screen Protector to Satisfy Your Costumer

WeproFab has many years of experience, knowledge, and expertise in the gadgets protection industry. We are using high technology for producing our products with long term use capacity.

Glass Screen Protector

Weprofab can provide a glass screen protector which can save the phones and tablet’s real screen in case of accidents. Weprofab has the ability to create a glass screen protector that looks like a real phone screen.

Clear Screen Protector

Clear Screen Protector is very economical, very easy to apply on the phone screen. WeproFab can offer the best clear screen protector with good quality.

Liquid Screen Protector

If you need the ultimate screen protector, WeproFab has a variety of screen protectors that help to keep your gadgets from any scratches and drops.

Plastic Screen Protector

Plastic screen protector is one of the cheapest screen protectors. You can find in WeproFab for the plastic screen protector at an affordable prices but good to use.

Anti-Glare Screen Protector

WeProFab has a professional polycarbonate sheet and acrylic sheet manufacturing factory, and we add perfect glare-resistant coating on your screen.

Privacy Screen Protector

If you want privacy on your phone Weprofab is glad to provide a privacy screen protector. Weprofab is the best answer if you are finding the privacy screen protector for your phone.

WeProFab: Your Professional Screen Protector Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also a metal fabrication.

Weprofab is a professional screen protector manufacturer. We can able to customize gadgets protectors especially screen protectors.

Weprofab uses high-quality materials to provide to our costumer’s screen protector with good-quality. In Weprofab you are working with the right and professional certified manufacturer who are fast with your needs.

Weprofab is strict in quality control. We care more about the delivery service to ensure your satisfaction. We can offer you as your screen protector manufacturer when you work with us.

Send inquiry now; We will reply immediately.

OEM Screen Protector To promote your brand.

Industrial Screen Protector

Weprofab industrial screen protector provides protection from anything that can damage the phone screen. Weprofab is proud to provide products to our customers.

Tempered Glass

Weprofab tempered glass offered affordable glass protector. As one of the most professional manufacturer, we can design a screen protector by using optical techniques.

PET Screen Protector

Weprofab PET screen protector can be custom different styles depending on the feel and look you want. Weprofab has the ability to give pretty inexpensively screen protector.

Anti-Spy Screen Protector

The anti-spy screen protection from Weprofab is used to protect the screen’s content from everyone except the owner. It also gives high transparency, scratch-free, and anti-glare protection.

Bubble-Free Screen Protector

Weprofab experts design bubble-free screen protectors in different sizes to fit a specific smartphone size, laptop, tablet, or watch’s screen size. It also has a unique quality you can’t compare to others.

9D Matte Screen Protector

Our 9D matte screen protector variations are easy to apply, superior quality, anti-fingerprint, and explosion protection. It works well on various smartphone units like Vivo, Huawei, Apple, Samsung, etc.

Shockproof Hard Screen Protector

There are various designs and sizes are available for a shockproof hard screen protector. We provide 100% high quality, latest design, easy to install, and easy to remove. It is designed to fit any device perfectly.

Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector

The anti-blue light screen protector provides strong resistance against Blue-ray radiations. It can protect the eyes, offers 9H  hardness, clear HD, and is easy to install or remove. For your custom needs, ask Weprofab for assistance.

Full Body Case Screen Protector

The full body case screen protector can protect the entire screen from breakage caused by an accidental fall. Weprofab offers you 100% superior quality and the latest screen protectors perfect for any device unit.

Screen Protector Ceramic Flexible

We manufacture screen protector ceramic flexible using the best ceramic materials. Available in clear or matte options at very competitive costs. It is shatterproof, easy to install, bubble-free, and scratch-resistant.

Screen Protector for Laptops

The screen protector for laptops is available in different screen sizes. It comprehensively covers the screen for anti-blue light and eye protection. You can choose whether plastic or tempered screen protectors. They are both excellent for laptops.

Screen Protector for Tablets

In Weprofab, you can find a perfect screen protector size for tablets. They are incredibly scratch-resistant, provide maximum security, are anti-fingerprint, and offer the best eye protection. We will custom the product according to your demands.

Screen Protector for Watch

Werpofab offers durable quality screen protectors for watches. The screen protectors will keep the watch free against scratches, marks, and more forms of screen damages. 100% quality, scratch-free, and transparency are screen protectors’ benefits.

Screen Protector For iPhone 13

Its functions as anti-shock, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, and anti-explosion with 99% transmittance maintaining the visual purity and High Touch Reactions of the real thing.

Clear Full Cover Screen Protector

It features anti-fingerprint but functions as anti-explosion, anti-spy, and anti-scratch with 0.33 mm thickness that has high-quality material.

Protective Film Screen Protector

Protective Film Screen Protector can be composed of Japan Asahi glass, Japan AGC glass, or tempered glass with A++ or Grade AAA quality that has a CE certification.

Screen Protector Explosion-proof

Screen Protector Explosion-proof is designed as unbreakable and safe with an upgrades explosion-proof performance; it also features a durable surface and scratch resistance.

Flexible Screen Protector

Flexible Screen Protector is composed of four basic sections with grade AAA quality. It features a D30 buffer, super smooth, anti-shock, and flexible.

Full Curved Cover Screen Protector

Full Curved Cover Screen Protector features an anti-blue-light, high transparency, privacy, and matte with 0,33mm thickness; it also accepts OEM and ODM services.

Transparent Screen Protector

The quality of Transparent Screen Protector is grade AAA and A++ with 0.2 to 0.4 mm thickness. It features fingerprint-resistant with 9H hardness, and it has an Oleophobic coating.

Phone Screen Film Screen Protector

It prevents the screen from bursting, and it’s also dust prevention with 2.5D round edges. Phone Screen Film Screen Protector functions as an anti-scratch and delicate touch.

Full Coverage Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Full Coverage Tempered Glass Screen Protector functions as protection to your eyes and features a 3D round edge, with 9H hardness, scratch proof, and das oleophobic coating.

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Why Weprofab Screen Protector

Weprofab screen protector is designed for phone protection.

Any styles and any looks you want of this screen protector are fully provided and manufactured by our expert and professional engineers.

Weprofab screen protector fully protects phones from any accidents.

All our screen protector product design with anti-shattering layers to protect all users from any injury from the broken glasses.

Again our screen protectors are made with the highest standard.

Screen Protector

Weprofab Screen protector provides the best viewability and retaining a high transmittance of 95%.

All screen protectors components were affordable and durable products.

Weprofab screen protectors are one of the best solutions to minimize fingerprints and dust.

Weprofab always gives optimum protection when supplying screen protector products.

Screen Protector

As a leading screen protector manufacturer, our screen protector products are made from high-quality materials using high-technology.

All services of our screen protector products are compatible with every quality control.

Weprofab specializes in all the orders from our valuable costumers from designs, sizes, and features.

We, the Weprofab make a top priority in manufacturing and supplying products.

We give satisfaction and a convenient way of purchasing is highly provided by our friendly team and employees.

Screen Protector

Work or deal with us, you can assure our friendly staff is always ready to help and guide you find your needs.

Weprofab is one of the most screen protectors manufacturer and supplier in China.

Weprofab is a professional screen protector maker and our goal is to provide the needs of our clients.

For more details, please email us.

Screen Protector: The Ultimate FAQ Guide To Screen Protectors

With everyone digging into their pockets to buy costly digital devices, it makes sense to preserve your precious window display or cellphone with a screen protector.

Many consider this tough and scratch-proof piece of plastic or tempered glass the #1 accessory on their priority list.

The relatively cheap screen protector on a screen or display protects it from scratches.

Depending on the material you choose, it offers impact resistance to some extent.

What Is A Screen Protector Made Of?

Here is what your screen protector is usually made of:

  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

Polyethylene Terephthalate PET

Polyethylene Terephthalate

The PET screen protector is made of plastic polyethylene terephthalate base material.

On one side, it has a scratch-resistant polyester matte finish.

The opposite side is coated with a silicone adhesive.

You will find that this screen protector provides reasonable scratch resistance against invasive keys, fingernails, and round metal like pennies.

However, PET screen protectors offer minimal protection against impact.

Your PET screen protector can also get discolored in time.

  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

Thermoplastic Polyurethane TPU

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

The TPU screen protector is made of thermoplastic polyurethane material that is softer than PET material.

It offers better impact resistance than PET screen protectors and is very transparent.

You will not find visible small scratches through this highly transparent screen.

The TPU screen protector offers resistance against grease and oil stains.

Another great thing is that your TPU screen protector will not discolor.

  • Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass

The tempered glass screen protector usually costs you more than a PET or TPU screen protector.

It is a multi-layered screen protector with an oleophobic-coated tempered glass top.

The middle layer is made of PET material.

The bottom of your screen protector offers impact resistance with its soft silicone material.

Lightweight and thin, this tempered glass screen protector reduces glare.

You get better protection against stains, oils, and even abrasive materials like sand.

  • Nano Liquid

Nano Liquid

Nano Liquid

The nano liquid screen protector is made of silicon dioxide (SiO2) liquid material that forms an invisible coat over the display screen.

This liquid screen protector offers scratch resistance but adds very little thickness to the screen.

Depending on the extent of abrasion, your nano screen protector lasts between 9 months to two years.

This video compares the different types of screen protectors.

What Are The Different Types Of Screen Protectors?

  • Ultra-Clear Screen Protector

Ultra-Clear Screen Protector

 Ultra-Clear Screen Protector

The ultra-clear screen protector has a highly transparent surface usually made of military-grade film.

It offers more clarity after installation.

You can protect your smartphone with its edge-to-edge impact protection.

Minor scratches heal within this transparent surface.

  • Anti-Glare Screen Protector

Anti-Glare Screen Protector

 Anti-Glare Screen Protector

You can use the anti-glare screen protector in outdoor conditions or in brightly lit spaces.

Its high-quality matte surface improves visibility on displays and mobile screens.

You will find that this light screen protector feels soft to the touch.

Fingerprints do not affect readability.

The anti-glare screen protector is easily applied and removed from the screen.

  • Privacy Screen Protector

Privacy Screen Protector

Privacy Screen Protector

When you use a privacy screen protector, it helps prying eyes from viewing your screen display, especially in the dark.

The privacy screen protector is made of PET film or tempered glass.

It limits the viewing angle on the display with its additional anti-spy filter added to the screen protector.

It uses micro louver technology so light can only pass through from the phone to the screen at certain angels.

Hence, anyone who is looking at your screen beyond 60 or 90 degrees will only be able to view a darkened screen.

  • Mirror Screen Protector

Mirror Screen Protector

Mirror Screen Protector

The mirror screen protector presents itself as a mirror when your mobile phone screen is off.

It protects your display from scratches.

However, the screen offers limited protection against glare.

This mirror screen protector allows you to view the image appearing in your phone’s front-facing camera.

You can always view and make sure that the photos that you’re taking with the front-facing camera look great.

  • Carbon Fiber Screen Protector

Carbon Fiber Screen Protector

Carbon Fiber Screen Protector

The carbon fiber screen protector is a multi-colored shatterproof screen protector for your phone.

It is made of carbon fiber and safety heat-treated tempered glass.

Usually fitted with 9H carbon fiber film, this tough screen protector offers high sensitivity.

You can also use carbon fiber screen protectors for window displays.

  • Dome Screen Protector

Dome Screen Protector

Dome Screen Protector

The dome screen protector is specially designed to protect your curved displays.

If you use a smartphone with a curved display, this is one you definitely want to consider.

You will find it usually comes with stickers to help with the installation.

Smoother edge-to-edge fits make it easier to avoid the appearance of bubbles on your screen.

This dome screen protector is made to work with protective cases attached to mobile phones.

  • Gorilla Glass Screen Protector

Gorilla Glass Screen Protector

 Gorilla Glass Screen Protector

The gorilla glass screen protector is made of premium tempered glass that is more resistant to heat than regular glass.

Its anti-shatter properties make it ideal for use on your smartphone screen.

If you prioritize clarity, Gorilla glass sustains the original screen color in different conditions.

Made of ultra-thin material, this gorilla glass screen protector demonstrates extremely high touch sensitivity so you can use your phone easily.

  • Hydrogel Screen Protector

Hydrogel Screen Protector

Hydrogel Screen Protector

The high-ductile hydrogel screen protector is a thin film made of soft PET or TPU material.

Its ultra-slim layer fits on to slim smartphone displays.

This screen protector repairs itself and can resist fingerprints when you touch the screen.

You may find this touch screen slightly harder to maneuver than tempered glass screens.

Blue Light Screen Protector

Blue Light Screen Protector

 Blue Light Screen Protector

The blue light screen protector is a special film coat that blocks light within the 380 – 500 nanometer range.

It is designed to protect the retina of the eye from overexposure of damaging blue light.

This high-energy visible (HEV) light is usually emitted from light-emitting-diode (LED) screens mounted on laptops, mobiles, and other digital display units.

Over 90% of blue light exposure is sustained by the blue light screen protector.

What Is 11D Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

The 11d tempered glass screen protector is a multi-layer screen protector that is 10 times stronger than the normal screen.

This high-end protector is smooth to the touch.

You can get flawless clarity with its 100% transparency rate.

What Is A Universal Screen Protector?

A universal screen protector offers a universal fit for curved display surfaces.

Made of 9H hardness nano glass material, this ultra-thin screen protector forms an almost invisible screen over most surfaces.

This is great if you have a smartphone that has a curved screen.

Can A Screen Protector Crack?

A screen protector is usually flexible but can crack once it adheres to the mobile display surface.

This can happen when you sit down on a hard surface with the phone in your pocket.

Screen protectors also succumb to stress on impact from a fall.

Can You Put A Screen Protector On A Cracked Screen?

If the crack is small and isolated, the basic display size does not change.

You can use a screen protector to prevent more cracks after you’ve dropped your phone.

Also, the top surface evens out to protect your finger from cuts.

It’s best to use a dry anti-static screen protector in this case.

What Is The Difference Between Tempered Glass Screen Protector And Plastic Screen Protector?

  • Durability

Tempered glass screen protectors are around 0.3 – 0.5 mm thick, while plastic screen protectors are around 0.1 mm thick.

This extra thickness makes the tempered glass screen protector more resistant to scratches.

Your plastic screen protector can handle rough use and falls better than tempered glass screen protectors.

  • Look And Feel

While thin plastic protectors are ideal for phone covers, tempered glass protectors affect the feel and look of devices.

Glass protectors bulge out a little more than plastic protectors.

You can move your finger easily over a tempered glass screen protector.

It feels more like the original display screen.

The plastic screen protector offers more resistance when your finger glides over the touch screen.

  • Installation

Tempered glass screen protectors with its bezel or full adhesive are easily installed.

Plastic protectors are washable and can be reused on the same device.

You can easily cut your plastic screen protector with a paper cutter to custom fit your device screen.

You can apply both tempered glass and plastic screen protectors with or without an applicator.

This video shows you how to apply screen protectors without creating bubbles.

Where Are Screen Protectors Used?

  • Cellphone Screen Protector

Cellphone Screen Protector

 Cell Phone Screen Protector

Your cellphone screen protector is cut to match your specific mobile model.

Depending on usage, you can choose between PET, TPU, and tempered glass screen protectors.

A privacy screen protector usually comes installed on your cellphone.

  • Computer Screen Protector

Computer Screen Protector

 Cell Phone Screen Protector

With its wider viewing area, the enhanced anti-glare computer screen protector is best suited to protect your eyes.

If you use a touch screen monitor, it’s important to use a sweatproof and self-adhering monitor screen protector.

  • TV Screen Protector

TV Screen Protector

 TV Screen Protector

As TV screens vary in size, custom-made or model-specific antiglare TV screen protectors are ideal.

Your TV screen protector should be scratch resistant and easy to clean.

Car Screen Protector     

Car Screen Protector

Car Screen Protector

Customized for different vehicles, the car screen protector is made of high-quality tempered glass, PET or TPU material.

Your car screen protectors are made in perfect-fit alignment with the display screen.

This screen protector supports high-definition views and touch-screen sensitivity.

  • Screen Protector Eyeglasses

Screen Protector Eyeglasses

Screen Protector Eyeglasses

Designed for antiglare, screen protector eyeglasses come equipped with blue cut lenses.

These eyeglasses also have anti-reflection capabilities.

You will find screen protector eyeglasses handy if you spend hours in front of a computer screen.

  • Camera Screen Protector

Camera Screen Protector

Camera Screen Protector

The camera screen protector offers 99% transparency to support high-density views.

This screen protector has an oleophobic anti-smudge coat.

Cut to perfection, camera screen protectors integrate smoothly with the camera screen.

You will find them useful if you take photos frequently with your smartphone.

  • Screen Protector Film Roll

Screen Protector Film Roll

 Screen Protector Film Roll

The screen protector film roll is made of high-clear film that is suitable for mobile phones and other digital displays.

Available in different colors, screen protector film rolls are delivered with anti-blue ray and privacy film capabilities.

  • Screen Protector For GPS Watch

 Screen Protector For GPS Watch

Screen Protector For GPS Watch

The screen protector for GPS watch is made of tempered optical glass material.

You will find it easy to apply and remove this high-quality, anti-static screen protector.

High-touch sensitivity is offered with over 98% light transmittance capability.

  • OEM Screen Protector

OEM Screen Protector

OEM Screen Protector

The OEM screen protector is designed for specific brands.

These original equipment manufacturer (OEM) screen protectors are custom made to you’re your specifications.

Which Type Of Screen Protector Is Best For Mobile?

The upper end mobile phones use Gorilla glass that has around a 6 Mohs hardness rating.

These mobile phones have scratch resistance characteristics inbuilt into their display screens.

You will find that hardness rating reduces in cheaper mobiles.

For excellent screen protection, you can choose a screen protector with a 6 – 7 Mohs hardness rating.

How Is A Screen Protector Cut?

You can easily cut screen protectors for any device including smartphones, tablets, and other digital displays in just 4 steps.

  1. Choose a template from thousands uploaded to the manufacturer’s database.
  2. Load the template into the cutting machine.
  3. Place the self-repairing base sheet into the machine.
  4. Precise cut-to-size screen protectors are ready in minutes.

Apply this cut-to-size screen protector to your mobile in just 2 to 3 minutes.

How Is A Screen Protector For A Mobile Made?

Modern screen protectors consist of several layers to satisfy user requirements.

From the manufacture of the oleophobic coating to the additional glue-protection membrane, each process needs specialized equipment to sustain accuracy and high-quality standards.

You also need to consider the cost to sustain competitive mobile prices.

Here is a step-by-step process of how the screen protector is made.

 1. Base Material

You procure large sheets of PET, TPU or glass sheets from suppliers.

2. Board Cutting

You cut all the sheets including tempered glass sheets into rectangular blanks on the cutting board.

3. Shaping Into Phone Screen Sizes

You use Computer Numerical Control Engraving (CNC) machines or laser cutting machines to shape these rectangular blanks into the desired phone screen size.

The 2.5 edge curves are also formed in this process.

4. Polishing

Any scratches found on inspection are removed by polishing both sides of the mobile-shaped screens.

5. Cleaning

You wash these polished screens to remove any dirt accumulated on them during the polishing stage.

6. Tempering

You need to temper polished glass sheets before use.

This is done by immersing the plastic sheets into an oven filled with potassium salt KCl kept at a temperature of around 400° C or 750° F for a period of around six to seven hours.

The outer layer of the polished screen protector sheet cools down first.

As the inner layer cools down later, it compresses the outer layer forming the tempered glass.

This strengthened tempered glass can reach 9H hardness.

7. Residue Cleaning

Remove any KCl residue that is left behind.

8. Laminating

At this stage, the screen protector is ready for coating.

You coat tempered glass with the oleophobic coat on one side and silicon on the opposite side.

9. Die cutting

A protective membrane the same size as the screen protector is cut with the help of a die.

10. Ply Assembly

The different semi-finished components of the screen protector are aligned to form the required ply

Heat is applied under pressure to bind the different coats with AB epoxy or other specialized glues.

11. Final Inspection

You inspect the finished screen protector to check if it fits easily on to the specified mobile screen.

12. Upgraded Processes

Recognized manufacturers have upgraded processes to satisfy OEM specifications for modern mobiles.

Capabilities include the latest pressure forming, thermoforming, plastic cut-to-size and machining capabilities that are needed to accomplish specified manufacturing requirements.

What Is A Screen Protector Applicator?

The screen protector applicator is a tool to simplify screen protector installation on to mobile screens.

This special easy applicator takes the shape of a convenient mold or tray to create a user-friendly experience.

You can get relatively cheap, precise, and convenient screen protector applicators from recognized suppliers.

This video shows you one example of a screen protector applicator.

How Do You Remove A Screen Protector?

Follow these steps to remove a screen protector.

  1. Start by blowing air from a hair dryer over the screen for about 10 to 15 seconds to loosen the screen protector adhesive.
  2. Attempt to lift the screen protector from the corners of your mobile display.
  3. Use your fingernail or toothpick to gently lift the film.
  4. Once you get a loose end, gently and slowly lift the film along the edges until it peels off completely.
  5. If you find this difficult, slide a credit card into the gap and push until the film is off.
  6. For extremely thin screen protectors, roll a piece of adhesive tape around two of your fingers with the sticky surface facing up.
  7. Gently press the adhesive tape at a corner of the display, hold for a few seconds, then peel it off.
  8. The screen protector will come off easily.

This video shows you how to remove a screen protector.

Do Smartphones Need Screen Protectors?

Smart phone manufacturers use advanced base materials to reinforce mobile screen displays.

These reinforced screens are unlikely to shatter easily.

They are often self-curing and get rid of grime, dings, and scratches.

You can use screen protectors in lower-end mobiles or to satisfy special needs like blue-light and privacy filtering.

Do Tempered Glass Screen Protectors Really Work?

The tempered glass screen protector can take a lot of abuse to protect your mobile’s original display.

Tempered glass is matched with additional layers for protection against greasy fingerprints, anti-glare protection, and bubble-free installation.

These screen protectors have reinforced corners for protection against chipping.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using A Screen Protector?

  1. The screen protector may disrupt the normal functions of touchscreens.
  2. A display manufactured with an oleophobic coating will come off or can get damaged when a screen protector is removed.
  3. You may have objections to the look and feel of your mobile when a screen protector is added to the display.

Do You Really Need A Screen Protector For Your Laptop?

If you carry your laptop in a bag and clean the display screen often, it’s best to use a screen protector.

Protect it from keyboard markings, scratches, and smudges with a tempered glass or plastic screen protector.

How Do You Remove Bubbles From A Screen Protector?

Plastic screen protectors are more susceptible to air bubbles as compared to tempered glass.

For the imperfect seal that appears at the edges, work out the bubbles with a credit card.

If that doesn’t work, simply remove the screen protector and replace it with a new one.

You can learn how to remove bubbles from a screen protector from this video below.


How Do You Clean A Screen Protector?

  1. Allow water to run over the sticky part of the removable screen protector.
  2. Use soap and water to gently clean the sticky surface.
  3. Dry the wet film with a hair dryer until the surface is completely dry.
  4. Reinstall the screen protector.

You can learn how to clean your screen protector especially for iPhones.

How Do You Get Rid Of The Halo Effect Or Ghost Ring On Your Screen Protector?

  1. Use a cotton bud dipped in light vegetable oil for this purpose.
  2. Apply the oil at the location where you notice the halo effect.
  3. Once the oil penetrates, push the film outwards until the bubble recedes.
  4. Repeat once or twice until the halo effect or ghost ring disappears completely.
  5. If you have a water-proof mobile, wash with water or use a wet tissue to remove the oily texture from your screen protector.

You can view this video on how to get rid of the halo effect on your screen protector.

Can You Use A Screen Protector With Otterbox Defender?

Yes, the Otterbox Defender is a full kit that contains a screen protector built into the included case.

Will A Screen Protector Hide Cracks And Scratches?

If a liquid optically clear adhesive (LOCA) is used to install the screen protector, it can hide minor cracks and scratches.

Under ultra-violet light, this UV glue hardens quickly To cure the display surface eliminating existing air gaps.

Such screen protectors can also prevent an existing crack from spreading.

Will Water Under The Screen Protector Dry?

Sometimes you might have water under the screen protector if you place your smartphone on a wet surface.

Screen protectors are not fully waterproof.

A well-applied screen protector with full adhesive is waterproof but most protectors only have adhesive on the vertical edges.

To remove water, apply gentle heat to the screen protector surface with temperatures less than 125° Fahrenheit or 50° Centigrade.

This can remove water from under the screen protector and dry it.

Are Liquid Glass Screen Protectors Good?

The liquid screen protector is especially designed to fit into a compact waterproof case.

If you use liquid screen protectors, they do not add any thickness to the digital display.

They are also very smooth and highly transparent with the great viewing experience.

Your liquid screen protector will keep bubbles away and is easy to clean.

However, it does not have a strong impact protection compared to tempered glass and is less resistant to scratches.

You may also experience discoloration with liquid glass screen protectors.

How Is A Screen Protector Case Used?

Typically used to hold a mobile phone, the screen protector case comes equipped with a thermal-formed screen protector.

It is housed in a tough silicone skin and hard polycarbonate shell for enhanced fall resistance.

You can tilt the case and it will support itself in landscape orientation for better viewing pleasure.

What Is A Screen Protector Envelope?

A screen protector envelope is a two-sided envelope especially designed to hold screen protectors.

The brand logo and other details appear on one side.

The opposite side is partly transparent that allows you to see the type and color of the screen protector.

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