Polycarbonate Luggage

As a premier manufacturer of polycarbonate sheets in China, Weprofab has the capacity to produce a different type of polycarbonate luggage. Polycarbonate is ideal for making this kind of luggage.

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Luggage to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is able to manufacture a piece of polycarbonate luggage in different colors, finishes, styles, designs, and sizes.

Expandable Polycarbonate Luggage

Weprofab has a lot to offer when it comes to polycarbonate luggage. We proudly offer this expandable polycarbonate luggage at very competitive prices.

International Carry-on Polycarbonate Luggage

Weprofab has a great deal of international carry-on polycarbonate luggage. The user will comfortably use this because it is made with lightweight materials.

Domestic Carry-on Polycarbonate Luggage

Domestic Carry-on Polycarbonate Luggage from weprofab is durable. You will ensure with the quality of the product plus you can choose them in various colors, finishes, styles, and sizes.

Hardside Medium Checked Bag

As a leading polycarbonate luggage manufacturer in China, our team ensures that the customers will use this Hardside Medium Checked Bag for a long time.

Hardside Large Checked Bag

Hardside Large Checked Bag from weprofab is manufactured with excellent quality materials. We guarantee that it will not break easily. In fact, Hardside Large Checked Bag is specially designed to last longer.

Polycarbonate Luggage Set Eco-friendly

Weprofab Polycarbonate Luggage Set Eco-friendly is made from excellent quality materials. Besides, it is being popular in Chinese markets. Whether you import Polycarbonate Luggage Set Eco-friendly, Weprofab is the best choice!

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Luggage Manufacturer

If you are looking for the most durable luggage, then you must choose luggage that is made with polycarbonate. Worries no more! Weprofab is proud to offer our Polycarbonate Luggage. As a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate sheets, you can avail of our weprofab polycarbonate luggage at a very competitive price.

As a premier manufacturer of polycarbonate sheets in China, Weprofab has the capacity to produce a different type of hard side luggage. Polycarbonate is ideal for making this luggage. That’s why weprofab is able to manufacture a piece of polycarbonate luggage in different colors, finishes, styles, designs, and sizes. Also, we can accept the customization of polycarbonate luggage.

For the finish options, we have stunning metallic polycarbonate luggage, brushed finished polycarbonate luggage, and many more. Also, you can choose polycarbonate luggage in bright colors. Plus, we are also proud to offer you our one of a kind decorative prints polycarbonate luggage. The choice is yours! Send us your complete requirements and we will send you an instant quote.

Custom Polycarbonate Luggage to Skyrocket Your Brand

Anti-Theft Polycarbonate Luggage

At Weprofab, it is the best seller among our polycarbonate luggage types due to its anti-theft features. Not just the good features but the quality as well makes Anti-Theft Polycarbonate Luggage popular in the market.

Polycarbonate Hardside Carry On Spinner Suitcase

You can choose our one of a kind Polycarbonate Hardside Carry On Spinner Suitcase from our factory. Weprofab has thousands of Polycarbonate Hardside Carry On Spinner Suitcase ready to ship.

Polycarbonate Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

If you are importing Polycarbonate Hardside Spinner Luggage Set, Weprofab is the right place. Our Polycarbonate Hardside Spinner Luggage Set can avail at budget-freindly rates.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Luggage

Impact-resistant polycarbonate luggage is more flexible and has higher impact resistance than any other material. Perfect for hard-side luggage and offers excellent functionality. Available in different colors and patterns.

Smash Proof Polycarbonate Luggage

Smash-proof polycarbonate luggage is a good and reliable traveling suitcase. Commonly used on business trips and vacations. Capable to carry fragile and sensitive items due to being a smash-proof material.

21inch Polycarbonate Luggage

21inch polycarbonate luggage offers incredible style making it perfect for traveling. Made with scratch resistance and lightweight polycarbonate. Guarantees a long lifespan that can serve for many years.

Expandable Polycarbonate Luggage

Expandable polycarbonate luggage is made using durable and textured polycarbonate. characterizes a heavy-duty zipper with a huge clam-shell opening. Includes a self-locking mechanism for added security.

Lightweight Hard Shell Polycarbonate Luggage

Lightweight hard shell polycarbonate luggage arrives with a clamshell design with a mirror finish. Equipped with a large zippered mesh with built-in packing cubes. The wheels are smooth and sturdy.

Polycarbonate Luggage with 4 Spinner Wheels

Polycarbonate luggage with 4 spinner wheels features a hard case enclosure that is resistant to wear and tear. Hard-wearing and won’t damage easily. The zipper is sturdy enough to sustain high pressures.

Spinner Wheel Polycarbonate Luggage

Spinner wheel polycarbonate luggage is a suitcase on four wheels that move in all directions. The lightweight hard shell is made of top-quality polycarbonate. built with optimum durability and high strength.

Custom Color Polycarbonate Luggage

Custom color polycarbonate luggage is offered with a gorgeous style making it perfect for wild jazz age adventures. The colors are highly customized together with other features. Built with modern wheels.

Scratch Proof Polycarbonate Luggage

Scratch-proof polycarbonate luggage won’t be torn apart on tour. Provided with the best strength and durability. Structured using a scratch-proof and hard-wearing polycarbonate material that is impossible to break.

2-Piece Set Polycarbonate Luggage

2-piece set polycarbonate luggage features a retractable handle with a self-locking mechanism. Characterizes hard-wearing zipper for secured pockets, skate wheels, and comfortable handles.

3-Piece Set Polycarbonate Luggage

3-piece set polycarbonate luggage includes a push-button handle system that is comfortable and recessed. Equipped with stability bars underneath for added stability. Arrives fully assembled in a 3-piece set.

Built-In Lock Polycarbonate Luggage

Built-in lock polycarbonate luggage is popular for having an excellent degree of hardness and impact resistance. Offers optimum self-extinguishing properties and comes with a built-in locking mechanism.

28inch Polycarbonate Luggage

28inch polycarbonate luggage is a flexible product to sustain rigorous domestic and international traveling applications. Provided with high quality at a great value. Available in several color combinations.

Side Handle Polycarbonate Luggage

Side handle polycarbonate luggage has a compact size and exterior pockets. Crafted using a durable polycarbonate material and coms with reinforced wheels. Features a side retractable handle that is flexible.

Multicolor Polycarbonate Luggage

Multicolor polycarbonate luggage offers an expandable interior compartment that is manufactured with high-quality polycarbonate. Equipped with a hard-shell polycarbonate exterior and interior compartments.

Kids Polycarbonate Luggage

Kids polycarbonate luggage is offered with durable wheels and an adjustable handle for smooth handling. Primarily designed for Kids which is extremely functional inside and out. Can be maneuvered easily.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Luggage

Weprofab polycarbonate luggage is durable because it is made from high impact resistance and a high degree of hardness materials. We guarantee you that weprofab polycarbonate luggage will not break in case it will drop. However, it is more likely to bounce than to break.

Most of the travelers are prefer to use a polycarbonate suitcase. Whether you are a polycarbonate luggage supplier, retailer, or distributor, Weprofab is always a good choice. We will definitely help you boom your business.

At Weprofab, you can get a 100% polycarbonate luggage. Your customers will enjoy using our polycarbonate luggage and can use it for many years. Additionally, our weprofab polycarbonate luggage is lightweight. Your customers will definitely feel comfortable to use our polycarbonate luggage.

On the other hand, the wheels, zippers, and handles of weprofab polycarbonate luggage are made with high-quality materials. Our team ensures that you can use a polycarbonate suitcase for a long time.

So, when choosing the best polycarbonate luggage, always count on weprofab brand. As a leading polycarbonate sheet manufacturer, we are capable to produce a wide range of polycarbonate luggage for your large orders. We have thousands of weprofab polycarbonate luggage in our factory ready to ship.

For your large orders, Weprofab will provide a free sample for your polycarbonate luggage to check the quality. Besides, we will provide detailed pictures and videos for your orders.

In China, Weprofab is one of the popular manufacturers of polycarbonate luggage. Besides, we have obtained international certifications such as SGS, ISO 9001, CE, and much more. In short, Weprofab is an expert when it comes to polycarbonate luggage manufacturing.

Whether you choose polycarbonate carry-on luggage, polycarbonate checked luggage, polycarbonate hard side luggage, or polycarbonate luggage set, weprofab will always satisfy your needs.

For more information about our polycarbonate luggage, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We have a friendly team to assist you. Just send us your inquiry for polycarbonate luggage. You will receive an instant quote for your next polycarbonate luggage orders.

Polycarbonate Luggage: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This is comprehensive about polycarbonate luggage.

You are going to learn about uses, sizes, color, cost, add-on features, and surface finish options among other factors.

Take a look:

What is Polycarbonate Luggage?

It refers to a type of carrier bag made from polycarbonate material.

Usually, it is designed in a unique shape for enclosing different belongings, especially when traveling.

It comes in different designs in regards to size, color, and various additional add-on features.

How do you use Polycarbonate Luggage?

Primarily, this is a type of special traveling bag designed to incorporate a wide range of convenience, functionality, safety, and security features.

It is thus essential to understand how to use it to make it suitable to have it.

Ideally, like any other suitcases available, the polycarbonate luggage also has different compartments engineered for specific belongings.

For instance, there is a space for electronics such as laptops, garments, shoes, and documents, among others.

Therefore, you need to arrange all the properties in such partitions and enclose them accordingly.

Most of this luggage come with zippers, which you use to encircle all the content inside the surface.

It is what you’ll use together with a locker to help in securing all the belongings inside the bag.

 Polycarbonate luggage

Polycarbonate luggage

What are the Polycarbonate Luggage Designs Available?

They come in a wide range of designs.

This is essential since it helps you to broaden your selection when looking for one.

Ideally, you can find one depending on size, color, finish, and customization to suit your requirements.

Different suppliers have varied designs depending on their guiding principles.

However, you can still find both standard and customized designs.

Some of the common options include:

Domestic carry-on polycarbonate luggage – It is a compact size luggage with a strong surface and cyclone wheels.

This type of suitcase is designed for putting up a few belongings, especially for a somewhat short trip.

Polycarbonate Hardside carries on spinner suitcase – It is designed with hardy appearance and customized cyclone wheels for easy mobility.

Hardside medium checked polycarbonate luggage – It is a unique mid-size design customized with different features.

The features enhance the functionality, safety, comfort, and efficiency.

Hardside large checked polycarbonate luggage – It is a distinctive large design personalized with unique features engineered to endure various physical and environmental elements.

Expandable polycarbonate luggage – It is a design, which allows you to extend the surface material when the need for extra space arises.

Eco-friendly polycarbonate luggage set – It is a design, which comes in a set of different suitcases with varying sizes, all with similar colors and features.

Anti-theft polycarbonate luggage – It features high-end security systems making it difficult for thieves to access the belongings in your bag.

What is the Ideal Size of Polycarbonate Luggage?

Different sizes of polycarbonate case

Different sizes of polycarbonate luggage

Generally, different people have varied needs when it comes to suitcases.

Therefore, it becomes difficult to define the suitable size of particular polycarbonate luggage.

The ideal size is determined by the number of your belongings.

Ensure you get a bag, which can fit all your belongings for a specific occasion effortlessly.

And therefore, it is valid to say there is no definite size of any particular polycarbonate luggage.

It all depends on your needs, stuff, and personal effects as well as what you find convenient.

And it is the reason most manufacturers produce varied sizes of polycarbonate luggage such as small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Additionally, you would also find some designs, which are expandable and can as well be compressed when the need arises.

Can Polycarbonate Luggage Break?

Testing polycarbonate luggage

Test polycarbonate luggage

Not at all!

Polycarbonate is arguable, the hardest thermoplastic material you can ever find around.

The units, which make up this material are derived from natural gas.

After processing, these molecules become intact is a solid form, thus making polycarbonate outstandingly strong.

Additionally, the manufacturing process of this type of luggage is also integrated with a wide variety of compounds.

This is to ensure it adds to the strength, which ultimately plays an essential role in preventing it from breaking.

In a nutshell, polycarbonate luggage can never break irrespective of the pressure or impact it might be subjected to.

It is extremely strong and has excellent resistance to any form of impact.

Is there Color Limitation for Polycarbonate Luggage?

Absolutely not!

Most of polycarbonate luggage manufacturers can provide this item in a broad variety of colors.

Ideally, this type of suitcase is available in as many colors as you can imagine.

The suppliers have a way of blending colors to provide the specific one matching the requirements of the customer.

However, the range of colors is entirely dependent on the particular manufacturer you are approaching for the task.

It could be black, blue, yellow, grey, white, red, and orange, among others.

Some provide up to about 32 different colors, whereas others offer more than 32.

Moreover, you can as well find this item in the multicolored shade.

And this is simply a mixture of two or more on one polycarbonate luggage.

Can you get Customized Polycarbonate Luggage?

Most definitely!

In reality, most of the polycarbonate luggage are often customized.

This caters for the different and unique needs of people as far as traveling belongings are concerned.

All you need is a reliable supplier who can personalize polycarbonate luggage to your specifications.

What is the Cost of Polycarbonate Luggage?

The cost of this item varies broadly based on a wide range of elements.

Some of the key factors that determine cost include:

  • Size of polycarbonate luggage – large luggage is more expensive than smaller options
  • The extent of customization – more customized polycarbonate luggage is more expensive than simple designs
  • Grade of polycarbonate – luggage made from high grade and 100% polycarbonate is more expensive.
  • Importing polycarbonate luggage from China is more cost-effective
  • Buying polycarbonate case in bulk comes with a significant discount than purchasing one piece

Why should you Invest in Polycarbonate Luggage?

 Hard side polycarbonat case

 Hard side polycarbonate case

It offers a high level of convenience when carrying and moving around with different types of personal effects.

Also, it is lightweight, irrespective of the size.

Thus making it quite ideal and highly portable.

It comes with excellent security features, which enables it to protect your items from unauthorized access or theft.

And this is always essential when you are often traveling.

This is because you’ll always have peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe.

It is easy to clean, maintain, and repair when the need arises.

You won’t necessarily require an expert to help you out in maintaining or repairing this unit.

In case it gets dirty, you’ll only need to use a soft cotton cloth and lukewarm soapy water to remove the dirt.

Most of them come with four multi-directional cyclone wheels designed with shock-resistant materials. It helps in efficient maneuverability and quiet rolling experience.

This is also possible whether you are rolling it in even or rough surfaces.

Each wheel can independently move in the same or opposite direction.

It is resistant to a wide range of both physical and environmental elements.

For instance, it is shatterproof, flame-resistant, impact-resistant, and tolerant to extreme temperatures, among others.

Thus, it is an indication of how durable and resilient this unit is. Hence, ultimately enabling you to save on replacement costs.

Does Polycarbonate Luggage Yellow in the Sun?

To some extent but not necessarily.

Of course, the surface of the polycarbonate suitcase is naturally soft.

An indication that it can be affected by the UV rays.

The yellowing of polycarbonate luggage occurs due to weakened molecules.

The ultraviolet radiation in some instances can be intense hence penetrating the polycarbonate surface.

Eventually, it attacks the molecules of polycarbonate luggage.

Once the units become weak, the material loses its glossiness and starts to fade or turn yellowish.

However, this phenomenon is common when you expose polycarbonate luggage to extremely high-intensity sunlight for an extended period.

And this, in most instances, is often unlikely to happen.

However, most of the polycarbonate luggage nowadays, irrespective of color, is always integrated with UV stabilizer coating.

And this is what prevents them from yellowing since the coating bars the radiation from attacking polycarbonate molecules.

How durable is Polycarbonate Luggage?

Naturally, polycarbonate material can last for as many years as possible.

Of course, this is dependent on how you use and maintain it regularly.

It also depends greatly on the specific conditions you often subject to the polycarbonate suitcase.

In general, though, polycarbonate luggage is extremely durable.

It can last for as many years as possible if subjected to normal conditions.

Of course, you should maintain it well.

And if you get one made from high-quality polycarbonate material, the better in terms of great durability.

What Add-on Features does Polycarbonate Luggage Come with?

Polycarbonate harshell luggage

Polycarbonate hard shell luggage

Some of the key add-on features, however, include the following;

Cyclone wheels – These are critical components of this type of polycarbonate luggage.

They assist this item for easy mobility, maneuverability, and rolling experience.

Besides, they are often fitted at the bottom of this particular suitcase.

Handle – It is a type of lever, which helps in pulling the suitcase when rolling it on different surfaces.

Some are expandable, whereas others are usually fixed.

They also vary in terms of length, depending on the size of the bag.

Lock – It is the component fixed to ensure the security and safety of your belongings is guaranteed. These locks have secret codes, which you use for locking and unlocking. This guarantees 100% security.

Gusset – It is a feature in polycarbonate luggage, which allows you to expand the bag. This makes it easy to boost the extra packing capacity.

Dividers – These are the partitions, which makes it easy for you to arrange your items inside the suitcase.

How can you Remove Scratches from Polycarbonate Luggage?

You need to get toothpaste, lukewarm water, and soft cotton cloth.

Find the scratched spot, apply and scrub toothpaste on it in a circular motion for about 20 seconds.

Damp a soft piece of cloth and wipe off the toothpaste.

Then allow it to dry for a few minutes.

Ultimately, you’ll have a spotless polycarbonate luggage surface.

Does Polycarbonate Luggage come with Locks?

Absolutely right!

It comes with in-built locks, which are also TSA-compliant.

Depending on the manufacturer, some come with coded locks, whereas others have locks with keys.

This is essential because the locks enable you to enhance the security of your belongings inside the bag.

 Lockable polycarbonate luggage

 Lockable polycarbonate luggage

Is there a difference between Polycarbonate and Acrylic Luggage?

They are almost similar.

The only difference is the type of material used.

Ideally, Polycarbonate luggage is slightly stronger and more resistant to many elements compared to acrylic luggage.

Polycarbonate luggage can withstand extreme pressure and impact without breaking, cracking, or shattering.

Besides, polycarbonate luggage has a slightly better tolerance to extreme temperatures and corrosion than acrylic luggage.

Acrylic luggage can as well withstand intense pressure.

However, when the pressure is extreme or deliberate, acrylic luggage can break.

However, it will not shatter.

Where can you Order Polycarbonate Luggage in China?

Several suppliers in China manufacture this type of thermoplastic suitcase.

In China, you might consider making your order from WeProFab.

This is a leading supplier of a wide range of polycarbonate luggage of different designs in China.

What are the Cons of Polycarbonate Luggage?

Light weight polycarbonate luggage

It is, without a doubt, polycarbonate luggage is astonishingly expensive.

When buying this type of suitcase, you should be ready to spend a significant amount of money.

Most of them are quite costly, even the smaller sizes.

The surface material is relatively soft hence making it susceptible to scratches.

It requires a high level of maintenance since it is prone to dirt and scratches lest it discolors or fades.

This can ultimately compromise the quality and aesthetics.

Can you Polish Polycarbonate Luggage?

Absolutely correct!

Polishing polycarbonate is one of the great ways of restoring the glossiness of polycarbonate luggage.

The ideal polishing technique to use is buffing.

Buffing is a simple project, which only requires a work wheel and loose abrasive.

Buffing is essential because it enables you to eliminate the residue as well as creating a consistent glossy surface on this specific bag.

How can you Maintain Polycarbonate Luggage?

You can use several techniques to maintain polycarbonate luggage and prevent it from degrading or distorting.

One of the methods is polishing.

This technique helps to restore the glossiness of polycarbonate luggage.

Eliminating scratches is also another way of maintaining polycarbonate luggage.

Remove the scratches on polycarbonate luggage as soon as you notice any.

The surface of polycarbonate luggage is quite soft.

When these marks continue to increase, it will degrade faster.

And most importantly, it is cleaning the surface of this bag to remove dirt and dust.

Keeping it clean always helps to enhance its durability and aesthetics.

What are the Quality Standards for Polycarbonate Luggage?

Polycarbonate luggage is an essential component.

It must conform to various quality standards such as ISO, ASTM, and UL, among others.

Of course, the essence of ensuring the polycarbonate luggage conforms to such quality standards is to guarantee safety and consistency in production.

I hope you found this polycarbonate useful.

However, in case you have additional questions about polycarbonate luggage – talk to us now

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