• Acrylic Glassware

Acrylic Glassware

Weprofab is the biggest fabricating company that offers a great quality of acrylic glassware. We are capable to provide you with a superb standard of this item. We strive to meet your expectations and give you an excellent service. Send us your idea today!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Glassware to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab owns the broad production of acrylic glassware. You can guarantee that we are trustworthy and reliable manufacturer to handle your orders. We have complete equipment and latest technology that we used producing quality acrylic glassware.

Fluted Acrylic Glassware

If you are looking for a fluted acrylic glassware, Weprofab has a lot to offer. We manufacture fluted acrylic glassware with 100% high quality.

Diamond Color Acrylic Glassware

Weprofab is the great answer in all diamond color acrylic glassware problem. We are dealing with different types of diamond color acrylic glassware that suit your liking.

Clear Acrylic Glassware

Weprofab has a various kind of clear acrylic glassware. Whenever you needed clear acrylic glassware Weprofab is the right place for you.

Outdoor Acrylic Glassware

Weprofab outdoor acrylic glassware can be stylish, modern and it is also flexible. We produce eye-catching designs of outdoor acrylic glassware.

Colored Acrylic Glassware

Weprofab colored acrylic glassware is not only attractive, but it is also truly safer than glass and often much harder to break. Weprofab can create durable colored acrylic glassware.

Shot glass Acrylic Glassware

Weprofab shot glass acrylic glassware are well insulated, keeping the drinks cool at inside of the glasses. It is susceptible to scratching however, these can be buffed out.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Glassware Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and metal fabrication.

As the biggest manufacturer of acrylic glassware in China, Weprofab is great in producing standard acrylic glassware. In fabricating our acrylic glassware we use our state-of-the-art technologies for you to avail our one of a kind acrylic products.

Whether you need acrylic glassware for any applications, always choose Weprofab as your manufacturer. We will provide you standard and customized acrylic glassware for specific applications.

Contact us now to get an instant quote!

Custom Acrylic Glassware to Skyrocket Your Brand

Personalized Acrylic Glassware

Weprofab personalized acrylic glassware can be stacked for ease of storage. Unlike real glass can break if stored in stacks.

Vintage Acrylic Glassware

Weprofab vintage acrylic glassware is easier to clean and can be re-used frequently. Weprofab can customize vintage acrylic glassware products base in your own specifications.

Drinking Acrylic Glassware

Here in Weprofab, you ensure that all of our drinking acrylic glassware can be used for indoor and outdoor activities.

Beaded Acrylic Glassware

Weprofab beaded acrylic glassware are nicest to use and more environmentally friendly.  These are lightweight for better ergonomics.

Trumpet Shaped Acrylic Glassware

WeProFab can provide high-quality trumpet shaped acrylic glassware at a very affordable price.

High-End Acrylic Glassware

High-end acrylic glassware provides spill-resistant and shatter-resistant designs. They also provided with kitchen-grade, BPA-free standards, and mess-free construction.

Acrylic Glassware for Hotel Use

Acrylic glassware for hotel use has an attractive glass-like appearance. But the difference, they are safer, unbreakable, spill-proof, and shatterproof. They are popular choice due to their high durability.

Old-Fashioned Acrylic Glassware

Old-fashioned acrylic glassware won’t easily shatter and break, unlike glass. They also have same appearance with glass yet more durable and strong. This glassware is ideal for home use, hotel, and many more.

Acrylic Glassware for Drinking Water

Acrylic glassware for drinking water is a must-have for every kitchen. They are built with top performance and high strength. They are also popular for their excellent shatter-resistant properties.

Transparent Acrylic Juice Glassware

Transparent acrylic juice glassware has an excellent optical translucent and unbreakable design. They are made BPA-free, making drinking safer, spill-free, and more convenient.

Acrylic Beverage Glassware

The acrylic beverage glassware comes in different colors, textures, styles, and sizes. They come in 6-12 sets, ideal for home use, hotel use, and other purposes. They are build to hold plenty of water or any drinks.

Acrylic Bar Drinking Glassware

Compared to other plastics, acrylic bar drinking glassware is much more secure to use. It is because they do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA) or any toxic chemicals.

Crystal Cut Acrylic Glassware

Crystal cut acrylic glassware comes with a crystal cut design. These are sets of glasses that can be printed with your logo as a way of effective brand promotion.

Painted Acrylic Glassware

The benefit of painted acrylic glassware is that they come with colorful finishes and designs, making them look jolly and ideal for many occasions. You can even choose and specify your ideal prints and colors.

Acrylic Twist Style Glassware

Acrylic twist-style glassware comes with bright color variants. They don’t break easily even accidentally fall into the ground. They are also 100% safe, toxic-free, and have zero BPA contents.

Acrylic Party Glassware

Acrylic party glassware are glasses suitable for various party occasions. They come in different colors, design, and sizes. You can also print your own logo here for effective branding.

Embossed Acrylic Glassware

The embossed acrylic glassware can be customized. Their colors, sizes, and styles are open for customization. This glassware is popular due to its high strength, safe, and highly unbreakable properties.

BPA-Free Acrylic Glassware

All acrylic glassware is BPA-free and non-toxic. They are 100% made of pure acrylics. They are much safer to use than glassware made of other materials.

Dishwasher-Safe Acrylic Glassware

Dishwasher-safe acrylic glassware can be cleaned through a mild dishwasher. They are excellent products due to high transparency and great clarity. However, they come in various sets of glass numbers.

Acrylic Glassware Collection for Wine

Acrylic glassware collection for wine is mostly preferred in bar use, hotels, home, cafes, and more. They are popular for their extreme durability, unbreakable, and high strength properties.

Acrylic Stemless Glassware

Acrylic stemless glassware offers attractive and breakproof properties. They are extremely durable, commercial-quality, lightweight, dishwasher-safe, and spill-proof.

Textured Acrylic Glassware

Compared to glass, textured acrylic glassware is much safer because they don’t contain BPA and toxic chemicals. They are perfect for home use, hotel use, restaurants, bars, and more.

Acrylic Elegant Glassware

Acrylic elegant glassware comes with elegant shades. They are superior in quality, long-lasting, fading-resistant, break-resistant, and a safer choice than glass.

Acrylic Iced Tea Glassware

Acrylic iced tea glassware is the best alternative to glass. They have the same appearance as glass but they are much safer, more unbreakable, and more long-lasting. They are ideal for overall kitchen use.

Unbreakable Acrylic Glassware

Unbreakable acrylic glassware is completely exceptional in quality. They are safer to use and more resistant to possible shatter. They are known for durability and high strength.

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Why Weprofab Acrylic Glassware

Weprofab is a professional acrylic glassware in China.

It is made from more durable, flexible, and unbreakable acrylic materials.

Great and ideal for various applications.

Best to replace your brittle glassware.

It is usually used for indoor and outdoor activities without any fear to drop it or used it around the pool, in the boat, and even in the courtyard.

Acrylic glassware is great, especially for camping.

Acrylic Glassware

Weprofab acrylic glassware is one of the great choices for parents with children because it is hard to break nor even destroy.

Weprofab acrylic glassware is also a wonderful option for backyard parties for drinking use.

Weprofab acrylic glassware is more effective-cost than those made from other materials.

We can offer acrylic glassware in different styles and colors that truly are really relaxing to look at.

In China, Weprofab is one of the popular manufacturers of acrylic glassware.

We have obtained international certifications such as SGS, ISO 9001, CE, and much more.

Acrylic Glassware

If you are one of our trusted clients, Weprofab is an expert when it comes to acrylic glassware and any products made by acrylic materials.

We make sure that all of our acrylic glassware is guaranteed 100% supreme quality.

WeProFab offers the world-class quality of acrylic glassware.

In terms of our skills and capacity, whether it is a small or huge amount of orders, you can ensure that we can cater and deliver it to you anywhere in the world.

Acrylic Glassware

We can handle completely on any acrylic fabrications, which highly support your retail customers with tough quality acrylic glassware.

We consistently maintain quality standards of acrylic glassware.

You can trust Weprofab as your number one manufacturer of acrylic glassware because we are in this fabricating and manufacturing industry for more than 20 years!

If you are interested in our acrylic glassware, please contact us now.

We will give you our best acrylic products that you exactly deserve.

Acrylic Glassware: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you need about acrylic glassware.

From design, color options, durability, sizes, to uses – you will learn everything about acrylic glassware.

So, before investing in new acrylic glassware, read this guide.

What is Acrylic Glassware?

Acrylic Glassware

Acrylic Glassware

It refers to an object, vessel, or container made of thermoplastic material, which you use for consuming different types of liquids.

In many instances, these types of containers or vessels are used in setting the table for eating a meal.

Acrylic glassware comes in different shapes, styles, designs, and sizes, each for serving a different drink or beverage.

As such, they are designed to suit different occasions in a wide range of settings.

What are the Main Types of Acrylic Glassware Available?

Ideally, acrylic glassware comes in different types, styles, and designs.

You can find any type, which you need depending on your design requirements.

However, the actual design of this type of glassware is also dependent on the purpose or type of beverage you’re drinking.

WeProFab offers several types of acrylic glassware, including the following;

  • Clear Acrylic Glassware
  • Colored Acrylic Glassware
  • Fluted Acrylic Glassware
  • Short Glass Acrylic Glassware
  • Diamond Acrylic Glassware
  • Outdoor Acrylic Glassware
  • Customized Acrylic Glassware
  • Trumpet-shaped Acrylic Glassware
  • Drinking Acrylic Glassware
  • Vintage Acrylic Glassware
  • Beaded Acrylic Glassware

All these major designs from WeProFab are available in different sizes and acrylic material thickness.

Is Acrylic Glassware BPA Free?

Yes, manufacturing process of the primary material used for making acrylic glassware eliminates all traces of chemical left on it.

Moreover, production of these types of glassware also some essential additives.

The essence is to ensure bisphenol A or BPA cannot necessarily leach out of the glassware into the beverage or drink.

Additionally, the product also goes through in-depth quality test measures to determine whether they contain BPA.

It is the reason organizations such as the FDA always approve most acrylic glassware to certify they are BPA-free.

Such approvals or certifications from agencies like FDA indicate that container is BPA free thus cannot affect the drink or beverage.

In a nutshell, there are higher chances that acrylic glassware in a regulated market is BPA-free.

What are the Best Techniques for Customizing Acrylic Glassware?

There are several methods you can use to customize acrylic glassware based on your needs, such as the following:

a) Engraving – You can etch different patterns on the surface material of this drinkware.

Some common patterns often engraved include shapes, flowers, numbers, and any other sensible decoration.

It is a suitable customization technique for acrylic glassware designed for an organization, individual or specific function.

b) Coloring – Entails painting the surface material to suit your preferred hue.

It is a necessary method since it allows you to get a specific color, which suits your taste, preference, and theme.

c) Surface Coating – Involves applying a thin film on the surface material of these drinkware to enhance a specific functionality.

You can use different types of coating treatments depending on the particular function you need to improve.

The essence is to enhance the adaptability, practicality, and durability of the specific acrylic glassware.

d) Styling – These glassware are available in various designs suited for various functions.

You can always style your respective design to meet the particular flair you want to achieve.

This majorly revolves around shaping it to attain the right design that meets your taste and preference.

You may also choose to design the type of stem, which suits your fondness.

Customized Acyrylic Drinkware

Customized AcyrylicDrinkware

Is Acrylic Glassware Durable?

Yes, the base material used for manufacturing this glassware is naturally strong.

It is derived from organic materials, which form solid building units that are hard to break down.

As such, these drinkware can endure different conditions without deforming or degrading, making them relatively durable.

Moreover, it employ detailed artistry during manufacturing process to ensure the glassware can withstand unfavorable conditions.

Therefore, acrylic glassware can last for relatively long.

Even so, the actual durability is dependent on several elements.

For instance, the overall care and maintenance influence the precise longevity of the drinkware.

This involves methods of washing, detergents you use, and materials you use to wash the glassware.

If you use inorganic solvents to regularly wash these drinkware they will wear out comparatively fast.

Also, the general conditions you expose these glassware to tend to determine the actual durability.

An acrylic drinkware that you often use in a different environment has shorter longevity and vice versa.

Nevertheless, these types of glassware are generally durable.

However, the precise durability is dependent on these factors mentioned above among others.

Is Acrylic Glassware Dishwasher Safe?

It is dependent on a few but imperative factors.

Generally, manufacturers often state whether the products are dishwasher safe.

Dishwashers normally have some decent force going on with the water streams.

This usually depend whether its loading was done accordingly.

Another element here is that dishwashers often have a varied range of temperatures.

Therefore, it is likely to toe a fine line here between sanitizing and damaging the acrylic drinkware.

You may end up damaging some acrylic glassware with relatively delicate finishes.

As such, always ensure you check from manufacturer’s directions on whether the glassware is dishwasher safe.

Never assume that since a piece of glassware is made from Acrylic material, it can be dishwasher safe.

Nonetheless, most acrylic glassware is largely dishwasher safe, but there is a need to ensure you confirm with the manufacturer.

What Can You Use Acrylic Glassware For?

When selecting the type of acrylic glassware, it is necessary to begin from your intended use.

You can use most of these types of drinkware for different uses in a wide range of settings.

Some of the beverages you can use such drinkware for include the following:

  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Smoothies
  • Fruit juice
  • Lemonade
  • Cocktails
  • Water
  • Mulled wine
  • Fruit-infused water

You can use acrylic glassware for all these types of drinks in various settings, both indoor and outdoor.

Can Acrylic Glassware Discolor?

Not really.

Acrylic, which is the primary material for manufacturing these glassware, which is resistant to fading.

Essentially, the production of the material normally infuses the color into the product during processing.

As such, it gets fully integrated into the molecules of acrylic material, making it relatively permanent.

Such glassware can hardly discolor irrespective of the conditions you subject them to.

Moreover, acrylic glassware also an anti-UV additive coating.

This additive protects the colored molecules in acrylic drinkware surface material from weakening or breaking down.

Therefore, it becomes difficult to discolor since such an additive guarantees color stability.

In some instances, however, you may find faded acrylic glassware.

But such always arise from use of poor quality or low-grade acrylic material to manufacture these drinkware.

At times, it could result from poor workmanship and non-integration of essential surface coating treatments and finishes.

How Do You Remove Light Scratches from Acrylic Glassware?

It is quite simple to eliminate lights scratches from the surface of acrylic glassware.

The first technique is by washing the drinkware using recommended organic detergents.

This method entails thoroughly cleaning the drinkware with an organic solvent and rinsing using clean water and allowing it to dry.

Once it dries, the visible light scratches will be gone, and you’ll have smooth-surfaced acrylic glassware.

Another ideal method you may choose is applying a small portion of toothpaste on the surface material of glassware.

Scrub the toothpaste gently on the scratched surface in a circular motion for about 20 seconds and allow it to dry.

After 2-3 minutes, use clean running water to rinse off the dried toothpaste and let the drinkware dry.

You will have scratch-free glassware with a shining surface.

But if the light scratches tend to be a little bit stubborn, you may choose to polish the surface material using vapor technique.

This method is fast, efficient, and produces a desirable result.

How Strong is Acrylic Glassware?

Reasonably strong. In essence, acrylic material can withstand breakage or cracking even when it falls on a hard surface from a higher height.

Of course, the building units of the material used to manufacture this element are quite solid.

It is about 20 times stronger than a glass material of a similar dimension.

Therefore, such glassware can rarely break or crack under normal circumstances when subjected to intense pressure.

And even when they break, acrylic drinkware can hardly shatter.

Instead, they can fracture into relatively large pieces with a dull edge.

This makes these types of glassware ideal choice to use in relatively high traffic surroundings such as bars.

How Do You Disinfect Acrylic Glassware?

When disinfecting acrylic glassware, the ideal detergents to consider are either baking soda or vinegar.

Thus you need to mix any of the detergents with hot water to form a strong cleaning agent.

Pour the solution of the cleaning agent into the glassware and allow it to settle for a while.

For thorough disinfection, let the solution stay overnight inside the acrylic drinkware.

Scrub inside the glassware using a soft brush and hot water.

Eventually, clean it using alcohol and rinse with relatively warm water then turn the glassware upside down to air dry.

What is the Difference between Acrylic Glassware and Acrylic Tumbler?

Acrylic Glassware Tambler

Acrylic Glassware Tambler

Acrylic tumbler refers to a flat-floored beverage container with straight sides but without a stem or handle.

Mostly, acrylic tumblers are designed for various cold drinks but are available in various colors, designs, sizes.

In contrast, acrylic glassware refers to items used primarily as tableware and drinkware often applied to set the table for eating.

They are a bit classy and fashionable than acrylic tumbler, and you can find some with stem and handle.

In most instances, different acrylic glassware are designed for specific types of drinks or beverages.

Unlike acrylic tumbler, most glassware are suitable for cold drinks.

How Does Acrylic Glassware and Polycarbonate Glassware Compare?

In many instances, acrylic and polycarbonate are the common thermoplastic materials used for making glassware.

They share several properties hence you can use them interchangeably in different settings.

However, these two materials tend to vary in some aspects, which can be fundamental in decision making.

For instance, polycarbonate glassware tends to be relatively strong compared to acrylic glassware.

Ideally, the base material used for making the former is about 250 times stronger than fiberglass material.

On the other hand, the latter’s base material is about 20 times stronger than fiberglass material of a similar dimension.

Another comparable aspect is in regards to weight.

Both polycarbonate and acrylic glassware are lightweight, almost 50 percent less than fiberglass.

It is essential since it makes it easy to carry it around when taking your drinks or beverage.

When it comes to optical clarity, polycarbonate glassware are better than acrylic glassware.

Naturally, acrylic material permits about 92 percent of light to pass through it, while polycarbonate allows about 94 percent of light.

Also, Polycarbonate glassware are a bit softer than acrylic software.

As such, it becomes easier to fabricate the former compared to the latter.

This makes it easier for you to customize it using several techniques such as painting, styling, and engraving.

Generally, they are better alternatives to consider, but polycarbonate glassware tends to exhibit slight superiority to acrylic glassware.

What is Best Color for Acrylic Glassware?

The most suitable color shade for acrylic drinkware is dependent on several factors but largely your taste and preference.

Ideally, acrylic material in natural form is clear or transparent.

However, you can always inject specific paint on the surface material to find a suitable color for your needs.

Often, it is imperative to pay attention to your glassware color, particularly for the pieces you’ll use during a meal.

Essentially, it has a significant albeit subtle impact as far as your perception is concerned.

Since colors play critical roles in the overall table set up, the best color would be one, which befits the specific occasion.

Remember that glassware colors may determine several factors, such as your appetite.

Moreover, you can always customize acrylic drinkware in terms of color to find one that meets your demands.

The bottom line, nonetheless, is the best acrylic color is largely dependent on what suits your specific requirements.

Colored Acrylic Glassware

Colored Acrylic Glassware

What are the Best Ways of Maintaining Acrylic Glassware?

Here are the best ways you may consider when maintaining this type of glassware:

· Handwashing

Handwashing is advisable over putting glassware in a dishwasher for containers that are not for everyday use.

However, you must be careful to prevent them from bouncing around during the process since it can easily cause a chip on lips.

Always use a soft cloth towel to dry the drinkware to prevent scratching and leaving spots on the surface material.

· Dishwasher Safe

Not all acrylic glassware have design that are dishwasher safe.

Always check with the manufacturer to determine whether you can use a dishwasher to clean these containers.

If so, ensure you use the right temperature to prevent the surface material from damaging.

Also, remove your glassware quickly from the dishwasher and follow it up with a dry, clean and soft towel if necessary.

Maintaining acrylic glassware is a fundamental factor since it ties directly with the level of use you get from a specific one.

If you’re investing in relatively expensive or unique glassware, you need to adhere to strict maintenance needs.

Can You Use Acrylic Glassware for Hot Beverages?

Typically, acrylic material used for manufacturing this glassware has excellent resistance to high temperatures.

It means the acrylic glassware can withstand hot beverages for as long as possible without necessarily deforming or degrading.

In other words, these types of glassware have incredible dimensional resistance.

Even so, most designs of acrylic drinkware lean more on cold rather than hot drinks.

This implies that majority are specifically suitable for cold beverages but can come in handy when there is need for hot drinks.

Does Acrylic Glassware Shatter?

Not at all.

Acrylic glassware can never shatter; instead, it fractures in large pieces and relatively dull edges under extreme impact pressure.

Is there Size Limitation for Acrylic Glassware?

No, you can find acrylic glassware in any practical size you need.

This may range from small, medium, and big.

You can use small in this case for kids if necessary.

Nevertheless, it is imperative to note that the size of acrylic glassware you use plays an integral role in table setting for meals.

Therefore, the ideal size is largely dependent on your needs or circumstances surrounding the event.

What is the Most Suitable Surface Coating Treatment for Acrylic Glassware?

Ordinarily, an ideal surface treatment for acrylic glassware is an anti-scratch coating.

In most cases, different people handle these drinkware at different events.

During cleaning, these drinkware also tend to bounce around hence hit each other and ultimately causing light scratches.

Anti-scratch coating thus preventing the surface material of these containers from such unpleasant marks.

You may also consider anti-UV surface coating treatment.

This particular one is vital, especially for acrylic glassware used in outdoor areas such as camping and the courtyard.

The reason here is to protect the surface material from possible attack by ultraviolet radiations.

Such radiations can gradually weaken the molecules of these glassware, leading to fading or discoloration with time.

Therefore, when you apply anti-UV coating on acrylic glassware it enhances its endurance even when exposed to sunlight for long.

How Much Does Acrylic Glassware Cost?

Acrylic glassware are available in different price ranges.

Mostly, the actual material and design dictate the price of acrylic glassware.

Many manufacturers often sell them in a set of two or more based on the specific design you are buying.

Standard acrylic glassware are relatively affordable, usually starting from $30 or slightly lower.

However, specialty or custom-built acrylic drinkware would start from $50 depending on the type of set.

Some designs, also depending on the manufacturer, can go for $100 or more.

These are the types of specialty designs that will not necessarily see a lot of everyday use.

In a nutshell, there is no definite price for acrylic glassware.

Several factors such as the ones mentioned above determine its cost.

What is the Manufacturing Turnaround for Acrylic Glassware?

The production turnaround depends on various factors, which include the following:

  • Number of sets you are purchasing
  • Customization level of the sets you are buying
  • Specific manufacturer, you are procuring from

Generally, the average manufacturing turnaround time for acrylic drinkware range between 1-4 weeks based on factors mentioned above.

However, it is advisable to inquire from your supplier or manufacturer about it to determine the actual turnaround time.

What are the Advantages of Acrylic Glassware?

Types of Acrylic Glassware

Types of Acrylic Glassware

The main benefits of Acrylic glassware include:

  1. Versatile since you can use them in a different setting for drinking different types of beverages.
  2. Appealing to the eye, given the base material exhibits excellent optical clarity, thus enhances class, ambiance, and aesthetic value.
  3. Relatively hardy thus can endure various unfavorable conditions such as impact, sunlight, and scratches. This guarantees reasonable durability, which results in cost-cutting.
  4. Available in numerous designs, styles, colors, sizes, and material thicknesses, allowing you to get exactly what suits your demands.
  5. Lightweight making it easy for you to carry it around whether for drinks on the go or outdoor events.

Why Should You Consider Importing Acrylic Glassware from China?

  1. Chinese manufacturers are reliable, guaranteeing the best deals within the shortest time possible.
  2. You can find all varieties of acrylic glassware in China, allowing you to select the best that suits your specific demands.
  3. Quality of acrylic drinkware in China is relatively superior to those manufactured in other markets. In China, they undergo stringent quality measures to guarantee safety of these containers.
  4. Flexibility regarding MOQ and turnaround time is incredible among several Chinese acrylic glassware manufacturers.
  5. These products are fairly affordable in China, which allows you to save quite a significant amount of money.

What Quality Standards Must Acrylic Glassware Conform to?

Since acrylic glassware are majorly used for handling different types of beverages, human safety is a significant concern.

Some of the common quality standards, which these products conform to include the following;

Food and Drugs Administration (FDA)

This agency guarantees safety, efficiency, and safety of humans in chemical and biological products.

The essence of this standard is ensuring products meet safety standards for human use.

Are Acrylic Glassware Reusable?

Yes, these types of glassware are easy to clean, rendering them suitable to reuse.

Always make sure you use recommended detergents, air dry, and reuse them.

At WeProFab, we help you get the best acrylic glassware depending on your specific needs and requirements.

Whether you want standard or custom designs, you will find a perfect acrylic glassware for your applications.

Contact us today for all your acrylic glassware needs.

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