• Acrylic Wall Bracket

Acrylic Wall Bracket

In this industry, WeProFab is a qualified supplier and manufacturer from China which is manufacturing acrylic wall bracket. It can be fit at any application you need. For your project needs, we can fully entertain your specifications.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Wall Bracket to Delight Your Customers

As a qualified acrylic wall bracket manufacturer in China, WeProFab could improve the standards for your fulfillment. We are popular in making a professional and top graded acrylic wall brackets so we can captivate your customer’s attraction.

Bending Acrylic Wall Bracket

WeProFab complete facilities could help create an amazing and perfect bending for your desired acrylic wall bracket.

Clear Acrylic Wall Bracket

WeProFab clear acrylic wall brackets are available in many types like pin-on, under desk brackets, decorative, and a lot of options.

Laser Cut Acrylic Wall Bracket

WeProFab can perfectly cut your ideal sizes and cut for acrylic wall brackets. It will depend on the customization you need.

Modern Acrylic Wall Bracket

WeProFab is a leading modern acrylic wall bracket producer from China. Offering elegant looks perfect for floating shelves.

Resistant Acrylic Wall Bracket

We are sustaining customer’s demands through designing a lot of resistant acrylic wall brackets. Get it at a lower price offer.

Acrylic Wall Bracket Manufacturer

WeProFab will be a long term and reliable partner in business. We are certified in many years in manufacturing.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Wall Bracket Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company that is linked between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We eagerly offer a one-stop solution for both plastic and metal fabrication.

We can make acrylic wall brackets with different customizations. We have modern, pin-on, decorative, and many more. All of these acrylic wall brackets have amazing features that are suited for any of your applications.

Just send your designs at WeProFab and let us know your final applications. We will be pleased to be your partner in sustaining a business. We can assure you that you can get your ideal acrylic wall bracket supplies according to your orders.

Custom Acrylic Wall Brackets to Expand Your Brand

Floating Acrylic Wall Bracket

Any types of acrylic wall brackets for floating displays or shelf is great and suitable. We provide reasonable rates in shipping orders.

Pin-on Acrylic Wall Bracket

Available at WeProFab, the different pin-on acrylic wall bracket types, and styles. We created in suitable right materials.

Shelf Acrylic Wall Bracket

We can give you an excellent offer for shelf acrylic wall brackets. Perfect in supplying, wholesaling, distributing, and many more.

Under Desk Acrylic Wall Bracket

We have created an effective and excellent durability of under desk acrylic wall brackets. This is very attractive which is perfect for business.

Decorative Acrylic Wall Bracket

We are the leading supplier of decorative acrylic wall brackets from china which is customizing customer’s ideal designs.

Acrylic Large Wall Bracket

The large acrylic wall brackets are suitable for displaying goods have a potent round edge. They are environmentally friendly wall brackets that are easy to install. This material is perfect for displaying artwork and sculptures. 

Acrylic Single Side Wall Bracket

The single-sided acrylic wall brackets are perfect for installing in a living room, hotels, and more applications. Their colors are also customizable, depending on customers’ requests. They have a lighter weight and lasting quality than glass.

Adjustable Acrylic Wall Bracket

Adjustable acrylic wall brackets function as a storage display stand. They feature flexibility, durability, and simple installation. These wall brackets made from high-quality acrylic are excellent protection for devices. They have anti-aging, lightweight, and rust-resistant characteristics.

Acrylic Wall Bracket for Router

The acrylic wall bracket for the router has a modern style bracket with customizable sizes and colors. They have a compact, clean look, and lightweight features. Using acrylic wall brackets for wifi routers saves space and protects your device from water or accident splash.

Acrylic Light Up Wall Bracket

The acrylic light-up wall brackets have multi-purposes. They are stunning room decorations with soft lights. These unique wall brackets have lasting quality and are potent against vibrations. They are easy to install and securely hold rectangular wall lamps.

Acrylic Wall Bracket with Round Hole

Acrylic wall brackets with round holes are made from sturdy acrylic material and have easy to clean. They are perfect for holding bottles at about 37mm in diameter. But these brackets with round holes are customizable in sizes, depending on the customer’s requests.

Heavy Duty Acrylic Wall Bracket

Heavy-duty acrylic wall brackets hold bathrooms’ pump bottles. They secure pumps and remain simple to remove. These acrylic wall brackets are easy to install and clean. They are also available in various styles, like single, double, or triple, with different color options.

Acrylic Speaker Wall Bracket

The acrylic wall brackets for speakers are easy to use. They have elegant and fashionable styles. Using acrylic wall brackets protects speakers from accidents and damages. They save spaces and add organized-look rooms. These materials are waterproof, scratch-proof, and bumper-proof.

Acrylic Tactical Holder Wall Bracket

The acrylic tactical holder wall brackets are suitable for shooting activity areas. They securely hold military army guns. These acrylic wall brackets for guns have an excellent finish using laser cutting technology. The acrylic material-used are durable and maximize safety.

Acrylic Sword Wall Bracket

Acrylic wall brackets for swords are suitable for exhibition wall decorations. They come in various thicknesses, according to customers’ requirement specifications. These types of acrylic wall brackets are don’t have professionals to install or set up.

Acrylic V Shaped Wall Bracket

The acrylic V shapes wall brackets have multiple colors and sizes options. They are durable, eco-friendly, and high-polished materials. These V-shaped acrylic wall brackets have chemical stability, workability, and crystal precise characteristics.

Acrylic Book Storage Wall Bracket

The acrylic wall brackets for the book have minimalist designs, perfect for storing book collections. They are commonly applied in various places, like schools, offices, and homes. Their lightweight feature makes them easy to install with two suitable screws.

Acrylic Headphone Hanger Wall Bracket

Acrylic wall brackets used as headphone hangers come in various colors. They are typically used in retail shops to display the headphones attractively. Their sizes and thicknesses are customizable. They are mounted with screws or stick with adhesives.

Cable Acrylic Wall Bracket

The acrylic wall brackets for cable management secure your devices from scratches, dirt, shocks, and dirt. The customer’s desired logos are printed embossed, craft or silk printed. They are available in white, black, and black colors.

Skateboard Acrylic Wall Bracket

Acrylic wall brackets for skateboards are a handmade product perfect for skateboard collections. They are made with high-end acrylic materials with high transparency and non-toxic features. These acrylic wall brackets are rigid and easy to clean.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Wall Bracket

WeProFab acrylic wall brackets are able to show collections. There are many people who love collecting things or decorating walls. Acrylic wall brackets are suitable for pottery, figurines, and many other precious things collected.

Acrylic wall brackets are the best way to make collection into the center of attraction. WeProFab has the best features or characteristics of acrylic wall brackets. We are supplying different sizes and customizations which surely bring into your business a great success.

Acrylic Wall Bracket

WeProFab acrylic wall brackets are able to wider arts from home, hotels, etc. WeProFab can suggest suitable sizes and decorative wall brackets widen the décor space. We have detailed information about our fabricated products.

In many galleries, it is boring without acrylic wall brackets with the display on top. We can help you solve that problem. We’re supplying elegant and unique customization for your orders.

WeProFab acrylic wall brackets provide more storage and play with a lot of styles. With this installation, it will provide a fresh feeling because of its uniqueness.

Acrylic Wall Bracket

In choosing an acrylic wall bracket, at WeProFab, we have large, clear, decorative, and many more. All of your requests will be provided by WeProFab. We are certified so we can ensure the best quality yet professional cost acrylic wall brackets.

WeProFab acrylic wall brackets are also an organizer for small objects such as a vase, luxury perfumes, devices, and many other personal belongings.

It is not easy to find a certified or technologically tested products such as acrylic wall brackets. There are more than thousands of suppliers and manufacturers around the world. But only you can decide who will be perfect for you.

Acrylic Wall Bracket

In choosing the best one, find a certified and trusted one. An internationally tested supplier and manufacturer are able to handle any of the difficulties. WeProFab is one of the certified fabricators in China.

From China, WeProFab supplying the best acrylic wall brackets and any products from plastic fabrications and even metals.

You can deal with us to start your unforgettable journey with us. Contact us now as we are 24/7 online!

What is an Acrylic Wall Bracket?

Acrylic Wall Bracket adds a three-dimensional feature to your gallery wall. 

These contemporary shelves allow any object to be placed on top, thus making it appear floating.

Acrylic Mount Display acts as a support to random items mounted in the wall. 

It can turn any object or sculpture into a principal focus.

What are the Notable Features of the Acrylic Wall Bracket?

Acrylic Mount Displays are widely renowned for their remarkable characteristics:

  • It can be repurposed and reused.
  • Low incorporated energy and carbon in the production and transportation methods.
  • Mighty resistance to impact 
  • 92% of light transmission
  • Requires little work to keep in good condition
  • Versatile for different kinds of display
What Colors are Available for Acrylic Wall Bracket?

The acrylic wall bracket is commonly available in green, black, and transparent colors.

You can also request your supplier’s desired colors that suit your location.

What are Different Designs of Acrylic Wall Bracket?

There are various types you can choose that suit every specific application.

Below is a list.

  • Acrylic floating wall bracket
  • Acrylic lucite wall shelf
  • Rounded corner acrylic wall bracket
  • Acrylic half moon wall bracket
  • Acrylic corner shelf wall bracket
  • Acrylic robe hook wall bracket
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