• Lexan Windows

Lexan Windows

If you need windows made of Lexan polycarbonate sheets, then you are at the right place. As a professional polycarbonate sheet manufacturer, Weprofab has been supplying differents types of pc sheets since 2001, we can provide you standard Lexan windows or you can send us your design, we will use Lexan pc sheet to customize the perfect windows for you. Send your inquiry today.

Get WeProFab Lexan Windows to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab will help you achieve the booming of your business. Here are a lot of different quality forms, proudly given for your free selection sources. Select yours now.

Automotive Lexan Windows

WeProFab Automotive Lexan windows are made ruggedly for your project supports. Whether business or personal implementations, this product is suitable for you.

Clear Lexan Windows Sheet

WeProFab is a leading manufacturer that operates majorly in China. We are the top source of any resilient clear Lexan windows sheet. We have broad standard types of perfect accessories to fulfill your projects.

Hardwood Lexan Windows

Hardwood Lexan windows are formed very solidified. When you have a plan on purchasing, Weprofab is ready to assist you, especially with faster dealing transactions.

Lexan Windows Manufacturer

When looking for shiny, glossy and clarified Lexan windows manufacturer, Weprofab is your consummate partner. We are your trusted manufacturer, gives you excellent services.

Polycarbonate Glazing Lexan Windows

Is it hard to find polycarbonate glazing Lexan windows? No problem. You went to the right place. Here at Weprofab, we can cater to all your necessary assistance.

Polymershapes Lexan Windows

Polymershapes Lexan windows in Weprofab is greatly manufactured. Have great-looking appeal, perfect for adding elegance.

WeProFab: Your Leading Lexan Windows Manufacturer

All you need is here from Weprofab. We can supply in-demand solutions that highly-connects with Lexan windows. Your Lexan windows can be cut-to-sizes, printed, and laser-cutting when you held hands from Weprofab.

We are professionally connected with  WeeTect Material Limited corporations. They help us to be more determined and skilled in every manufacturing activity. We are experts in all plastic-based productions.

Draw your own designs and let us help you.

Custom Lexan Windows to Skyrocket Your Brand

Durable Lexan Windows Panel

Every Lexan window panels are made durable. Weprofab is professional to make it visible and possible.

Windshield Lexan Windows

Lexan windows also established with windshield functions. A good protective substance that protects you and the consumers.

UV-protected Lexan Windows

Weprofab produces UV-protected Lexan windows to forbid dangerous circumstances. We have complete pieces of machinery to successfully manufacture your demands.

Abrasion Resistant Lexan Windows

Abrasion-resistant Lexan windows feature improved resistance to weathering and improved service life. Offers combined impact strength and a highly abrasion-resistant surface. Guarantees lower life-cycle material costs.

Flame Retardant Lexan Windows

Flame retardant Lexan windows are characterized by enhanced levels of mechanical and thermal properties. Offer a wide variety of product options. Strictly designed with a flame retardant grade.

General Purpose Lexan Windows

General-purpose Lexan windows offer excellent clarity with an attractive aesthetic appearance. Features a general-purpose solution which is easy to design and form. Built with high-performance and stiffness.

Hardwood Lexan Windows

Hardwood Lexan windows are available in standard thicknesses and sizes for many popular custom applications. Offered with improved heat performance and enhanced toxicity properties.

High Optic Lexan Windows

High optic Lexan windows offer a consistent high-quality surface and cost-effective solution. Highly popular due to wide color availability. Commonly applicable as a bus, train, and truck exterior components.

Lexan Aircraft Windows

Lexan aircraft windows are frequently utilized as aerospace and automotive windshields. Structured using a lightweight, high strength, and safe material. Ensures outstanding optical clarity and scratch resistance.

Lexan Architecture Windows

Lexan architecture windows provide a lightweight and exceptional performance. Designed to enhance the safety and comfort of any setting. Enable greater design freedom, and higher resistance to impact and chemicals.

Lexan Bathroom Windows

Lexan bathroom windows are often used in any kind of commercial project. Can be custom cut to fit the desired area with varying thicknesses. Arrives with an outstanding aesthetic appeal and can be drilled for various options.

Machine Grade Lexan Windows

Machine-grade Lexan windows have a variety of applications and impressive impact resistance. Notable for his superior surface and structure quality. Highly resistant to harsh chemicals making it an ideal material for a variety of applications.

Multiwall Lexan Windows

Multiwall Lexan windows are constructed using a high viscosity and flame retardant grade material. Specially designed with high heat resistance and outstanding mechanical and electrical properties.

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Lexan Windows Sheet manufacturing

Why Choose Weprofab Lexan Windows

Weprofab Lexan windows are important for window constructions.

A window`s significant accessory that creates aesthetically designs.

Lexan windows are durable, completely gives support for building erections.

These are the best options to have for business, in giving your retail customers enough supplies of Lexan windows finishes from Weprofab.

Lexan windows come from a broad variety of differences.

Lexan windows

We offer dissimilar quality types of these productions, good for business` inclusions.

However, Weprofab Lexan windows are made with double UV protection. Those 2 functional UV proofs are giving sufficient protection on each product portion.

It protects the main consumer and operators. These keep them away from dangerous circumstances when using the main product.

Also, our highly formed Lexan windows are providing guaranteed light transfer and firmness of any mechanize possessions.

Gives natural lighting needed to support building erections processes.

Besides, the material used which is polycarbonate or plastic are amazingly adaptable to any applications.

A flexible material used to manufacture Lexan windows in cut-to-sizes and laser cuts finishes types.

Useful and the most usual material to help your upcoming projects fulfill as well.

Lexan windows

We have complete engineers and staff members, always ready to assist interested clients.

Tough-quality Lexan windows are accessible with different shining colors, sheet sizes, and thicknesses measures.

You can find different high-quality productions here at Weprofab.

Different functions and applications intend of our Lexan windows are available for your necessities.

For your personal or even institutional projects, our Lexan windows with the rugged standards are conditional.

We have the capability to demonstrate and prove our Lexan windows can bring numerous advantages for your business.

On the other hand, plastics that are used when manufacturing the product are commonly generated from thermoplastic polymers, also called PC “polycarbonates”.

These chemical syntheses are commonly a transparent and shapeless substance.

Very useful to create different diversification and perfect machined product parts.

These are used often for acrylic replacement. Not just acrylic, these are an effective replacement for glass and polyethylene.

Our ideally formed Lexan windows are perfectly added for industrial, agricultural, and for construction activities also.

These can be applied for security, electrical, and medical applications. These have all-around purposes.

Lexan windows

Weprofab has over years in manufacturing Lexan windows with shatterproof standard capacities.

With past experiences, we knew and familiar with many strategies in manufacturing.

We manufacture your well-suited products for any motive applications.

All plastic-based products, we are responsible to produce unexpected quality and ruggedness functions.

Lexan windows are lightweight, so it is easier to handle anywhere consumer goes.

Perfect addition to your business, for sure!

Weprofab customized Lexan windows for your wider selection.

If you need a specific quality of Lexan windows, we offer assistance. Contact now!

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Lexan Windows

From high-tech car racing to safety glass-replacement applications, Lexan windows can cater to all your business implementations even in the most extreme conditions.

Lexan Residential Windows

Lexan Residential Windows

You can customize Lexan windows and they come in different forms, colors, and sizes.

They are durable enough to satisfy long-term applications.

Lexan is shatterproof and is thus often the preferred choice to replace the glass.

You can use Lexan windows in windshields, bulletproof “glass”, car headlights, and greenhouse panels.

Basically, if you require a material that is harder than normal glass or plastic, you can use Lexan windows.

What Are Lexan Windows Made Of?

Lexan windows are made of polycarbonate which is a thermoplastic resin.

You will find this material does not deform nor shatter in extreme heat conditions reaching 147 degrees Celsius.

Can Lexan Windows Be Formed With Drape Forming?

Drape Forming Lexan Windows

Drape Forming Lexan Windows

Yes, drape forming is very common for making Lexan windows as many Lexan windows are used as car or motorcycle windshields that have a curved shape.

You can use molds made of high-gloss materials like aluminum, glass, or steel to reach the required optical quality.

This method allows the Lexan window material to sag into a mold under its own weight, with mechanical pressure, or by cold curving into a jig.

A hot-air circulating oven is used to thermoform the sheet between 140 – 165 degrees Centigrade.

The Lexan window material sets as soon as it is removed from the oven.

You must maintain the transition temperatures precisely to ensure maximum optical quality is sustained.

How Are Lexan Windows Cleaned?

Cleaning Lexan Windows

Cleaning Lexan Windows

You can wash your Lexan windows with mild soap and lukewarm water.

Loosen dirt or grime with a sponge or a soft, grid-free piece of cloth.

Remove smeared glazing, grease, or fresh paint splashes from your Lexan windows with heptane, petroleum ether, or hexane.

Wash these windows with clean water to remove traces of cleaner residue.

Dry the Lexan windows with a clean cloth to prevent water spots.

Lexan windows are cleaned on auto with high-pressure water cleaners or steam cleaners.

Avoid using highly alkaline, aromatic solvents, or abrasive cleaners on these windows.

What Are The Differences Between Lexan Windows And Safety Glass Windows?

Safety glass windows have five times more impact strength than normal annealed glass windows, while Lexan windows have about 250 times the impact strength of normal annealed glass windows.

You cannot cut or drill through safety glass, but you can drill and cut Lexan windows with a reciprocating or circular saw.

Lexan windows are ideally suited for greenhouses, as they allow full-spectrum light to pass through.

Safety glass windows do not allow the passage of full-spectrum light.

What Are The Differences Between Lexan Windows And Plexiglass Windows?

While Lexan windows have more impact strength, Plexiglass windows have higher resistance against scratching.

Lexan windows are less rigid than Plexiglass windows, so you can use them in shatter-proof applications.

They are unlikely to chip or crack under pressure over time.

Why Are Lexan Windows Used In Automobiles?

Automotive Lexan Windows

 Automotive Lexan Windows

Automotive Lexan windows are not just attractive aesthetically but are also very strong and unbreakable.

They are widely used in automobile and airplane applications where the following regulatory compliance standards are mandatory:

  • D635 Self Extinguishing
  • Boeing/Airbus Toxicity
  • 3-A Diry
  • FAR 25.853 Smoke 
  • FAR 25.853 Flammability
  • FAR 25.853 Heat Release (OSU 65/65)
  • NSF
  • FDA
  • USDA
  • UL-94 Flame Class
  • USP Class VI

How Do You Install A Lexan Car Window?

Installing Automotive Lexan Windows

Installing Automotive Lexan Windows

The first step is to make sure that your Lexan car window is of the right size.

Place it into position and check without removing the protective masking layer.

Use the installation kit provided by the supplier to avoid vibrations and other installation errors.

You may need to bend your Lexan window over the front windshield.

Use braces to support the center of the windshield.

· Prepare Your Window For Installation

Leave the protective masking over the Lexan window intact during installation.

Pull 2 to 3 inches of this masking inwards at the edges on both sides.

You must be able to see through this window along the edges.

Use a grease marking pencil to mark your Lexan window.

· Fitting Your Lexan Window

The right-sized Lexan window sits flush on your OEM automobile windscreen.

Drill holes at the Lexan window ends as per the instruction sheet.

Generally, 7/32 size drill bits are used to drill into the window to accommodate 3/16 size rivets.

Use the appropriate molding to hold the Lexan window in place.

You can watch this video to see how to prepare and install your Lexan window.

· Sealing Up Your Lexan Window

Put your bolts into the holes that you have drilled into your Lexan window.

You can use about one bolt every six inches

Remove the Lexan window from the car and use a caulk gun to apply RTV glue around the surface.

Take off the protective film and bolt the Lexan window to the car.

When the RTV glue cures, you can loosen the bolts and remove the outer protective film.

After that, tighten the bolts and trim away any excess glue.

What Are Lexan Window Installation Kits?

Lexan window installation kits contain everything that you need to install your Lexan car windows and windshields.

They normally contain rubber seals, steel screws and rubber adhesive tubes.

What Are UV-Protected Lexan Windows?

UV-Protected Lexan Windows

UV-Protected Lexan Windows

These Lexan windows are coated on one or both sides with ultraviolet-protective coatings for better protection against harmful UV rays.

You will find them remarkably clear even after many years of exposure to intense weather and sunlight.

Can You Use Lexan Windows With Race Cars And Motorcycles?

Racecar Lexan Windows

 Race Car Lexan Window

Yes, Lexan windows are absolutely a great choice.

They have high durability and can withstand impact from sandblasting while racing.

Can I Tint My Lexan Windows?

Tinted Lexan Window

Tinted Lexan Window

You can, with either tint film or spray tint.

There are differences between spray tint and film tint.

Film tint can block UV rays and you can easily replace film tints if they are scratched.

Applying film tints also makes your Lexan windows shatterproof so you do not have to worry about people breaking into your vehicle.

However, it is easy for film tint to bubble, peel and change color.

Spray tint is permanent and will not peel or bubble.

It is also cheaper than spray tint.

However, spray tint does not offer as much protection from UV rays and you cannot easily repair your window if it is scratched.

Be careful when you try to tint Lexan windows with tint films.

The Lexan material can produce gas when it is heated while trying to adhere to the tint film to the window, especially if you have scratches on your window or use a bad quality tint film.

This causes air bubbles to form in your window.

Do not leave your Lexan windows in the sun after adhering to the tint film until it completely dries.

This video shows you how to tint your Lexan window with tint film.

You may also want to consider spraying tint so that you can cover the surface of your Lexan window while allowing gas to escape from the surface of the Lexan window.

Firstly, clean your Lexan window with a degreaser and clean away any dirt with a paper towel.

Make sure you wash the Lexan window clean with water.

Frame the window with tape and cover any surface around the Lexan window with newspaper so they will not be tinted by the tint spray.

Spray the tint spray and apply an even coating.

Make sure you do not hold the can in a single spot for a long time as the tint spray will start to puddle.

Allow the tint spray to dry and if you need the tint to be darker you can spray another coating of tint spray again.

Remove the tape and newspaper and you are good to go.

You can also buy Lexan windows that are already tinted to avoid the hassle.

What Are Lexan Window Kits?

Lexan window kits include a full set of windows for your car including side windows, rear windows, and front windshields.

You can purchase them if you are thinking of switching out all your car windows to Lexan windows.

What Are Lexan Window Vents?

Lexan Window Vent

Lexan Window Vents

Lexan window vents are small vents that are installed in Lexan windows and can be opened up for more airflow.

These were more common decades ago when there was no air conditioning and airflow was needed to cool the car down.

These days, race cars may still have Lexan window vents in order to increase airflow as the car heats up very quickly during races.

You can also have Lexan window sliders that open up in the Lexan window to increase airflow to the car as an alternative to Lexan window vents.

What Are Lexan Window Well Covers?

Lexan Window Well Cover

 Lexan Window Well Cover

You can use Lexan window well covers to cover over your basement window wells.

You can prevent debris, snow, rain or even people falling into these basement window wells that can be quite large and deep.

Animals also will not get into the wells so they will not start to nest and make their hopes.

Lexan is widely used for window well covers due to its strength in carrying loads.

It also highly impact resistance with no dents left behind even with impact.

Can You Set Up Your Car With Removable Lexan Windows?

Yes, this is possible.

If your Lexan windows are mounted on a steel frame, you can extend the end tubes to fit into the tubes that are welded in the door.

You can then secure the window frame tube into the receiving tube to install the Lexan windows.

You can also put in some screws to secure the Lexan window further.

When you want to remove the Lexan window, remove any screws.

Bow the Lexan window inwards to pop it out of the frame.

Can You Use Lexan Windows For Aircraft?

Lexan Windows for Aircraft

 Lexan Windows For Aircraft

Yes, you can use Lexan windows for aircraft.

Lexan windows are much more lightweight than glass windows so they reduce the weight of the aircraft and save fuel.

They are also very strong and almost do not shatter.

Can You Use Lexan Windows For Boats?


 Lexan Windows For Boats

Yes, you can.

Lexan windows will be able to resist impact and are very strong.

They will also be able to resist rough weather conditions and are great for outdoor use.

Do You Need Lexan Window Braces On Cars?

Lexan Window Brace

 Lexan Window Braces

If you are using a car for personal use, you typically do not need braces or supports for your car windows.

However, many racecars install Lexan window supports because when the cars are moving at high speed, the air pressure of the top of the car tends to push the rear car windows into the cockpit.

This is why you will see Lexan window brace and supports in the rear windows of racecars to prevent the rear window from breaking.

Sometimes they are also used to add weight to a racecar to meet minimum weight conditions.

To install the window braces, use quarter inch tubing and weld it to the cage at the top and bottom of the window.

You can also choose to install the Lexan window braces with bolts so that you can easily remove the Lexan window braces anytime you want.

How Can You Repair Lexan Windows?

If you have broken Lexan windows, you might need to replace them completely.

This video shows you how to replace your Lexan windows.

If you have scratches on your Lexan windows that you want to fix, you can sand them to remove the scratches.

Start sanding the scratches with wet or dry 1000 grit sandpaper.

If the scratch is extremely deep, you can choose to start with 800 grit sandpaper and repeat with the 1000 grit sandpaper.

After that, sand the scratches again with the 1500 grit sandpaper and buff with Lexan polish to shine the Lexan window.

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