• Polycarbonate ceiling panel

Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

WeProFab is your top choice when finding solutions for your quality polycarbonate ceiling panel. We offer different standard types, good for your upcoming ceiling and roofing projects. We have also an advanced coating and molding machine technologies which helpful for a successive manufacturing process. We offer full services for you. Send your ideal orders now and let`s make sure deals.

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab highly presents numerous conditioned types of polycarbonate ceiling panels. Here are the top products that you might favor because of the quality it has. These are completely UV-protected, fire-proof, and have strong collision-resistant overall capacity.

Corrugated Polycarbonate ceiling panel

Weprofab presents the highest quality of the corrugated type of polycarbonate ceiling panel. We make cutting into dissimilar sizes for suitable applications.

Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel Cut-to-size

WeProFab offers a polycarbonate ceiling panel that is already cut-to-size for specified applications. With all-inclusive quality, durability, and toughness to withstand extreme temperature ratings.

Polycarbonate Hollow sheet ceiling panel

WeProFab highly recommends these polycarbonate hollow sheet ceiling panels for your own application needs. All of it`s included types are proven in 100% quality.

Polycarbonate Honeycomb ceiling panel

WeProFab provides a polycarbonate honeycomb ceiling panel with custom designs and sizes. If you are wanting to have numerous selections, here at Weprofab you can find one.

Roofing Polycarbonate ceiling panel

If you are needing a trusted provider of roofing polycarbonate ceiling panel, WeProFab proposed different quality types of this kind. We make customizing and cutting these sheets for fitting process.

Twin Wall Polycarbonate ceiling panel

WeProFab twin wall polycarbonate ceiling panel is provided for ceiling projects completions. This is manufactured for a custom applying interior decorating applications.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel Manufacturer

For over years in services, WeProfab becomes one of the trusted and most reliable manufacturers operates in China. We, Weprofab proudly offer different ceiling and roofing necessary materials.

To manufacture the perfect polycarbonate ceiling panel, we have advance tech machines that contribute a lot to the manufacturing process. That is why the WeProFab polycarbonate ceiling panel is completely impressive when comes to quality tests.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase the best-suited polycarbonate ceiling panel types.

Custom Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel to Skyrocket Your Brand

Transparent Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

WeProFab is an enterprise that enhances to provide a transparent polycarbonate ceiling panel. We are brilliantly skilled when manufacturing your in-demand designs.

Colored Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

WeProFab highly provides colored polycarbonate ceiling panels. All colors are available and not easily faded.

Unbreakable Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

WeProFab is your leading partner when you are badly needing unbreakable quality of polycarbonate ceiling panel. These are proven 100% long-lasting products.

Solid Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

The solid polycarbonate ceiling panel is lightweight, transparent, and UV-resistant. A top choice for many architects and designers. Hailed for its versatility, flexibility, and durability. Primarily used in ceiling projects.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

Impact-resistant polycarbonate ceiling panel is a versatile and environmentally-friendly product. Possesses the durability to withstand impacts and debris. Resistant to yellowing, extreme weather, and aging.

Light Diffuser Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

Light diffuser polycarbonate ceiling panel is applicable in the decorative area of public, commercial, or private environments. Offers designers flexibility and challenging lighting concepts.

Translucent Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

Translucent polycarbonate ceiling panel is a wonder material for the construction industry. Offers such a range of visual options, dimensions and colors. Delivered with a sacrificed strength for beauty.

Textured Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

Textured polycarbonate ceiling panel arrives in a variety of translucent textures and finishes. Seamlessly integrates with standard acoustical ceiling systems. Light-weight and elegantly provide a dramatic visual.

Patterned Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

The patterned polycarbonate ceiling panel is durable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective. Favored due to its high-performance properties and contemporary look. Guarantees to enhance the amount of daylight in interior spaces.

Decorative Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

A decorative polycarbonate ceiling panel is manufactured to withstand the prolonged effects of hazardous elements. Features high light transmission and advanced UV protection. Virtually unbreakable and sturdy.

Frosted Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

The frosted polycarbonate ceiling panel is provided with high impact strength. Arrives with a frosted surface and a solid structure. Widely applicable in the roofing systems, skylights, sound insulation panels, and greenhouses.

Corrugated Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

Corrugated polycarbonate ceiling panel offers outstanding physical characteristics and excellent impact resistance. Available in standard profiles, lightweight, and easy to handle. This can be fabricated on-site without cracking.

Shatter Resistant Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

Shatter-resistant polycarbonate ceiling panel has a much cleaner and fresher look compared to other materials. Maintains a clean look and high strength. Resistance to the forceful impact that can withstand all kinds of outdoor weather conditions.

Bulletproof Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

The bulletproof polycarbonate ceiling panel is frequently utilized in residential, commercial, and industrial uses. Extruded using high-performance and long-lasting materials. Provides protection against UV rays.

5mm Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

5mm polycarbonate ceiling panel can be used with a wide range of demanding applications. Extremely durable and designed to deliver outstanding impact resistance. Available with 5mm thickness.

10mm Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

10mm polycarbonate ceiling panel provides an anti-glare control with a cool and fresh color impression. Features extreme high light transmission and high diffusivity. Applicable in LED lighting fixtures and luminaires.

Ribbed Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

The ribbed polycarbonate ceiling panel is incredibly strong and is designed to withstand the fierce elements of weather. Designed to be flexible, lightweight, and lowers UV radiation. Provides excellent thermal capability.

Lightweight Multiwall Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

The lightweight multiwall polycarbonate ceiling panel is a strong and tough material. Defensive against harmful radiations of the sun, discoloration, and weakening. 100% recyclable and resistant to yellowing.

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Why Choose WeProFab Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

WeProFab Polycarbonate ceiling panel is particularly used as lighting covers, as decoration, bathroom roofing addition, room division, etc.

WeProFab offers complete types and stocks of all ceiling shades/colors.

Best inclusion products for the sake of business expansions and enhancement process.

Polycarbonate ceiling panel surface appeared more elegant and has stereoscopic designs.

That happens when the sunshine goes thru into this thing. Natural light will surely experience when rather using a polycarbonate ceiling panel.

Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

WeProFab Polycarbonate ceiling panel has been featured with giving natural lights from sunshine.

When lamp illuminates and passes into this thing, impressive and hazy outcomes in the surrounding will surely experience.

So many people in engineering prefer used polycarbonate ceiling panels as one of the very important sheets in construction procedures.

These can be an indoor decoration accessory and deepness procedures.

The polycarbonate ceiling panel is available with UV protection, solidity-formed, fire-proof, and has unbreakable quality.

These are made transparent, durable, and clear. And because it`s originated from plastics, it is prone to fires incidents.

So that, Weprofab made it strongly fire resistance against all those hazardous circumstances.

Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

It has overall amazing purposes and impressive quality to endure high heat temperatures.

Thus, a polycarbonate ceiling panel is accessible for about 2mm 3 mm plastic sheet sizes.

Definitely cut into different measurements to fit in your ceiling or roofing project needs.

Not just with ceiling purposes, our Weprofab polycarbonate ceiling panel is suited also for windows, doors, and bathroom privacy applications.

Because these are formed and molded from plastics/ polycarbonate substance, expect these would be lightweight, very strong, resilient, and a long-lasting product.

Polycarbonate material is a thermoplastic type of substance.

Very lightweight material, which has the capacity to withstand extremely high-temperature ratings.

Whether cold or hot temperatures, our polycarbonate panel for ceiling applications is appropriate.

And because of these high capabilities, Weprofab polycarbonate ceiling panels are most prefer over the whole ceiling constructions.

It is more liked by most licensed engineers.

Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

For ceiling solutions, you now know where to get reliable supplies.

Here at Weprofab, you can choose a wide variety of polycarbonate ceiling panels for satisfying applications.

WeProFab is your great number 1 option when it comes to your polycarbonate ceiling panel solutions.

WeProFab has the capacity to custom, polish, machining, and cutting polycarbonate ceiling panel into different sheet sizes.

We are organized and well-prepared to serve you.

Don`t hesitate to talk to us about your concerns, we can`t wait to work with you.

Polycarbonate Ceiling Panels: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

A polycarbonate ceiling panel is a lightweight thermoplastic material used to cover ceilings in construction.

Although lightweight, this panel is tough, UV resistant, and quite attractive in constructions.

It is also available in a range of colors and designs, making it a popular ceiling choice among engineers and interior designers.

If you’re looking to buy polycarbonate ceiling panels, this guide is going to be helpful.

It answers some of the most common questions relating to the buying and use of polycarbonate ceiling panels.

Why Install Polycarbonate Ceiling Panels?


You should install polycarbonate ceiling panels for their numerous benefits.

As earlier mentioned, polycarbonate ceiling panels are lightweight, yet tough and durable.

They are also UV resistant and very stylish, thus help to improve the aesthetics and acoustics of your space.

Besides, this type of ceiling panel boasts of excellent heat retention capabilities.

And if your building is situated in a noisy area, polycarbonate ceiling panels are your ideal choice as they help to decrease noise levels.

Polycarbonate ceiling panel

 Polycarbonate ceiling

Can Acrylic Replace Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel?

Generally, yes.

Acrylic shares similar properties with polycarbonate material which makes it a viable alternative for polycarbonate ceiling panels.

The only difference is that acrylic is not as strong and resilient as compared to polycarbonate.

Acrylic gives in faster to the effects of wear and tear.

Also, acrylic is cheaper compared to polycarbonate, which makes it a suitable option for those looking for low-cost ceiling installation.

Curved acrylic panel

Curved acrylic panel

Is Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel better than PVC Ceiling Panel?

It depends on your preference and area of application.

PVC ceiling panels are cheaper and well, readily available, unlike polycarbonate ceiling panels.

Polycarbonate ceiling panels as mentioned severally are;

  • Strong
  • Resilient
  • Attractive
  • Provide great thermal insulation
  • UV resistant
  • Can be polished severally to maintain their shine
  • Lightweight thus easy to install

PVC ceilings, on the other hand, apart from being cheaper, are scratch-resistant.

Compared to polycarbonate, PVC doesn’t have strong impact resistance.

As such, they are less likely to remain intact in case of a collision.

With polycarbonate, there are different grades.

You can have high-grade polycarbonate ceiling panels that are bulletproof.

These can withstand any amount of impact and are also known to be highly durable compared to any other plastic material.

Are there Disadvantages of Polycarbonate Ceiling Panels?

Yes, there are.

Like every other thing, polycarbonate ceiling panels have their fair share of disadvantages which include;

  • Polycarbonate ceiling panels are quite expensive compared to glass and other plastics.
  • Not scratch resistant. Polycarbonate ceiling panels tend to scratch easily.
  • After too much exposure to sunlight, polycarbonate ceiling panels tend to discolor
  • Cleaning and maintaining polycarbonate ceilings is not that easy as it requires great care. The material is highly sensitive to abrasive cleaning agents, alkaline solutions, and solvents.

Do Polycarbonate Ceiling Panels Yellow on Sun?

Generally, prolonged exposure to sunlight tends to yellow polycarbonate materials.

However, with polycarbonate ceiling panels, these are manufactured using innovative technologies that make them UV resistant.

And also, highly resistant to both high and low temperatures.

In this case, it will take very many years for polycarbonate ceiling panels to yellow.

Besides, the fact that they are installed inside the building away from direct sunlight also provides an added advantage.

So you don’t have to worry about the ceiling yellowing.

Unless, if you intend to store the panels outside for a considerable amount of time.

Or are planning on an outdoor installation such in patios.

Polycarbonate ceiling panel

 Polycarbonate ceiling panel

How do you cut Polycarbonate Ceiling Panels to Size?

There are multiple ways of cutting polycarbonate ceiling panels to size.

These include:

  • CNC machining
  • Laser cutting
  • Sawing

Whichever method you choose, you need to ensure that you have the right cutting tool and other equipment for the project.

When you have assembled everything, you’ll need, first clamp the ceiling panels to ensure that it doesn’t move during cutting.

Next, measure the size that you need and use a visible marker to mark the cutting line.

After which you take your cutting tool and proceed to cut following the markings that you made earlier.

If need be, you can polish the cut edge/s to remove any hanging debris and smoothen rough edges.

Can you get a Decorative Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel?


As I had said earlier, polycarbonate ceiling panels are available in a wide range of designs.

So depending on color, thickness, or design that you want, you just need to talk to your manufacturer.

Depending on their capabilities, they should be able to provide what you need, from clear, colored to decorative polycarbonate ceiling panels.

Decorative polycarbonate panel

 Decorative polycarbonate panel

What are the Standard Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel Sizes?

Polycarbonate ceiling panels are available in two standard sizes; 2mm and 3mm sheet sizes.

Note, however, that there are cut to size ceiling panels that you can order depending on your unique requirements.

Can you Fix Lighting Systems on Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel?

Yes, you can.

The best part is that polycarbonate ceiling panels work well with lighting as they have excellent light transmission.

Their transparent nature allows for light, both natural and artificial, to pass through and illuminate the room beautifully and attractively.

Polycarbonate ceiling panel with lights

Polycarbonate ceiling panel with lights

Are Polycarbonate Ceiling Panels Resistant to Heat Dissipated by Lighting Systems?


Polycarbonate ceiling panels are very lightweight but with the ability to resist both high and low temperatures.

This includes heat dissipated by lighting systems.

It is for this reason that experts endorse polycarbonate ceilings for both hot and cold temperature applications.

How much Weight Can Polycarbonate Ceiling Panels Support?

Polycarbonate has a high tensile strength.

Meaning, it is highly resistant to impact.

But this does not mean that it is totally unbreakable.

So even though it is marketed as ‘virtually unbreakable; you need to be careful how much weight you put on polycarbonate ceiling panels.

Can you add other Coating on Polycarbonate Ceiling Panels?

Yes, you can add other coatings on polycarbonate ceiling panels, depending on your needs.

Some of the coatings that you can include are;

· UV Coating

This is a surface treatment that makes the panels more resistant to UV rays.

The coating generally helps prevent the penetration of harmful UV rays through the surface of polycarbonate ceilings.

Also, UV coating on polycarbonate ceiling panels helps to enhance durability as well as prevent discoloration.

In most cases, people refer to then as UV polycarbonate panel.

· Anti-fog Coating

Polycarbonate ceiling panels used to roof outdoor spaces can benefit from anti-fog coatings.

These help to prevent moisture from spotting on the surface of the ceiling.

· Anti-scratch Coating

Anti-scratch coating is essential for any polycarbonate product.

This is because polycarbonate is known to be highly susceptible to scratching.

Therefore, if you want to;

  • Protect your polycarbonate ceiling panels
  • Maintain a clean and crisp ceiling
  • Enhance the durability of your ceiling panels
  • Reduce the need and cost for repairs and maintenance

Then, consider adding an anti-scratch coating to the panels.

It will help prevent the ceiling surface from getting scratches as a result of abrasion from different objects.

· Anti-reflective Coating

An anti-reflective coating is meant to prevent excess light from passing through the surface of polycarbonate ceiling panels.

Which Types of Polycarbonate Ceiling Panels are there?

There are mainly six types of polycarbonate ceiling panels.

These are;

i. Corrugated Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

Corrugated polycarbonate panel

Corrugated polycarbonate panel

The corrugated polycarbonate ceiling panel is generally the toughest type of these panels.

Its design resembles that of corrugated roofing sheets.

And unlike most other polycarbonate ceiling panels, these tend to require very minimal framing, thus reducing the cost of installation.

Pros of Corrugated Polycarbonate Panel

  • Uniquely strong
  • Cheap to install
  • Provide even light distribution
  • Lightweight and easy to install

When to use Corrugated Polycarbonate Panel

Due to its toughness, a corrugated polycarbonate ceiling panel is ideal for applications that require high physical strength.

And also, where minimal support is needed as it often requires little framing.

ii. Colored Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

Colored polycarbonate panel

Colored polycarbonate panel

Colored polycarbonate ceiling panels come in a variety of opaque and translucent colors.

They are available in grey, red, green, yellow, orange colors, etc.

You can choose the shade that you want, depending on your unique requirements.

Benefits of Colored Polycarbonate Panel

  • Offers great flexibility
  • Enhance architectural design and displays
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Strong and durable
  • Versatile
  • Energy efficient
  • Has superior thermal properties

Where to use Colored Polycarbonate Panel

Colored polycarbonate ceiling panels are generally preferable, where great aesthetics and acoustics are needed.

They can be used both indoors and outdoors.

iii. Clear Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

Clear polycarbonate panel

Clear polycarbonate panel

This is a polycarbonate ceiling panels that are totally and naturally transparent.

It allows for light transmittance in practically the same capacity as glass.

Benefits of Clear Polycarbonate Panel

  • Provide excellent optical clarity
  • Great for light illumination
  • UV resistant
  • Has excellent heat and impact resistance
  • Highly flexible
  • lightweight

Where to use Clear Polycarbonate Panel

If you need limitless versatility, excellent optical clarity, and overall economic ceiling installation, then opt for clear polycarbonate ceiling panels.

It will offer you these and many other benefits in your construction.

iv. Hollow Polycarbonate Ceiling Sheet

Hollow polycarbonate ceiling panel

 Hollow polycarbonate panel

This is a multilayered type of polycarbonate ceiling panel with air spaces between the different layers of material.

It is classified according to the number of walls, i.e., twin, triple, etc.

Note that this type of polycarbonate ceiling panels has dividing walls that act as support structures.

Benefits of Hollow Polycarbonate Panel

  • Offers excellent thermal insulation
  • Lightweight yet strong and durable
  • Quite attractive
  • Has high impact resistance
  • Weather-resistant
  • Has a high heat and sound insulation
  • Has an excellent light transmission

Where to use Hollow Polycarbonate Panel

Majorly, hollow polycarbonate ceiling panels are ideal for use in both subtle and harsh environments.

This is thanks to its superb weatherability and physical strength.

It also ideal for use where you need to achieve great aesthetics and light illumination, such as in supermarkets and walkways.

v. Twin Wall Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel

Twin wall polycarbonate panel

Twin wall polycarbonate panel

Twin wall polycarbonate ceiling panel is just what it sounds like- a double-layered polycarbonate ceiling panel with greater strength, insulation, and versatility.

Benefits of Twin Wall Polycarbonate Panel

  • Provide a higher level of insulation
  • Cost-effective
  • Offer better distribution of light
  • Lightweight yet strong and durable
  • Highly versatile

Where to use Twin Wall Polycarbonate Panel

Twin walls are much used in applications where additional heating is needed.

This is because these type of ceiling panel is thick, allowing for a higher level of insulation and protection from direct sunlight.

vi. Polycarbonate Honeycomb Ceiling Panel

Honey comb polycarbonate panel

Honey comb polycarbonate panel

Polycarbonate honeycomb ceiling panel features the geometry of a honeycomb.

The idea behind this design of a polycarbonate ceiling panel is often to minimize the weight and use of material.

This ceiling panel is available in various core configurations, colors, and thicknesses.

Benefits of Honey Comb Polycarbonate Panel

  • Extremely resilient
  • Lightweight
  • Has high impact resistance
  • Highly durable
  • Increase airflow
  • Provide great heat and noise insulation

Where to use Honeycomb Polycarbonate Panel

Polycarbonate honeycomb ceiling panel is used in areas that require laminar flow ventilation.

This includes areas such as sterilized rooms, commercial refrigeration rooms, and climatic chambers, etc.

How durable are Polycarbonate Ceiling Panels?

Polycarbonate is a generally strong and highly durable material.

It is also resistant to heat and impact.

This means that polycarbonate ceiling panels are highly durable as well.

They can last longer than any other standard ceiling panels.

On top of that, well-manufactured polycarbonate is also resistant to sunlight, rain, and snow.

This makes polycarbonate ceiling panels ideal for use in both subtle and harsh environments.

They can last for many years without showing signs of discoloration, yellowing, or fading.

Please note that there is no guarantee to the lifespan of polycarbonate ceiling panels.

Their durability will often depend on their quality.

Some may last a few years while some can go for decades without fading or wearing.

The trick is to research and find a reliable manufacturer that can provide you with quality and long-lasting polycarbonate ceiling panels.

Which accessories do you need to Install Polycarbonate Ceiling Panels?

To install polycarbonate roofing panels, you’ll need the following accessories;

  • Adhesive and tape
  • Panel closures
  • Fixing buttons
  • F-sections
  • Flashings
  • End caps
  • Screws
  • Spans

Does Polycarbonate Ceiling Panels Require Additional Insulation?

Polycarbonate ceiling panels provide excellent sound absorption and thermal insulation.

If properly installed, you won’t need additional insulation unless it’s a unique requirement for your application.

For instance, you may need additional insulation for applications in frigid climates.

Also, if your application is a greenhouse that needs higher temperatures, then you may need to add more insulation.

How do you Clean Polycarbonate Ceiling Panels?

Cleaning polycarbonate panel

Cleaning polycarbonate panel

Polycarbonate is generally sensitive to harsh cleaning agents.

Abrasive and alkaline cleaning compounds can destroy polycarbonate ceilings.

As such, you need to be extremely gentle and careful when cleaning them.

Fortunately, cleaning polycarbonate ceiling panels doesn’t require a professional.

The following steps will guide you in cleaning these panels.

  • First, gently wipe dirt and dust using a soft cloth
  • Dip the soft cloth in lukewarm water
  • Use a mild soap
  • Gently rub the panel in an upward and downward motion
  • To avoid staining, change the water frequently
  • Dry the ceiling using a soft and dry cloth

Is Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel Weatherproof?


These ceiling panels have features that make them resistant to adverse weather conditions such as scorching sun, rain, and snow.

Their colors do not quickly fade.

Unlike other ceiling installations, polycarbonate ceiling panels cannot be broken or cracked by hailstorms.

Thanks to their high tensile strength and impact resistance.

Also, UV coated polycarbonate ceiling panels can resist the effects of sunlight.

This means that they will not fade, discolor, or yellow easily.

Are Polycarbonate Sheets better than Conventional Ceiling Panels?

Yes, if you’re looking for aesthetic appeal, durability, and excellent thermal insulation.

But if cost and scratch resistance is a concern in your construction project, then you may want to opt for conventional ceiling panels.

These are a bit cheaper than polycarbonate ceiling panels.

Can you Paint Polycarbonate Ceiling Sheet?

Yes, you can paint a polycarbonate ceiling sheet.

However, you need to understand that polycarbonate sheeting is a thermoplastic polymer.

It is durable and quite easy to mold and thermoform.

Nonetheless, the material is non-porous, which makes it unsuitable for paint adhesion.

So if you want to paint on a polycarbonate ceiling sheet, you’ll need to ensure that it’s adequately prepared.

In this case, the sheet has to be pre-treated using abrasion techniques to allow for proper paint adhesion.

After preconditioning, find a compatible paint to use on your polycarbonate ceiling sheet.

Plastic paints are high in this regard.

Don’t forget to use a primer before painting.

And if using spray paint, apply thin layers to avoid paint sagging.

How do you Test Polycarbonate Ceiling Sheet?

There are several ways to test a polycarbonate ceiling sheet.

And some of these ways include;

  • Conducting a total light transmittance test and ensure that it is up to the standards of ISO 13468-1
  • Do a refractive index test and ensure conformance to ISO 1183 standards
  • Also, conduct chemical resistance and haze tests
  • Scratch resistance tests to check for quality manufacturing
  • Impact resistance tests
  • Heat resistance tests
  • Flexibility tests

Basically, you need to check and be sure that the polycarbonate ceiling panels you’re buying are excellent quality.

They should have excellent impact resistance.

And also, be able to withstand harsh weather elements such extremely high and low temperatures as well as rain and snow.

Good quality polycarbonate ceiling panels should also guarantee the safety of both the product and the material.

It should generally meet requisite quality and performance dynamics as per industry standards.

How Strong is Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel compared to Glass?

Polycarbonate ceiling panels are very strong.

Stronger than many other ceiling installations, including glass.

These ceiling panels are estimated to be 200 times stronger than glass and 25 times stronger than acrylic and other materials.

Besides, while the glass is easily prone to breakage and shattering, polycarbonate is not as it is made to be durable and resilient.

Which Adhesive is best for Joining Polycarbonate Ceiling Panel?

There are several options when it comes to adhesives for gluing polycarbonate ceiling panels.

However, it is essential to note that all the available options work differently and are each suitable for different applications.

In structural applications such as in this case, the best adhesive is one that is easy to use and has great impact and bonding strength.

Moreover, the adhesive ought to be clear to maintain optical clarity in visible light.

Two-component acrylic adhesives are highly recommended in these instances.

These types of adhesives meet all of the above requirements and are even UV resistant, so applications won’t yellow over time.

What is the Maximum Temperature Polycarbonate Ceiling Panels can withstand?

Unlike many of its alternative materials such as acrylic and PVC, polycarbonate can withstand extreme temperatures.

This is its greatest property that makes this material safe to use in construction and household applications.

You can expose a polycarbonate ceiling panel to temperatures as high as 150 degrees Celsius for hours.

Or even expose it to sudden bursts of heat as high as250 degrees Celsius but it won’t break, distort or absorb heat.

In such extreme temperature conditions, other ceiling installations such as glass will absorb heat, making them impossible to touch.

They will also shatter/break due to this.

Please note: polycarbonate plastic has a melting point of 155 degrees Celsius.

If continually exposed to temperatures above this point, it will start to soften and melt away.

How much Does Polycarbonate Ceiling Panels Cost?

The cost of polycarbonate ceiling panels varies across the board.

And this is due to numerous factors that include brand, size, material thickness, and customization.

Note that different polycarbonate manufacturers will price their products differently based on these and other factors.

So generally there is no definite price that we can give as it is all relative.

You can, however, try to get the best price for polycarbonate ceiling panels by doing a little due diligence.

Research manufacturers, compare their prices and opt for the one that can meet your demands at a cost-effective rate.

My advice: if buying in bulk, go for manufacturers with full fabrication capabilities such as WeProFab.

These tend to have a cost advantage and are also able to meet any production demand.

Do Polycarbonate Ceiling Panels Rot?

No, it does not.

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic with exceptional resistance to weather and environmental inclement.

Unlike wooden panels, these ceiling panels are robust, durable, and do not rot nor corrode even when installed in the outdoors.

In a nutshell, polycarbonate ceiling panels have excellent weatherability and will often provide years of service in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Polycarbonate composite panel

 Polycarbonate composite panel

How Resistant are Polycarbonate Ceiling Panels Resistant to Fire?

As mentioned several, polycarbonate is generally highly resistant to heat.

Meaning, it can stand up to extreme temperature without distorting or breaking.

Remember, though that as a material, polycarbonate has a melting point of 155 degrees Celsius.

When exposed to temperatures above this point for extended periods, polycarbonate ceilings will start to soften and eventually melt away.

Are Polycarbonate Ceiling Panels Sound Proof?


In addition to its many benefits, a polycarbonate ceiling panel is also an excellent soundproofing barrier.

As a matter of fact, polycarbonate often acts as a cost-effective alternative to popular soundproofing solutions in construction applications.

What should you Consider when Buying Polycarbonate Ceiling Panels?

You need to consider various factors when choosing and buying polycarbonate ceiling panels.

Some of these factors include;

  • Your application; choices differ depending on how, where and why you are installing polycarbonate ceiling panels
  • Size and thickness; polycarbonate ceiling panels are made using different grades of polycarbonate sheeting. As such you need first to define the quality that you want and well as consider the size of your application
  • Customization; note that there are usually stock and custom polycarbonate ceiling panel options. The stock option is if you do not need any special features added. But if you do, then you may opt for custom ceiling panels
  • Cost; you need to consider your budget when buying polycarbonate ceiling panels. The cost of the panels including transportation should always be in line with your budget
  • Design and color; depending on your unique requirements, consider a color and design that’s suitable. There are a variety of options in this regard.

With all these, am sure you can easily choose the best polycarbonate ceiling for any application.

Still, if you have any questions about polycarbonate ceiling panel – You can ask WeProFab team.

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