Acrylic Console Table

Acrylic Console Table

Acrylic console tables are narrow and long decorative tables. They are usually placed against a wall, behind a couch, and other narrow spaces. These tables are the best storage solution to exude elegance and exquisite touch to any space. Many also prefer acrylic console tables over glass ones since they are more affordable, lighter, and safer. The console tables made from acrylic will not shatter when they break, unlike glass console tables. That makes acrylic console tables safer to use.

Choose WeProFab Acrylic Console Table to Skyrocket Your Business

WeProFab offers durable and high-quality acrylic console tables that are perfect for offices, living rooms, entryways, bedrooms, hallways, and other spaces at home. Our acrylic console tables are durable enough for storing decorative items, books, media equipment, and other items. They have high load capacity and are designed to withstand daily use. Their capacity will range up to 300 lbs.

3-Tier Acrylic Open Shelves Console Table

The 3-tier acrylic open shelves console tables have 3 tiers so you can have large storage space. They are perfect in living rooms.

Acrylic Half-Moon Console Table

The acrylic half-moon console tables are designed to be placed against the wall due to their half-moon shape.

Acrylic Oval Console Table

The acrylic oval console tables have round edges that are polished smoothly. Therefore, they are very safe, especially for children.

Acrylic Waterfall Console Table

The acrylic waterfall console tables feature a minimalist design. They have high transparency and a glossy surface.

Acrylic Rectangular Console Table

The acrylic rectangular console tables have a narrow and stylish design. They are suitable for corridors and hallways.

2-Tier Acrylic Console Table

The 2-tier acrylic console tables are ideal for displaying lamps, clocks, and other decorative items. They are lightweight and have a modern design.

Acrylic Black Console Table

The acrylic black console tables are perfect for your foyer, entryways, or living room. They feature contemporary design.

Acrylic Scalloped Console Table

The acrylic scalloped console tables are designed with scalloped or curvy edges. They have polished and smooth edges.

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Main Advantages of Acrylic Console Table

Crystal-Like Transparency – Due to the transparency of acrylic console tables, they match well with any space.

Large Weight Capacity – The acrylic console tables are suitable for storing various stuff since they have high strength.

Lightweight – Since the console tables are made from acrylic materials, they are lightweight yet durable. Therefore, you can move them easily anywhere you want.

WeProFab acrylic console tables are also mold-resistant, scratch-resistant, and have non-slip feet.

Main Advantages of Acrylic Console Table

WeProFab – Your Leading Acrylic Console Table Manufacturer

WeProFab offers an extensive selection of high-quality acrylic console tables for you to choose from. We have them in various shapes, sizes, and designs to meet various business needs.

To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, we are capable of providing customized solutions. Our acrylic console tables are fully customizable in size, design, logo, and other specifications. If you are looking for acrylic console tables with more storage space, we can also design them with extra cabinets, drawers, drawers, and other features you desire.

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