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Antiviral Face Mask

Weprofab is the most reliable and professional manufacturer of the Antiviral Face Mask in China. We can customized and provide you large orders with high-quality assurance items. Let us be your excellent provider, certainly, we will help you grow your business!

Get WeProFab Antiviral Face Mask to Delight Your Customers

You can rely on Weprofab! We are capable of manufacturing and implementing your request.

Active Carbon Material Face Mask

If you are sourcing for Active Carbon Material Face Mask, here it all in Weprofab. Our product contains bacteria filtration efficiency that surely gives 99.9% protection.

Antiviral Breathable Face Masks

Weprofab Antiviral Breathable Face Masks designed with a skin-friendly filter fabric that gives numerous protections. We are competent in providing this product that purified harmful components.

Degradable Antiviral Face Mask

Weprofab developed full strategies to create a high-quality degradable antiviral face mask. You can avail of it at a very economical price.

Elastic Ear Loop Antiviral Face Mask

Elastic Ear Loop Antiviral Face Masks are ideally useful for everyday activities. Weprofab has advanced technology machinery, advantageous for exact production.

Hypoallergenic Comfortable Face Mask

Weprofab is skilled in producing high-class Hypoallergenic Comfortable Face Mask. These are widely used due to its hypoallergenic substance.

Multicolor non-woven antiviral face Mask

Multicolor non-woven antiviral face Mask from Weprofab is proven tested for its high-quality characteristics. We know how to produce the best one for you.

WeProFab: Your Reliable Antiviral Face Mask Manufacturer

WeProFab with the cooperation of WeeTect Material Limited and Chinese local plastic manufacturers are giving the best that they can, to supply high-standard products to every client. We can manage to provide you an effective and efficient solution to all your needs.

For over 20 years in serving, WeProFab becomes popular and reliable that several customers choose to partner with. Partnership with us, will help your business grow. Together we will go beyond success!

For more information and inquiries, contact us now and get quick quotes from Weprofab!

Custom Antiviral Face Mask to Skyrocket Your Brand

Smooth Surface Antiviral Face Mask

Weprofab produced Smooth Surface Antiviral Face Mask for better comfort. Many clients appreciate it because their customer keeps on ordering because of its nice features.

Great Prevention Antiviral Face Mask

Weprofab manufactured 100% great prevention Antiviral Face Mask. We are capable of giving the safe and effectively anti-bacteria antiviral face mask.

Comfortable Cotton Antiviral Face Mask

Weprofab creates our Antiviral Face Mask with a comfortable cotton design that gives a pleasant feeling to everyone. We have enhanced capability to provide all your needs.

5 Layers Antiviral Face Mask

5 layers antiviral face mask is fully adjustable for more comfort characterized by its 5-layer filter system which helps prevent allergies. Supplied with adjustable straps and a padded nose bar to prevent cross-contamination.

Adjustable Antiviral Face Mask

An adjustable antiviral face mask includes a latex-free strap and thus ensures a pleasant comfort mainly used as a dust mask for handy work and is interesting for individuals. Optimally protects the wearer against aerosols.

Antiviral Colored Face Mask

The antiviral colored face mask is useful against many viruses and bacteria. Contains maximum filtration capacity, an aluminum nose bridge, and latex-free rubber straps. Features a compact and stylish structure.

Antiviral Medical Face Mask

Antiviral medical face mask provides the highest protection level. Essential for healthcare professionals that avoids all types of viruses. Offered with an electrostatic pre-filter that gives optimum breathing resistance.

Antiviral Travel Face Mask

Antiviral travel face mask contains an excellent filter to provide comfortable breathing for the wearer. Designed to reduce moisture and sits comfortably on the wearer’s face. Anatomically shaped with a full-face seal.

Cup-Shaped Antiviral Face Mask

Cup-shaped antiviral face mask is specifically designed to provide maximum protection. Features a washable face seal and long-life filter. Delivered with a strong and durable structure reducing the chances of the mask being damaged.

Fish Style Antiviral Face Mask

Fish-style antiviral face mask is equipped with a pleated filter for comfortable breathing and fatigue-free work. Built for a good seal that moves with the face. Offers a length-adjustable loop strap with a clip.

Grey Antiviral Face Mask

Grey antiviral face mask offers protection against harmful elements and toxic dust. Produced using a medical-grade material that provides extra protection against viruses. Perfect for immunocompromised individuals.

Kids Antiviral Face Mask

Kids’ antiviral face mask is designed with a unique antiviral nano-silver coating. Features melt-blown filtration middle layer that filters >99% of viruses and bacteria. Specifically made to protect the children against harm.

Non-Woven Antiviral Face Mask

The non-woven antiviral face mask is suitable for the general public, front-line workers, and high-risk families. The antiviral outer layer protects the wearer from transferring the virus. Voted best face mask for glasses wearers

Nose Bridge Antiviral Face Mask

The nose bridge antiviral face mask features a breathable and soft inner layer that is easy to breathe through. Available with anti-viral protection and comfortable on the wearer’s face. Includes adjustable ear loops and wire nose bridge.

Pink Antiviral Face Mask

The pink antiviral face mask features a customizable fit and anti-viral double-layer fabric. Designed for full comfort and the filter covers the nose and mouth area. Protected by breathable soft fabric that is washable and reusable.

Regular Size Antiviral Face Mask

A regular size antiviral face mask ensures a snug, comfortable fit. Maintains its performance and sustainability for a long period. Particularly used in epidemic or pandemic situations. Designed with comfort in mind.

Single-Use Antiviral Face Mask

The single-use antiviral face mask is intended for use by one person only and must not be shared. Tailored to fit a range of face shapes. Offered to reduce viral transmission through small gaps. Ensures maximum hygiene levels.

Women Antiviral Face Mask

Women’s antiviral face mask is made of water-resistant polyester with a central filtrating layer. Provides a physical barrier for users against harmful pathogens and particles. Guarantees longer life than the regular type of face masks.

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Why WeProFab Antiviral Face Mask

Many viruses are spreading worldwide.

Prevention is important to everyone so that this virus, can`t enter our body.

An authentic method to be safe and protect ourselves from coming into straight contact with any type of viruses is to wear respiratory or protective masks.

If you are looking for the most appropriate protective mask, then you must choose an antiviral face mask manufactured by Weprofab.

Worries no more!

Weprofab offers antiviral face mask at a very affordable rate with great value.

Art, 1

Weprofab is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of antiviral face masks in China.

We are specialists in antiviral face mask manufacturing and design.

As a reliable manufacturer of antiviral face mask, Weprofab is competent and professional in providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee in antiviral face mask production.

We offer high-standard antiviral breathable face masks, multicolor non-woven antiviral face Mask, and many more.

The choice is yours! Send to us your orders and specifications.

We have efficient and best service awaits you.

Weprofab antiviral face masks are made from high-quality filtration paper material that reduced 99.9% of bacteria and virus invasion.

These have a three-layer super protection design with anti-odor features.

We manufactured environmentally friendly antiviral face masks.

Plus! This is a degradable, disposable, cost-effective antiviral face mask.

Also, these are comfortable to wear.

Your customer will certainly appreciate it.

Art, 3

Weprofab antiviral face masks are confirmed FDA, CE and ASTM F2100-07 standard certified that`s why no need to bothersome.

Whenever you need it, Weprofab is always ready to fabricate thousands of stocks of antiviral face mask.

For your large orders, we provide free samples for you to ensure quality and protection.

Also, we ship timely.

Our skillful team assures the stronger plasticity and easy to adjust strip of our weprofab antiviral face mask.

So, no need to settle for less.  Always count for Weprofab!

Whether you are a distributor, supplier or retailer, Weprofab is a great solution.

We guarantee the first-rate of protection of our items.

For sure, your customer will feel satisfied and protected with this high-standard antiviral face mask.

Partnership with us will make your business grow!

Weprofab is not just an antiviral face mask manufacturer.

We are also experts in producing medical face shields, protective suits, surgical masks, surgical face shield and much more.

All you need, we can provide it with fulfillment.

For over 20 years of expertise, we ensure the high and advance technology of stitching, sewing, implementation, and packing of your necessities.

Art, 2

You can trust Weprofab! In China, Weprofab is so popular in manufacturing all kinds of facial masks.

We obtained many certifications like BFE99, FDA, ISO, CE approved.

In short, Weprofab is your one-stop-shop reliable provider.

For more information about weprofab antiviral face mask, don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us.

We have a professional and friendly staff that works 24/7 online to assist your needs.

Hurry and avail our high-class antiviral face mask!

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Antiviral Face Mask

Should people wear antiviral face masks to protect themselves from dangerous viral diseases like the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

The answer is yes, simply because the antiviral face mask can protect you from droplets that escape from the mouth or nose of a carrier.

Antiviral Face Mask

Antiviral Face Mask

This simple physical barrier can be customized to block large-particle droplets that contain bacteria and viruses, especially in areas where social distancing is difficult.

If you have a question about antiviral face masks, read on to find out all you need to know.

How Does The Antiviral Face Mask Work?

The antiviral face mask is designed to kill bacteria and viruses on contact.

Its efficiency is determined by how you customize the technologies in substrate components of this face mask.

The outer layer webbing is usually made of fluid-resistant material, but the antiviral biofriendly inner layer is made of active textiles that can trap and kill microbes.

Particulates are blocked by the non-active layer.

This is made of special non-woven fiber that filters out particulates, facilitates excellent filtration, and affords effortless breathing.

The inner layer, again, is made of fluid-resistant material that is gentle and soft to the skin.

This technology can block and kill germs that cause viral diseases like SARS, Bird Flu, Influenza A, common colds, and pneumonia.

You can get antiviral face masks that are customized to inactivate disease-causing airborne microbes.

You can watch this video to find out the importance of wearing an antiviral face mask.

How Is The Three-Ply Antiviral Face Mask Manufactured?

Antiviral Face Mask Manufacture

Antiviral Face Mask Manufacturer

The automatic three-ply antiviral face mask machine basically combines three layers of non-woven fabric to create the mask sheet, which is then spot belted and sterilized for end use.

The first process involves placing three layers of non-woven raw materials on the production line rack, stacked and supported on either side.

You place the laminator above these non-woven fabrics.

Wires continuously pass through a trumpet-shaped feeding port into the laminating machine.

The machine then stitches a metal wire pinched into a nose clip right through all three layers of the non-woven fabric.

The nose clip is precisely set to create a firm shape over a user’s nose bridge.

The design is instrumental in creating a nose clip that creates a tight seal without adversely affecting the level of protection needed.

You will find that these mask sheets with nose clips are made to standard size specifications that are suitable for adults.

However, you can create custom sizes by changing sizes required to wrap the nose, mouth, and chin.

The folding device on the mask production line achieves this target.

The folded mask layers are then flattened by a roller.

At this stage, the folded mask layers are cut to form a single three-ply mask.

You can add non-woven fabric to reinforce the mask’s edges, thereby connecting the three layers into a single mask body.

A thermoforming device comes into play to fix handing ear ropes at all four corners of the antiviral face mask.

You use adhesive to bind these ear ropes to the mask with the application of heat.

The process is completed by disinfecting the mask.

You use a sterilized ring oxygen ethane sterilizer for this purpose.

Ready masks are moved into an environment activated by 400 ml/L of ethylene oxide.

Bacteria become inactive when alkylation is applied to this hydroxyl group to complete the sterilization process.

You can do the final inspection to make sure that ethylene oxide residue meets accepted standards.

What Tests Are Performed To Ensure Antiviral Face Masks Meet International Standards?

Antiviral Face Mask Test

Antiviral Face Mask Test

Your antiviral face masks must meet material performance levels.

You can test fluid resistance with the help of an impact penetration tester by measuring the mask’s capabilities with anti-fly foam.

All materials used in this mask must achieve 45-degree flammability standards.

You can test the air permeability or respiratory performance of the mask with a medical mask differential pressure tester to ensure it meets specified standards.

Are Your Antiviral Face Masks Certified?

Your antiviral face mask should meet FDA, CE, ISO, and BFE99 certifications, depending on the type of mask you choose.

How Are Antiviral Face Masks Preserved For Reuse?

Antiviral Face Mask Preserved

Antiviral Face Mask Preserved

Internationally, the antiviral face mask is used for about 4 to 8 hours.

Your environment dictates if you can use this mask for longer periods.

It is important to note that a disposable antiviral face mask demonstrates decreased particle filtration efficiency and increased respiratory resistance after its specified usage levels.

Follow these methods of preservation to reuse your antiviral face mask.

If you have used your mask for just a couple of minutes or for a period lesser than the specified usage time, hang the mask in a dry, clean and well-ventilated area.

You can also place it in a clean paper bag to separate it from other masks. Make sure the mask is dry.

You can also use the dry heat method.

Place the mask in a drying oven for about 30 minutes.

You can also use a hair dryer for this purpose.

Set the oven temperature at 60-70 degrees Centigrade to properly sterilize the mask without causing excessive heat damage.

Use ultraviolet light to disinfect your antiviral face mask or simply expose it to the sun before reusing the mask.

Breathability is not affected after this process is complete.

What Are The Different Types Of Antiviral Face Masks?

· Active Carbon Material Face Mask

 Active Carbon Material Face Mask

Active Carbon Material Face Mask

The active carbon material face mask is one of the most popular antiviral face masks in the market, because it reaches 99.9% bacteria filtration efficiency levels.

You will find that this mask is made up of three-ply non-woven fabric with the additional active carbon layer that protects you from bacteria, pollen, dust, haze, germs, and serious viral infections.

You can use the active carbon material face mask in all kinds of environments with its durable, waterproof material and high filtration barriers against germs and viruses.

· Antiviral Breathable Face Mask

Antiviral Breathable Face Mask

Antiviral Breathable Face Mask

The antiviral breathable face mask is made up of skin-friendly fabric that offers protection against dust, viruses, and other pollutants.

You will find this breathable face mask is suitable for adults as well as children.

Disposable and lightweight, it is easily available in packs of 50 or more.

Use this 3-ply antiviral face mask at home or in the office.

This mask can be customized with high-quality filter materials including a metal piece that you can adjust over your nose to increase breathability.

· Biodegradable Antiviral Face Mask

Biodegradable Antiviral Face Mask

Biodegradable Antiviral Face Mask

The biodegradable antiviral face mask is a warm and breathable mask.

You will find it is made up of high-quality non-woven fabric that has an excellent antiviral filtering effect.

The mask is fitted with adjustable ear loops.

You can wear this mask at home or at your workplace.

This antiviral face mask is made of biodegradable material and can be disposed of easily and safely.

· Elastic Ear Loop Antiviral Face Mask

Elastic Ear Loop Antiviral Face Mask

Elastic Ear Loop Antiviral Face Mask

Useful for everyday activities, the elastic ear loop antiviral face mask is uniquely designed with elastic ear loops made of soft material that you can comfortably wear around your ears.

Whether you’re working in a hospital setup or traveling, this antiviral face mask will protect you from all kinds of viral attacks.

If you are confronted by an emergency, this is the ideal face mask to protect yourself and others from infections.

· Hypoallergenic Comfortable Face Mask

Hypoallergenic Comfortable Face Mask

Hypoallergenic Comfortable Face Mask

The hypoallergenic comfortable face mask contains high-quality hypoallergenic substances that protect you from allergies and other airborne diseases.

It does not contain any colorants or dyes that could bring in allergies or cause your any kind of discomfort.

This hypoallergenic comfortable face mask has lint-free and odorless cellulose material added to the inner and outer mask faces.

You can easily adjust the full-width nosepiece to increase breathing comfort in any atmosphere.

· Multicolor Non-Woven Antiviral Face Mask

Multicolor Non-Woven Antiviral Face Mask

Multicolor Non-Woven Antiviral Face Mask

The multicolor non-woven antiviral face mask is a highly comfortable mask fitted with elastic ear loops.

It is available is several colors, and you can customize this mask with the latest hypoallergenic materials.

Made of top-quality 3-ply non-woven material, this latex-free antiviral face mask has extremely low breathing resistance and high bacteria filtration capabilities.

· Smooth Surface Antiviral Face Mask

Smooth Surface Antiviral Face Mask

Smooth Surface Antiviral Face Mask

The smooth surface antiviral face mask protects your face from viruses, dust, and bacteria.

It comes with a premium quality bacterial filter that can reach 99% bacteria filtration efficiency.

This mask has a smooth finished surface and is available in many colors.

You can wear it comfortably in any weather.

Elastic ear loops with soft materials are provided, or you can customize it with adjustable ties.

The smooth surface antiviral face mask confirms to most international standards.

· Comfortable Cotton Antiviral Face Mask

Comfortable Cotton Antiviral Face Mask

Comfortable Cotton Antiviral Face Mask

The comfortable cotton antiviral face mask is made of impregnated polyester-cotton or other custom cotton fabric that effectively blocks viral penetration.

Odorless and pleasant to the touch, this mask can be treated with additional medical coatings that allows you to use it in varied conditions.

You can choose cotton fabrics in varied colors for your antiviral face mask.

· Antiviral Face Mask CDC Approved

Antiviral Face Mask CDC Approved

Antiviral Face Mask CDC Approved

In April 2020 the CDC approved the use of cloth face coverings to prevent transmission of the coronavirus from individuals that had the dreaded virus but did not show symptoms.

This is why the CDC approved antiviral face mask becomes highly effective personal protective equipment (PPE) that you could use in a medical or non-medical setting.

It will protect you from coming in contact with any kind of virus. Choose from high-quality filtration coats capable of preventing 99.9% of virus and bacteria invasions.

The environmentally friendly antiviral face mask is disposable, biodegradable, and cost-effective.

· Antiviral Face Mask Black

Antiviral Face Mask Black

 Antiviral Face Mask Black

The antiviral face mask black is a washable and reusable mask with three layers of space cotton for added protection against pollen, dust, viruses, and other air pollutants.

You will find that this mask comes with adjustable ear loops.

Men, women, and children can wear this universal mask.

· Kids Antiviral Face Mask

Kids Antiviral Face Mask

Kids Antiviral Face Mask

Safe and healthy, the kids antiviral face mask is made of high-quality non-woven fabric using nanofiber technology.

It comes in attractive designs and colors that appeal to children.

This children’s antiviral face mask has very low breathing resistance but high-filtration capacity making it ideal for children up to 10 years of age.

Even sick and old people who need a highly breathable mask can wear the kids antiviral face mask.

· Antiviral Face Mask For Flu

Antiviral Face Mask For Flu

Antiviral Face Mask For Flu

The antiviral face mask for flu has a special coating that inactivates 99.99% of all influenza viruses within a short span of just 5 minutes.

As soon as the virus comes in contact with the face mask, the outer layer exposes these viruses to a low pH environment, and a hydrophilic plastic coating absorbs viral aerosol droplets away from the outer surface of this mask.

You will find that the two inner layers are coated with compounds that deactivate these influenza viruses.

This mask is tested to work against seasonal flu viruses like Pandemic H1N1, Equine, Avian, and Swine Flu.

Does The Antiviral Face Mask Cause Primary Skin Irritation?

No, your antiviral face mask is evaluated for primary skin irritation and dermal reactions.

The mask undergoes sensitization and irritation tests using test samples in lab conditions.

What Is The Right Way To Wear An Antiviral Face Mask?

First, check if the antiviral face mask is damaged or not. All layers must be attached to each other all around at the edges.

If you find that the mask is okay, cover your nose and mouth with the mask using one hand, while you adjust the elastic ear loops or adjustable tie loops with the other hand.

The loops should stay around your ears while it holds the mask in a snug position just over your chin.

Hold the mask at the edges while you position it over your nose and mouth.

Avoid touching the outer or inner surface filters with your fingers.

You can watch this video to learn the right way to wear an antiviral face mask.

How Do You Dispose Of A Face Mask?

When your mask gets wet on the inside with bodily fluids, or if you notice contaminated fluids on the outside, discard the mask.

Remove the mask from the ear loops without touching the surface.

Avoid reusing disposable masks repeatedly.

Follow instructions offered by the supplier.

Always seal the infected antiviral face mask in a disposable plastic bag marked “harmful garbage” or “hazardous material”.

In a hospital, face masks are disposed of in garbage bins that are yellow in color.

You can also use heated 75% alcohol to disinfect your antiviral face mask.

Your antiviral face mask manufacturer offers detailed guidelines on the construction, usage, and disposal guidelines to be followed.

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