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Dark Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab dark acrylic sheet is a flexible plastic material. It is lightweight but has excellent impact strength. Our dark acrylic sheet is functional for a wide range of applications: displays, signage, custom computer cases, aquarium tanks, and many more. Dark acrylic sheet is easy to work with and easy to cut. It can be routed, sawed, glued, drilled, painted, silkscreened, decorated, and formed.

Get WeProFab Dark Acrylic Sheet to Delight Your Customers

Our dark acrylic sheet provides various benefits for your applications. It is lightweight and rigid, has low water absorption, excellent optical properties, and good UV and electrical resistivity.

4 x 6 Dark Smoked Grey Black Acrylic Sheet

The 4 x 6 dark smoked grey-black acrylic sheet is made from 100% virgin MMA. It has 93% light transmittance, excellent weather resistance, and years of warranty.

Rainbow Acrylic Plastic Sheets

Rainbow acrylic plastic sheet is great for building material decorations. It can be cut into different shapes like a pentagon, round, octagonal, hexagonal, and so on.

Glow in the Dark Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Our glow-in-the-dark glitter acrylic sheet is made from premium MMA raw materials. It can be available in clear, frosted, marble, and over 200 colors.

Different Color PMMA 1mm Acrylic Sheet

Different color PMMA 1mm acrylic sheet has outstanding light transmittance and weather resistance. The product is suitable to use for any electrical equipment because it has good insulation features.

Color Acrylic Sheet 0.8mm-8.0mm

Our color acrylic sheet 0.8mm-8mm is high-quality, transparent, eco-friendly, and has good weather resistance. It is widely used for instrument panels, LED panels, light guide panels, display panels, and many more.

Customized Color A4 Acrylic Sheet

Our customized color A4 acrylic sheet is durable, printable, and waterproof. You can select different dimensions, thicknesses, and sizes for the product. Ideal for window, furniture, and advertising purposes.

Dark Gray Smoke Acrylic Sheet

The dark gray smoke acrylic sheet has a good machining performance. Ideal for heat forming and mechanical processing. Its light transmittance can reach 92%.

Acrylic Sheet Transparent Dark Brown

Acrylic sheet transparent dark brown has strong surface hardness and perfect transparency. It is very light in weight compared to glass. Beautiful color and easy to clean.

Customized Colored Acrylic Sheet

Customized colored acrylic sheet is highly recyclable, environmentally friendly, easy to clean and maintain with soap, rainwater, and smooth cloth to rub.

WeProFab: Your Leading Dark Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

Weprofab offers high-quality dark acrylic sheets in various vibrant shades to meet your different needs. We offer various edge polishing techniques and customization options for our dark acrylic sheet.

Moreover, you are opted to add holes to your dark acrylic sheet according to your desired hole number. Weprofab is your ideal dark acrylic sheet manufacturer and supplier in China. You can find various colors and thicknesses. Contact us today!

Custom Dark Acrylic Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Dark Blue Opaque Color Acrylic Sheet

A dark blue opaque color acrylic sheet has clear PE film packing. It looks very clear when cut and has good look at the edge. Dark blue opaque color acrylic sheet is applicable on all kinds of furniture.

Customized Dark Acrylic Sheet

Customized dark acrylic sheet has visual clarity, soft light, and high transmittance. It has good spray and printing coating performance, a beautiful appearance, and is easy to clean.

2-30Mm Thick Clean or Color Fluorescent Cast Acrylic Sheets

The product is transparent and moisture resistant. Its weight is half the glass weight but 10 times stronger. Common uses of 2-30mm thick clean or color fluorescent cast acrylic sheets are aquariums, signage, furniture, and more.

Dark Gray Safe Edge Treated Acrylic Template

Dark gray safe edge treated acrylic template has excellent transparency. It can store sunlight for a long time because it has high adaptability to the natural environment. Suitable for outdoor use.

3mm Thickness Plastic Sheet Dark Grey Acrylic Sheet

3mm thick plastic sheet dark grey acrylic sheet is made from an incredibly flexible material. it has a broad range of beneficial properties such as UV resistance and impact resistance.

Cost-Effective Colored Acrylic Sheet

Cost-effective colored acrylic sheet has exceptional impact resistance and weather resistance against deformation and discoloration.

Custom Size Color Acrylic Sheet

Custom size color acrylic sheet is available in many different colors and sizes. They have perfect transparency, UV light resistance, chemical resistance, are durable in use, and are easy to clean.

3mm Glow in the Dark Color Acrylic Sheet

3mm glow in a dark color acrylic sheet has high transparency just like crystal when polished. It has stable performance, without odor after processing.

Dark Purple Color Acrylic Sheet

You can avail different colors, thicknesses, and dimensions for the dark purple color acrylic sheet. The product is suitable for shields, acrylic windows, barriers, and many more.

Colored PMMA Unbreakable Acrylic Sheet

A colored PMMA unbreakable acrylic sheet is available in many colors. They are durable and easy to clean.

White Yellow Green Blue Color and Clear Acrylic Sheet for Sign

The product is suitable for protecting fittings and polishes, windows, doors, and more. Easy to process, easy to clean, and easy to maintain.

Glow in the Dark Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Glow in the dark glitter acrylic sheet is non-toxic, weatherproof, and chemical resistant. They are durable and have stable performance. Suitable for furniture, cabinet, soundproof wall, door, window, partition board, etc.

PMMA Sheet Plastic Sheet Acrylic

PMMA sheet plastic sheet acrylic is super thick, suitable for signage purposes. It can be mirrored, marble, patterned, frosted, glittered, gold, silver, etc.

Glow in the Dark Plexiglass Sheet

Glow in the dark plexiglass sheet has no bubbles inside, no scratches on the surface, made from 100% virgin MMA. It has a long use-life without fading its color.

2mm Dark Acrylic Sheet

 2mm dark acrylic is a premium sheet with good transparency and high durability. It is also a weather-resistant sheet which is perfect for indoor and outdoor applications.

8mm Dark Acrylic Sheet

8mm dark acrylic sheet has good quality at an affordable cost. It is simple to clean and maintain. For the vast majority of applications, this type of sheet is the best option.

10mm Dark Acrylic Sheet

this dark acrylic sheet with 10mm thickness has a lightweight and strong quality. It is easy to clean and can be used for various applications such as doors, windows, glazing, etc.

Custom Color Dark Acrylic Sheet

Custom Color Dark Acrylic Sheet comes to UV-resistant, preventing color fading of the products. This type of acrylic sheet is a color of your choice. It can be used as a replacement for glass because of its strong quality which makes it suitable for the majority of applications.

Dark Acrylic Flat Sheet

 Dark Acrylic Flat Sheet has excellent weather-resistant quality perfect for outdoor applications such as high acoustic traffic barriers and dimensional signage. Aside from its strong quality, this type of flat sheet is also attractive in appearance.

Dark Marble Acrylic Sheet

This type of acrylic sheet comes with uniqueness and luxurious looking as it is designed with marble patterns. Its genuine appearance makes it ideal for architectural models, displays, and many more. It is available in different sizes and thicknesses.

High Gloss Dark Acrylic Sheet

With its durability and lightweight, High Gloss Dark Acrylic Sheet is perfect for use in houses, buildings, or outdoor spaces. Its glossy appearance makes the product look outstanding. Shapes and sizes of your choice are available.

Impact Resistant Dark Acrylic Sheet

This sheet has excellent breakage resistance. This type of material can be a perfect replacement for glass windows, doors, and tables, and can be used for outdoor spaces.  Aside from its tough quality, Impact Resistant Dark Acrylic Sheet is also available in different colors. 

Matte Dark Acrylic Sheet

Like other acrylic sheets, Matte Dark Acrylic Sheet has an amazing appearance. This matte finish material lessens the reflection of light. It will stand out when applied for backlighting or signage. It also varies in different sizes, colors, and thicknesses. 

Multiwall Dark Acrylic Sheet

Multiwall Dark Acrylic Sheet is available in different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. This type of sheet delivers exceptional toughness against outside weathering and strong stability against the effects of UV light. It is a portable and powerful lighting solution with a wide range of uses.

Polishing Dark Acrylic Sheet

Aside from its great quality, polishing dark acrylic sheets has a smooth surface. It is well polished and has no scratches making it look finely clear as crystal. This smooth type of sheet is perfect to be applied to a variety of items such as dining tables. We offer shapes, sizes, and thicknesses according to your desire.  

Solid Dark Acrylic Sheet

The solid quality of this type of sheet is long-lasting and its strength will remain for a long time. It is suitable for indoor and even outdoor applications as it is highly resistant to temperature changes and won’t weaken easily. We offer shapes, colors, and sizes of your choice. 

Textured Dark Acrylic Sheet

The sizes, shapes, and colors according to your needs are available when it comes to textured dark acrylic sheets. You can choose based on your desired texture. It is lightweight and good quality at an affordable price.

UV Block Corrugated Dark Acrylic Sheet

 This kind of material offers great stability against UV radiation impacts and exceptional durability against outdoor weathering. It is a lightweight, strong lighting option with many applications. Its corrugated surface offers a nice appearance, and this material is available in your desired measurements.

Dark Acrylic Sheet with Glitters

Dark Acrylic Sheet with Glitters is an eye-catching sheet because it is designed with glitters which make it look sparkly. It is available in a variety of colors and sizes. Like other acrylic sheets, this type of sheet also has good quality and is durable and suitable for a range of applications. 

Patterned Acrylic Dark Sheets

 This type of sheet is fashionable and creative looking because of its pattern. We design different amazing patterns that suit peoples’ liking. A vast range of applications is possible for it. It has a high standard and is not easily scratched. This sheet is available in different sizes and thicknesses at a low cost.

Scratch Proof Glossy Acrylic Dark Sheet

 From the name itself, this kind of acrylic sheet is scratch-proof with a glossy appearance. It stands out wherever you applied it and it lacks color fading. You can choose this type of sheet based on your specific measurements, and it is available in different colors.

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What is the Advantage of Dark Acrylic Sheet?

The dark acrylic sheet provides the following advantages:

  • Lightweight and rigid
  • More impact resistant compared to glass
  • Outstanding optical properties
  • Low water absorption
  • Easy to machine, hot air weld, and glue
  • Good UV and electrical resistivity
  • Excellent resistance to long-term exposure to weathering and sunlight
What Are the Customization Options for Dark Acrylic Sheet?

The dark acrylic sheet provides various customization options.

Clients can customize the edge polishing and finish for a dark acrylic sheet.

This polished edge makes your dark acrylic sheet glossy.

Besides, clients also choose to add a hole on the acrylic sheet according to their ideal number of holes.

Moreover, colors, dimensions, and thicknesses can also be customized.

What is the Standard Dimension of Dark Acrylic Sheet?

Standard cut-to-size width and length of dark acrylic sheet are +/-1/8″, but commonly more accurate.

You can contact your manufacturer if you want greater precision.

The thickness tolerance of dark acrylic sheets is +/- 10% that varies throughout the sheet.

However, its variation is commonly less than 5%.

Below is the actual and nominal sheet thickness:

  • 1/8″= 3mm=0.118″ 
What Are the Common Uses of Dark Acrylic Sheet?

Dark acrylic sheet is widely used in the following applications:

  • Displays
  • Signage
  • Custom computer cases
  • Aquarium tanks
  • Furniture
What Makes the Dark Acrylic Sheet Form into Any Shape?

A dark acrylic sheet can be formed into any shape because it is a thermoplastic material.

Additionally, it softens under high temperatures that making them form into any shape.

Because of their characteristics, dark acrylic sheets can be silkscreened, decorated, painted, glued, routed, drilled, and sawed.

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