• Solid Acrylic Blocks

Solid Acrylic Blocks

Worldwide, WeProFab is a long term and trusted supplier of solid acrylic blocks from China. WeProFab is capable to keep up amazing quality of products and develop more. Send your solid acrylic block specifications at WeProFab now!

Get WeProFab Solid Acrylic Blocks to Delight Your Customers

As a qualified solid acrylic block manufacturer, we can make attractive and profitable supplies just for your business. We can offer customized, excellent features, suitable sizes, attractive colors, and styles. All of our offers will surely fulfill your requests.

Clear Solid Acrylic Blocks

We have excellent clear solid acrylic blocks to supply for you. Send your sizes, features, and styles need. We can cater to your request.

Custom Solid Acrylic Blocks

We can custom your order for solid acrylic blocks. WeProFab is able to prioritize your designs to provide full support.

Laser Cut Solid Acrylic Blocks

WeProFab productions are perfect and qualified. We have a complete device that perfectly laser cut solid acrylic blocks.

Solid Acrylic Blocks Manufacturer

WeProFab is a premier manufacturer of solid acrylic blocks in China. We offered a large volume of orders. It is offered in affordable cost.

Solid Perspex Acrylic Blocks

WeProFab is a leading solid Perspex acrylic block supplier from China. We are trusted in supplying versatile and effective products.

Thick Solid Acrylic Blocks

We have different thicknesses available. You can choose your ideal business requirements. We will move your orders ahead of time.

WeProFab: Your Leading Solid Acrylic Blocks Manufacturer

WeProFab offered one-stop solutions for both plastic fabrication and metal fabrication.

We are in the service of the fabrication industry in more than 20 years. In many years of experience, we passed different certifications that will prove our development in production.

You can trust WeProFab as your qualified partner. We are able to prioritize customer’s requests so you can feel satisfied and hassle-free when purchasing solid acrylic blocks.

Get your ordered solid acrylic block which is required on your project.

Custom Solid Acrylic Blocks to Expand Your Business

Black Solid Acrylic Blocks

This black solid acrylic blocks at WeProFab are simply elegant for retailing displays. We can custom your drawings for satisfaction.

Polished Solid Acrylic Blocks

WeProFab polished solid acrylic blocks are suitable in different target applications. You will get an awesome affordable stock.

Solid Acrylic Block Display

WeProFab manufactured many designs for solid acrylic block display. It has a lot of fixtures accessible with a great offer.

Solid Colored Acrylic Blocks

WeProFab has a lot of different colors manufacture in unique features. We can prioritize your specifications.

10cm Solid Acrylic Blocks

We have durable 10cm solid acrylic blocks. Perfectly support applications through its capabilities. Get your ideal customizations.

5mm Polished Edge Solid Acrylic Blocks

5mm Polished edge solid acrylic blocks are 200 times stronger than glass or any other plastics. They have a strong surface hardness and perfect transparency. Often used in shopping malls, art galleries, trade shows, or exhibitions.

5mm Solid Acrylic Blocks

The 5mm solid acrylic blocks are very thin but it is durable enough to sustain the possible crashes. They have an asmooth-edged finish and the corners are safe and not sharp. They have also high transparency.

10cm Solid Plinth Solid Acrylic Blocks

10cm solid plinth solid acrylic blocks have a height of 10cm, a width of 5cm, and a depth of 4cm. They are commonly applied in 3D Displays for displaying jewelry and they can also be screen printed.

40x40mm Solid Acrylic Blocks

The 40x40mm solid acrylic blocks can be used in silk-screen printing, UV printing, logo service, or engraving. The design of this kind of solid acrylic block provides an efficient item display. Their thickness is 40mm.

50mm Solid Acrylic Blocks

The 50mm solid acrylic blocks feature an elegant, modern, and smooth surface. They have a thickness of 50mm and they are available in custom logo printing. They are made of high-quality acrylic materials.

Chemical Resistance Solid Acrylic Blocks

Chemical resistance solid acrylic blocks have good tensile and impact strength. The thickness of this kind of block ranges from 50mmto 500mm. They can be covered for external improvement and it has excellent dimensional stability.

Clear Solid Acrylic Blocks

Clear solid acrylic blocks have a crystal-clear platform that adds elegance to the display. They are a modern type of acrylic block that attracts attention and give a good impression. They are best suited in tables, desks, booths, and signage.

Coated Solid Acrylic Blocks

The coated solid acrylic blocks are the best solution to display branding names and they are used for business crafts. They are environment friendly and simple to clean. Their supplication includes decoration and advertisements.

Custom Color Solid Acrylic Blocks

Custom color solid acrylic blocks are applicable in specialty stores, supermarkets, home and exhibition shows. Their color, thickness, and styles can be fully customized based on your necessities. They have high-end clarity and high-end finishes.

Custom Shape Solid Acrylic Blocks

Custom shape solid acrylic blocks are available in different shapes such as triangle, square, diamond, etc. These acrylic blocks are made from solid clear acrylic material and the shapes can be customized.

Custom Size Solid Acrylic Blocks

Custom-size solid acrylic blocks are highly polished with a crystal-clear shine. They are made of solid acrylic blocks and their size can be customized. They are applicable in indoor decorations or in photo exhibits.

Decorative Solid Acrylic Blocks

The decorative solid acrylic blocks are highly polished with a decorative and crystal-like finish. They are made from thick decorative material. These acrylic blocks are widely applied at jewelry stores and retail shops.

Frosted Solid Acrylic Blocks

Frosted solid acrylic blocks are best suited to display numerous items like countertop displays, window displays, or shelf displays. They are durable, shatterproof, and accessible in a wide range of sizes. They are also safer to use.

Impact Resistant Black Solid Acrylic Blocks

The black solid acrylic blocks are high impact resistant. They are appropriate for displaying tabletop or shelf items such as jewelry, seashells, sculpture, collectibles, fossils, and many more. They are available in different sizes and they are black in color.

Large Rectangular Solid Acrylic Blocks

Large rectangular solid acrylic blocks have a high transparent rate and can be highlighted with numerous colors. Their large size makes them ideal for displaying a lot of elegant jewelry such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, and more.

Marble Solid Acrylic Blocks

The marble solid acrylic blocks are flexible and durable enough to be used in a wide range of decorative purposes and preferences. They are ideal for restaurants, homes, and offices with glossy and smooth textures.

Matte Solid Acrylic Blocks

The matte solid acrylic blocks are intricately crafted which makes them elegant and attractive. They have a matte finishing that makes them more sustainable and can endure all kinds of scratches or impacts. They are used in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Milky White Solid Acrylic Blocks

Milky white solid acrylic blocks serve as an elegant display for shelves, desks, and tables. They are commonly 2.5cm in thickness, come with a crystal-clear finish and it is free-standing. It can be used indoors as it provides a sharp image of the area.

Solid Acrylic Blocks for Jewelry

Solid acrylic blocks for jewelry are durable and easy to use. They are commonly applied in fashion and unique art decorations. They have a more secure base design and are frequently utilized indoors.

Textured Solid Acrylic Blocks

The textured solid acrylic blocks are frequently used at homes and work areas. They are rough, pretty strong, and durable enough to have better stability. They have also a smooth front surface to function well and to last a long time.

UV Resistance Solid Acrylic Blocks

UV resistance solid acrylic blocks are best suited for outdoor applications like marine dock fenders and architectural glazing as they can resist excessive UV rays. They are ultimately strong, stiff and available in a variety of brilliant colors.

Patterned Solid Acrylic Blocks

Patterned solid acrylic blocks are available in several sizes and patterns. They are perfect for a wide range of retail needs. They are made out of patterned solid acrylic that makes them extremely durable and long-lasting.

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Why WeProFab Solid Acrylic Blocks

WeProFab solid acrylic blocks are made with lightweight materials that are suitable for hanging display, jewelry display, etc.

It is also perfect for inserting pictures, posters, and creative photography.

WeProFab is a leading supplier that helps customers get an awesome product such as solid acrylic blacks. Whether it is for business, or you need to distribute or wholesale a lot of them, WeProFab will sustain all of your needs.

Solid Acrylic Blocks

There are numerous advantages if you choose WeProFab solid acrylic blocks. This is a lightweight material that is unbreakable. WeProFab made it durable that is negotiable and profitable at the same time.

There is one thing solid acrylic blocks are popular. It is very elegant for a window, door, or divider applications. There are lots of styles, patterns, and colors you may choose. WeProFab engineers designed its features, sizes, patterns, and many more in a lot of research.

We are certified in many years. We are able to follow up RoHs, REACH, etc, according to customer’s request.

Solid Acrylic Blocks

As a professional and skilled supplier and manufacturer of solid acrylic blocks, we strictly control supplied stocks to different locations. We are delivering ahead of time to catch your satisfaction when purchasing our solid acrylic blocks.

If you want to orders a large volume of solid acrylic blocks, WeProFab has a wide variety of selections. In running a business, we need different customization to make it fit on your projects.

For building materials, solid acrylic blocks are perfect. It will be perfect for decorating walls, add more creative designs in the hotels, commercial buildings, and many establishments.

Solid Acrylic Blocks

WeProFab solid acrylic blocks are suitable for interior and exterior applications, especially for walls. We have unique patterns and styles which surely attract your customer’s attention.

If you need it urgently need your order, WeProFab can quickly make an action. You can contact one of our expert customer service staff for further information. Send your inquiries now!

What are Solid Acrylic Blocks?

The solid acrylic blocks are a classy acrylic display product. 

The blocks are formed from solid acrylic. 

Solid acrylic blocks are polished by diamond for a smoother and glass-like finish.

Using solid acrylic blocks provides an attractive presence and form visual interest.

Where can We Use Solid Acrylic Blocks?

The solid acrylic blocks are ideal for museums, insect displays, and jewelry displays, display risers, stand for valuables, tiny collectibles pedestals, and accent decors.

What are the Key Features of Solid Acrylic Blocks?

The key features of solid acrylic blocks are:

Excellent Color Effects

The solid acrylic blocks have about 92% light transmittance.

They provide clear perception and soft light. 

Outstanding Weather Resistance

Solid acrylic blocks can withstand high temperatures. 

They are designed with surface hardness and gloss.

Great Processing Performance

Thermoforming and mechanical processing are what we can do for solid acrylic blocks. 

Light Transmittance

The solid acrylic blocks, incredibly transparent, have more light transmittance than glass.

Abrasion Resistance

A solid acrylic block has excellent stability and resists chemical and corrosion resistance abrasions.

Excellent Printability and Sprayability

You can print and spray the solid acrylic blocks to add surface decoration effects.

What are the Differences Between Solid Acrylic Block and Glass-made Blocks?

The solid acrylic blocks have half density than glass.

Acrylic-made blocks are not fragile as glass.

Broken solid acrylic blocks don’t create sharp fragments like glass.


What are the Benefits of Solid Acrylic Blocks?

Using solid acrylic blocks offers multiple benefits, which includes:

  • Low water absorption
  • Easy to clean and glue
  • Excellent dimensional strength
  • UV resistant
  • High-durability
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Easy to form and machined
  • Easy to install
What are the Available Sizes of Solid Acrylic Blocks?

The dimension and thickness size measurements are:

Thickness: available in 1, 1.25, 1.5, 2, 3, and 4 inches.

Length: available in 1 to 24 inches range of size in 0.5-inch increments.

Width: same as length measurement ranges in remaining dimension.

How to Clean Solid Acrylic Blocks?

Spray a cleaner to perfectly clean stamps.

Gently rub with a soft cloth.

Wash it with soap and water. 

In What Colors Does the Solid Acrylic Blocks Available?

The solid acrylic blocks come in various colors. 

It could be green, orange, blue, red, yellow, pink, blue, and clear.

They are also available in fluorescent blue, red, yellow, green, and orange colors.

What are the Different Types of Solid Acrylic Blocks?

Different types of solid blocks indeed suit your particular applications.

Below are some types of solid acrylic blocks you can choose.

-Extra Large Solid Acrylic Blocks

-Large Acrylic Blocks

-Extra Large Round Solid Acrylic Blocks

-Large Round Solid Acrylic Blocks

-1″ Beveled Base with Small Corner Cut

-Top Beveled Bases

-Top Beveled Bases with Big Corner Cut

-Thick Top Beveled Bases

-Thick Flat Bases 

-Solid Acrylic Mirror Bases Blocks

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