• Black Acrylic Sheet

Black Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab is manufacturing and supplying a vast array of black acrylic sheet. We have great choices of black acrylic sheet, namely: High Gloss Acrylic Sheet, Extruded Black Acrylic Sheet, Rigid Matte Black Acrylic Sheet, Transparent Black Acrylic Sheet, and many more. Send us your chosen black acrylic sheet and will find a way to make them for you.

Get WeProFab Black Acrylic Sheet Delight Your Customers

As the premier supplier in China, we have the largest selection of black acrylic sheet. Choose our excellent black acrylic to boom your business.

High Gloss Black Acrylic Sheet

When it comes to black acrylic sheet, always consider Weprofab. We have huge selection of high gloss black acrylic sheet that perfect use in the kitchen panels, furnitures and others.

Extruded Black Acrylic Sheet

When you are in need of black acrylic sheet that offers economical costs, extruded black acrylic sheet is one of them.

Rigid Matte Black Acrylic Sheet

We offers our black acrylic sheet under registered trademarks of Weprofab. If you need black acrylic sheet intended for your business, don’t hesitate to choose Weprofab.

Transparent Black Acrylic Sheet

Whether you need transparent black acrylic sheet, in Weprofab there’s no limit when it comes to black acrylic sheet. All kinds of acrylic products are available in our factory.

Black Acrylic Sheet Cut To Size

Weprofab has a lot of sizes to offer. You can free to choose your own sizes of black acrylic sheet for your business needs.

Black Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

Weprofab is one of the professional manufacturer of black acrylic sheet. When you need one even if ts large or small amount we are glad to offer our black acrylic sheet with you.

WeProFab: Your Leading Black Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for fabrication.

Weprofab has its own ability to produce different black acrylic sheet to fill your desires. We have a lot of black acrylic sheet with our own trademarks. When you are in need of black acrylic sheet, Weprofab extend their hands to offer you unlimited acrylic products for the success of your business.

All sizes, shapes, and styles are available. We even accept product customization according to your detailed requests.

Send us a message directly to get an instant quote!

Custom Black Acrylic Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

6mm Black Acrylic Sheet

In Weprofab you can choose your own sizes of black acrylic sheet. All sizes are available according to your demand.

Black Glitter Plexiglass Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab manufactures outstanding black acrylic sheet. If you want shinning acrylic with glitters we are happy to provide it with you.

Pure Black Acrylic Stone Sheets

Weprofab fabricates pure black acrylic stone sheet for you. If you want to have solid stone for acrylic sheet, choose Weprofab.

Customize Black Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab specializes in customizing your very own black acrylic sheet. If you want to have this kind of black acrylic sheet for your business, contact Weprofab.

Acrylic Black Mirror Sheet

Here in Weprofab we always prioritize our customer’s satisfaction. All of our products are manufactures using high end machineries to ensure its quality.

Black Plastic Acrylic Sheet

Black Acrylic sheets are easy to fabricate with excellent impact strength yet are lighter than traditional glass. Our black plastic acrylic sheets are cast and produced with paper masking. Additionally, this material is glossy on both sides.

Black UV Resistant Acrylic Sheet

The black UV Resistant Acrylic Sheet withstands natural and artificial light. The said material filters out 98 percent of harmful UV rays. It manifests a top-quality performance that will not fade through time and turn yellow for outdoor uses. 

Black Cast Acrylic Sheet

The black cast acrylic sheets are beneficial at temperatures ranging from -40 to 180 Fahrenheit. Consequently, the sheet material can withstand exposure to harmful sun rays, as well as cold temperatures. 

High Reflective Black Acrylic Sheet

The high reflective black acrylic sheets are a prominent material for indoor and outdoor applications, such as advertising, signs, furniture, and crafts. It comes with a 51~80MPa tensile strength.

Recyclable Black Acrylic Sheet

Like standard acrylic sheets, recyclable black acrylic sheets are easy to fabricate. The processing methods are the following but are not limited to: lasering, milling, bending, and vacuum forming. The operating temperature of the acrylic sheets is -40 / +70°C. 

Glossy Cast Black Acrylic Sheet

The glossy cast black acrylic sheet is Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and SGS certified. Also, it comes with a PE film on both sides for added protection.

Smoke Black Acrylic Sheet

The smoke black acrylic sheets are available in various specifications, standard thicknesses, and tensile strength tailored to your needs. The said material is the top choice of many renowned projects as it is SGS, CE, and ISO9001 approved. 

Black Celluloid Sandwich Acrylic Sheet

The black celluloid sandwich acrylic sheet has a production method of secondary casting. Like other black acrylic sheets, it comes in different length and width specifications. Plus, the surface finish of both sides is glossy with PE films.

Solid Perspex Black Acrylic Sheet

The solid perspex black acrylic sheets are a renowned material. The excellent quality makes it a top choice for any purpose and critical demands. Additionally, it has more transmittance than typical glass. 

Opaque Matte Black Acrylic Sheet

The opaque black matte acrylic sheet is available in different specifications and standard thicknesses that satisfy desired applications and unique requirements. Like other acrylic sheets, this conforms to international standards such as  CE/SGS certification and  ISO:9001 credentials.

Vacuum Formed Black Acrylic Sheet

Like traditional acrylic sheets, vacuum-formed black acrylic sheets are known for their outstanding versatility, very high impact strength, as well as high tensile strength and stiffness. The sheets are invulnerable to numerous chemicals and plasticizers that decrease the product’s viscosity.

Marble Black Acrylic Sheet

The marble black acrylic sheet is open for size customization that meets various suitable applications. Due to their being in demand in the market, it comes with low production cost, and thus the sheet is cost-effective.

Frosted Black Acrylic Sheet

The frosted acrylic sheet adheres to various environmental protection measures such as SGS certification. The sheet undergoes advanced cast production methods. Along with proper care, the frosted black acrylic sheet can last up to more than ten years in application.

Billboard Black Acrylic Sheet

The billboard black acrylic sheet is beneficial in various uses such as lightbox, outdoor sign promotion, advertising material, the material used for decoration, furniture, shelf displays, and in relevant industry and transportation applications.

Black Acrylic Sheet for Handcraft

The renowned black acrylic sheet is the aesthete individual’s favorite material for their various crafts. It has no harmful scent and an excellent glossy finish. Also, it is versatile and environmentally friendly. The specification of the sheet is customizable that fulfills different unique uses.

Waterproof Black Acrylic Sheet

Unlike standard glass, the waterproof black acrylic sheet possesses a high impact resistance and transparency that lasts more than a decade in service. This material is ideal for various fields such as promotion, transportation, lighting, medical, and many more.

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Why WeProFab Black Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab black acrylic sheetis known for its indestructible finish, excessive strength, easy to install, and has long life service.

It is designed for communication media, interior design, and furnitures.

Weprofab is known for manufacturing and supplying tremendous black acrylic sheet worldwide.

Weprofab black acrylic sheet is can be applied for different industries such as architecture and construction industry.

Not just that, it can be used for signage, for making aquariums, and many more.

Black Acrylic Sheet

You can choose your own black acrylic sheet depending on your needs.

All sizes, dimensions, product polish, patterns, and customization are available as per customers varied prerequisites.

You don’t have to worry since we can produce it all according to your product requests.

Also, soft edge or round corners for black acrylic sheet are available.

The best thing about our product is that it is 17 times more stable compared to glass.

If we talk about the price range, has unique features that no one else have.

It is more inexpensive and safer than other traditional acrylic sheets.

Most of our black acrylic sheet is easy to cut and mold perfect for upgrading your projects.

Black Acrylic Sheet

As the leading supplier of black acrylic sheet, our products made from finest quality of raw materials and advanced technology equipment.

In addition to this, all our black acrylic sheet are designed to meet the standard quality principles locally and internationally.

Clients can always avail our products offered at a very affordable price.

Aside from that, we also manufactures wide variety of acrylic sheets including black transparent plexiglass, black plexiglass photography, inevitable red acrylic, and many more.

Black Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab provides smooth delivery worldwide as swift as possible.

We always gives impeccable services and quality of products in order to get the exact needs each of our customers.

If you need one of our acrylic product sheets, you can always count on us in giving quality and great acrylic products for your business.

For more details regarding our black acrylic sheet, contact us now!

What is a Black Acrylic Sheet?

Black Acrylic Sheet

The black acrylic sheets are the sheet type that has about 0% light transmission. 

It is a classic plank section that is ideal for work and home areas.

What are the Key Features of Black Acrylic Sheet?

Below are the numerous vital features of a black acrylic sheet.


The black acrylic sheets are ten times more robust than glass.

Ideal to use indoor or outdoor applications.

It has excellent characteristics and properties.

Intense Color Range

The intense black color with glossy finish sheet makes them more attractive in any application.


The black acrylic sheets are easy to fabricate, cut, drill and shape. 

They are also easy to polish and sand.


The lightweight feature of the black acrylic sheet makes them easy to transport, install and handle.

It has half weight compared to glass.


These black acrylic sheets are easy to clean and maintain.

Safe for Food

They are made up of food-safe materials. 

Perfect to use for kitchens, professional and domestic, and tabletop covers.


The black acrylic sheets are recyclable and can be back to the original raw materials.

Weather Resistant

They can resist both weather and UV-rays. The black acrylic sheet can endure severe weather.

The black acrylic sheets are also cost-effective. 

They have a thermal insulation feature.

What are the Applications of Black Acrylic Sheet?

Black Acrylic Sheet

The black acrylic sheet has a lot of applications, including:

  • Secondary glazing
  • Signage
  • Furniture
  • Acrylic splashbacks
  • Vehicle windows
  • Greenhouse glazing
  • Display cases
  • Point of sale
  • Exhibits stand
  • Shed glazing
  • Nameplates
  • Windbreaks
  • Advertising boards
  • Bathroom splashbacks
What are the Accessories of Black Acrylic Sheets?

The accessories for black acrylic sheets include adhesives, tools, fittings and fixtures, and polish & cleaners.

What are the Edges Options when Cutting a Black Acrylic Sheet?

You can choose your desired edges for the best of your applications.

They are available in polished edges, round top surfaces with polished edges, radius corners with polished edges, rounded top and bottom surfaces with polished edges, and 45-degree angle edges.

What are the Processes of Fabricating Black Acrylic Sheet?

There are several processes of fabricating black acrylic sheets, including:

  • Laser cutting
  • Polishing
  • Bending
  • Gluing
  • CNC cutting
  • Drilling 
  • Sawing
  • Painting
What are the Standard Sizes of a Black Acrylic Sheet?

The black acrylic sheet are available in 24″ x 48″, 48″ x 48″ and 48″ x 96″ standard sizes.

How to Maintain the Black Acrylic Sheet?

Maintaing the black acrylic sheets is simple and easy.

You only need warm soapy water and a microfiber cloth to clean the sheet.

Moreover, you can polish the black acrylic sheet to remove scratches.

Are the Black Acrylic Sheets Resist Scratches?

The black acrylic sheets are slightly more scratch-resistant compared to a polycarbonate one.

Why Choose an Acrylic Black Sheet?

The black acrylic sheets are the preferred sheets due to their comprehensive applications and advantages. 

They are regularly used in visual communication media, interior designs, creative applications, and construction.

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