• HDPE Cutting Board

HDPE Cutting Board

WeProFab is the number one HDPE cutting board fabricator in China. We offer plenty of types and we also offer custom for your HDPE cutting board. You can choose here your desire color, shapes, and thickness. WeProFab will fabricate it. We are allowing customers to create their own designs.

Get WeProFab HDPE Cutting Board to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab HDPE cutting board is best for kitchen use especially for having safe and clean food. It is accessible in high-quality, thick, and affordable price. Perfect for business which surely delights customers.

Anti Microbial HDPE Cutting Board

Your kitchen is the perfect breeding cause for stain that produces microbes, so WeProFab has an ultimate solution since we fabricate anti-microbial HDPE cutting board to keep the food safe and clean.

Custom HDPE Cutting Board

WeProFab offers custom-made for your HDPE cutting board, which you can select your size, shapes, and colors. We can provide you a high-quality and durable that can be used at home or business purposes.

High Density HDPE Cutting Board

Our high-density HDPE is a popular plastic for cutting boards so we can offer you the best and perfect for kitchen applications. WeProFab is your best HDPE cutting board manufacturer.

Heavy Duty HDPE Cutting Board

Our heavy-duty HDPE cutting board is engineered for durability, low maintenance, and safety. WeProFab will provide you a capable of withstanding all standard high temperatures.

Impact Resistant HDPE Cutting Board

Our HDPE cutting board has excellent impact resistance, low moisture absorption, and strong chemical resistance. WeProFab offers a safe, durable, and affordable HDPE cutting board.

Thick HDPE Cutting Board

Our HDPE cutting board is best for foodservice use since it is thick and sturdy. WeProFab offers high-quality, strong chemical resistant, and economical that will suit any type of cooking applications.

WeProFab: Your Leading HDPE Cutting Board Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture between Chinese local fabrication and a WeeTect Limited Material manufacturer. We will be your ultimate one-stop-shop for any kind of practical product. Our HDPE cutting board is one of the safest and in demand for kitchen use.

WeProFab offers plenty of different types in our HDPE cutting board so you can free to choose what’s your desire and needs. Our HDPE cutting board has an impact-resistant, heavy-duty, high density, thick, antimicrobial, colored, and with colander HDPE cutting board. We can provide you different shapes, colors, and design since WeProFab offer customize for your HDPE cutting board.

We can perform product processing to meet customer’s requirements. As a CE certified, WeProFab makes sure to have high-quality products before transporting. We also make sure to deliver the items on the exact date. If you want to have HDPE cutting board for personal and business use or have a custom-made, please contact WeProFab now.

Custom HDPE Cutting Board to Expand Your Brand

Colored HDPE Cutting Board

WeProFab offers you different colors for your HDPE cutting board which is elegant, high-quality, and durable to use. You can send us your desire color so we can fabricate it for you.

HDPE Cutting Board with Colander

Our HDPE cutting board with colander has a non-porous, odor resisting, and can be fit over any sink. WeProFab is your best option for having a high-quality and economical. It can keep the kitchen clean.

HDPE Round Cutting Board

We provide a round shape for your HDPE cutting board, which you can avail here at WeProFab. We can offer you a sturdy, lightweight, and affordable.

White HDPE Cutting Board

If you want a white color for your HDPE cutting board, WeProFab provides you a sturdy white color and can be purchase at very affordable prices.

HDPE Cutting Board in Different Shapes

Having a desire shapes for your cutting board makes more fun at cooking so  WeProFab offers sturdy and delightful shapes. Different shapes will be available here at WeProFab.

Customized HDPE Cutting Board

A customized HDPE cutting board is known for its long-term durability and high strength-to-density ratio. Made with a lightweight and chemically resistant HDPE. Comes with excellent toughness and flexibility.

Milky White HDPE Cutting Board

Milky white HDPE cutting board is strong, durable, and made from high-quality material. Non-absorbent and can be used on both sides. Arrives with a milky white finishing surface with different thicknesses.

Custom Color HDPE Cutting Board

Custom color HDPE cutting board is chemical and corrosion-resistant. Built with excellent impact strength and long-term durability. Numerous color options are available to purchase with minimal moisture absorption.

2mm HDPE Cutting Board

2mm HDPE cutting board is an industry-standard product that provides a sturdy surface. Designed to last a long time and specifically sized to accommodate any requirements. Provides a smooth finish.

4mm HDPE Cutting Board

4mm HDPE cutting board features a smooth finish that meets all food contact guidelines. Constructed using a non-toxic and is easy to machine HDPE. Provides An undeniably strong grip to hold food safely.

High Hardness HDPE Cutting Board

A high hardness HDPE cutting board is perfect for a broad range of consumer and industrial cutting board applications. Structured utilizing a high-density and high hardness HDPE. Guarantees long product life.

50mm HDPE Cutting Board

50mm HDPE cutting board is resistant to abrasion, moisture, and stain. Produced using an ultimate high-density and odorless HDPE which is perfect for all food preparation areas. Complies with all hygiene regulations.

Meat Shop HDPE Cutting Board

Meat shop HDPE cutting board offers improved quality performance and is harmless to the human body. Extruded using a food-grade and non-toxic HDPE. Easy to dry and clean. Resistant to high temperatures.

Custom Shape HDPE Cutting Board

Custom shape HDPE cutting board characterizes a natural color and is easy to clean. The shapes are highly customized and made with an industrial-grade HDPE. Can be used in many applications.

Anti-Mold HDPE Cutting Board

Anti-mold HDPE cutting board Is a resilient material known for its tiny pores that efficiently block moisture, bacteria, and stains. Features a soft texture and offers excellent scratch resistance.

Multifunctional HDPE Cutting Board

A multifunctional HDPE cutting board is a very light and extremely tough product. Extremely resistant to cleaning agents, environmentally, and UV stabilized. Popular for being a multifunctional material.

10mm HDPE Cutting Board

10mm HDPE cutting board is FDA approved for food applications. Guarantees excellent resistance to acids, alcohols, and bases. Specifically cut with 10mm thickness and provides a strong construction.

Custom Print HDPE Cutting Board

Custom print HDPE cutting board is applicable for chopping, slicing, and shredding foods. Available with customized prints and color-coded for food safety. Designed with added stability and a sturdy cutting surface.

Super Thin HDPE Cutting Board

A super thin HDPE cutting board is engineered to be low maintenance and long-lasting. Characterizes good flexibility, excellent long-term durability, and toughness. Used in various industrial food processing applications.

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Why WeProFab HDPE Cutting Board

Want to have a safe and has excellent material for cutting board? WeProFab is your solution since we offer HDPE also known as high-density polyethylene cutting board. We can guarantee you with our HDPE cutting board products since we are over 20 years in the industry. WeProFab HDPE cutting board provides different types that you can choose from.

Our HDPE cutting board offers many types such as impact-resistant HDPE cutting board, thick HDPE cutting board, high-density HDPE cutting board, heavy-duty HDPE cutting board, and many more. It is applicable to use at home and commercial food preparation to food packaging and handling equipment. Especially at kitchen use, restaurant, chefs, and anyone who frequently cooks.

HDPE Cutting Board

If you want to have a sanitary workspace for your food preparation and packaging, WeProFab HDPE cutting board is your best choice since our HDPE cutting board has strong chemical and corrosion resistance, high-impact strength, low moisture absorption, excellent temperature and wear properties.

Our HDPE cutting board also has thickness, durability, non-porous, odor-resisting, high-quality, rugged, functionally stable, antimicrobial, high density, heavy-duty, and can be purchase at affordable prices.

We fabricate our HDPE cutting board with antimicrobial since we all know that the kitchen is the perfect breeding cause for stain and odor that producing microbes. You can also fit the cutting surfaces for almost any space.

Our HDPE cutting board offers standard products like white, colored, different shapes, with a colander, and round. But you can also select your desire shapes, colors, and more since WeProFab offers you the widest selection of sizes, colors, shapes, and thicknesses. You can free to select what’s your desire from our standard finish products or want to have a custom for your HDPE cutting board.

HDPE Cutting Board

WeProFab performs product processing like bending and more to meet everyone’s specifications. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we manage the quality of our products and our HDPE cutting board is FDA approved so we make sure that it is safe to use. If you want to have our HDPE cutting board products either it’s customized for your kitchen stuff or your stores, WeProFab is your best fabricator and supplier for that.

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HDPE Cutting Board

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